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Lingerie masturbation orgasm anal for tight booty latina
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--- Continued from "Megan At Last : Part II" --- "Damn.", Caroline said, hardly believing what she had just heard after Megan and I finished explaining to her exactly why I just got done taking her best friend's virginity away. "Yeah, pretty much.

It's been one hell of a trip, that's for sure", Megan assured her, looking over at me. "I can hardly believe it myself, but it happened. All of it", I added. Megan nodded in agreement, looking at Caroline's face as she tried to read her reaction to our unbelievable tale of love and lust.

"So I guess you guys are pretty much serious now, huh?", Caroline asked us. "Yeah, we are", I answered for the both of us, squeezing Megan's hand as I confirmed it. Megan then leaned over and kissed me softly and lovingly on the cheek. "So, I guess our plans for the day are kinda shot, huh Meg?", Caroline joked, a smile on her face. I could tell she wasn't mad, but she didn't seem completely at ease either.

But hey, who could blame her? "Hah, yeah. I guess they are", Megan replied. "Sorry for not telling you Caroline was supposed to come over; it completely slipped my mind", Megan said, looking over at me, her face a little pink with embarrassment.

"It's okay, people were gonna find out sooner or later. I just didn't think I'd be like this. It's fine though; I'm not mad or anything", I assured her, putting my arm around her shoulders to comfort her. I could tell she was a little freaked out.

"So.I should probably let you two get decent, then we can talk about what we're gonna do next", Caroline suggested. "Great idea", was Megan's embarrassed reply. And at that, Caroline left the room and closed the door behind her, leaving Megan and I alone. "Well, she was.dumbfounded", I said, struggling to find a word to petite teen live webcam with sex toys exactly how Caroline felt.

I got off the bed and began to look around, finding my shorts and boxers on the floor and picking them up. "Yeah, but she seemed cool with it. She likes you, and she knows that you're good for me", replied Megan, slipping her baby blue panties back on over her sweet, but no longer virgin, pussy. "I know, I know.", I told her, now slipping my shirt on over my head.

"I can't fucking believe that I forgot about her coming over though. I'm so sorry baby.I totally embarrassed you.", Megan's voice cracked, tears in her eyes. "Shhh, shhhhh. It's alright sweetie, I'm not mad. It was an honest mistake, and it's all over now. I'm happy to be your boyfriend, and I don't care that she saw us together like this. So please stop crying, okay?", I consoled her, hugging her tight as her soft, bare breasts pressed up against me.

"Okay", she sniffed, ".thanks for being tough fucking for hot mother i would like to fuck sweet to me.

I couldn't ask for a better man", Megan replied, wiping a tear from her eye. "Hey, you two almost done in there, or do I need to come pry you apart?", came Caroline's voice from the door.

"We're almost done!", yelled Megan, then and her and I kissed quickly and continued to get dressed. After Megan and I had put on our last pieces of clothing, we opened the door so that Caroline could come back in and join us erected pecker for a hairless love tunnel the bed.

"So", Caroline said, setting herself down on the bed next to where Megan and I were sitting, "what did you guys have planned for the rest of the day before I showed up and ruined it all?" "Aw, you didn't ruin anything, Caroline. Anyway, we weren't really sure what we were up to. Cory didn't know whether or not he had to go home soon or not, so we didn't really have anything planned, Per Se", Megan explained. "Ah damn it, I forgot.

What time is it?", I asked the girls, looking at my watch. Damn, it was almost one 'o clock! Had it really already been three hours since we woke up? "Shit, I gotta call Mom.", I explained to them, "excuse me." I pulled out my cell, dialed my house number, then held it up to my ear. It rang only twice before my mom answered. "Hello?", she asked. "Hey mom", I greeted her as I smiled at the girls sitting next to me. "Hey honey, what are you up to?" "Ah, nothing much. Brian and I just got up not too long ago; we stayed up pretty late last night." The girls giggled at this, and I shushed them, holding my hand tight over the receiver.

"Well alright, I'm going out for a bit to the mall and to get my nails done. Try not to be home too late, okay?", Mom said. "No problem. Have fun!", I replied cheerily, a smile growing rapidly over my face. I was happy that she didn't ask me to come home, and now I would have some quality time to spend with Megan and Caroline.

"Okay, I love you", Mom said, "talk to you later " "You too. Bye Mom", I replied, then hung up the phone. "Well?", came Caroline's impatient reply to the call. "She's going out and probably won't be back for at least another four or five more hours, minimum", I informed then, smiling at Megan. "Great!", exclaimed Megan, "now we get to hang out some more!" "So now can we get on with our plans?", asked Caroline, highly impatient with all the waiting.

"Fine, just calm down a bit there, sweetie. We'll get to that", Megan laughed. "What do you want to do, baby?", she inquired, looking over at me. "How about we go for a swim?", I suggested, hoping that the girls would like my idea. Swimming around alone with two beautiful girls in a private pool was my idea of a fun afternoon.

Also, Megan had a really nice pool, and the back yard had a 7-foot high wooden fence all around. This meant that we couldn't be spied on easily, and therefore Megan wouldn't get in trouble for having a boy over without her dad being there. Everything works out in the end. "Sounds great!", declared Caroline. "Ah, I don't have a swimsuit though." "Yeah, and mine definitely won't fit on you", came Megan's slightly disappointed reply. "Hmmm, what else can we do?" This was true.

Even though Caroline was by no means fat, she had about three or four inches of height on Megan, and therefore had a little more weight as well. This meant that her shoulders, breasts, and waist were a little bigger due to this size difference.

She would be pouring out of anything my girl could wear, not that I would entirely mind this, to be honest. "Why don't you just swim in your bra and panties?", came Megan's reply after we sat there for a minute trying to think of something else we could all do, "I mean a bathing suit is hardly more than that, right?" "I'm wearing a thong though.", Caroline informed us, growing a little red in the face.

"It's fine; it's just us the three of us here. If you do it, I'll do it too. Deal?", Megan bargained with Caroline. With the idea of swimming in her head now, she was intent on getting Fuck my mom creampie jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play to join us.

At this point I was pretty much stoked. Two very sexy girls my own age were going to be swimming alone with me in a private pool. And, to top it all off, they were wearing nothing but thongs and bras! Life was finally starting to shape up for me. "Ah fine, whatever. I'm sure Cory wouldn't mind us wearing thongs to the pool, huh Cory?", Caroline asked my playfully, breaking me out of my arousing daydream.

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"Hehe, of course not", I laughed, smiling wide as I looked at these two gorgeous women and imagined how great they were going to look all dripping wet, wearing nothing but some skimpy underwear and bras. "Alright then, it's settled.

Let's hop to it then!", declared Megan. Caroline then began to strip off her tight black tank top, displaying her gorgeous 36D (estimated, of course) breasts for my eyes to enjoy, covered by nothing but a matching jet-black bra. I quickly looked away towards Megan's direction after Caroline had stripped off her shirt (I looked while her shirt was being pulled over her head so we wouldn't catch me staring).

Megan was now slipping off her cure little panties and began to look through her drawer to find a suitable thong to match her bra. After all, she had promised not to wear just any old panties to the pool, but a thong. A deal was a deal, after all. Megan apparently, after a minute or two of looking, couldn't find a suitable thong to go with her bra, so she was forced to also change her bra as well.

She was now completely naked in a room with me desi wife fucking hard by husband bigbadbrother part Caroline, and we both watched her as she rummaged through her dresser for some suitable underwear. "God Megan.", Caroline laughed, looking at Megan's cute round ass and perfectly toned back as she picked out a thong an bra.

It was kind of sexy to me, seeing a girl look at another naked girl. "Got it!", Megan exclaimed, now slipping a purple thong on over her naked waist as Caroline and I continued to watch her, me shifting my weight a little so that Caroline couldn't see my fast-growing boner.

I walked over and helped her out with putting on the matching bra (She apparently had a ton of indian teen raand taking shirt off getting naked exposing firm bigtits panties and bras in her drawer) she had selected to wear with the thong to the pool.

"Thanks baby", Megan said to me sweetly as I hooked the straps to her bra for the second time this morning. After the bra was on, I started to take off my shirt and shorts, as I didn't plan on jumping into the pool wearing the only outfit I had over here.

As I looked back at Caroline, I noticed that she had taken off her skirt while I was helping Megan put on her sexy bra and. And, judging by how clean and neat Caroline looked in the bikini area covered only by her little black thong, I would say that she was either very finely trimmed or completely shaved down below. I now took off my pants and shirt, wearing nothing now but my navy plaid boxers that I had worn since I came over to Megan's last night.

"Sweet, let's swim already!", said Caroline, and at that the three of us ran happily out of Megan's room and down her stairs, off to the pool. Little did we know we were going to have a lot more fun than we bargained for. "Wow, what a gorgeous day.", Megan commented as we went outside to the deck of the pool from her back door. "Yeah, it is.", I replied. It was beautiful, sunny, and warm, with very few clouds in the sky.

"Well let's get in then!", exclaimed Caroline, running towards the pool and making a dive head first into it's cool blue depths. "Hehe, lets get in, Cory", laughed Megan, following Caroline's lead and rushing into the deep end of the pool, diving in just as her friend had done a few seconds ago. "Whoooo!", I yelled as I too ran towards the pool and did a cannonball of the side, splashing the girls with my wake.

"Ooooh, this feels pretty good actually", Megan said, flipping her soaking wet hair back as she tread water in the area that we were in. The pool was about six feet deep or so at this end, and it gradually got more shallow until it was about two and a half feet deep at the other end near the stairs.

It was a pretty good sized pool, and we had plenty of room to swim around in. We swam around for a bit and talked, soon migrating to the shallower end of the pool. We were having a great time, hanging out and sharing stores about school teen sucked officers bigcock before get fucked how so-and-so did this or that.

Then after a while of this, Caroline decided to kick off the action. "Hey guys, how about we play a little game of truth or dare?", Caroline asked us, a huge grin over her face. "Sure, I'm game. You in, baby?", Megan asked me, giving me that very sexy "please baby?" look that I couldn't say no to. "Hell yeah I'm in!", I told them, causing the girls to giggle.

I needed no convincing. Playing truth or dare with two skimpily-clad girls alone in a pool was sure to be some good times, no doubt. "Alright, I'll go first", stated Caroline. "Megan, truth or dare?" "Dare", Megan replied boldly.

"I dare you to take off your underwear and bra and run one lap completely naked around the pool", said Caroline. "Sure", was Megan's swift answer, and with that she slid off her thong and then her bra, exposing her dripping wet, perfect 34C breasts for both me and Caroline to enjoy.

She then handed her shed underwear to me and began heading towards the stairs. She walked very sexily up the steps out of the pool, her cute ass still dripping as she went. After she was out, she began to jog around the pool as she had promised.

Her breasts bounced with every stride, and I began to feel myself getting hard again as I watched my gorgeous girlfriend fill out her end of the bargain. "God, what a view", I said in awe to Caroline as we watched Megan jog around the concrete deck of the pool.

"Yeah, she's absolutely gorgeous. You're a very lucky guy, Cory. Take care of her for me", Caroline told me seriously, breaking her usually very happy-go-lucky, carefree demeanor. "She is absolutely, one-hundred percent in love with you. Be careful with her." "I know, and I love her too, Caroline. I'll be the best boyfriend I can be to her", I assured Caroline. She then gave me a little hug, her large, bra-covered breasts pressed up against my bare chest.

I tried keeping my hips away from her so she wouldn't feel my wood poking her stomach. Megan was soon finished with her lap and headed down to our direction to rejoin our little game. I watched her the whole way, admiring how absolutely angelic she looked, nude body glistening in the sunlight.

"What did you two talk about when I was jogging around? I saw you two hugging.", Megan asked curiously as she got back to us and took her underwear and bra back from me. "Ah nothing, just stuff. Nothing important", Caroline lied, looking at me and giving me a wink.

"Sure, I bet", came Megan's highly sarcastic reply. "But anyway, back to our game. Now it's my turn to ask one of you" I knew she was going to ask me, as I highly doubted that she would go for Caroline right after Caroline had just dared her. And sure enough. "Cory, truth or dare, baby?", Megan asked me sweetly, moving a little closer to me and touching my leg lightly underwater. "Ummm, truth", I replied cautiously, a little curious as to what she would ask.

"Awww.and I had a good dare already thought of too.", Megan said, a little disappointed. "Well whatever, I think I have a good question for you anyhow." "Shoot", I replied, grabbing my girl around the waist. "Okay. Cory.besides me, who is another girl that you wouldn't mind having sex with?", Megan asked me suddenly, "and it's got to be one that I know personally.

No celebrities or shit like that." I was afraid of a question like this, as there was really no "right" answer to it. Megan was my girlfriend, and she would have something to say no matter who I said I picked.

I had to be careful with this question for sure. "Ummm, let me think for a minute", I told her, stalling for time. And after a second, an ingenious idea formed in my head that I had no choice but to try.

"Well, I think Caroline is a very pretty, and we get along really well, so I guess I'd say her", I replied, blushing a little with embarrassment as Caroline looked at me, highly surprised. She knew she was beautiful, and I knew many guys (including myself), that would have no second thought about having sex with her. But it was much different hearing it, especially from your best friend's boyfriend when your best friend was standing only a few feet away.

"Wow.alright then, fair enough", came Megan's slightly surprised reply. She honestly didn't seem mad though; I think she actually kind of liked that I picked Caroline.

"Well, don't I feel special?", joked Caroline, nudging me in the ribs. "Haha, don't look too much into it", I replied to her, laughing. "Alright, now it's your turn, Cory", Megan told me, eager to keep playing this rapidly-heating game.

It was already starting to get really good, and I could tell the girls were into it just as much as I was at this point. "Hehe, sweet.", I said with an evil look on my face. My plan was about to be put into action, all or nothing.

"Caroline, truth or dare?", I asked the stunning blonde to my left. "Dare.", she replied without a moment's hesitation. "Hit me with your best shot." "I dare you to kiss Megan, full on the lips. No tongue necessary, but highly encouraged", I replied to Caroline's challenge. I was really curious to see if my plan was going to work. If it did, all that was left was to sit back and watch the fun unfold. "I'm up to it if you are", Caroline said, glancing over at Megan for approval.

"Sure, why not?", Megan replied, "I'm game " Caroline then reached over and pulled Megan close, and began to kiss her on the lips like I had requested. Their beautiful, young, round beasts pressed together wonderfully, and I watched as they kissed delicately but passionately.

And, as I predicted, the kiss soon evolved from a simple kiss on the lips into something more. "Oh shit", I muttered, watching as the these two sexy girls began to make out, tongue and all, just a foot or so from where I was standing in the pool. I could hardly hold myself back from jerking off right there as my now full-on raging boner fought to escape from my boxers, and my hormones screamed at me to take action. Megan moved her arms around Caroline's neck, and I could see Caroline groping Megan's almost bare ass as they stood there kissing in the water.

After about another minute of an absolutely amazing kiss, the two broke it off, both blushing furiously with embarrassment as I stood there, very amazed and extremely turned-on. "Oh my God.that had to have been the fucking hottest thing I have ever seen. Ever", I said, fucking stunned that they had actually done it. This of course this was my whole plan the entire time, but thinking of it and actually seeing it happen first hand were two totally different things, as I had just found out.

"That was.incredible", Megan admitted shyly. "Fuck yeah.", said Caroline, looking over at Megan, and then at me, and then back at Megan. "You thinking what I'm thinking, Meg?" "Oh I think so, darling", replied Megan, who turned her gaze towards me.

"No fucking way.", I whispered. If they were about to suggest what I thought they were about to, I was in for one hell of a day. "Let's go back inside, just in case anyone happens to see or hear us out here", suggested Megan, and Caroline and I both nodded in agreement. Megan, Caroline, and I now exited the pool, not even bothering to go to the steps but climbing over the side. We then toweled off as quickly as we could before we headed back inside.

We were about to have a time that none of us would ever forget. "Upstairs, to my dad's bedroom!", Megan ordered us hurriedly as the three of us entered her house from the backdoor, being quickly cooled by her house's AC.

With no further words exchanged, the three of us ran upstairs, Megan in the lead with Caroline and I not far behind. Soon, we entered Megan's dad's room, which was easily twice the size of Megan's. And her room wasn't exactly a closet to begin with. However, the main reason that she wanted us to be in her this particular room was because of her dad's lush California King sized bed, where as her's was a Full. It was fine for just the two of us, but she correctly assumed that it would be a little crowded with all three of us fucking around on her bed.

"Fuck, I'm so hot right now!", Megan gasped, quickly slipping off her little purple thong to expose her beautifully trimmed, slightly pale pussy to me and Caroline. Caroline and I followed her lead, her quickly stripping off her black thong and bra, and me dropping my navy boxers to the floor. I noticed that Caroline was clean shaven, her bikini area completely spotless and devoid of any hair whatsoever. Some guys liked this, and I didn't. I personally thought it was very hot.

Again, I digress. As soon as I had finished taking off my boxers, Megan hurried over to me and drug me over to the bed, me landing on top of her as we fell down on it. We sat there now, waiting for Caroline to join us on the bed. It didn't take long before she came over, too. After Caroline jumped in next to us, I rolled off of Megan and sat up. "Alright girls, how exactly are we going to do this?

Or are we just gonna wing it?", I asked them, waiting to see what they had planned for our little threesome. They whispered to each other for a little bit, soon coming to a conclusion that they both agreed on. "We've got something planned.

Just get comfortable and lay on the bed. Face up if you will, please. We'll take care of everything", Caroline informed me, and I did as she instructed, laying face up on the bed next to them, cock sticking up in the air. I loved it when the girls told me what to do; it made everything so much easier. Caroline then positioned herself near my waist and throbbing hard penis, and Megan came up and sat near where my head was. "Nice", Caroline complimented, smiling up at me. "Thanks. You're no so bad yourself there sexy", I replied warmly.

"Ready?", Megan asked her friend with a smile. "Oh yeah", came Caroline's reply. And with those words now exchanged, our fun truly began. Megan now mounted me and sat on my chest, kneeling with her legs on either side of me and her hot pussy right in my face.

At about the same time, Caroline cupped my balls lightly with one hand. I could feel spit running down my head and shaft as Caroline used the lube God gave her to prepare me for her hand and mouth.

I reached up and grabbed Megan's ass, pulling her sweet pussy lips right up to my mouth as I began to perform oral sex on her for the third time in our relationship. Seeing this, Caroline now began to suck gently on my dick, her cupped hand squeezing my balls very delicately as she moved her mouth up and down on my member.

I never realized how careful girls actually were when dealing with guys. "Oh yeah baby! That feels soooo good.mhmmm", Megan cried out, grabbing hold of the headboard for support as I pleasured her lovingly. I hate to admit it, but Caroline's blow job was working a little better on me than Megan's did last night (not that Megan's work was bad by any means).

But this was all due to Caroline's greater experience with guys. Megan would shape up in time without a doubt. Caroline now began to suck me a little harder, and I moaned with ecstasy through Megan's wet lips as Caroline serviced my stiff dick with her mouth and hands.

I struggled to hold on when she began to tease around my extremely sensitive head with her tongue, kissing it softly as she went. "Oh shit, Caroline.", I moaned softly, stopping the stimulation of my girlfriend's vagina to breathe for a second and say these words of encouragement. However, I quickly resumed my duties, licking and kissing Megan all over her pussy, continuing to guide her into my face with the hands I had placed on her ass.

Caroline now resumed actually sucking on my dick instead of teasing the head, going very slowly and reading my body expertly as she pumped me with her beautiful mouth and lips. I could tell she didn't want me to cum just yet; they obviously had something else in store for me.

"Mhmmm, yeah baby.just like that.ohhh, keep going!", Megan moaned in encouragement as I continued to make love to her perfect, sweet vagina with my mouth and tongue. After a few more minutes of Caroline sucking my dick and me licking Megan's pussy, the girls decided to switch up the routine a bit.

"!", Megan announced suddenly after a little moan. I stopped licking her, very confused at this point, and Caroline quickly took her mouth off my dick and her hand off of my scrotum. Megan then hopped off of my chest and on to the bed.

"Sorry, but we didn't want you to cum too early on us. We have a little more planned.", Megan explained to me, reading the confused look on my face. "What is it? What's next?", I wondered aloud, hoping that it would be just as good, if not better, than what we had just done.

"We're gonna change it up a bit. Here's how it's gonna work : Cory, you're going to be down where I was at the foot of the bed. Megan is going to lay where you were, and I'll get on top of her like she did to you. After a little while of that, we've come up with another idea that I'm sure you'll like. But you'll have to wait and see what it is", Caroline said to me from where she sat at my feet.

"Sounds hot, let's do it!", I replied eagerly, sitting up and moving down to the foot of the bed like Caroline had ordered. Now Megan laid down in the spot where I was a few seconds ago, and Caroline carefully mounted herself on Megan, her sweet, plump ass on Megan's boobs and her bare vagina in her face.

"Your boobs okay?", Caroline asked, worried that her weight was putting too much stress on Megan for comfort. "It's fine", Megan replied. "Just don't like bounce up and down too hard or anything and it'll be good." "Let's do this, then", I told them, positioning myself right between Megan's legs and kicking off the new threesome by starting to go down on Megan again. I began warming her up by licking around her belly button, and soon I slowly moved my way down to her waistline, my face staring up at Caroline's beautiful ass on top of Megan's breasts as I went down.

By that time, Megan had already started to service Caroline, as I saw her do what I had done and elaina raye and diana doll sharing bf in the bedroom Caroline's fine ass for support and use her hands and arms to pull Caroline in close as she tongue-fucked her. "Ohhh.lick me, you dirty bitch!", I heard Caroline cry out in pleasure as Megan proceeded to perform oral sex her best friend.

Now I was down to Megan's neatly-trimmed, black pubes. I slipped a finger inside of her pussy and began to slowly slide it around and twist it as I licked all around her sweet little thighs and groin.

I soon got done with teasing and proceeded to lick Megan's labia, slipping another finger inside of her vagina as I licked, teasing her devilishly with my probing tongue. "Mhmmmm", I heard her moan through Caroline's pussy. My tongue flicked wonderfully in and out of Megan's slit; my mouth gently sucking and pulling on her soft, pink, moist lips as I worked my tongue inside of her.

"Please baby, ohhh god please.don't stop!", Caroline moaned, Megan obviously pleasing her greatly as she thrust her hips towards my girl's working mouth, getting closer and closer to climax. This was the hottest shit I had ever fucking seen, and I was a part of it!

I couldn't wait to find out what they had in store for me next if this shit was so fucking amazing! I now slipped the index finger of my free hand inside of Megan's asshole, now licking her and fingering both her pussy and her anus at the same time. Megan moaned loudly at this, mouth full of pussy, and I could tell she was getting really close to cumming.

Now Megan took a move from my book, moving a hand from where it was supporting Caroline's ass and slipping a finger directly into Caroline's anus. "Ohhh Megan.that's amazing! Oh fuck me baby.", Caroline gasped as Megan pleasured her with finger, mouth, and tongue. Caroline soon could take it no longer, and experienced her first orgasm with us as a threesome. ebony w piercings amp big natural tits CUMMING!!!

OHHHH MEGAN DON'T STOP!!!", Caroline screamed in pleasure as she came, Megan still licking her pussy as she climaxed. Now I could tell that Megan was about to experience an orgasm as well, and I got ready for it. I slipped another finger inside of her ass and continued to slide them in and out, her asshole and pussy wet with excitement. "Baby, please don't stop, I'm close!", Megan begged me, her mouth now out of her friends beautiful, bald snatch. I worked harder now, my tongue flicking in and out of her faster, my fingers in both her ass and vagina twisting and pumping hard.

"OHHHH!!! OHHH FUCK ME BABY!!!", Megan moaned loudly as she climaxed, thrusting her hips and trimmed pussy up at me as I she came with my mouth still working on her. I slowed down and stopped, sitting upright on the bed.

"Holy shit.that was awesome!", breathed Caroline heavily, dismounting Megan to sit by her side. "Fuck yeah it was.

You both were amazing.", Megan replied, trying to catch her breath after another great orgasm. "Alright.let's all cool down before we re-continue", Caroline told us, laying her head down on Megan's breasts and breathing hard. "Sounds like a good ideaI replied, now laying my head very gently on Megan's soft, naked pubic area, her hair meeting the side of my face. After a few minutes like this, we had all caught our breath and cooled down a bit. Megan then whispered something to Caroline and the two began to exchange whispers for about a minute or so.

Caroline then nodded in agreement and laid herself down on top of Megan, faces just inches from each other, breasts and crotches touching in a love embrace. Caroline and Megan's bodies were now almost perfectly aligned, except since Caroline was a bit taller, her legs stuck out just a bit further than Megan's did. With the two now comfortably laying down, they began to kiss again, except now no one had dared them to.

Megan's hands soon grabbed hold of Caroline's lovely, pale ass, and Caroline supported herself by putting her hands on the bed next to Megan. I sat there for a bit and watched as Caroline and Fetish girl private show hot webcam masturbation jincam caressed each other beautifully together and kissed kissed. Something told me that this wasn't the first time that they had experimented with some lesbian action, due to the way that they were holding each other.

It seemed like they knew each other's bodies perfectly. I didn't care if they had done something like; this was the fucking hottest thing I had ever witnessed and I was in the middle of the sexy lesbian action. I now started to fondle my dick, watching as my girlfriend and her best friend made out, completely naked, right in front of me on the bed.

After watching them make out for several minutes, I decided to make a move and get in on the ensuing action. I moved closer to them and got on my knees, my dick as hard as marble and my heart mofos sexy blonde adrienne gets picked up fast. Caroline's gorgeous ass was just sitting there below me, waiting to be pounded. Was I really going to ass fuck my girlfriend's best friend right there? The answer was yes, and so I grabbed hold of Caroline's ass as the two continued to kiss passionately in front of me.

"Shit!", I said, remembering I didn't have any lube on, which would make both Caroline and I uncomfortable indeed if I were really going to really perform anal sex with her.

So I quickly got off of the bed and started to walk towards the door and outside to Megan's room to collect the lube that we had used previously, still sitting on her dresser.

I prayed to God that they wouldn't notice me and stop. "It's right on the dresser, next to my jewelery box", Megan called after me. Apparently she knew what I had planned and had no problem whatsoever with me engaging in anal sex with her best friend. I quickly fetched the whole container of Vaseline, in the exact location the Megan had described, and ran back to where Megan and Caroline were, only to find the girls in a new position entirely.

I stopped at the doorway to look at them, admiring the cute pair of girls and thinking about how I was soon going to be a part of that sexual connection. Caroline was bent over on the bed, her hands grasping the headboard for stability as Megan lay underneath her, her head resting on several down-filled pillows only an inch or two below Caroline's shaved pussy.

"We thought you'd never step in", Caroline told me, looking back at me and flipping her gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair. "Yeah, we were about to ask you what was taking so damn long", Megan replied, rubbing her pubes. They both giggled at this. "Sorry, I was just enjoying the view", I told them with a smile.

"We noticed"Caroline teased. Apparently they had seen me fondling myself as I watched them. Not that I cared at all handjob goddess on cam more videos on sexycamsorg way. "Well alright, you're here now anyway", Megan said, giving Caroline a playful slap on the ass. "I told Caroline about how awesome it felt when we tried out a little anal sex last night, and she wanted to give it a go for herself.

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So, I decided to share you and let you do the honors, that is if you don't mind." "Uhhh, fuck no I don't mind", I replied hastily, causing the girls to laugh again. "Well then, let's see what you've got, handsome", Caroline teased, reaching back and rubbing around her asshole.

"Oh, you'll see just exactly what I've got, gorgeous", I told her, my dick throbbing with excitement and my heart once again racing as I prepared to fuck my girlfriend's best friend in xxx sanileon bp sex stories storys ass, this time with no interruptions.

With no further discussion, Megan started to pleasure her best friend again, slipping a finger inside of her slit and beginning to lick and suck all around her wonderful, hairless vagina. "Shit", I whispered, and I quickly lubed myself up, making sure to keep a little left on my fingers for Caroline's anus. I was soon done and I rushed to the bed to get down to business. I now eased myself over where Megan lay down and positioned myself behind Caroline with my knees spread, her chest right below my cock and my ass above her ribs.

Next I started lubing up Caroline's anus with the remaining Vaseline on my fingers, causing Caroline to moan with approval as she felt my fingers go around her hole and into them. "Here goes", I told her. And then grabbing hold of her hips, I began to slowly ease my fully erect penis towards this sexy blonde's waiting ass.

"Ohhh.please go easy on me, big man.", Caroline moaned as I slid myself slowly inside of her ass for the first time. I slowly slid my head into her until her ass completely enveloped it, loving the moans and sighs she gave out as I ever so slowly inched my way inside of her for the first time At the same time, Megan was working with care on her pussy, my balls just right above her chin and my knees on the bed on either side of her.

"Fuck me Cory, fuck me hard.", Caroline begged, enjoying her first ever anal sex. Hearing this, I continued to slid inside of her virgin ass, Megan still working lovingly on Caroline's pussy just right below me. "Ohhhh.", Caroline gasped in approval as now almost half of my stiff cock was inside of her. Now I looked down and saw that Megan had two fingers inside of Caroline now and was softly licking twat licking lily adams is so intimate with sinn sage friend's vagina as I boned her simultaneously in the ass.

"Fuck!", Caroline moaned as cuckold boyfriend forced teat cum balls now met her soft ass cheeks; my dick was now fully inside of her flawless ass. Soon I started to slide back out as I had done with Megan last night, moving a little faster now that she was loosened up a bit and was used to the feel of my meat inside of her. "Yes!!! Ahhh Cory you're fucking amazing.", Caroline moaned in pleasure. "You too, beautiful.

You're doing so well, just relax and enjoy", I replied, squeezing her ass and slapping it playfully as I eased myself in and out of her slowly relaxing ass. I started to fuck her harder now, my balls slapping lightly up against her ass each time my pubes met her meaty ass cheeks. "You like that, huh? Oh yeah, take it", I grunted, hardly believing that I was talking dirty to my girl's best friend.

"Mhmmm.ohhh this is awesome.", Caroline continued to moan, highly enjoying herself as Megan and I serviced her. I agreed, but did not say anything. All of my efforts were concentrated on making this girl have the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasm of her life. And sure enough, after only a few more minutes of Megan and I's pleasuring, she could hold on no longer. "SHIT!!! I'M CUMMING!!! OH FUCK ME HARD!!!", Caroline yelled in extreme pleasure and joy, experiencing her first orgasm with Megan and I as a threesome.

She squirted a little bit of her warm pussy juices into Megan's face and on her mouth. She came really hard, her anus responding as Megan's had done last night. This sensation once sang x x x x story caused me to explode into orgasm as it had done before. "ME TOO!!! OHHH BABY!!!", I moaned, continuing to pump my dick in and out of her as I came inside of my friend's beautiful, virgin ass for the first time.

I hadn't realized it, but Megan had begun to finger herself as soon as Caroline climaxed, and she too was now on the brink of orgasm "MMMHMM, OHHH YES!!!", she screamed, two of her fingers alreadyworking frantically inside of her, and her other hand soon moved out of Caroline's pussy and begun rubbing her own clit softy as she came, thrusting her hips into her fingers and moaning as she hit orgasm.

After we had all had our first orgasm as a threesome, I slowly and carefully pulled my penis out of Caroline, her ass gleaming with lube and her anus dripping with our mixed fluids. I moved to the side of the bed so that Megan could slide out from under Caroline and wiped the cum and other fluids off of my semi-erect penis.

Megan again sucked and licked my fingers dry, enjoying the taste of my salty cum. "Holy fucking shit", Caroline panted, struggling to speak as she fought for breath. "That was the most amazing shit I could have ever dreamed of. Thanks.both of you." "My pleasure, Caroline", I replied, giving her bare ass a squeeze. "Hehe, damn Caroline, you squirted all over my face and my mouth", Megan giggled, licking her lips in delight.

"I know.I've never squirted before. Then again, I've never had an orgasm like that, either", Caroline replied sheepishly.

And then to my surprise (and great delight), Megan turned around and licked the cum from Caroline's asshole, spreading Caroline's cheeks with her hands. "That's fucking hot", I said, watching as Megan licked her friend's now slightly gaping asshole dry. "Mmmm, tasty", Megan giggled as she finished, looking up at me and as she again licked her lips.

Now that her ass wasn't dripping with cum, Caroline sat down on the bed and laid her head down on Megan's lap. "I don't know about you two, but I would definitely not mind trying that again sometime real soon", Caroline breathed, reaching up and caressing Megan's face with her hand.

"Fuck yeah", I replied with no hesitation whatsoever. Megan nodded in agreement, stroking her friends long blonde hair as Caroline laid on her. "Good, it's official then. We're a threesome!", Caroline giggled, and Megan and I joined her laughter. "Sorry girls, but I better be going.

I'll call you later, baby", I told Megan, getting up off the bed and picking up my underwear. "Alright, thanks for the good times, Cory. I love you, babe", Megan replied sweetly. I walked over and gave her a loving kiss on the lips. "Awww, you two are so cute", Caroline said, her head still on Megan's lap. "Caroline, I'm really glad you came over today.

We had a lot more fun with you here", I told her. "Trust me, I'm glad I did too. Until next time then, you sexy thing.", she responded. Then I headed out of the door and towards Megan's room in order to gather the rest of my clothes and head on home, leaving my girlfriend and Caroline to sit on the bed and talk about the events that had just taken place.

A lot had happened since I had arrived nervous and excited at Megan's doorstep just last night. I wasn't exactly sure what the future had in store for the three of us, but I was sure the road ahead was going to be a very exciting one indeed. --- This concludes the trilogy, "Megan At Last". Thanks for reading! New series to be "cumming" soon! ---