Kinky brunette gets nailed on the porch outdoor and teen

Kinky brunette gets nailed on the porch outdoor and teen
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Fucking my mates younger sister 2 I recently wrote down what happened between me and my best friend's younger sister Shelly, if you have not read this tale Shelly is a very attractive self-proclaimed suicide girl.

Shelly is about 5'8" long flame red hair, milky white skin a nice pair of boob's and a lovely plump little arse, the only thing that stops her from being a model is her love of dressing like a vampire from some old b-movie and her piercings and tattoos. The last time we got together she tied me to her bed and between her and her best friend Carly I was humiliated and made to near beg for sexual relief.

This time it was the other way round and Shelly was the one that begged me. Shelly called round my flat around 8am in the morning catching me by surprise, i was dressed only in my boxers and a T-shirt were as Shelly was dressed in a short black mini skirt and a bright red t-shirt with red fishnet stockings and black PVC boots that stopped at her knees and she was carrying what she called her little bag of tricks.

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Her make p was unbelievable, with silver lipstick and metallic silver eye make-up she looked really sexy in a kinky kind of way and after inviting her in and getting her tongue down my throat and my ball's squeezed the second the door was closed I was starting to get turned on and as I followed Shelly to the front room and watched her arse swaying my cock started to harden at the thought of what was to come.

As soon as Shelly got in the living room she produced the ball-gag from her bag and dangled it before me but I was not in the mood to be the victim so I snatched it from her and informed her she was my slave today. I gripped her by the arm and positioned her behind my arm chair and bent her over, in the little bag of tricks she had brought with her I found 8 nylon rope's cut to about a meter in length, i used some of these to tie her wrist to the bottom of the chair and her feet to the back so she was positioned bent over the back of the chair with her lovely arse pointing up.

I then applied the ball-gag which she didn't like; next I lifted her skirt to reveal her perfect tight little arse hidden from view by just her blood red silk panties, I couldn't resist any longer so before she could guess what I was about to do I spanked her left bum cheek fairly hard, causing her to half scream through the ball-gag and repeated slapping her ass till her left bum cheek glowed bright red just two guys with big cocks fuck two horny babes hc her panties.

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Then just as she had done to me I left her tied up and went into the kitchen leaving her for a good ten minutes before returning to spank the other cheek.

I could resist no longer now, Shelly had developed a wet patch in her silky panties and my cock was as hard as iron so I gently pulled her panties down revealing her gorgeous arse to my gaze and her wet shaven pussy to my fingers and cock. After gently stroking her pussy from her ass hole to her clit I slipped my 8" cock deep into her and just held it there, Shelly shuddered and moaned out loud at the invasion of her tight wet pussy and as soon as I thought she had got used to the feeling of being full of cock I slipped back out and gave her a hard slap on each of her cherry red arse cheeks.

I then walked round the chare sexy teen julie rocket blows her hung boyfriend cock whipped her across the face a couple of times before looking in her little bag of tricks to see what else Shelly had brought, to my delight I found a butt plug some lube and a large vibrater.

My mind was spinning with the idea's I was getting. Once again I got behind her; I squeezed some of the lube directly on her puckered ass hole and rubbed it in with my finger then taking the pink butt plug I inserted it as far as it would go, love the way her ass closed around the latex sex toy.

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Shelly was squirming at the intrusion to her perfect arse and my cock was so hard it was touching my stomach and I just had to slip it inside her juicy fuck hole and fuck her for a few minutes, I so wanted to shoot my load inside her right that second but I had other plans so extracting myself from Shelly's succulent cunt I grabbed the vibrater and turning it on I placed it against her clit and held it there as she squirmed her way to her first orgasm of the night.

I then left her tied over the sofa still with the butt plug in her ass and the ball-gag in her mouth and waited for ten minutes before returning and without saying a word I again slipped my cock in her pussy and this time fucked her nice and slow making her climax a second time a squirt her juices over my ball's, I continued teens pound fellas anal hole with monster strapon dildos and blast juice fuck her till I felt the pressure building up and not wanting to cum myself so soon I withdrew and gave her plugged arse another couple of slap's.

then I had an idea and went into the kitchen I got a pretty amateur babe threesome in the backroom for money of clothes pegs and returned to place them on her stiff bullet like nipples, then taking the vibrater once more I placed it against the butt plug and turned it on sending vibrations through it directly in to her ass having the desired effect of getting her to push back a ride the thrill to a third climax and this time I got to see her vaginal fluids spurt from her pussy and onto the laminate floor.

By now Shelly was a mess and I decided to untie her and take her to the bedroom, once there I removed the ball-gag and the but plug and inserted it into her pussy then I removed the peg's from her nipples and sucked hard on them I was desperate to fuck her but I wanted to make her climax at least one more time before I thought about my own needs.

So moving down to her lovely wet shaven pussy I started to lick and suck on her clit as I wriggled the butt plug around in her succulent cunt; it only took second to get her off and this time she had multiple orgasms that seemed to go on for ever.

When she eventually stopped shuddering I turned her over and after lubricating my cock I pushed it into her arse and fucked her as hard as I could till I exploded deep in her bum hole shooting what felt like gallons and gallons of thick creamy cum till I was totally drained.

After I was finished I grabbed my camera phone and snapped a few pic's of her lying on my bed totally fucked and leaking my cum from her used arse hole. Then we feel asleep next to each other which was my mistake. I awoke to the lovely feeling of having my cock sucked and discovered my hands were tied my feet taped together and a blind fold over my eye's, Shelly stopped sucking me and said "good morning it's payback time make a noise and you get the ball=gag, are we clear" I nodded my head to say yes and awaited my punishment reminding myself that next time I had the advantage I would leave her tied up before going to sleep.

Shelly then grabbed my feet and moved me till I was knelt on the floor lent over the bed with my ass in the air, remembering what I had done to her the night before I knew what fate had in store for me and I was not wrong. Shelly started to lube up my arse hole and as she did she was telling me how she was going to make me beg for her mercy, when she thought I was ready she introduced the vibrater to my arse and at the same time took hold of my cock with her hand full of lube and stroked me to a really hard erection before she thrust the plastic phallus into my bum.

I have never had anything so big invade my arse and I had to bite the quilt to stop myself from screaming out, Shelly then started to move the vibrator in and out of my ass and jerk my cock at the same pace after a few seconds it started to feel good and I was on the way to a very powerful cum, but before I could Shelly stopped and taking the leather strap from her handbag she whipped my bare arse hard leaving welts a good four inches long on my ass and making me howl out in pain, this only got me the ball-gag being added to my restraint and discomfort.

Shelly then picked up her phone and called her friend Carly and proceeded to tell her what she was doing to me and asked her if she horny asian milf watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom any ideas, Shelly then said good one and hung up, she inserted the butt plug back into my arse hole and rolled me onto my back on the floor then Shelly went into the bathroom and returned with hot water, razor and shaving foam and started to lather up my cock and balls then shave all my pubic hair of as she slowly jerked my cock to keep it hard, when my cock was completely bald she mounted me and lowered her lushes pussy down on to my erection and ride me till she climaxed then stopped and kissed my forehead before going to the bathroom to clean herself leaving me still tied, gagged and blindfolded.

It must have been a good half hour before Shelly came back into the room and started to jerk my cock back to life and to my pleasure as she wanked me she also sucked my ball's until I finally erupted shooting several thick ribbons of creamy sperm all over myself. Shelly once again left me there coated in my own sperm and still bound, gagged and blindfolded with the butt plug in my arse. The next thing I knew there was a wet tickling sensation on my chest that felt like someone was painting letters on my chest, after a few minutes the ball gag & blindfold were removed and shelly was in front of me with a paintbrush and a bottle of food colouring next to her and I had the words " SHELLY'S SLAVE" stained into the flesh of my chest, after my hands were untied and the tape cut to free my feet Shelly sat giggling as I removed the butt plug from my arse.

And then ordered me to kneel at her feet, when I was in position before her she opened her legs and told me to get licking and like a humble slave that I was I started to lick her sweet wet pussy and nibble on her clit and love lip's till she orgasmed flooding my mouth with her cunt juice.

I was so tiered after my ordeal with my sexy mistress that I curled up at her feet and fell asleep, my arse hurt and I was still covered in a mixture of mine and Shelly's cum, feeling more fucked and satisfied than ever before in my life. To be continued if you like it.