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Yangs boy sex old ldis
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"Phoebe, wake up!" Nina Dobrev yelled as she shook her sleeping friend, Phoebe Tonkin. "Wake the fuck up!" "What!?" Phoebe yelled as she awoke. "You aren't going to believe what just happened," she said with a huge smile on her face. "Get to the point," Phoebe responded as she sat up.

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Nina removed the towel that covered her body and revealed the black bikini she had been wearing. "Yeah, you've worn that all day," she said, confused. "No, look here," Nina said as she pointed to a white stain over her right breast. "So you had ice cream or something?" Phoebe asked. "No dummy, I just had one of the best fuckings of my life on the beach," Nina said while giggling.

"Bullshit!" her Aussie friend yelled out. "It's true, if you don't believe me then taste it." "I'm not licking your tit! You're lying and just want some action," Phoebe sharply said. Nina sighed and grabbed her friend's head and brought it to her chest.

Phoebe fought at first but was stuck in Nina's grip. She sighed and opened her mouth, touching her tongue to the stain on Nina's bikini top. Her eyes shot wide as the taste of ice cream was not on her tongue but instead, the taste of recently released semen. She backed up as Nina perfect blow job and lapdance by czech student her grip. "You weren't lying!" she yelled out.

"How did it happen?" -- Around midnight, Nina and Phoebe sat on their respective towels near the ocean on the empty beach in Sydney, Australia. The girls had arrived to Phoebe's home city around noon for a nice four-day vacation as their shows, "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals", were taking a few weeks off from taping.

They had been on the beach since around four o'clock, relaxing in the sun and talking. After six hours, Phoebe was ready to head back to the hotel room they shared. "I don't know about you Nina but I'm drained, I'm heading back to the hotel," Phoebe said as she pulled a white tank top over her red bikini top. "I'll be there in a few, Beautiful girls crave for a hard dong gonna finish my beer and have a cigarette first," Nina said as she pulled out her pack of Marlboros.

"Okay, see ya then." Phoebe grabbed her bag and towel and hurried off of the beach. Nina lit her cigarette and stared off into the ocean. She started packing her bag as she puffed away. She threw her tanktop and shorts in the bag, content with going back to the hotel only in her black string bikini.

"Hey there," a deep, male Australian voice said from behind her, causing her to almost jump out of her skin. "Sorry to scare you." "It's okay," she said as she turned around and saw the man standing over her. Nina's eyes went from his long blond hair down to his body and she felt her heart racing.

His body was very muscular, as seen through his tight yellow tank top. Her eyes continued down as she saw a large bulge in his tight shorts. To her mind, she thought that he had to have been a surfer unless he was just a fan of skin-tight clothes. "I hope you don't mind me asking but could I bum one of those cigs from you?" he asked as he sat down on the towel next her.

"Sure," she said with a smile as she handed a cigarette to him and lit it. "So what leaves you alone on the beach here?" he asked. "I can tell from your accent that you're from across the Pacific." "Yeah I live in the US but I was born in Canada," she explained as she continued to stare into his eyes.

"I'm here with my friend who's from here but she left for the hotel already." "Ahh, the brunette that skipped away," he said. "I'm Jonah." "Nina." "Such a pretty name," he said. "How much longer do you plan to stay out here tonight?" "Probably until I finish this beer," she said as she picked it up and took a sip. "How many of those do you have in you?" he asked.

"Just a few, maybe four or five today. I'm just a little buzzed," she said with a giggle. "Such a shame, I'd love to get to know you some," he said as he put out the cigarette in the sand. "And I'm guessing you want to get to know me more too." "What…what makes you say that?" Nina asked nervously. "Well, the fact that your eyes kept drifting down to my crotch every two seconds and you haven't stopped smiling…you're even licking your lips as I'm talking to you," he said as he took the beer from her hand and put it down in the sand.

"I…I…I…" she stuttered, trying to hide the fact that he was right. She stopped talking as he brushed his hand against her shoulder. "If you want, I can show it to you," he said. "Show me what?" she hot teen kortney having passionate sex on massage table smalltits and pornstars as she began to sweat.

Without answering, Jonah reached down and rolled the tight shorts down and exposing his rock hard seven inch cock. The moonlight shined bright above them, giving Nina a perfect look at it. She could only gasp as she saw the thick rod standing up tall just inches from her. "Go ahead Nina, it's yours to play with," he said as leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Nina looked over at him and forced a small smile before slowly lowering herself down. She grasped onto his throbbing cock and started to slowly stroke it.

As her mouth began to open, she felt his hand behind her back untying her bikini top. She looked down to see her top hit the sand. He softly rubbed her back as her mouth began to engulf his cock. Nina slowly worked her tongue around the head of his cock as her lips closed tight around the middle of the shaft. She closed her eyes slid herself farther down until she felt the head hit the back of her throat, leaving about an inch and a half of his cock still free.

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She opened her eyes and looked up at him, giving him a small smile before allowing his rod to enter her throat. The young brunette was proud of herself as she felt his pubic hair press to her upper lip; his balls to her lower lip. "Good girl," Jonah said as he placed both hands on the back of her head and held her in place. Nina had no difficulty holding his cock in her throat since she just now learned that she had no gag reflex. Her eyes remained pointed towards his face as her nose gasped for air.

Jonah released his grip and she pulled herself free, taking a deep breath before going back to work on him. She wrapped both hands around the thick member and rapidly bobbed her head up and down while sucking hard. The only sounds in the Australian air this night was the slobbery sound of Nina blowing Jonah under the moonlight. Jonah removed his tight tank top and was left naked as Nina blew him like a pro.

He reached behind her and, like he did with her top, untied the string of her bikini bottom and pulled it away from her. He grabbed and squeezed at her perfectly round ass, smacking it every few seconds which cause a soft moan from the girl. Slowly, Nina got on to her hands and knees without ever letting her tongue or lips lose contact with the slick skin of his member. Jonah stopped slapping her ass and let his hand slid between her cheeks. After teasing an anal insertion, his hand went vintage brunette striptease tube porn back until it touched the warm, moist lips of her pussy.

He heard her giggle as his middle finger slipped between her lips and toyed with her opening. He was amazed at how wet, warm and ready she was to go.

Waiting no more, he inserted is finger and slowly fucked her with it. Nina pulled her mouth of his cock to take a deep breath and let out a high-pitched squeal. She reached up and rubbed his abs as she felt a second finger slide into her. Her other hand was busy furiously jerking his cock while her eyes were closed.

"You're so tight," he said in a quiet voice. Without responding, the brunette actress winked at him before going back to work with her mouth. She deep-throated him once again as he reached under her and squeezed her perky breast. He could wait no longer as she pulled herself away and gasped for air again. Before she could press her lips to his cock again, he slid out from under her and stood up.

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He extended a hand and helped her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted herself up for a kiss. "Turn around baby," he whispered in her ear. Nina quickly spun around and pressed her back to his chest. He grabbed hold of his cock and rubbed it against her ass hole as she turned her head and kissed him again. Jonah reached down and lifted her right leg into the air before pushing his cock against the slick opening of her cunt.

"Ready?" he asked. "Now or never Jonah," she responded before locking lips again. Without breaking the kiss, he slowly slid his member into her waiting pussy. She sucked hard on his tongue as her vagina began to stretch around him. He lowered her down enough to allow his cock to disappear inside her. He grabbed onto her other leg, lifted her off the ground and took full control of her body.

She made herself as light as possible as he bounced her up and down on himself. "Oh god," she whispered. Nina allowed herself to be used as nothing more than a toy as he fucked her with ease. She kept her arm behind her, around his neck, as she felt the full force of his cock splitting her pussy in half. She had experienced cocks that matched his length before but never had one as thick as his inside her.

The young woman had also never been fucked outside in a public area, even if nobody was around to disturb them. She was having the greatest sex of her life, something she never could have imagined when she boarded that plane at LAX. Jonah continued to control Nina's cum in that condom and then eat it all up over his cock for a few minutes until his arms grew tired.

Softly, he placed her down on her hands and knees in the cool Sydney sand without ever letting his cock slip out of her slippery hole. Nina rolled her shoulders back and arched her back as she felt Jonah's hands clasp to her rounded ass.

Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as the sounds of his cock splashing around in her juices mixed with the sounds of the white waves running up the beach made her more aroused. With no build up at all, her eyes shot open and she held her breath while an amazing orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Jonah slapped her ass several times as he felt the muscles in her cunt tighten around his throbbing cock.

He could burst at any second but had amazing control, able to hold back as her orgasm made every attempt to milk him of his thick seed. He slowed his pace down for a few seconds as Nina's head dropped to the sand and she started to flatten out.

After slowing to a stop, Jonah carefully grabbed Nina's hips and turned her over until her back was in the sand. He lifted both of her legs up and quickly slid his cock back into her. He leaned forward until his head was over hers and passionately made love to her as she lifted her head up and reintroduced their lips together. "Harder," she whispered as their lips parted.

"Are you sure?" he asked. "Fuck me harder or I'll find someone else to," she said with a cute, innocent smile. Jonah pushed Nina's legs back until they were almost at her ears and put as much power into his thrusts as humanly possible. She screamed in ecstasy as she felt his cock go further in than ever, something she did not think was possible.

She reached up and tugged at his long blond hair and stared into his eyes. "Cum for me, cum for me, cum for me," she said while panting in heavy breath with each thrust. "Inside?" he asked. "No, anywhere but there," she whispered back.

"I'll help you along," she said quickly before groaning deeply. Jonah knew immediately what she meant as he felt her vaginal muscles tugging at his cock once again. Her hands quivered before she lost grip of his hair and spread her arms wide to her side. Her eyes were closed while a big blissful smile came to her face.

The visual, along with the feeling inside her, proved to be too much for the young Aussie to handle. He let her legs go and crawled over her head, pointing his cock at her mouth and letting his hand finish himself off. "Here it comes, open wide," he said through heavy breaths.

Nina happily moaned and let her mouth open wider. She felt the throbbing hot head of his cock press against her lower lip just in time for a large shot of semen miss her mouth completely and land across her cheek.

The next shot missed and landed next to the first shot, causing Nina to close her lips around him and take the next few shots directly into her throat.

She sucked hard, milking every last swimmer from his testicles. As the last drops fell, she opened her mouth and let a large amount of his white cream flow out of the corners of her mouth and fall to the sand. Jonah sat down on the towel next to his lover of the night while she stared up at the moon, feeling his semen dripping down her cheeks. Her tongue slipped out and gathered some up, swallowing a small amount. Slowly she sat up and grabbed her bikini top, using it as a towel for her face.

By the time she cleaned herself off, there was a giant white stain that milf aiden lures beautiful teen maddy into lesbian sex covered the right breast of the bikini. "That was fantastic Nina," Jonah said as he started to dress.

japanhdv naked family jun kusanagi yuri aine scene hd doesn't begin to describe that," she said as she put the cum-stained bikini top over her sweat-covered breasts. Nina tied her bikini bottom back onto her body and covered herself with a spare towel. They shared a quick kiss before Jonah asked for a pen and paper. She retrieved the items from her bag and watched as he wrote his phone number down. He folded the paper up and slid it into her bikini top before kissing her one last time.

"Call me if you want another go," he said as he started towards the water. "I'm always ready for a girl like you!" Nina watched him walk into the water and take a swim. She gathered her belongings and happily skipped off of the beach, eager to tell her friend of the adventure she experienced. -- Back in the hotel room, Phoebe was in shock as she heard of Nina's rendezvous on the sand. "So what are you thinking," Nina asked as she pulled the phone number out of her top and placed it on the night stand.

Without saying anything, Phoebe pulled the covers off of her. Nina was confused as she did not say a word as she completely pushed the covers to the floor. "Well?" she asked. curvy brunette teen has her muff drilled down to see what I'm thinking," Phoebe said. Nina was confused and looked down at the bed, not knowing what she was looking for. Her eyes started to look up when she spotted exactly when Phoebe meant.

She looked at the pair of white panties that her friend was wearing and noticed the giant wet spot that almost engulfed the entire thing. She could see the patch of dark hair very clearly through the soaked fabric. As Nina's eyes made their way up, ignoring the rock hard nipples fighting their way through the fabric of Phoebe's t-shirt, she made eye contact with her friend. She started to open her mouth when Phoebe pressed her lips hard against her own.

Before her mind could register what was happening, Nina pressed her tongue into her friend's mouth and kissed her back.

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Phoebe reached behind Nina's back and untied the top, tearing it away and tossing it across the room. Nina grabbed at her t-shirt and pulled it up. They broke the kiss to allow the shirt to join the bikini top against the room door. Nina went for a kiss but Phoebe's attention went to the set of perky breasts in front of her.

Nina leaned forward as Phoebe groped her left breast while pressing her lips to the right. She sucked hard on her nipple while moaning in ecstasy.

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Nina ran her hands through her friend's flowing dark hair while her nipple was being abused. "You like that?" Nina asked as she pulled her head closer. "You bet your fucking twat," she responded, temporarily pulling herself away.

"Speaking of which," she said as she roughly pulled the bikini bottom off and placed them to her side. Phoebe gently pushed Nina onto her back and crawled between her legs. She could still smell the sexual juices on her cunt from her earlier adventures.

She shoved her tongue deep into Nina as her nose rubbed against her throbbing clit. Nina moaned as she felt herself getting very excited in her loins. Phoebe was taking no mercy on her, violently eating out her brunette sweetheart. She rocked her head around to give as much pleasure to her clit as she could. She kept her face locked to her pussy for a few minutes before she had a new idea. Phoebe pulled her face away and spit a large loogie onto her clit.

She spit on her cunt some more before she started smacking it. Nina's mind was blown at the extreme pleasure she felt from having her soaking wet pussy slapped by Phoebe. "More!" she yelled as she felt herself reaching her third orgasm of the night. Phoebe obeyed her wishes and slapped her pussy faster, causing her hips to gyrate around.

Nina's hand clamped onto the sheets of the bed and she screamed out in extreme happiness. Her cum sprayed out onto Phoebe's face as her third orgasm was stronger than the first two combined.

She clamped her teeth together and moaned as her body convulsed violently. "Oh baby," Phoebe said as her face was covered in the potent liquid of her Canadian lover. She crawled over Nina's exhausted body and rested her own body down on her. Nina grabbed her pussy squirting moms solwifes nasty hairy puszy close ups the hair and started to sensually lick her own juices off of Phoebe's face.

Both girls giggled as the exhausted girl's tongue tickled the sensitive skin of her lover. "Your turn," Nina whispered while trying to catch her breath. Phoebe rose to her hands and knees while Nina did the same behind her. Phoebe lowered her head to the bead and raised her backside up, giving her friend full control of her cunt. Nina singar neha kakkar xxx sex stories storys up behind her and began to kiss her taint softly.

Her kisses went further down until she met her swampy pussy. Having never before made love to a woman, Nina was shocked at how wet, warm and sweet-smelling an aroused cunt was up close. She was ready to taste another woman for the first time. Nina's arousal was still as strong and she took no mercy on her friend.

She darted her tongue into her pussy as far as possible. Her lips could not be locked any tighter to Phoebe's pussy lips. Her finger was softly rubbing the red clit near her chin. Phoebe moaned and groaned loudly at the arousal. "Oh my fucking god!" she yelled out.

Phoebe started pushing her crotch against Nina's face, allowing more tongue into her cunt. Nina raised a hand and tugged on Phoebe's tight ass cheek before giving it a few slaps. "Spank the dirty girl," Phoebe yelled out in encouragement.

Nina giggled as she slapped her ass over and over again. Phoebe continued to encourage her, enjoying every strike on her beautiful butt. Nina pulled her mouth away as she slapped both cheeks at the same time with both hands for a few seconds. "Make me cum Nina!" Phoebe screamed. "I'm so fucking close!" Nina sat up cross-legged behind Phoebe, took two fingers and violently shoved them into her pussy.

As fast as she could, she finger fucked her Australian pal while her entire hand was being coated in thick, feminine juice. Phoebe thrusted her hips forward, arching her back against her head, which was resting on the bed. She was contorted in what looked like an uncomfortable position but she was too blinded by a magical orgasm to care. Nina pulled her hand away and again pressed her lips to the convulsing cunt, catching every drop of Phoebe's cum on her tongue.

As Phoebe's orgasm died down, the girls remained in position for several minutes. Nina's tongue softly massaged the inside of her pussy lips, wanting to make sure she drank every bit of femininity she had in her. Phoebe's neck began to hurt in the position she was in so she rolled over and lay flat on her back. While licking her lips, Nina crawled over to her and lay down next to her. The girls rested their head on the same pillow and exchanged several soft kisses. "This has been the best night of my life," Nina whispered as she grasped Phoebe's left breast.

"Who was better, Jonah or me?" Phoebe asked as her left arm slid under Nina and pulled her closer. "I'm not sure," she responded, looking back at the nightstand where the folded up phone number of Jonah sat. She looked back at Phoebe and smiled. "Want to go to the beach again tomorrow night?" Phoebe looked at the paper before looking back at Nina with a sexy smile.

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