Angie se fait enculer par le plombier

Angie se fait enculer par le plombier
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Part 25 Aftermath Nancy accompanied Ted's body to the States, insisting that her girls stay at the compound and continue to receive treatment and care, particularly their surgeries.

She signed over temporary custody of Sandy to Michael. Becka had turned 18 a few days before, so she didn't need a guardian. Nancy stood naked before the hotel room mirror. Her once proud breasts sagged despondently; her once flat belly hung badly with a myriad of stretch marks; her once toned ass looked deformed with cellulite, her face showed lines of grief and loss; her hair was, in reality, almost completely gray.

Her sons were gone. Her daughters in good hands after she and Ted had failed them. She took a deep breath.

She had considered following Ted, but that would have allowed her brother to get control of Sandy. She made up her mind, feeling young and clean again, no longer bound by convention and law intended to cage the victims and allow the monsters to roam free. Her brother did not know about Sandy's confession in the compound. He came to pick her up to attend Ted's funeral. She had Ted's pistol.

Ted had taught her to shoot. Her brother stood silhouetted in the hotel room doorway when she turned around and aimed the pistol at his chest. She fired. The recoil was more than she remembered. Her fingers squeezed again involuntarily as the gun kicked. It discharged under her chin.

They were both dead before they hit the ground. The news devastated the compound. Sandy blamed herself. If she had just kept the secret, her mother and father would still be alive. She hoped her uncle was in hell, on a spit and roasting over a very hot fire. Alice certainly earned her keep over the next several weeks.

Sandy wallowed in guilt. Becka in grief and pain, both physical and emotional while Beth came to terms with her horrific memories. Nita blossomed. Her incredible energy and unfailing optimism was infectious if only temporary.

She seemed to be everywhere, cheering, teasing, laughing, and taking different sisters to Michael's bed. Nita suggested that Shoshana and Lynne visit the fertility clinic when the Becka and Sandy's recovery had to be checked. It brought a ray of happiness to the harem.

Beth took her time to heal. Finally she was ready to face tomorrows. She sat at the lounge pool one day, taking in the fading sun and cool ocean breeze. Alice approached. "Penny for your thoughts," Alice asked. "This is going to sound sick," Beth said with a genuine smile, "but I am proud of myself. I fought them to my luscious teenie climbs on top of a large one eyed monster breath.

The more I played it in my head; it always came out the same. I beat them. They hurt me terribly, but I beat them." Alice smiled, "You're your father's daughter." Beth found Michael in his office, struggling through the myriad details of the Burkett deaths.

It had been many days since he had made love with his daughter, giving her time and space to recover. She came up behind him, making sure he heard her.

She put her hands on his shoulders and spun him around in his chair. His Beth was back, yet somehow different. She pulled him into a passionate kiss. He pulled back and looked into her sparkling green eyes.

There was no desperation in them; lust, love and joy perhaps, but no desperation. "You're mine tonight," she said with a hint of a slut, "so you better take a little blue pill. The other girls know. You're mine tonight." Dinner seemed more upbeat than in many weeks. Beth glowed, an almost feral light in her eyes. The harem knew, of course, but Sandy and Becka did not. Becka asked what was going on. "Tonight I'm going to make love to my Dad for the first time as a whole woman," Beth said with a leer, then bursting into giggles.

Her spirit and joy was infectious. Sandy and Becka were still recovering from their grief and surgery. Even they embraced the change in spirit. The babies departed. Beth had an idea. Instead of taking Michael straight to bed, she put on some sensual Latin music. She and Lynne started pushing the furniture aside, creating a dance floor in the main living room. Beth pulled Maria, Nita and Rafaela into a sensual dance.

The harem joined in an instant. Maria began to lose herself in the music, swaying sensually between Lynne and Jennifer. Alice ran fucked for stealing from a bf natural tits cunnilingus hands over Rafaela's slender arms, pulling her back, pressing her breasts and pussy against her longtime lover.

Rachael took Misha's hand and pulled her to the floor their eyes alight with lust. Shoshana drew Kat into an intimate kiss. Still sitting at the dining table, Becka and Sandy gawked as the incredible orgy of love began to happen in front of them. Rachael and Misha came over to the girls and ushered them to their rooms. They dismissed the servants just in time.

Jennifer was at the center of four women, her clothing flying as the harem began to feast on their doctor. "You really started something, Honey," Michael said chuckling as she pulled him into the "small" bedroom with its single bath. "The girls are going to need the big beds," she said giggling. They prepared separately.

As Michael went to shower, she called out, "Squeaky clean," the code phrase the harem had developed for taking a couple enemas. Beth wanted to play with his ass tonight.

Michael had taken a different pill said to be more effective without the headaches he had with Viagra. He hoped it worked just as well as Viagra.

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Tonight would tell. When Beth exited the bathroom, she was naked. She strode to him, confident and whole. She took his drink and placed it on the nightstand. She stripped off his robe, put her arms around his neck and kissed him with a passion that reminded him of Vika. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes. She pushed him onto the bed. He scooted all the way on.

She got on the bed, sitting on her feet. "Turn over Daddy," she said softly. He obeyed. She knelt by his torso. She wanted to give him something he'd remember for the rest of his life. Her small, gentle hands began to caress his shoulders.

Her light touch enticed every nerve ending. She took her time, slowly moving down his body, not kneading his muscles, but tantalizing them. She avoided his ass, instead moving to his feet, then calves. Her hands told him to spread his legs.

She continued her gossamer touch on his thighs. She pushed his legs further apart. She moved between them. She lay down, her mouth poised over his ass.

Her hands parted his ass cheeks. She dipped her head and licked from his balls to the top of his ass cleft. 'I will never give this pleasure to feisty teen babe drilled and creampied by pervert dude man,' she thought.

Me moaned at the incredible pleasure. She started to make love to his nether hole, lovingly teasing it, then darting through his relaxed sphincter.

She buried her face in his ass, her small hand squeezing his shaft. Her tongue twirled, licked, sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Finally, she relented. Michael stared over his back at her in wonder. "Turn over." He obeyed. She straddled him, rubbing the head of his cock along her slit. She was very wet. She had been leaking for most of the evening, waiting for this moment.

As ready as she was, she winced a bit as the head penetrated her entrance, stretching her inner lips. They could hear the music from the main room. She began to dance in time to the faint music, gradually burying his cock in her steamy depths.

She looked at Michael in wonder, still dancing on his cock. His hands cupped and squeezed her firm, young breasts. He leaned up, licking her aureoles, then levered up, resting on his elbows, took a hard nipple between his lips, sucked it hard. He bit down gently, sending shockwaves through her body.

He shifted nipples. He bit a little harder. She began to shake and moan. She lost her rhythm. He fell back, his hands on her hips. He moved her hips back in time to the rhythm, her clit grazing his belly. Her hand moved to her clit; his hands moved to her breasts. "Daddy, I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING! He dropped his hands to her hips, forcing them to sway to the faint music, again rubbing her clit against his hard body.

She climaxed again, screaming, "I won!" over and over. She frigged her clit mercilessly, screaming her triumph into the night. She collapsed on his chest, his raging cock buried in her love tunnel. He stroked her shoulders and back with infinite love. She rested on his chest, momentarily exhausted. She began to stir. After a while, she lifted her head and looked into the eyes of her man. "We both won, Honey, thanks to your strength and courage. You beat the bastards," he said with love and admiration.

She slipped off him, his cock springing upright. He looked distraught. "Don't worry, I'll take care of him soon." She got up and brought Michael his flute of champagne, bringing her own. "I need to tell you." He nodded. "The night I was raped, I lied to you. I told you I was going to a sleepover. I thought I was a woman grown. If Thomas had been nice, I probably would have given him what he wanted. When they surrounded me, I was terrified and angry with myself.

You'd warned me, but I was sure Jav collection big tits loving shota erotic knew better." "I fought them Dad. I broke Thomas' cheek and instep. They broke my nose. I ripped a face and an arm.

No way I was going to be found in a field with no evidence. Even after they broke my arm, I fought them.

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They did things to me no woman should ever have to endure. Still I fought them. I was bleeding to death when I crawled out that window." "I was thinking about you when I slid down that roof. I wanted you to know that I never gave up, that I was like you. Alice said it this afternoon.

Like father like daughter." She said with a triumphant smile. "Now I want your monster in my ass," she said with laughter in her voice. The music seemed louder as Beth took her father's semi-hard cock in her mouth. Minutes later, her tongue had created a raging phallus.

She lubed both his cock and her ass. She got on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass provocatively. He knelt behind her, rubbing his cock head around her puckered starfish. He pushed in a bit and felt her tense. He released the pressure until he felt her push back. He pushed forward a little and the head pushed through her sphincter. She gasped, her hands clawing the blanket. He waited until she signaled her readiness.

She pushed back harder. He let her set the pace of her own impalement. Finally his balls rested on her labia. She began to sway to the music. "God, Honey, your ass is incredible! It feels like its on fire." "Enjoy me, Love. Let me give you everything I am." He reached under her and found her clit. He began to caress it in time to her swaying hips.

Her breaths started to come in gasps. She held her breath. He squeezed her clit between his thumb and forefinger. She shrieked with pleasure. He boba chus na sex story a finger just inside her love channel. She froze. Her legs began to shake.

His fingers returned to her clit, circling her little button. She was close. He captured her clit again and squeezed firmly. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING" She slammed her ass against him and froze, her limbs trembling.

They gave out and she flopped forward, his cock pulling from her body. She rested only a matter of seconds. She lay on her back, her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Her mouth opened in lewd invitation. Michael eagerly stood in front of her, the head of his cock in her mouth. She caressed the head, twirling her tongue along the shaft. She reached her hands around his ass, grabbing his ass cheeks pulling him forward, deeper in her mouth.

He entered her throat, seeing it bulge as his cock slid deeper. She pulled him deep into her throat, using her esophageal muscles to caress his shaft. She pushed him out for a moment. She gulped three breaths. She pulled him back into her throat. On the third stroke, he exploded, shooting a massive amount of semen into her stomach.

He pulled back before finishing. He was afraid Beth would run out of air. Beth took the last spurts in her mouth. She flipped over, opened her mouth to show him the semen on her tongue, swallowed and showed him her clean tongue.

Minutes later, they were intertwined in a lover's embrace, snoring softly. Becka and Sandy felt left out. In their room, they listened to the wild cheeks sucking one eyed monster in club striptease hardcore and imagined what was happening in the main living room. They heard an occasional squeal or shriek.

Finally, knowing they were breaking a promise to Misha and Rachael, they snuck out of their room and headed for the main living room. They smelled the aroma of sex before they saw it.

Candles bathed the room in romantic light. The music on random play covered much of the sound. Lynne lay on her back, Alice straddling her face, Maria licking her pussy. Rafaela lay between Nita's splayed legs. Nita was shaking and suddenly sat feisty teen babe drilled and creampied by pervert dude with a scream of pleasure.

Shoshana sat in a recliner with Jennifer feasting on her exposed pussy. Kat lay beneath Jennifer, licking and sucking her sister.

They didn't see Misha and Rachael. They'd claimed one of the bedrooms. Becka and Sandy gostosa de saia tube porn in awe as pairings rearranged. Both girls felt their lubricant stream down their inner thighs. It was truly a female orgy. They watched as Lynne licked Maria's ass from behind. Rafaela brought out a box of vibrators, lube, butt plugs and strap-ons, taking the orgy to a new level.

Jennifer donned a strap-on with practiced skill, inserting the short end of the vibrating fake cock into her steaming pussy, heading for Nita. Their eyes locked. Nita came to her. Their kiss was unlike anything Becka or Sandy teens pound bfs butt hole with huge belt dicks and blast jizm ever seen. Jennifer lay on the floor while Nita slowly impaled herself on the fake, vibrating cock. Nita rode her lover for a few moments.

She exploded with Jennifer, collapsing breast to breast. Three women surrounded Shoshana. They sucked her long nipples, caressed her beautiful ass and used a rabbit vibrator on her pussy.

Shoshana's shrieks of pleasure filled the room. Becka and Sandy openly masturbated. They began to squeal their pleasure, oblivious to the noise they were making.

Becka came first, trying to stay quiet with absolutely no success. Sandy climaxed seconds later. When the haze of orgasm passed, Jennifer stood above them when they looked up. She still had the strap-on.

"Did you like the show?" Her eyes danced with laughter. The girls blushed red. "It was awesome," Sandy gasped, "Do you guys do that often?" "Not often enough," Jennifer giggled, "come on, back to bed. We'll talk in the morning. You've had your cum. Now get some rest." She followed them to their room. "What are you going to do with that?" Sandy asked pointing to the fake cock.

"I'm going to impale my sisters and make them cum." When she returned, the party had died down. Alice came to her. "They saw?" Jennifer nodded, smiling. "I think you'll have some very curious young women tomorrow," Jennifer giggled, then turned mock serious," If you can walk after tonight." "With that little fake cock? I've had Michael inside me, remember." Jennifer admitted defeat.

She still impaled Alice, turning the vibrator on high. Alice danced on the fake cock, screaming her delight into the night. In the privacy of the bedroom, Rachael and Misha embraced, naked nipples pressed against the others. They'd been lovers for more than thirty years. They knew the passion would come, but Misha wanted to talk. "Beth is incredible, isn't she?" "She's been my lover since we ran." Rachael confessed, "She's the strongest woman I know.

She's a fighter. She put Thomas in the hospital when he raped her." "She loves Kat. They're almost married. They even have heir own child!" Misha smiled sadly. Rachel levered herself to look into Misha's eyes, "As Michael says, All of it!" Misha took a deep breath.

"Jennifer found some cancer. We go to Brisbane tomorrow." "I'll go with you. But we have tonight, bitch. Get over here. I need to taste you!" Rachael growled in a desperate effort to hide the truth. She had less than six months to live. Only Jennifer knew. Reality returned with the dawn. Misha, Rachael and Jennifer sped to Brisbane in the early hours. The women wanted to be alone. They didn't even tell Michael. Beth bounced around the house and pool. Inside she was whole.

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She had her child, her man and her victory. Kat was her life partner. Her sisters were her playmates. Becka and Sandy came to the late breakfast served at the lounge pool. Becka wore a skimpy, blue bikini, showing the outlines of her labia. Sandy wore a one-piece that clung to her every curve. Gradually the harem, except the three on their way to Brisbane, sat around the large table with Michael.

"Do you have those parties a lot?" Sandy asked. "What party" Michael asked with mock innocence. Becka threw a napkin at him. "We saw. It was awesome." "I thought you were going to stay in your room," Rafaela said.

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Maria burst out laughing. "We wanted you to watch. Not to join us, but to show you how much love there is in this house." "Do you want us to join you?" Becka looked confused. "We want you to be comfortable with our lifestyle. This summer you'll be with us when we travel. We need you to understand who we are. We love my Dad and we love each other.

I spent last night with him. I can't describe how incredible a night we had. Tonight Shoshana and Nita will be with him." She paused, looking to Michael to explain. "You are my children now. I promised your mother that I would protect and help you find your way. You saw how much love there is in this house. You see the rings my women wear? Those rings are commitment bbw erika xtasy double penetrated by monster cocks. Our family commits to each other, body and soul." He held up his ring with its many small stones.

"One day, you may want to join us. But not until you have seen the other paths you can choose." He saw both girls with uncertain eyes. "Questions." "Where are we going this summer?" Sandy asked.

The tension broke and laughter filled the house.