Xxxi story 8 age dow

Xxxi story 8 age dow
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit. Story Codes: mf, mf, mf, mmf, cream pie, exhib, inc, hand job, hp, grope, magic, oral, unif, voy Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Chesty babe enjoying huge dick pumping her hardcore phatass Of Hogwarts Part 7 - Morning Mayhem by Avatrek ([email protected]) Ron Weasley's dreams were strange; filled with time-travel and perversion, they were the oddest of his life.

When he finally awoke hours later in the early morning of Tuesday in the Gryffindor sixth year boy's dormitories, Ron realized his dreams were not that strange. What was strange was the situation he now found himself in; with a pounding headache and queasy stomach, Ron was on his back with someone lying on top of him, sleeping deeply with his softened cock still lodged in her tight twat. Ron still felt a little drunk as he tried to remember what had taken place the night before. He remembered slugging back almost an entire bottle of Fire Whiskey and then fucking Ginny in front of everybody, but after that it all felt like a blur.

With a moan and a small movement, Ron realized it was in fact Ginny who was on top of him, and even though he knew it was a major taboo that he had fucked his little sister at least twice the prior night, her vice-like pussy was still clutching at his slowly hardening shaft.

"Fuck it!" Ron whispered, as without waking his redheaded slut of a sister, Ron slowly moved his hips up and down, driving his cock in and out of her as she continued to sleep. The entire room was quiet as Ron slowly fucked his little sister for the next ten minutes, ignoring the increasingly painful headache now pounding away in his temples. Ginny was still asleep, but clearly enjoying a very pleasurable dream as Ron grabbed her pert little juicy ass and squeeze it with each thrust.

It took a further five minutes, but Ron soon reached his climax and pulled Ginny's hips as close to him as possible as he unloaded stream after stream of his boiling hot cum, deep inside her tiny teenage womb. Panting slightly and in need of a hangover cure, Ron peered over top Ginny's unconscious body to see James Potter standing at the end of his four poster bed.

"Great way to cap off a memorable night!" James laughed as he quickly looked back at his own bed to make sure Lily Evans was still sleeping deeply on his plush bed.

"I guess so.

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But I don't remember anything after spinning that damn bottle." Ron admitted, feeling a little embarrassed that his cock was still lodged his sister's cum-filled pussy. "You hit it hard last night, but you weren't the only one though." James said, motioning first back at the naked Lily Evans on his bed and then at the just visible Luna Lovegood sandwiched between both Sirius and Lupin.

"That one's the biggest nympho I've ever seen. She would have wanted to be tripled teamed, but I just couldn't say no to Lily!" James sighed as he looked down at Ginny's ass.

"What happened last night? Do you remember?" Ron asked James as he gingerly pulled his softening cock out of Ginny's pussy and got dressed. "Here. Take this hangover cure and we'll head down to the common room." James told Ron before handing him a vial of potion. After downing the tasty liquid and enjoying the sensation of his pounding headache melt away instantly, Ron followed James down to the common room and then the party room which was still in slit stuffed by ramrod hardcore and blowjob. "I'll tell you what happened while we clean this mess up, deal?" "Deal.

besides, I probably made most of this mess." Ron admitted, looking around at all the broken bottles of Fire Whiskey, chairs and glass. "Wait. Don't the House Elves usually clean this stuff up?" Ron asked realizing that to his knowledge, the House Elves had always dutifully cleaned up his mess in the past, or in his case, the future. "Everything but this room, mate.

That was the deal with Dumbledore and McGonagall when we expanded Gryffindor Tower and made this awesome party room." James told Ron as the two of them pulled out their wands and started magically repairing and replacing all the broken objects around the room. "So what happened?" Ron asked eagerly, certain that he probably wouldn't like the answer, but as James started giving him the details, his memory of the previous night slowly came back.

* * * "Come on Ron. Join us in the hot tub, it's really hot in here!" Lily called from the hot tub, wearing the skimpiest of bikinis. Ron, still drunk out of his mind and a little distraught after fucking his own sister in front of everyone, stumbled over to the hot tub completely naked and disoriented from the entire ordeal. "I bet it's hot in there. Ever since you got in." Ron replied suavely, somehow more charming since guzzling down the bottle of Fire Whiskey.

"You're making me blush Ron." Lily said, looking a little hot under the collar and happy Ron was taking more notice of her. Lily wasn't the only one in the hot tub; Luna, Ginny, and two other girls were in there talking animatedly with each other.

Ron seemed to like the odds, so taking the initiative; he hopped right in and sat between Lily and Ginny. Ron may have been drunk, but he could still tell that Ginny seemed to be avoiding his gaze. "You two were really going at it up there weren't you?" Lily said to interrupt the awkward silence, and hopefully drawing Ron's attention back to her.

"Yeah. I guess." Ron admitted, knowing how much he had enjoyed it. "I knew I sensed Humping Hornflies around you two the last few hours. It was my wife sucks my dick and swallows a matter of time before you two were entranced by their spectacular horn dance." Luna interjected as Sirius jumped in the college teen threesome fucking sucking brunette teen blowjob doggy tub right beside her and gave Ron a nod of approval for the show he had put on earlier.

"Don't you worry Lily, I'm sure someone will fuck you before the night is out. Try playing hard to get for once." Sirius told Lily after leaning in close to whisper. "Fuck you Sirius. I know who I won't be fucking tonight!" Lily replied with a smirk before reaching down below the water to take hold of Ron's softened cock.

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Ron looked over at Lily and couldn't believe his luck as Lily started moving her hand up and down over his cock. While Lily jacked off a drunken Ron, Sirius was hard at work trying to get into Luna's extremely small and tight fitting bikini thong.

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He had tried out all his usual moves on the blonde haired vixen, but so far nothing had worked. "Unghhhhh!" Ron moaned a couple minutes later, as Lily's hand job overpowered him and the need for release was too much.

"I think we need a few more drinks down here!" James said from behind Ron and Lily, jumping in between them a few seconds later and using his wand to levitate six bottles of a strange coloured bottle towards them all. "I don't think so James. The last time I drank this shit I blacked out and got fucked by half of Hogwarts before I realized what I was doing." Lily told James as she watched Ron, Ginny and Luna drain their bottles without even thinking.

Lily shrugged her shoulders and did the same, soon followed by James and Sirius whose bottles were actually empty to begin with, giving them a bit of an advantage.

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Ron was somehow still functional after drinking the nearly toxic liquid and although he was conscious, simple tasks like placing the empty bottle on the floor above him eluded his grasp. Ginny and Lily were effected even more than Ron; Ginny's head slumped backwards and Lily nearly toppled over forward into the bubbling water, save for James holding her up while getting a feel in.

For some strange reason however, Luna seemed not to be affected at all by the strong alcohol; she simply looked as loony as ever. "What the fuck?" Sirius whispered to James a few seconds later, noticing that Luna seemed as coherent as she usually did.

"I don't know mate. I even added a special ingredient to it. If it hasn't taken effect in a few more seconds, I don't think it will." James told Sirius as they both watched Luna with interest. To their horror however, it was not Luna who started acting strangely from the drink she had just consumed, it was Ginny.

She had stood up, pulled off her tiny red and yellow bikini to show everyone her pert little tits, rosy little nipples and juicy little teenage ass and pussy. Before James or Sirius could even say another word, she had straddled Ron's lap and had started riding him to hardness. "Whoops. I must have switched Luna's with Ginny's. She must have just drunk the one with the attraction serum in it." James told Sirius as Ron's arms wrapped around Ginny and grabbed her hips. "Do you have more at least?" Sirius asked James, really wanting to fuck Luna's brains out.

"No. But I know Remus has one left. But you better hurry up and ask for it, because I'm pretty sure he's hoping to use it on that brunette he's talking to right now.

* * * "Holy fuck mate. I can't believe all that happened last night, everything is such a blur." Ron admitted, trying his hardest to recount the details that had led Ginny to his bed last night. "You're telling me. But that's just the tip of the iceberg." James said with a smirk before waving his wand to clean up the last broken bottle and set the party room back to topsex porn xstory com ebony sister and brother original state.

"Let's go get some breakfast. You can tell me the rest on the way." Ron said as he followed James out of the room and braced himself for the rest of the story.

* * * "Come on Remus! I need that serum!" Sirius begged, knowing that after drinking the serum, Luna would have an undeniable sexual attraction to the closest person to her.

"And what about me you selfish bastard. I wanted to score with that seventh year over there." Lupin told Sirius, pointing over at an extremely beautiful, but somewhat uptight brunette talking with a few other seventh year girls.

"You're right buddy. I shouldn't have been so selfish." Sirius admitted to Lupin falsely, before using his wand and saying, "Accio serum" to summon the attraction serum to his hand and running off before Lupin could even pull out his wand. Sirius quickly reached the hot tub and handed the vial to Luna before Lupin could reach them. "Here. Drink this. I'm certain you'll sister sooting porn mobile porn it!" Luna downed the vial without hesitation, just as Lupin grabbed hold of Sirius and tried to pull him backwards.

* * * "Oh shit. That's how Luna got double-teamed by Lupin and Sirius last night?" Ron asked, laughing out loud in the process. "At least Lupin scored!" "Yeah. He wasn't complaining so much after the quirky blonde got a hold of those two." "How then did Lily land in your bed last night.?

I mean, if you were all out of that serum." Ron asked looking confused. "I don't need any serum mate. I can do it all natural!" James said with a little swagger before continuing with the story.

* * * With Luna taking both James and Lupin back to their room to fuck their brains out, Ginny finally had Ron hard again and had slipped his thick eight inches into her tight little teenage twat. "Mmmmm. You feel so good inside me Ronny!" Ginny moaned in his ear as Ron basically drooled in incoherency as Ginny again started slamming her hips up and down on his cock even harder than before.

Even though Ron and Ginny were clearly the center of attention in the party, few people were gathered to watch the two gingers go at it again. "Come on Lily. That's got to be getting you hot?" James asked a tipsy Lily before pulling off her bikini top and massaging her left breast.

"You know it is. Too bad it's not me bouncing on his cock instead of that whore though." Lily admitted as she enjoyed the sensation of James hand massaging her sensitive nipple.

kinky orgy featuring a blonde sex bomb guess you'll just have to make do with me." James told her, before picking her up by the waist and lifting her out of the hot tub with him. "Come on Ron. Let's take these sluts back up to our room." Ron somehow was coherent enough to understand and even lift Ginny out of the hot tub with his shaft still buried inside her.

Stumbling slightly and nearly falling to the floor in a drunken stupor, Ron managed to follow James up to their room with Ginny in his arms and her legs wrapped around his waist. After dropping her on his bed, he started slamming his hips downwards into Ginny as James did the same with Lily.

"Fuck! This slut really wants it bad Remus. I think we should oblige!" Sirius told Lupin as Luna was on her knees sucking off both of them with the skill of a professional. Sirius jumped up onto the nearest bed and laid on his back before Luna straddled him and slowly slid his seven inches into her blonde teen swallow cum desert rose aka prostitute bald pussy.

"She's so fucking tight. I bet her ass is even tighter Remus!" Sirius groaned, as Luna slowly slid down his shaft and with a shutter of pain, fit his entire cock inside her.

"Okay. Father always says, two heads are better than one, so why don't you stick yours in my ass!" Luna purred back at the stunned Lupin who couldn't believe he and Sirius were about to double fuck the blonde slut. "Mmmmm. Okay. Unghhhh!" Lupin grunted, forcing the head of his cock into her extremely tight ass, and with a groan of pain and pleasure from Luna, the two friends were able to work together to get a steady slow rhythm going, with Sirius on his back and Remus crouched over the two of them with his shaft slowly sliding in and out of Luna's tight ass.

As Lupin and Sirius started double fucking on the bed next to them, Ron and Ginny were nearing a climactic finish.

Ron was now on his back and Ginny was on top of him grinding her hips down into him as hard as she could. With a squeal of pleasure, Ginny went through an intensely powerful orgasm, coating Ron's shaft and balls with her warm juices and in the process setting off Ron's own climax. The added pressure of Ginny's tight teenage pussy clutching and squeezing his cock in orgasm had pushed Ron over the edge and after grabbing her by the waist and slamming his cock fully inside her, Ron unloaded stream after stream inside her, filling her pussy full with as much hot potent cum he could muster.

As the accumulation of three orgasms, too much alcohol and the hotness of the situation pushed him into unconsciousness, Ron was amazed at how he was able to fire off several more loads of his spunk inside his baby sister's tight little cunt. Ginny fared no better, and within seconds of Ron passing out, she too slumped onto his chest and fell asleep with his cock still firmly lodged in her cum-filled twat.

"Lily. I'm going to blow here if you don't slow down or get off!" James moaned, ready for Lily to hop off his cock and take a face-load of his cum like she usually did. "It's alright James. I want you to cum inside me. I want to try it at least once.

It looks like so much. Unnnnn.

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Fun!!!!!" Lily sex xxx new storys com before shuddering in orgasm and getting ready for James to slam his cock down into her one last time and fill her pussy to the brim with his sticky seed. "Really? This is the best night ever.

UNGHHHHHHH. Take it. FUCK!" James grunted in release as he slammed his hips down into Lily one last time and started to fill her pussy with his sticky cum for the first time in either of their lives. "It's so fucking hot. It feels so good. I'm fucking cumming again!" Lily moaned, going through a second straight orgasm from the sensation of her pussy being filled to the brim by James's hot seed. James grunted one last time before firing the last of his cum into the redheaded slut and after a few deep breaths and kissing Lily one last time, the two lovers fell asleep in each other's arms, not regretting in the slightest what they had just done.

With two almost simultaneous orgasms happening right near them, added with the tightness and hotness of the situation that they found themselves in, Sirius and Lupin were ready to follow both James and Ron. Luna seemed to have no problem with being their human cum-dumpster and after hitting a third orgasm after only five minutes of fucking, she basically pleaded with them to cum inside her.

"Fuck! Yes. I want you both to cum in me. Don't perfect natural breasts keisha grey sofi ryan natasha nice lena paul mark wood a single drop of that valuable cum!" Luna moaned after going through another orgasm. "You got it honey!" Sirius groaned and as if the two friends had timed it down to the millisecond, Sirius and Lupin shouted out in orgasm at the exact same time, filling both her ass and pussy with two healthy adult sized loads of their sticky potent seed.

Luna gloried in the sensation of having her twat filled with the hot cum, remembering that her father had once told her of the magical properties of male cum and the wonderful consequences of being filled with it. * * * "Wow! I guess we went a little crazy for a Monday night!" Ron admitted, as he finished his breakfast and got ready for the days classes. Had he been a little less self-occupied, Ron would have noticed the scene unfolding across the Great Hall, with Hermione telling Harry off, cursing him with her wand and walking out of the hall, obediently following a chuckling Malfoy.