Hardcore nightclub orgy starring luscious horny fillies

Hardcore nightclub orgy starring luscious horny fillies
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It turns out that the only thing they didn't plan for her was actually sticking their dicks in her. She would be just as much in the orgy as me even though they were both gay. We just needed one more day where she was free and we could skip our classes to meet up with her and cover our bodies in piss.

I couldn't resist myself the next day when I slipped into her wet jeans. It took a lot of effort and once I masturbated in them and pissed them again, I finally washed them. The issue was that I didn't hear from her for a week so by that point I had pissed them again before she asked about them. I wasn't sure if she was having regrets or if I really did get her in trouble at work. Maybe her boyfriend new about everything. Zach and Trevor weren't going to wait forever either.

It had been awhile since they had me in their bedroom too and they were getting impatient. I was just ready to be everyone's plaything and fuck and be fucked. I already had my next corduroy outfit picked out. The pants were pink and high waisted almost like mom jeans but they sunny leone desi story pee my ass look amazing.

I promised Zach that I would save the first piss in them for when I was there with those two. Finally, I got my message from her. My questions were answered quickly as she vented to me that once again she asked her bf if he was into trying the new piss thing and he laughed her off. She had felt guilty and was trying everything to make it so she wouldn't have to do this behind him but now she was frustrated and she was having work drama too with some girl she thought was stealing.

I caught her at a vulnerable state and she was ready to go. I had to forget in my head that she was going to abandon us because I had to see it from her point of view.

I just wanted to see her sexy ass covered in pee again and the way she took control on me last time and squeezed my ass through my tight pants. She was tired of the missionary and never having control. On the day we planned to go to Zach's dorm, she showed up to my apartment and was noticeably tipsy this time. It could have been from being nervous of meeting the other two or just because she needed it to wipe her bf out of her head.

I told her they didn't know who he was and at this point she seemed like if she got caught then it would lead to a conversation they needed to have about their sex life. Booze wasn't the only difference.

She had committed to the corduroy by sporting the tightest skinny jean corduroys ever. Red pants with a white designer belt and black heels and black top. I was wearing the pink pants with a amateur lesbian chicks get their pink holes licked and banged thong, white heels and a white top.

"Hi sexy", she said as she slapped my ass and hugged me. We both admired each other's outfits and she explained that if she was going to do this she was going to do it right with us. She also said they weren't going to hog me from her all night. I assured her that there would be plenty to go around and we would all be getting pissed on pretty good. Little did I know that they had gone to the café that she works at recently and introduced themselves so the ice was broken already.

I couldn't believe they went behind my back and did it but it sounded like something Zach would do and in the end it worked out just fine. We arrived at the dorm with plenty of time for her to be with us before she needed to worry about her boyfriend. Zach invited us right in and smacked me right on the ass. He and Trevor instantly commented on my outfit and how you could see my boner sticking off the side of my leg. This was finally going to happen and I was never more excited.

It didn't take long for us to jump into things as I dropped to my knees and started rubbing Trevor's corduroy legs. This time he had a black pair of wide wales on and he was pulling out his dick to be sucked.

Paige being drunk already and needing to pee from the alcohol jumped right in on the situation.

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She sat on my ass/back facing the other way as I was on all fours and slowly let her steam run down through her red pants as she rubbed her pussy and my ass cheek with her hands. I could hear the moans she was making as I felt her pee drizzle down my pants and down my ass crack. She was determined to be involved but that was never going to be a problem that night. The warm sensation of her pee was comforting to me and made me hard as a rock as I prepared for Trevor's cock.

Zach wasted no time either as he pulled out his dick and let his piss fly all over her face and her top. Her moans just got even louder as she grabbed her boobs though her shirt and she continued to grind her ass against mine. At that point I was sure that both Zach and Paige had their urine dripping down into my tight pink pants. It was my turn to take care of Trevor as I cupped his corduroy balls zoey laine step daughter pov bows fucks big cock took his cock in.

I slowly wrapped my tongue around him as a little tease, swirling it like a snake to tickle his shaft. Paige was grinding her ass on mine now and began pressing my soaked pants against my skin and rubbing her finger right where my asshole was through them. I couldn't believe what was happening or the pleasure I felt. Finally, Trevor stuck his cock in my mouth when he couldn't wait any longer. There I was on my hands and knees with her sitting on my backside pissing her pants and Trevor's dick was now my meal.

This was the college experience I needed; everyone just getting each other off anyway necessary. Suddenly, I could taste a stream of pee pouring into my mouth. He told me not to drop any and left his cock right inside. I didn't think twice when I milked his corduroy balls and drank every drop as I smiled up at him. He had a clear view off Paige's red corduroy ass still on my backside and pulled his dick away before he completely finished his piss.

He let the rest of his stream fly at her ass and covered it with pee as well as the back of my shirt. Paige, still teasing my hole through my tight pink cords began to moan as she grinned looking back at Trevor. She rubbed the piss around her ass with her hand and then spanked mine for good measure. I was in a daze at this point when she got off me to finally check our damage. My ass was a whole new darker shade of pink for everyone's piss and the back of my shirt had a few stream lines.

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Paige's red pants were stained all over the ass and crotch. Just then I felt Zach's hands around my waist and making their way to my crotch, dragging his finger nails against my cords. I promised him the first piss so ass he caressed me up and down I crossed my legs and let my stream go. Puddles of it left the pink fabric and hit the floor as my crotch and down to my knees turned almost black. He reached his hand around to fondle me and kept running his hands through the stained areas to take it all in.

I felt him go for the button and soon the zipper. I was surprised with his haste but I gave him a big smile as I wiggled my hips to help him pull down the super tight pants and now soaked pants below my ass. Zach and Trevor had been jealous that they hadn't had me there and Paige was the last one to "hog" me so I figured they would stretch out and cherish the moment like the last time teen sex vk foot worship Zach wasn't wasting any time.

He wanted my ass and I didn't question it as I pulled down my thong and pointed it up at him. I had never taken a dick before but everyone was so horny that things were just happening as they went which was the theme with this orgy every time. I knew if we kept doing this orgy that someday our dicks would all probably end up in each other's asses but I was fine being the submissive one that night.

He unzipped his cords and let his cock out. As a tease, he slowly kissed my button with the tip of his dick and rubbed it around. "Be gentile", Paige said defensively as she sat in front of me. She knew my ass was a virgin one aside from a finger of mine being in there before. Spreading her legs, she pointed like she wanted my head down there. I put my face right between her legs and began tonging the crotch of her pants and breathing warm air inside.

The moans started back up for her again as she started stroking my hair. I could feel one of Zach's hands clenching my pants and the other on my back as he slowly pushed inside me.

It hurt like nothing I ever felt before at first but yet I was still hard as a rock as this was all taking place. My whimpers were muffled from me biting down on Paige's pants while she grinded my mouth. Trevor was in awe of the vidya vikas college of mysore thing as he sat and jacked himself off in his cords to me being fucked by his lover.

I finally felt him get all the way inside and slowly start pumping gently. He gave my giggly ass a slap and right then I could tell Paige was wetting her pants again right into my mouth.

I clenched her pants with both hands; whimpering and burying my face into her as Zach picked up his pace. Paige knew that she was keeping my mind occupied from any pain as she rolled over and started grinding her perfect ass right against my face.

I grabbed a hold of it and started spanking and biting as I waited for Zach to cum. To my surprise, he was saving himself and had other plans.

While I nibbled on Paige's new xxx story hot american through her pants, I felt him stop and a warm stream of pee filled my ass up. My eyes went back in my head to the sensation I felt.

Slowly, he pulled out and finished his piss all over my ass and down to the pants around my knees. Paige turned back over facing me to be how I was fairing. Trevor jumped in at once and put his head in my ass as he started licking my hole clean. It's like they had it planned from the start and I loved it.

As I caught my breath, I warned both the boys that I'd be fucking them next time to get them back. I had a different target tonight. I japanese friend rape sleeping housewife as horny as ever and Paige was still drunk. We looked each other in the eyes which led to me crawling on her while my asshole was being licked like candy.

I had cut her off right if she was asking me if I was ok but I think I answered her question. Last time, she was playing it safe because of her guilt but this time she wasn't trying to stop it.

Neither of us started soft with the kisses and my tongue was inside her mouth wrestling hers. I had a hand on her crotch and Trevor was pretty much tongue fucking me now.

She was going for her belt to undo her pants and I grabbed her hand. "No. Keep them on", I insisted. Zach walked up with scissors on cue like I planned with him. We all had been plotting for this and my idea was to cut a slit right up her crotch and pull it open. I did just that as she spread her hard punishing brutal xxx hatefuck my hippie asshole for me and I severed the see, right up her crotch.

I pulled the sides away to reveal no underwear which I was hoping for to make it easier. I apologized for the pants and said I could buy her new ones but "just fuck me" was her response.

She knew we had been fighting this off and it was time. All bets were out the window and I slide my cock into her juicy cunt. I started fucking her as hard as I could and her moans turned to shouting. I felt the tongue leave my hole as Trevor had switched back with Zach who was now milking my balls with his hand. Trevor got up and it was his turn to pee. As I pumped my dick inside her faster and faster, Trevor pulled out his and let a stream fly all over Paige's chest.

It traveled up to her face and down to my back and even onto Zach a little. We all took the golden shower but never broke our concentration. This was her final straw though because Paige's legs went buck wild kicking back and forth as she grabbed a hold of my shirt.

She came right in her pants and on my dick to the whole thing. "Oh my god", she panted. "It's not over yet", Zach called out basically instructing me to cum in someone else's woman. He kept milking my balls with his hand and used the other to take off one of my heels. I quickly found out what his plans were when the heel went right up my ass.

Every time I'd retreat from her pussy, I'd rock back onto my heel he was trying to fuck me with. This was finally too much and I clenched her pants tight as I let the flood gates up. I moaned and dumped more cum inside her than I'd ever seen or felt before. Finally, I released her and pulled out from inside.

She had the softest smile on her face but didn't say much and we were both exhausted.

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Zach let my balls go when he felt nora barcelona te muestra sus genitales masturbation masturbate empty out. Shortly after, him and Trevor stripped each other down and were fucking each other with my high heel in the back ground.

As I crawled beside her to lay down, she told me not to worry about cutting open her pants. She would either sew them or leave them for easy access. I was happy to see her joking and that she enjoyed this as much as the rest of us did. We would finish up the orgy in time for her to slip back home and change before her boyfriend ever noticed.

The whole thing was a success that started with a post online. The next day my ass was as sore as could be. I woke up and stared at Paige's designer jeans from our first encounter still hanging from my chair. I wasn't satisfied with just one time and I was sure that's how they all felt too. I wanted more and time would tell if I was going to get it.