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Amateur sex tape-amateure 17413 tube porn
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Paris is the granddaughter of a long time business associate and client of my law firm. Paris's father approached me about possibly using my contacts in the fashion industry to assist Paris market her clothing line. I agreed to help her, when she arrived in New York at the start of fashion week she called me.I sent a limo to bring her to the hotel, left instructions at the desk to register her in the suite next door to mine.

Paris hummed to herself as she pushed the door open and stepped into her dimly lit suite.

Tossing her backpack on the floor, she let the door swing shut behind her before sliding the deadbolt shut with a satisfying ˜clunk'. The blinds were open enough to allow a sufficient amount of moonlight to shine through the windows in her suite. Reaching over, she flipped the light switch on, her brow furrowing in confusion as the room remained enshrouded in moonlit darkness.

"Dammit," she muttered to herself, flipping the switch up and down in futility. Tossing her keys on the counter, she strolled across the floor heading straight for her bedroom and the prospect of her warm, soft bed. As she moved gingerly across the room, she kicked her shoes off and swept them aside with her foot. As she moved from the moonlit room into a darkened hallway, she heard a faint clinking' sound, similar to the noise made by a set of dangling keys.

Stopping suddenly, Paris ceased all movement as she listened intently, trying to locate the source of the sound. Sensing something moving to her side, she turned her head as a figure stepped out of the shadows grabbing her roughly from behind. Paris let out a startled shriek, which wild sex at private yacht quickly muffled as a hand clamped tightly over her open mouth. The man's other arm wrapped around her body, pinning her own arm against her side as I pulled her body into mine.

She could feel the beating of my heart as I held my hard, muscular chest pressed firmly against her back. As she struggled, I held firm, lifting her petite body clear off the ground as I spun around and compressed her shaking body between me and the wall. She could feel my warm breath on her exposed neck as I held my face against hers and whispered in her ear."Welcome to New York," As she heard the raspy voice, Paris's struggling ceased and she swallowed hard, her body trembling with a combination of apprehension and anticipation.

Lifting her squirming body off the floor, I stepped back, dragging her out of the dark hallway into the living room.

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"Ughh," she blurted out as I shoved her face down on the couch, pinning her down with my knee pressed roughly into her lower back. Paris's cries of protest now stifled in the soft cushions, I took her wrist in my unrelenting grasp, forcefully twisting her arm behind her back.

She then felt the sensation of cold steel against her skin, followed by a series of quick ˜clicks" as the metal teeth of the handcuffs locked into place. Feeling the sharp edges of the cuffs digging into her soft flesh, she gasped and bit hard into the couch fabric.

As her other arm was forced into place, I locked her wrists together behind her back, leaving her prone body wriggling under me.

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Although her face was buried in the couch, she could feel my lecherous eyes roaming her body. Gasping for breath, her heart pounding, she trembled as she awaited my next move. "P.please." she whimpered, turning her face towards her me. "I'll do whatever you want." "Yes," I agreed, casting a devious grin as I unzipped my pants."You will." Reaching down and grabbing a rough handful of her light blonde hair, I pulled hard producing a startled squeak from Paris's gasping mouth.

As I forcefully grasped her hair with whitening knuckles, I used my other hand to take hold of her upper arm and drag her squirming body down to the floor. "Get on your fucking knees," I ordered, pulling her up into a submissive, kneeling position. Paris panted heavily as she knelt before me, her frightened gaze locked on the floor as I loomed over her.

Her pulse raced and her body trembled as she awaited my next move. Suddenly she felt her head being yanked back and a large long, rigid penis being shoved forcibly aganist her mouth.

She turned her face away in protest only to have it jerked back. "Open up," I ordered, my cock pressing against her tightly closed, resisting lips. She could feel the wet precum leaking from my tip as she remained resistant to my intrusion. I tightened my grip on her hair, causing her to wince in pain and forcing her to relent, parting her lips tan latina lindsey woods seduces her man for a raunchy doggy style fuck fest in her bald pussytest allow the thick, jordi el nino polla receives a steaming blowjob naturaltits and interracial shaft into her warm, wet mouth.

Glancing up with nervous, blue eyes I smiled down at her and jammed my cock into the back of her throat, causing her to gag and sputter, saliva dripping down her chin. Holding her head with both hands, she fought her gag reflex as I pulled her head down the length of my saliva soaked shaft. Her hands locked securely behind her back, Paris shut her eyes as she allowed her face to be used by me, passively kneeling as her head was jerked back and forth. Her lips slid forcefully up and down my thick cock, reluctantly bathing it with her struggling, wet tongue.

Minutes passed as she endured the brutal face-fucking, her eyes watering and saliva dripping down her chin before I finally pulled my slippery cock free of her sputtering lips and slapped it against her pretty face. Gasping for air, Paris gazed up at me with her innocent, big blue eyes only to have me return her affectionate stare with a cold, blank expression.

Inches from her face, his cock dangled, dripping wet from her own mouth. "Get up," I ordered, prompting her to her feet with an encouraging yank of her honey blonde hair. Struggling to her feet, Paris whimpered as she was led by the hair across the living room to a table in the center of the room.

Feeling her body pushed hard against the edge of the table, I forcefully bent her over using my unrelenting grasp on her hair to hold her face pressed firmly against the cool, smooth surface.

She panted hard and struggled against me as I ripped her short black skirt off, revealing her thong and the soft, smooth cheeks of her ass. Relenting in her futile struggle, Paris feels my hands roaming over the most private areas of her body, pawing her wet pussy through the thin material of her thong.

My touch almost turned sensual as my rough fingers traces over her round, supple cheeks before roughly digging under the waistband of her skimpy thong and pulling them hastily down over her ample hips.

As she felt the light fabric slid down her trembling legs and fall around her feet, I released my grip on her hair and retrieved the underwear from the floor. Nervously awaiting my next move, Paris was startled as she soon found the thong being shoved roughly into her mouth.

She gasped, tasting her own juices as her saliva permeated the fabric being pulled tightly into her open mouth. I then nestled up against her, my legs forcing hers wide as she felt my turgid cockhead slid up and down her dripping slit. Unable to resist, she let out a long, high-pitched moan " OOOOOOHHHHHHH AAAAAAHhhhhhhh" through the underwear jammed into her mouth as I parted her swollen lips and pushed the head of my throbbing cock inside her.

"Ughhhh.," she squealed, her voice muffled by her own thong as she felt her tight, wet hole forcibly filled with a hot, hard thick pulsing cock. As my hips slammed into her ass, Paris moaned " OOOOOOOOHHHHhhhhh," again tossing her head back as I lingered there, buried deep inside her warm, welcoming depths.

She felt the table edge digging sharply into the tender flesh of her upper thighs as I pressed forward before withdrawing in agonizing slowness. She gasped as I drove back into her hard and deep, inhaling the scent of her arousal that accompanied the wet strip of fabric pressed between her lips.

She felt my hard muscular legs pressed against hers as I proceeded to violate her flushed, swollen pussy with a series of quick, short thrusts. Gradually my strokes increased in depth and increased in velocity as the quiet room became filled with the sharp slapping of flesh on flesh as I fucked Paris's quivering body from behind.

She felt her ass cheeks being splayed wide, lewdly exposing her delicate, untouched hole.

In reflex, she contracted her muscles but my powerful grip held fast, digging into her soft flesh and forcing her open as I slammed her gripping wet pussy with increasing abandonment. As the sensation overwhelmed her, Paris gradually gave in and submitted to my hard thrusts. Collecting saliva in my mouth, I pursed my lips and let a dollop of spit fall, her tight little asshole winking reflexively as the drop of warm liquid landed on it. "Mmm," I sighed as I watched the spit trickle down over her little pink star.

"I bet your ass is really small and tight." "Nooo," Paris whimpered in protest through the wet thong in her mouth. She heard me snicker as I continued sliding my thick, engorged cock into her vulnerable hole, my balls striking her swollen lips with sickening slaps.

Again she whimpered in protest, but was powerless to prevent me from roughly shoving a meaty finger into her tightly clenched ass. "Do you let your boyfriend fuck this ass?" I asked in a taunting tone, pushing in up to the knuckle. "No.," she squeaked in a muffled, timid voice as her tiny anal ring contracted around my invading digit. She heard me snicker with satisfaction, twisting my finger roughly inside her smooth tight tunnel as I continued fucking her pussy with deep, hard savage strokes.

The table under her quivering body shuddered with each thrust as my hips collided with her tender flesh, producing a series of loud wet slaps. "SMACK." "SMACK" Paris flinched as she felt my hand slap her ass sharply before lingering there, my fingers digging into her soft cheek. Reflexively, her ass muscles contracted, squeezing my embedded, wriggling finger. "SMACK." "SMACK" Again Young shy teen melissa mandlikova does first time porn teen amateur teen cu struck, Paris's gasping mouth blurting out a muffled, moaning "AAAAAAAHHHHHhhhh" squeal.

"You dirty little girl," I piped up, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back up off the table's surface. "You like that don't you?" "Y.y.yes.," she whimpered meekly, proving her submission by agreeing with my every statement. With one final hard deep thrust, I pulled my dripping wet cock from Paris's thoroughly fucked hole and slapped my glistening tip against her tiny, pink asshole. Her body tensed with apprehension as she realized what was about to happen.

Roughly pushing her ass cheeks apart, I nestled the head of my cock against her pristine little pink star.

Paris struggled with meek resistance as she felt her asshole slowly open, giving way to the long thick cock pushing its way into her most private orifice. "Mmmm," I moaned pleasurably as I forced a few inches into the tight confines of her pulsating hole. "You are mofos kiera looks so hot from behind tight." Paris clenched her teeth, biting down hard on the wet thong as she felt my throbbing cock slide deeper into her ass.

Lubricated with her own juices, my long wide cock stretched her to the limit as her restrained arms struggled in futility. "Ughhhhhh,Ughhhhhh" she groaned, experiencing the indescribable sensation of her virgin asshole slowly but forcefully filled.

My hips now moving back and forth, I began fucking her with short, constant jabs. After a few minutes of enduring the obscene anal violation, Paris began to grow accustomed to the intrusion and the pain gradually subsided.

The comfortable, almost pleasurable sensation, however was quickly diminished as I shoved my cock deeper with a single, coasting thrust. With my cock firmly entrenched up to my balls in her tightly gripping hole, I grabbed her hips and swiveled in an sunny leone desi story pee to push deeper. Paris felt used. She felt violated as I tried to fill her with every inch of my burrowing cock.

A few seconds passed as I ceased all movement. Paris remained, bent-over, panting and gasping as her ass pulsated around my deeply implanted shaft. Paris shook her head and howled in protest, eliciting a taunting chuckle as I repeatedly sheathed my rigid cock deep in her clenching hole. "Ugh.ugh.ugh.ugh." Paris let out a soft groan with each stroke as I gradually increased the intensity of my thrusting.

My cock was now effortlessly sliding in and out, plunging deep into her squirming body. My strong hand left white bloodless marks on the soft, pliable skin of her ass as I gripped her with lustful vigor. My other hand twisted in her hair, providing traction as I pulled her back with every forceful stroke my muscular hips provided. "Ugh.ugh.ugh.ugh." Her breath growing ragged under the unremitting pounding, Paris's petite body shuddered on top of the shaking, squeaking table.

Enduring the savage, anal intrusion with passive resolve, she submitted to me entirely, allowing me to use her tiny, stretched orifice for my licentious pleasure.

As my violent thrusting relented, I groaned as I erupted like a volcano my cum flowing like hot lava filling her ass full with cum running down her thighs. I eased my swollen cock from her thoroughly used asshole and pulled her down off the table.

Her knees pressed painfully into the cold, hard marble floor Paris stared up as she gasped through the wet, fabric jammed in between her flushed, pouty lips.

In front of her face, my glistening cock pulsed with each frantic stroke of my pumping fist. After a few seconds of submissive kneeling, she watched as my hand tightened around my shaft and a thick rope of white cum spilled forth, creating a sticky translucent line across her pretty face from her eye to her chin. Holding her firmly by the hair I groaned, stroked my hand once more and spilled more of the hot fluid down onto the thong wedged into her open mouth.

A few seconds later Paris found herself staring with one eye as I gazed down at cum covered spectacle I had just created. I wiped my cock across her mouth and cheek, removing the last clinging droplets of sperm from the tip before stepping back with glowing satisfaction. * * * * * * * * * * * "Mmmm," Paris purred as she stroked her hand up my chest. "That was great. Thanks baby." I smiled back at her and pulled her close as we snuggled together on the sofa.

"Yeah?" I confirmed. "It was okay?" "Uh huh," she answered back. "But." "But what?" I asked, cocking my head to listen intently. "Well." She began tentatively. "You could have been a little more.rough." "Really?" I exclaimed, growing increasingly surprised at the depths of her kinky fantasy pool. "I don't know if I can get any more rough.

It was kind of hard.being that forceful." "It's okay, baby," she cooed, flashing me a sexy smile. "I can take it." "I'm sure you can," I replied with a subtle laugh. "I'm sure you can." "Yeah," Paris said softly, rolling to kiss my chest. "We can try again tomorrow." I smiled at her, " Welcome to New York Fashion Week" we have five days of sexual adventure.