Hawt honey rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore

Hawt honey rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore
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Severed lines I have a problem with the office girl. She a bit rude and dismissive. I have been in heated disagreements with her on several occasions. Lisa is her name.

I really don't like her at all. I feel like she thinks of herself better that me. I knew with this one I would never smile for creamy hot bbw screwed and licked wild would inevitably provide her with the knowledge that I liked her sexiness as did many other boys. I would not have that. I am a bit disgusted I find myself slightly aroused by her. Her black chin length hair that fancifully walks the edges of her lips when ferociously annoyed by my lack of attention to her.

It bothers her I wont acknowledge what the others do almost immediately, that she is indeed a very sexy person. Maybe it's the way she glances at my crotch a little when I go by her in the hallways at work.

There is sexual tension in the air. And she thinks oddly of me as I do her, I'm sure. But she really found a way to piss me off last night. 7:30 I get a page from the office and It's Lisa. "My computer will not connect online." She says. I'm immediately upset because I just got home and now I must drive back. 30 minutes later I park the car in the office private drive. I walk around the corner to the back entrance holding a bag of tools in my left hand. I sigh as I go in the double doors expecting the worst.

I find no one in the main registry office when I get there and all the lights are off except for one lit warmly in the corner by a brown purple and red tiffany lamp I'm sure the corporation paid a few hundred dollars for. I find the mouse on the mouse pad and move it around a little. The computer screen flashes on and I hit the icon for internet access. No connection. "Great," I thought now moving the office chair so I can check the chords in back. I knew this was going to piss me off for sure.

I crawl underneath the desk pushing my way through a few extra pairs of shoes and a small trash can next to the safe.

Among the clutter though it is relatively clean and a scent of butterscotch no doubt from a hidden oil diffuser. While I'm rummaging through the components and wires, I hear the door open slowly. "Hello." The familiar voice rang out. It was Lisa.

I informed her I was under the desk, hiding the fact I was annoyed at being called in. She seemed pleased that I was there, I knew this because of a more cheerful demeanor than normal. She walked to her desk and sat down. Lisa asked me if I had any luck finding the problem. I gave her the idea that It would only be a few more minutes and I would be done.

She politely asked if she would be in the way if she continued to do a little data entry while I was working under the desk. I told her no and got back to my work. As I'm fumbling through the wires I look forward for a moment to see Lisa had slipped her heel then her toes out of her footwear. They were kind of cute.

Black with no heel. Lesbo cougar toy fucked and licked from behind admitting right now that I get extremely turned on by legs nylons and cute little toes. I've always been this way and realized It's just a fetish and nothing to be shy of anymore. I laid pretending to work on the back of the computer when really I was staring at her feet.

I didn't even really like her, but I couldn't help feeling very aroused at the same time. Lisa would move one or both just a little or wiggle her toes. What was even more adorable foxy ruby has her shaved beaver plugged the very thin see through nylons she wore. They were light navy blue and she stretched them closer to me. "Are you ok under there?" She asked. "Yes," I answered as if annoyed in a slow drawn out yeeeeeeeesss&hellip.

But equally I was getting more turned on. My heart was beating so fast and all I could think about was sneakily putting my lips close to the tops of her toes and just gently kissing them. "Enough," I thought. If I keep going I'll try and look up her skirt too. Even a small time pervert like me has some dignity. I felt a little ashamed and got right back to work. Low and behold the problem was just a wire that was accidentally cut off halfway through It probably got pinched by the corner of the desk.

I repair the line and I get ready to slide out but decided I would take one more glance to Lisa because I'm such a little pervert sometimes and then I would go home. I glanced back like a fool to his folly only to find Lisa staring right down her extended legs at me. " I knew it." She smiled…You were trying to look up my skirt." She giggled. I was busted. I debated this with her telling her she was full of herself and I had no interest in looking up her skirt.

She made fun and tried to act like she had something on me. Then she said, I quote. "Rub my feet and I wont tell anybody." I told her "No way." She then said "Oh please…" I still refused. "If you be nice, I'll be nice." She said, making it seem like we would be on much softer terms and more lighthearted also.

She made sure of her friendly entertainer like personality. So in jest I pretended like this would certainly be a chore, and I hoped she wouldn't sense my crotch expanding in my uniform pants. I think she knew I had a fetish. One time in the office she was dangling her shoe off of her toe and I couldn't help but look down. She caught me staring just a bit too long and grinned coyly, tucking her toes back into her shoes. "Come on," she said; present time being extremely erotic to me now.

"I know you like to do it; Rub my feet for me ok?" She smiled sweetly. She wiggled them in front of me again smiling. I sighed a little out of childishness. I gently took her foot in my hands and began to caress the tiny contours of it's cuteness.

Lisa looked down at me complacently and smiled at me. "That feels so good." She said. " My boyfriend wont ever do this for me at home." She went on. "I would so pay you to do this for me all the time." I smiled, knowing I would do it for free. I took her other tiny foot in my hands and began to caress it so.

I could feel her letting go if her stress as I slowly rubbed her feet toes and moved my way up her legs. Then I took a chance on really embarrassing myself. I slowly brought her foot next to my lips faintly noticing a soft powdery pheromone.

I kissed her two middle toes and smiled at her. Lisa smiled back sweetly and said. "Now kiss this one please," she extended her other foot to me. I was so lured into her. I knew that the bit of sexual tension Lisa and I had felt was slowly letting go now.

My heartbeat quickened. She was a big part in letting me get away with being so naughty and I found myself liking it more and more every second that went by. "Hey" she whispered and I looked up at her. She took my hands and slid them up to her calves.

I knew what she wanted I think. So I continued her massage up and down both legs running back down to her toes when I could. Lisa slid her rolling office chair to the door and open it a crack just a frustration mom and a son 2 see if anyone was nearby. The coast was clear. So Lisa and I talked about people at work and her life situation with her boyfriend who spent little attention on her anymore.

I could tell she loved the way my hands felt on her legs.

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And I was so enormously aroused. I continued where I was before now sneaking a tiny kiss on her knees when I could as I continued to rub her softly under the shelter of her desk. That's when I heard the door knob jiggle. I slid under the desk out of sight. Luckily the desk was enclosed that no one could see underneath it. It was Lisa's boss Emily, I could tell by the small accent in her voice.

Emily had to run over a few figures for a profits meeting in the morning and she forgot so she had to race back to the office.

It was almost 8:45. It was obvious that I would be able to pretty much do whatever I wanted to her under the desk. I knew Big ass redhead bbw bangs in driving school would never let on that I was just under her desk, not while Emily was there anyway. I heard the girls chattering for what seemed 10 minutes. I got bored and decided to be naughty while I waited for Emily to leave.

I started at Lisa's toes and kissed all the way up her legs.

I brushed my warm lips around the contours of her toes and tips again. Her faintly erotic scent was mixed with black leather. It was so alluring to me.

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It was easy to remain hidden and do anything I wanted so I took advantage. I slowly reached my arms under her medium length skirt and grabbed the edges of her nylons pulling them all the way down her legs off the tips of her black painted toe nails. I very gently lowered my mouth to her two middle toes and swirled my tongue around them as they were nestles warm and soft in my sunny leone sex storiesxx com story. As I did this I reached up and started rubbing her inner thighs.

The taste of her toes were a bit salty but clean and very, very cute. If she would have protested she would have given her secret up hiding under the table. And that was the last thing she wanted.

But she did keep her legs tightly closed. Emily asked, "Are you ok Lisa?" Lisa quickly nodded in assurance of a secure demeanor. She had better just let me do what I was going to do. What I was doing was completely pleasuring her under the desk. I wish I could have had a camera recording Lisa's face while Emily was trying to be serious. Each one of Big jugs as a guarantee for sex toes acted like tiny erotic sensors sending pulses to her clitoris every time I suckled her last two digits.

If my lovable cutie spreads spread slit and gets devirginized were clothed in her thighs I would be able to taste its sweetness. To feel her canyon erupt in pleasure. Her valleys convulse under the pressure of my tongue lapping her.

The air would be her sultry fragrance. My hands behaved so badly then. I begged them too. Like fire protruding from it's own hearth, my hands crept up her legs. Oh how Lisa must have begged me in her mind to stop. But I wouldn't, I couldn't. I wanted my fingers to touch her pussy. I wanted to feel tiny hairs massaging my fingertips. I felt my way up to her very tiny valley, rubbing it so very softly.

I brought my fingers to my nose and noticed a very soft alluring addictive fragrance. It was the way that every pussy smelled to me. So beautifully fragrant with subtle undertones of cinnamon and vanilla.

Most were like this and I loved every one. I moistened my first and middle fingers in my mouth tasting her nectar. My fingers penetrated the folds of her lips lovingly lapping at the wonder of her swollen bud under it's touch. I pushed a finger in and she squeezed so tight around it. I continued to massage her clit with my thumb as my middle finger mimicked a penis fucking her.

I pushed into her a bit further up and started rubbing her swollen G-Spot. I was so turned on by what she did next. While still talking to Emily, Lisa put her foot in my crotch and started massaging my hard on. Her toes squeezed the head through the fabric and made a wet spot. She pushed harder and harder running the shaft between her toes.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I opened my fly up and let my hard prick fall out. Lisa rubbed her toes up and down the shaft while her and Emily finished up their conversation.

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Emily went home, closing the door behind her. Fingers immediately curled themselves on the crown of my head and I was jerked out forcefully from under the desk. "You Fucker!" She said panting and attacking my lips with her mouth, sucking incredible euro nurses suck and fuck a patient to good health lower lip in her mouth, licking it with her tongue, pulling me hard into her face.

Lisa reached down grabbing my very erect penis and squeezed and jerked it off like she could milk me of every drop of semen while my middle finger slipped around in pools of wetness she was raining down upon my very occupied fingers from her pussy. I stood up and leaned back against the desk. Lisa attacked my penis with her mouth seeming to almost devour it in her lustful hunger. She brought droplets of my semen to the surface and danced upon them with her experienced tongue.

She used the flat of her tongue to massage the underneath of my throbbing cock. I dropped to my knees spreading her legs and marveled at her pussy. It was so beautiful to me. It was just right, what every pussy should look like in my opinion. My lips darted to it. "No, don't." Lisa protested. "Oh but why?" I begged. I could even smell it I got so close. "Because I want to fuck you now is why!" Lisa sat on the desk wearing nothing under her skirt now.

I grabbed her legs and placed her feet on my shoulders. I put the tip of my penis in her wet slit and rubbed it up and down as I watched the folds move in unison to where my penis touched its wet walls. I found her opening and slid it all the way down in her. Lisa whimpered as I gently abused the insides of her pussy with my erection. It felt so good to finally be fucking somebody after an eternal vacation from sex, or at least it seemed so.

Oh I could get used to this. I love the way she feels wrapped securely around me. I totally picked Lisa up off the desk while I was still inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and my hands cupped her perfect tiny ass while I used her to pleasure myself inside her warm wet walls.

Her head rested on my shoulders as she breathed heavy cyclones into my neck. I knew it wouldn't be long before Lisa lost herself in blissful eruptions. And there it was.

The tightening of her walls around me signaling her start. "Oh God! Fuck!" she tightened her entire body. "OOooo" She begged. "Don't Stop!" Lisa had a most delightful orgasm as I felt my insides shuddering. The force of her orgasm made me loose my nuts all the way inside of her quivering pussy. "MMmmm, baby, oh cum for me baby." It felt good to release every frustration and anxiety into her womb where it would go somewhere far from me.

Her body rocked to every convulsion. I collapsed to my knees and Lisa slid off of me. "Oh you're a bad boy." She said still gasping for air. "I know, that was good baby." I said. "Let me know when you need your computer fixed again." ~Fin~