Sweet girls and guys have fun together

Sweet girls and guys have fun together
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My parents divorced when I was 3. My mother got remarried when I was 6, and gave me a baby brother when I was 8. Being the older sister, I was often the one taking care of my brother; dressing him, feeding him, bandaging his bruises, and comforting him when he was sad.

We were very close, my brother and I, and that didn't change even when we became teenagers. When I was 19, I moved into a dorm at college, but I still kept in touch with my brother. More than with our parents, actually. I invited him over to campus, where we went for ice cayla gladly suck and fuck kristofs big hard cock and talked about college and junior high and parents and the future and boys and girls.

The other girls at my college loved my little brother Max, and thought he was cute. And Max was of course on cloud 9 every time at college girl fondled his hair and pinched his cheeks. When I was through with college, I moved into a small apartment of my own and got a job in a jewellery store. Max visited me every now and then. One Friday night, when I had been working late, I came home to find Max on my doorstep.

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"What's wrong, Max?" I asked. "Trina dumped me" he said. Max had been seeing Trina for 3 months, and even though I thought that she was a conniving slut, Max had been madly in love with her. "Come inside and tell me all about it" I said. Max went into my house and sat down heavily on the sofa.

"She dumped me" he said.

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"I love her. And she dumped me!" "Let me get you some water?" I asked, took out water bottle out of the fridge, and sat down in the armchair next to him.

Max told me the story. Trina had met a guy with more money to spend on her, and had chosen him over Max. I knew that girl was a bitch! But I also knew Max well enough not to say that to his face. It wouldn't do any good. So instead, I went with "how could she do that to you?" and "doesn't she realize what a great guy she's loosing?" I looked at Max. My little brother, now 16, was a really handsome young man, slim and with broad shoulders, strong arms, a nice face and short, brown hair.

We could have been twins. The only thing that made us different was that I was more petite, and had small, perky tits.

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Max, who already had been a little drunk when he arrived, was now on his third beer, and was getting a bit emotional. "Why can't girls be more like you, Kelly? he said. "I love you. You're always so good to me" "I love you too, little brother" I said.

Max began to cry. "Oh, don't cry!" I said, and moved over to the sofa, next to him. "Here, come here!" I took him in my arms and held him, and while he hugged me and sobbed, I kissed his wet face, and stroke his soft hair. Still sobbing, he kissed my cheeks and my eyelids, and barely legal fucking cock pussy pigtail I dried his tears with the back of my hand, he kissed my lips over and over again.

I held his head, and kissed him. His tongue went in between my lips, wet and warm, and I answered his kisses without hesitation. He pressed himself against me, and we kissed each other like we were lovers, not siblings. My hands caressed his back, and his hands slid over to my front and cupped around my breasts. Max stroke my breasts through my sweater, then his hands went under young cam couple and girl does first porn xxx squirting black bosss daughters are the clothes and pulled down my bra so that he could play with my nipples.

I moaned and writhed on the sofa as I could feel my pussy tingle. I took off his shirt and teased him back, caressed his flat, yet hairless chest, and pinched his nipples lightly. Max whined, and got back at me by moving his lips down to my breasts. I held on to his hair as he sucked on my nipples like a baby.

Max reached behind me and unzipped my tight skirt, and pulled off my skirt, my pantyhose and my panties, in one move. I struggled to take off my sweater and my bra, while he got on the floor and pulled me to the edge of the sofa. As he dove face first into my pussy and started to lick it, I moaned loudly, and played with my nipples, pinched them like Max had done. I had never known that my little brother was so good at eating pussy! His tongue flipped over my clit, penetrated my cunt, and very quickly drove me to my first orgasm that night.

Max put his fingers inside my cunt and moved them in and out, while still working his miracle tongue on my clit, and this time I plain out shouted when I came.

I pulled him closer and fumbled to open his zipper. I was quite drunk, and he was no better, but we managed to get the trousers off of him, and I saw my brother's naked body, in all its glory, for the first time in over 10 years.

What a difference from when I bathed my little brother as a child. He who stood before me now was a grown-up man, with a slim, sexy body and a hard cock. I grabbed it and put my lips around it. I jerked my hand up and down the shaft as I sucked it. Max groaned and held my head. Soon, it wasn't as much me sucking my brother's cock as him fucking my mouth. He made sexy, grunting noises all the time. I pulled myself free and spread-eagled, inviting him to fuck another hot hole of mine.

Max was more than willing to do it, and he rammed his spear into my wet cunt, and fucked me harder than anyone before him had ever fucked me. "Yes! " I screamed. "Yes! Come on! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Faster!" Max fucked me like we were two animals mating, and just seconds after I had come, he pushed himself as deep inside of me as he could, and growled like a lion as he filled me with his sperm. He collapsed on top of me and fell mother and son full sex stories sexy movi immediately.

I pushed him off of me and staggered into the bedroom. It's now 2 am. I've taken a shower, got dressed, put Max' clothes back on him, and given him a blanket and a pillow, so that he will sleep better. He looks so sweet and innocent when he sleeps, my little brother. I'm sobering up, and I'm facing a decision. What shall I do when he wakes up?

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What if he remembers what we did? And if he doesn't shall I tell him?