Black fat mom fucks ason

Black fat mom fucks ason
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My Special Talent-Ch.1-Introdution ==================================================================================== It all started my 8th grade year. I had noticed ever dice the start of the school year, that there was something different about the way people acted. Not just the students, but the teachers too. The biggest change I noticed, was in the female students, and even some of the teachers.

I had noticed the way some of them acted around me, it was strange because before, really no girl had paid THAT much attention to me.

I wouldn't say it was because I was I attractive though, I would say it was because I wasn't a hot camgirl shows off her sexy body fingering and hotgvibe kid, you know, those kids that thought they were way better than everyone else, and treat the girls like pieces of shit.

I was fairly tall for my age, around 5'8 or 5'9, longish dirty blonde hair, fairly muscular, (mostly in my core and leg areas because I played soccer) and my most impressive feature was my 7'1/2 inch dick. I had never really thought much about the size of my dick, I knew I was above average for my age though.

Anyway, the story. So about halfway through the school year just a week or so after the new semester started, the best memory of my life so far happened. It all started in P.E class.

My Special Talent-Ch.2-School ==================================================================================== I was in P.E class one day and we were doing a basketball unit. At that time we were doing 3 on 3 games, my friend Anthony and I were on a team along with his girlfriend Ruth. The other team was all girls, their names were Karina, a petite pretty Russian girl with a small tight ass and small A-cup tits ( just like Ruth, although Ruth's tits were probably almost a B-cup), Avery, a short redheaded girl with a small ass and middle sized A-cup tits, and Madelyn, a girl who was average height and a perfect face to match her perfectly round and juicy ass and perfectly sized and round tits, which were a large C-cup.

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We had asked our teacher if we could go to the smaller gym to play because all the other hoops were taken up, I will continue from there. "Ouch!" Anthony cried. " I think I sprained my ankle!" He shouted.

" MR.WINCHESTER!!!" Ruth shouted to our P.E teacher. "Is he OK?" He asked. "I don't think so, you should carry him to the nurse." I suggested. "Alright, you guys stay here all right?" He asked us. "Yep." We all answered in unison.

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We were alternating people who played on the team who only played with two when it happened. "Offf." Karina said as I landed on her oiled up dp bbc anal whore kelly divine trying to block her shot. "Sorry." Was all I could say. "It's fine." She said. Then she did something I will always remember. Just as I was about to stand up, she put her small hand on my dick and gave it a squeeze. I just acted like nothing had happened.

I continued to play when the same thing happened again, only this time I landed on Ruth instead, not to mention I also had a raging hard-on. When I landed my hands fell underneath her tight athletic ass, and my dick was nuzzled between her beautiful thighs. "Uhh sorry." Again that was all I could say.

Before I got up she whispered in my ear. "Squeeze my ass." I almost thought I had heard something not real, but then she asked my again. I obliged and gave her ass a quick squeeze, she gave me a quiet coo. We were up and playing again and this time it was me that got knocked down, by Madelyn, this time I could feel my boner resting against her pussy lips.

She just laid there, slowly grinding her pussy on my super hard dick. This time, I knew she wasn't just gonna leave unsatisfied. As soon as I came to my senses as to what was happening, Avery was squatting over my face without her tight yoga pants on, her dripping pussy just inches from my face, but still clad in just her soaked panties.

I then also realized that Madelyn had my dick out and was playing with it with Karina. Just as I wondered where Ruth was, I noticed that her and Avery were making out. "I must be dreaming." I thought to myself just then Avery moved her soaked panties to the side and I saw my first real life pussy, but as soon as I got a look, it was lowered on my face and I had no choice but to lick at those heavenly juices that never ran out.

After a few seconds of this I felt something warm and moist wrap around the head of my dick. I peeked around Avery's leg to see Madelyn's head bobbing up and down on my dick.

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I wanted to cum so badly but I knew I should hold out for a while. I felt Karina and Madelyn taking turns sucking my member, and just then I felt Avery start clenching her muscles and trembling.

I knew what was coming so I licked faster, she came on my face and it was like she was pent up and had never had sexual release,because I swear she came on my face for at least a minute! Her juices tasted really good. Then I realized what was happening to myself I felt someone's head move away and my cock twitch as it shot the biggest load ever all over Karina's pretty unsuspecting face.

Let me know if you like and if I should post the rest of chapter 2.

Constructive criticism please, it is my first story.