Beautiful sex kitten shows off enormous butt and gets anus banged

Beautiful sex kitten shows off enormous butt and gets anus banged
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My name is Janet and my husband's name is Don. We got married shortly after college. My sexual experiences before marriage were what I would describe as somewhat mild and wild. I dated a number of guys and had sex with a few of them, but nothing more than "regular" sex. My wild experience was with my female roommate during college (that is another story). Sexually Don and I got along very well. We tried it in various positions and various places.

We seemed to do it every chance we got. Although we didn't really do any kinky stuff, we talked about different things as we screwed which made things extremely exciting and resulted in mind blowing orgasms for both of us. We talked about dominance and submission, public sex, swinging with other couples, brazilian slut can not stop fucking hardcore blowjob women together and even two men together.

One of the things Don liked to talk about more than anything else was watching me fuck another guy. I thought at the time it was just our regular talks and as he described some of the scenario's I have to admit it was really arousing to think about as we screwed.

It got to the point that every time we screwed, Don would want to talk about this particular subject. He got very detailed in the way he described what I was wearing as we met a guy, how we would approach him, how he would undress me, how I would undress him, how I would suck him and exactly how he would fuck me.

As Don would talk I found myself having continual orgasms. It was very stimulating to say the least. I found myself actually looking forward to his talks. One night while he was describing yet another guy, he stopped and asked if I could actually do it.

I was shocked. At first I thought it was just his way of being able to screw other women and told him that he was the only one I wanted. I was hurt that he would even suggest such a thing, but inside the thought actually excited me. I told Don that I would never want to watch him with another woman and that I couldn't believe he would want to watch me with another man.

We had a long talk about it and Don convinced me that he wasn't interested in other women and explained how turned on he got thinking about me doing it. I still was having a hard time believing it. I asked him what he would do if it really happened… would he be jealous? What would he think of me afterward?

Would it affect our marriage? Don said that he felt our love could withstand anything and that just knowing I loved him he wouldn't be jealous, but rather turned on that I was doing it with another guy and still loved him.

I was still skeptical, but Don kept up the same fantasy each time we screwed. Each time he would become even more detailed and when he came it was always "explosive". For the first time I began to consider actually doing it. One night he was describing a guy on top of me, pounding my pussy hard. He described how he was holding my hand and stroking my hair as the guy was fucking me.

I was really picturing this all in my mind and getting very excited. I shouted out "honey, he is cumming inside me". That was the first time we both began shuttering and bucking, cumming at the same time and unbelievably incredible.

Later, we talked about everything and we decided we would actually try it. We set ground rules. We both agreed we didn't want sucking machine bondage and rough orgasm squirt last night kaylee banks went to a party friend because he might talk to others about it.

A stranger had to be just right. He would have to be clean and above all respectful to our desires. We talked about placing an ad, but decided we would have to weed out a big number of weirdos. We settled on going to a nearby town to a hotel lounge and seeing what we might find. We felt that mostly business men would be there and that they would be married and not want to "spread the word". We also discussed how things would happen.

Don wanted to mostly watch, but also to be able to hold my hand and stroke my hair like he had mentioned in the fantasy. He would stroke his cock, but hoped he could hold off cumming as he wanted to fuck me afterward. He asked me to please just let go and enjoy it completely.

My pussy was soaked just thinking and talking about really doing it. The reality had set in, I was going to fuck a strange man while my husband watched and encouraged me. We decided on that coming Friday to go to the hotel lounge. I was in a constant state of arousal. We fucked like rabbits every chance we got. When Don was at work I would finger myself to orgasm thinking about what we were about to do. Friday finally came.

Don watched as I dressed. I chose a pair of white bikini panties and a matching bra. I wanted to wear my "regular attire" of jeans and a cute blouse, but Don insisted on a pinkish sun dress I had worn before. It had a plunging neckline which when I bent over one could see a good view of my breasts. I carefully applied my makeup while Don watched intently.

Standing in front topsex porn xstory com ebony sister and brother the mirror I was pleased with myself.

Don was beside himself. We got to the hotel lounge and chose a seat at a table near the back so we could "scope the place". The bar was crowded with a lot of couples and four or five single guys. The guys were all dressed in business suits as we had thought might be the case. We pointed out each of the guys and boiled it down to two that we both agreed on might be good.

I was never so nervous as I was at that point. I couldn't believe we had actually gotten to this point, but I was also stimulated beyond belief.

We realized the one thing we hadn't discussed was how we would approach someone. Don wanted me to go up to one of the two we had selected and simply ask if he would consider fucking me while my husband watched. Even as turned on as I was I just couldn't bring myself to do that. I asked Don to do it, but he admitted he was also too scared.

It must have been sheer luck that one of the two guys came by our table looking for a place to sit. Don spoke up and invited him to join us saying that it was crowded and we could use the company. He graciously accepted our offer and sat down and ordered drinks for all of us. He was tall, probably around 6', clean shaven and had a one girl 10 boy xxx story build.

His name was John. He was here for a business meeting and had to leave the next morning. We engaged in small talk. He was married, had two kids, nice house in Chicago and a dog. Don kept squeezing my leg under the table. I was ready and I knew without a doubt Don was also. I bent forward a few times so that my breasts were mostly in John's view. I caught him looking each time. After an agonizing half hour the conversation finally turned to sex.

John admitted he had hoped to find a willing woman for a night of "pleasure". That was our chance. To my surprise, Don blurted out that maybe he would consider me for that night.

John became embarrassed but admitted he would love to do it. I was embarrassed also and I could feel my face turning red.

Don explained what we would like to happen. John agreed instantly. John said we could go to his room if we liked and Don accepted. The ride up in the elevator was murder. It was going to happen. I was going to get fucked in front of my husband and I couldn't wait.

My face was flushed and my body was trembling. My pussy was soaked in anticipation and my nipples were straining against my bra. I felt like a slut, but yet a wonderfully exciting slut. Once inside John's room the situation became awkward. No one knew how to start anything. John excused himself to use the bathroom and Don said to me that I would have to start things or the entire thing might fall through.

I didn't know what to do, I was nervous as hell. When John came back I excused myself to use the bathroom and when I came back I sat right beside him on the couch. Don was sitting close in a chair beside us. I knew I had to do something so I reached over and started kissing John. Our tongues swirled together and we embraced with my arm on his shoulder and his on mine.

It felt strange kissing another man knowing my husband was sitting right there, but it also felt good. It wasn't just a kiss, but a passionate longing kiss. I felt like a teenager kissing and anticipating for the first time. My eyes hawt tits japaneses wicked toying hardcore blowjob closed, but I felt Don's hand on my arm, tugging it down to John's leg. Still locked in a kiss I began running my hand along his leg to his crotch.

I felt his cock through his pants. He was hard and I could feel it twitch as I rubbed my hand against it. John's hand slipped off my shoulder and cupped and squeezed my breast, tweaking my nipple through my dress and bra. I could feel my nipple tighten from his fondling. I tugged at his belt and released it. I struggled with the clasp of his pants and unzipped him. My hand searched inside feeling for his cock. My hand wrapped around it and I pulled it free.

I broke our kiss to lean forward and took his cock in my mouth. Slowly I inched it in my mouth until I couldn't get any more inside. I wrapped my lips tighter and began to withdraw. I was actually sucking another man's cock right in front of my husband.

I slid my lips up and down his shaft a number of times when I heard him moan and say I better stop or he was going to cum. I released his cock, but held it in my hand and reached up and kissed him again. John joked said that he was the only one that was at least partially undressed and suggested we get fully undressed. Don said I should do a striptease for them. I felt wonderfully erotic as I stood and playfully slid each strap of my dress off my shoulders.

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I held it from falling and fakeagentuk petite aussie chick gets anal action in fake casting my hips. Both my husband and John were staring at me lustfully.

Ever so slowly I began sliding my dress down further until my bra clad breasts came into view. My husband was up and rapidly getting undressed. John was staring at my breasts and stroking his cock. I let the dress fall to the floor and stepped out of it. I danced around a bit and reached behind and unhooked my bra. I held the bra against both my breasts, then slid each strap off and quickly threw it aside.

I shook my breasts back and forth. My husband was now undressed and was stroking his cock. John was up and struggling to get his pants and shirt off. His eyes never left my naked breasts.

I danced until John was completely undressed. He sat back down, his hard cock was actually throbbing. I dipped my fingers in the waistband of my panties and began inching them down. I stopped just before my pubic hair came into view. Both men were focused on my pussy. I inched them further until my pussy came into view. Both men gasped. I let them fall along my legs and stepped out of them. Don came over and hugged me close.

I could feel his hard cock pressed against my stomach. I reached down and grasped it. He was harder than I ever felt before. His cock was actually hot to my touch and was throbbing and twitching.

He whispered for me to lie on the floor on my back and added "I love you".

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I felt vulnerable lying on the floor with two men standing over me, their hard cocks swaying back and forth, but I also felt overwhelmingly erotic.

Don asked John to join me and he laid beside me, his cock pushing against my leg. He swung his arm around me and we kissed again and again. His skin was warm as he pressed his chest against my breast and began rubbing his cock against my leg.

Suddenly I felt a hand grasp my ankle urging me to spread my legs. I realized it was my husband and I pictured him doing the same to John, urging him to move between my now spread thighs.

John took the hint and got between my legs. His cock was just inches from my pussy and we were gazing in each other's eyes. I heard my husband say "Are you ready honey"?. My nervousness the asian teen in this scene is sexy and gone, my pussy was soaked, I wanted it… I wanted it bad.

All I could do was gasp "Yes, I'm ready". John's cock slid inside me easily. He pushed it all the way inside. The feeling was incredible. I lifted my hips and we began to grind together, pushing harder and harder against each other. John laid on top of me and began kissing my neck.

I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him closer. I ran my hands along his back, kneading his skin. I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him as close as I could as we continued to grind against each other.

The feeling was so intense. My mind was swirling with the thought of John's cock pushing inside my pussy and my husband watching. I went over the edge. I started gasping and moaning, swinging my head back and forth as my orgasm enveloped me.

It continued on and on as I grasped at John's back and ass. I screamed "I'm cumming" and bucked and pushed against him. John began pumping me hard. I was delirious as each wave of pleasure engulfed me. John started to cum.

I could feel the squirts as he filled my pussy. I was vaguely aware of my husband beside us, gently stroking my hair and arm. He was asking "Do you like it honey? . Is it good"? I couldn't answer but I nodded my head to try to tell him it was so very good and that I loved it. John rolled off me and lay beside me exhausted. I could feel his cum running out of my pussy and down my ass.

Don got between my legs and shoved his cock inside. He started pumping wildly and asking me if I liked it. Partly because I wanted to please him, but mostly because I really did love it I told him it was fantastic. As he fucked me he admitted to me he had already cum. He said when John first entered me he shot off without even touching his cock. Don finally came weakly and we all sat on the floor talking. It was strangely natural to be sitting naked and talking with two naked men.

Normally I would cover my breasts even sitting with Don, but I felt so comfortable now. We talked about what just happened and how everyone felt about gorgeous brunettes katrina jade and kayla west share cock. It was clear everyone was happy.

The more we talked I brazenly reached down and started toying with each of their cocks. We continued talking for some time as I played and stroked each cock until they were both hard again. Don began sucking and nibbling my right breast as John did the same to the other.

John reached down and started fingering my clit. John whispered that he would like to fuck me from behind. I said "Yes, that is a super idea" and looked at Don who was shaking his head up and down, obviously in favor. Don sat on the couch and I got on my knees with my arms resting on Don's legs. I was staring at my husband's rigid cock as John got behind me and slid his cock all the way inside. I gasped and tried to move my hips to get as much of it as I could. I pushed against him, my ass pushing against his stomach.

He started pumping slowly. I could feel his balls slap against my clit with each stroke. He began pounding me. It felt so good I met each thrust by slamming my hips back against him. My husband reached down between my legs and started to finger my clit.

That was all I needed to be thrown into yet another orgasm. I moaned "oh yes honey, please don't stop". Don kept relentlessly rubbing my clit as I bucked and groaned like a wild woman. I was screaming "Oh yesss, yesss, please don't stop" as wave after wave of sheer lust consumed my entire body. The entire scene was so blatantly erotic. Here I was being fucked from behind by I guy I just met while my husband was fingering my clit and stroking my hair.

Don started to cum again. He wasn't even touching his cock. I watched as each squirt came out and ran down his shaft.

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John was now slamming me very hard. I was still engrossed in a never ending orgasm when John pushed inside hard and started to cum also. He held his cock inside until it began to go soft and slipped out.

Cum dripped out of my pussy as my husband let go of my clit. John said he had to go that he needed to catch a plane in the morning.

Don pleaded with him to fuck me one more time. He really wanted to, but had to go and said he would be back in a few months. I wasn't sure if either Don or myself could wait that long.