Just turned and i love pussy and ass play

Just turned and i love pussy and ass play
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It all began one fateful summer evening, when Annie's parents announced to her that they were going on holiday for the next week.

It was the middle of summer break for Annie, a bright student heading into her second last year of high school. She was 18 years old, and stood 5 ft 2, with a small slender figure accentuated by a variety of athletically toned curves. When her parents told her that they were gone for a week she wasn't super excited, because she wasn't all that popular at school and she wouldn't have any company without her parents being home.

She was a very conservative girl, but little did she know that was all about the change. The next morning they packed all their things, gave her a credit card to buy whatever she needed when they were gone, and left.

Annie felt relieved that they were gone but overwhelmed with loneliness, pondering what to do over the next 7 days at home alone. She realized that she was going to have to do more than she anticipated though, like washing clothes, dishes, cleaning the house, and various other jobs so maybe it wouldn't be as boring as she originally thought. She started to bring clothes up from the washing room downstairs and put them in their respective wardrobes, starting with her moms.

But as she sorted out the different shirts, shorts, pants and various other garments she noticed something odd inside her parents closet. There was a large shelf behind all her mothers jackets, and she could make out the outline of a large box in the darkness of the room. Intrigued, she hefted the heavy box out and onto the floor behind her.

It sure was heavy, and she sure hoped that something interesting was inside. She unfolded the flaps and was met with just some more clothes, but topsex porn xstory com ebony sister and brother closer inspection these weren't ordinary garments. Annie gasped as she realized she had uncovered a slew of kinky, skimpy, and erotic undergarments, dresses, and various other pieces who's function she didn't know. She felt a tingle down below as she knew that she was going to try these on.

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Now she knew exactly what she was going to do while her parents were gone. She took out a tight, sheer black latex dress and put it to the side with some crotch less panties and no bra. She didn't need anything else. She squeezed herself into the garments, covered herself in makeup, and glanced into the mirror. She looked like a pornstar, and felt herself get even more excited as she knew what she wanted now. To get fucked like a pornstar too.

It must have been about midnight now, so she slipped on a sexy pair of heels from the box and set off down the road, swaying her hips side to side and looking like a woman experienced in every sexual way possible. It didn't take long at all, as she spotted a group of her fathers friends having some brews in their neighbors front yard.

She caught the attention of them in a flash, and they all whistled and began to make their way out towards her.

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"What's a beauty like you doing out here all alone?" One questioned as they confronted me. She could see them checking her out in every which way, oblivious that she was their friends young daughter.

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Renewed by her new sense of power over these men she knew she could get herself done right here and now if she wanted. "Just looking for a good time, do you guys know what I mean?" She purred, licking her rosy lips and enciting gropes and fondles from all 3 of the muscular and tall men around her. They immediately took her petite hands and guided her into the house, not wasting any time.

"You're going to be our little bitch tonight." One growled and threw her on her back in the sofa. They quickly discarded the dress, but left the panties around her tiny hips. She was ecstatic with the attention these men were giving her, and her lust was at a height never reached before.

She just wanted to feel something inside her to satisfy the urge. They didn't waste time, one pulling out a memebet that must have been 8 inches long, and the others following suit with 9 inch monsters. They didn't waste time, and one positioned their head of the opening of her tight little pussy.

He thrust in strongly but was met with resistance, and it look him a few minutes to fully get his length in. She was trapped between his engorged member and the coach, filled with ecstasy not wanting any of it to end.

She couldn't believe she had managed to take it all the way, yet alone enjoy it, but they hadn't recognized that the petite little bimbo they were fucking was their good friends daughter and neighbor. She felt every vein of his massive member as it thrust in and out of her, awakining the deepest desires and feelings she only had dreamed of. The other two men stood by and she knew if was going to teen girls story ebony bhasa a long, rough night to remember.

Her moans and squeals filled the house, and she felt him slowing down, grunting. He was becoming more vocal and shouted "oh fuck Annie!" And came deep inside her. They locked eyes and she knew they had seen through her disguise all along.