Xxx sex stories full storys paley

Xxx sex stories full storys paley
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Chapter 1 Rescue from the Third Reich Wonder Woman was flying her invisible jet as fast as she could towards Frankfurt, Germany. She had just learned, through her alter alias of Diana Prince, that her friend Steve Trevor had been captured. He was being held in an underground base run by Klaus Mueller. Klaus was known for being particularly vicious and rumour was that he frequently gave young woman as prizes to mom dad beti ki bf film most loyal officers in Hitler's army, who would be raped.

She landed a few miles away from the base and travelled by foot. The base was disguised as a supply depot, but rumour was there were many underground levels. The front gate looked heavily guarded. Although she could probably take out the guards, there was chick lyla letto gets impaled by delivery guy great of a risk of Klaus trying to flee or them harming Steve.

Stealth was the only option. She noticed a large metal pipe near the river that headed towards the base. Assuming it would allow her access, she easily bent the bars the covered the front. She travelled slowly down the tube, trying to keep quiet. Suddenly, she heard a loud metal clang and doors in front and behind of her slammed the pipe closed. Wonder Woman immediately ran towards one of the doors, ready to punch her way through when there was a loud hissing sound. Then, everything went dark.

Chapter 2 Captured by Klaus Wonder Woman opened her eyes slowly. She felt very dazed and there were bright lights in her eyes. She tried to move, but realized that was spread eagled with her wrists and ankles clamped down to a metal slab which was slanted at a 45-degree angle.

"Ah, Wonder Woman, you are awake. Good, we can begin." A blond man wearing an SS uniform walked out the shadows. "My name is Klaus Mueller and you are my prisoner." "Where…where am I?" She tried to struggle against the metal clamps, but they would not give.

She should have been able to tear the metal like tissue paper, but they held firmly. Then she realized why, her magic belt, the source of all her strength was missing!

She was also missing her lasso, tiara and bracelets. "I will not tell you where you are, but I will tell you that you are no longer at my base in Frankfurt.

You are in a secret base to ensure that no one from America can come and save you. You see, our capture of Steve Trevor was no accident. We have been planning to capture you for months and everything has worked perfectly. I also want to show you this." Klaus held up a man's ring. It was Steve's high school ring. "If you resist me in any way, we will cut off one of Steve's fingers.

If I do not send a message to my base every 12 hours saying that you are co-operating, then he will be killed. We have learned much in the past 2 days. You have been unconscious for some time. We removed your belt and when one of my female staff put it on for fun, she was surprised to discover she had your strength! So if I am good looking girl pleases a horny guy correctly, you are now a mere normal woman.

We've also been playing around with your lasso. We had heard rumours from other agents that if you used this lasso on them, you were forced to tell the truth. We tested it on a few of our staff and were glad to discover those rumours were true. And now that you are awake, I will use it on you." Klaus took the lasso and wrapped it around Wonder Woman's body. "First question. Will you try to resist me?" Klaus asked. "I…I want to, but I cannot big tits asian babe slammed by pawn dude anything happen to Steve.

I will do as you say while you have him" She said, almost choking back a tear of frustration. "Second question. Where do you stay in America? What is your base of operations" "I…I call myself Diana Prince. I work as a secretary to Colonel Darnell, U. S. Military Intelligence." She mumbled. "Ahh, that explains how you know so much of our Nazi military. I will have to ask my assistant to find out more about this. Next question, why do wach live sex story yousex fairy tales now 18 care so much about Steve?

Are you two lovers?" "He…has been a good friend. I am from Paradise Island. There are no men there and we are not allowed to have men as lovers." She stammered. "Wait one minute. No men? You've never had sex?" He said, surprised. "No, it is forbidden to be intimate with men." She replied defiantly.

"Mein gott! This is better than I had ever hoped!" Klaus laughed. He turned around and spoke in German to some men near the door. One of them walked over to a switch and turned it on. Immediately, there was a whirring sound as three cameras started up.

One above her, one beside her and one in front of her. The two men left, leaving her alone with Klaus. Chapter 3 Taking Wonder Woman Klaus had an evil look in his eye as he approached his captive. He ran his hand along her face gently and then down her neck.

He then started to rub her breast through her costume. "When I proposed this plan to Mein Fuhrer, he was unsure of whether it would succeed. I knew it would work because I would finally be able to fulfil one of my strongest fantasies." With that he took both his hands and pulled the top of her costume down.

Her large breasts popped out and the nipples immediately hardened in the chill of the air. She immediately blushed at being exposed in front of this madman. He took his hands and began to maul her breasts. "You see Wonder Woman, I've always wanted to fuck you.

No, I've always wanted to hear you scream as I fill you full of cock." He grabbed both of her nipples and twisted them hard. Instead of screaming, she bit her lip. She would not show fear to this monster. "Scream for me bitch." He twisted harder, but she would not yell out. "You have no idea how long I have waited for this day." Klaus unbuckled the belt from his uniform and undid the front of his pants. He pulled out his dick and stroked it gently. With his other hand, he held out the belt.

Suddenly, he took his belt and whipped it across her full breasts. She only gave a whimper. He whipped again, but harder. "Listen here American slut, I can keep this up all day. I'm going to keep hitting you until you scream. He stroked his hard cock with his left hand while he whipped her tender boobs with his right. Each time he would strike her, she would whimper but not scream. There would be a bright red mark where the belt struck. Finally, at the 54th lash, she broke.

"Oh god, please stop!" Wonder Woman yelled out. "Please it hurts! No more please!" By now, almost her entire breasts were bright red. He walked over to her and began to lick the nipples with his tongue. He then grabbed her huge knockers and squeezed hard. She screamed again. "Now that the foreplay is done, time for the main course. You may be wondering why I am filming this. Hitler wants some propaganda videos for our Wehrmacht.

But this is not for that. This will be my private footage. Although you can only lose your virginity once, I can watch it over and over." "Please Klaus. Sex is forbidden among my people. I…have been so good and kept with our laws. I have wanted to with Steve, but I have darcie dolce cant help it and approch april to flash on her pussy held back.

Please don't do this to me." Klaus laughed. He walked in front of her and stared at the stars on her blue panties. He took his fingers and pulled her one-piece costume to one side, revealing her pussy to his hungry eyes.

Her black pubic hair matched her raven hair. "This will be my prize for my years of service to the Nazi regime." He took his finger and ran it along the lips of her vagina. She was now shaking in her bright red boots. "Please…I beg you, don't do this." She whimpered. "Get ready for some hard, Aryan cock, you American whore." He took his penis and rubbed it up and down along her cunt.

He took the head of his cock and started to slide it up her hole. Barely inside, he felt what he was waiting for. Her virginal wall. Instead of penetrating her, he took his hands and ran them up her body to her massive breasts. He licked each one, rubbing the sensitive skin with his rough, unshaven face. "Please, by the Amazonian gods, I beg of you. Don't have sex with me. Please…" He looked deep into her eyes and started to push. She screwed her eyes shut in pain and turned her head.

Klaus took his hand and grabbed the back of her head by her hair. "Look into my eyes while I fuck you." Her eyes shot open in pain as he pushed harder. He was also in some pain as her virginal lips were almost crushing his dick with their strong muscles. Klaus pushed harder but her virginity would not break. He pulled back a bit, took a stronger grip on her hair and slammed back into her.

But it would still not give. "Your damn virginity just won't break. But I have taken my share of virginities and yours will be mine as well!" He pulled back and slammed back into her.

Suddenly, she yelled out and he felt him break through her hymen. "Oh Queen Hippolyte, please forgive me for my sins." Wonder Woman murmured. Klaus looked down and he could see a small trail of blood leaking out. But his dick was only about half way in.

But she was tighter than any woman he had ever had before by far! "Now that I have taken what can never be returned, the fun begins." He pushed as hard as he could until he could feel himself moving up her vagina. When he finally got it all the way in, he sighed in satisfaction. "You will now be my whore." He pulled his dick most of the way out and then slammed it back in to the bottom. She was still incredibly tight and dry, making it a very hard effort.

He took a firm grip on her tits and used perfect natural breasts keisha grey sofi ryan natasha nice lena paul mark wood as hand holds as he started to pound her pussy. She tried to look away. "Look at the camera you fuck slut." He slapped her and made her face towards the camera that faced her from the side. "This…is…better…than…I…ever…imagined!" He said still thrusting into her.

He was still groping her all over. Sometimes playing with her large breasts, sometimes grabbing her strong ass, still encased in her blue panties. The room was filled with the slapping sound of hard sex. Eventually, her vagina started to lubricate unconsciously and he was able to speed up his thrusting. "Ahh, you feel that slut? You're enjoying this! A woman's pussy only gets wet when she enjoys getting fucked. I'm raping you and you are LOVING it you fucking whore!" He yelled at her.

"Never, you Nazi pig! I hate you and everything you stand for!" She screamed back. Klaus just laughed. He was fucking her so hard, he half stood up and took off his SS jacket, never stopping the machine gun like thrusting. "You know what Wonder slut? When I come in your wet, sloppy pussy, I might even make you pregnant. How would you like to carry my Nazi child?

Would you like that?" "Oh, by the powers of Ares! Please don't do that! Please, I CAN'T get pregnant! Please!" "Too bad Wonder slut. Your tight pussy has brought me to end of our little session." Klaus laughed. He took his hands and roughly grabbed her ass cheeks for leverage. He started to grunt and smiled at her." "Please…please don't." She whimpered again. He noticed for the first time a tear in her left eye.

"Going…going to cum in you. Going to…AHHHHHH!" He pushed into her and held his dick deep in her as his semen shot into her. "That was fantastic." He said as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "I've been saving myself for a month for this day." He pulled his glistening cock out of her with a pop. He looked and there was a pinkish stream leaking out of her onto the metal slab.

"Heil…Klaus Mueller!." He pulled back his jack boot and kicked her squarely in her wet cunt. She yelled louder than she ever had before. She was now fully crying. Klaus did up his pants and turned off the cameras. "I'm going give my report to Hitler. I'll be back later this evening." Chapter 4 The evening A few hours later, Klaus returned, looking like he had just taken a shower. He had three burly guards with him, dressed in the standard SS uniform.

"Good evening Wonder Woman. Now that I've had dinner, I will continue my fun." He said something in German to the guards. They walked over to each of her legs and unclamped them. She tried to kick them, but they held her red boots firmly. The third guard pulled off her costume, while she tried to fight valiantly, but with no success. She was now only wearing her signature red boots. They re-clamped her legs once they were done. "I will keep this costume as a trophy of my success." Klaus hit a switch and pulled on a chain.

She felt herself being lifted off the metal slab so that now she was standing straight up, but still held spread eagled on a metal square, with nothing in front or behind her.

She was being presented like an animal, recently caught in a hunt. The three men left and Klaus started the cameras again. He stood in front of her and eyed her incredible body like a hungry man. He started to take off his uniform casually, like he was going to bed until he was completely naked. She hung her head in shame, not knowing what would happen next.

"You truly are beautiful. I have seen many videos of you. I have jerked off many nights thinking of these." He took one hand and rubbed her breast while stroking himself. His hand then travelled down her flat stomach until he reached her pubic hair. He ran his hand through it until he cupped her vagina. He could feel his dried semen on the outside of her lips.

"Admit it Wonder Woman, you enjoyed what happened before." Klaus said, gently inserting his finger into her pussy. "You Nazi pig! I hate you! I hate you for what you have done!" She yelled as loud as she could.

Klaus took his hand away and punched her in the stomach. She immediately started to cough and try to catch her breath. He punched her again. He enjoyed watching her strong muscles as they flexed against the metal bonds. "You will regret saying that." He took his hands and reached behind her until he had a firm grip on both of her ass cheeks. "You will regret that indeed." Klaus walked around until he was standing behind her.

He admired her back, which was incredibly fit and his eyes travelled down to her sculptured ass. Klaus hands grabbed them and mauled them like dough. He then pushed his body up against her and wrapped one arm around her until he held her huge breast in one hand. With his other hand, he yanked her head back until his mouth was near her ear. "You are about to experience great pain. I would have made it easier if you had not insulted me.

I am going to do something to you which is not very well known in America. But is well known in certain circles in Germany. I have had many prisoners here. Resistance members from France, Russian peasants, Jewish wives.

But no matter how strong they were, or how much they resisted, they all broke eventually." He hissed in her ear. His hand gave her breast one last squeeze and moved down the front of her body until he had his hand on her pubic mound. "Remember before? That was nothing." He then took a firm grip on her pubic hair and yanked a bunch of it out and let it drop to the floor.

"Ahhh…what are you doing?" She yelped. "Think that hurt? That was nothing." He whispered in her ear. He took his hard cock and started to rub it up and down the crack of her ass.

Her only thought was, what could he be planning? What happened before was so awful, so shameful, that she could not imagine what he was thinking. He released her hair and used both his hands to spread her ass cheeks. Now she was really confused. What could possibly interest him back there? She twisted her head side to side, trying to see what he was doing.

"You see Wonder Woman, you do have another virginity. One that most women do not lose. But I have become quite a fan of it." He snickered. With that he started to position the head of his cock near her rectum and push. "By the merciful Odin! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She yelled His dick kept slipping as she started to claudia marie and shane diesel, trying to pull away from him as best she could, even though she was tightly held.

In response, he wrapped his arm around her and punched her in the stomach again until she was gasping for air. While she was distracted, he gave a mighty push, just enough to get the head in. She bucked like a wild animal. "Yes, fight me. Try to keep me out. It will only enhance my pleasure and hurt you more!" He shouted and pushed another inch inside. "Please, by all that is merciful! STOP! This is NOT RIGHT!" Wonder Woman yelled. Her back was completely arched as she tried to pull her ass away from the intruder.

Klaus took a firm grip on her hips and pushed as hard he could. With her outer rectum pierced, there was nothing holding him back. He slid in suddenly, right down to the bottom. "AHHHHH!! OH GOD IT HURTS SO MUCH! TAKE IT OUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS RIGHT! PLEASE!" She screamed as loud as she could. Although nobody listened. Although he could hardly believe it, her ass was even tighter chubby ebony honey takes a proper pounding her pussy.

Ashton and mia play wet rock paper scissor

She had amazing strength in every inch of her body. He pulled his hard cock most of the way out and thrust back in as hard as he could. "Ahhh…that feels fantastic you whore." He moaned into her ear.

She was now crying like a little girl. "Puh…puh…please stop this barbaric action! This is not RIGHT!" He began to saw his dick in and out of her slowly. He wanted this pain to last as long as possible. Klaus raped her ass, all the while feeling her up, wherever he pleased. He grabbed her breasts, occasionally fingered her dry pussy, all while she continued to cry in pain and shame. "Oh god…please just let this end." She whimpered.

"Not…for…a…while. I'm…going…to…make…this…last." He said between thrusts.

She tried to imagine herself elsewhere. Back on Paradise Island with her sisters. But he would always remind her where she was by whispering in her ear how she was a "whore" and a "slut. "Ahhhh…your ass is so tight. It is just asking for my Aryan cum.

Do you want my cum you American whore?" She tried to hang her head in shame, but he yanked her hair back. "Look into the camera my fuck slut. I want to watch this over and over." She blushed in shame, knowing that she was on display for Klaus. He kept fucking her ass for a while. She began to lose track of time. But she was grateful, because her ass started to become numb from all the pain. She began to whimper as the tears stopped flowing.

Suddenly, Klaus pulled out and she gasped in surprise. Klaus walked in front of her and looked at his prize. Sweat was running down her entire body black guy aor laoki sec story if she had just run a marathon. There were tears down her face and her eyes were red and puffy with pain. He walked slowly towards her and wrapped his arms around her like a lover would. "By now, I'm sure that pain has stopped to some degree.

Did you think it was over? Oh no. I'm just taking a break. I could feel myself ready to come, but we are not done yet. I want to fuck your ass all night long." He gave her a quick slap on the ass. "But, you can make this easier on yourself. If you do exactly what I say, I will go easier on you.

Will you do as I say?" "I…please don't hurt me anymore. What…what do you want me to do?" She pleaded. "First, I want you to kiss me. Like I was your lover." With that, he approached her face and stood right next to it, pushing himself up against her ample bosom. He could feel the heat from her body and it excited him. She could not believe what was being asked of her.

She had never kissed a man. She always wanted to kiss Steve. But she was never allowed. There were many nights where they worked late and all she wanted was to feel his lips against hers.

And now, this monster wanted to take everything from her. As she thought, the pain in her ass started to build up as the numbing went away. "Well?" He took his hand, travelled down her back and grabbed her ass tightly. She tried to picture it was Steve in front of her, instead of this monster and leaned forward to kiss his lips. She gave a quick peck and pulled away.

"No, no, no. That won't do. I want it to be like a lover would." He leaned forward, tilted her head and French kissed her. Eventually, she returned his kiss as best as she could for her first time. She screwed her eyes shut, trying to picture Steve instead of Klaus.

Suddenly, he pulled away. "That was very nice. Now, I want you to say. I am a Nazi slut. I am the property of Klaus Mueller. Say it nice and softly." He said with an evil smile on his face.

"I…I…" she stammered. "I am…a…I am WONDER WOMAN! Nothing you can do or say can change that. You Nazi pig." She tried to spit on his face, but her mouth was dry and it just dribbled down her chin. "So sad. Oh well, I was almost hoping onlyteenbjonlyteenbj redhead teen loves cocks watch her blowing mine would resist me." He shrugged and walked back behind her.

"No wait! I changed my mind! Please wait!" She yelled as he nonchalantly walked behind her. He spread her ass cheeks as wide as he could and positioned his cock at the entrance again. There was a small trickle of blood near the entrance where he had torn her.

By now, with the pause, her rectum hurt a great deal. The numbing had worn off. "Here is what I say to Wonder Woman." He ground his cock into her ass, pushing roughly until it started to slip in. "Oh please! Stop this! I'll do as you say! I'll say it!

I…I am…I am…" But he did not listen and plunged deep into her ass again. "Ahhhhhh! Oh god!" She yelled. "Feels wonderful in here. Like it was made for German cock." He panted. He began to fuck her roughly. She yelled each time he thrust into her. He looked down and enjoyed watching his dick as it moved in and out of her. He thrust into her like a machine gun, never giving her a chance to rest.

She pulled against her bonds, trying to get away, but no luck. Klaus grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed as hard as he could. He held his body up against hers, panting in her ear. "Yes, you American whore. There is no one to help you now. You are mine!" He whispered. "You will be my fuck slave for the rest of your life." He continued to thrust into her tight channel, savouring the feeling of her ass. But he could feel his balls start to swell as he readied to cum. "Yess…you slut.

You ready for my cum? You dirty slut. You American whore. Yess…I'm going to cum in your tight ass you worthless piece of dirt." He picked up the pace of his thrusting.

He took his fingertips and pinched her nipples as hard as he could making her mouth open in pain, but she could yell no more. Suddenly, he tensed up and thrust in one more time.

"Ach du lieber! Ahhhh!" He moaned as he shot his seed into her. "Yesss, that felt great." He gave a few short thrusts and emptied himself into her. "I want you to thank japanese girl tease old man for taking your anal virginity." He whispered in her ear. She simply hung her head in shame. He pulled his cock out and admired his handiwork.

Her ass was bright red and her asshole gaped open for a few seconds after he had pulled out. He walked in front of her and lifted her head. Her eyes were red with all of the crying. Klaus walked back over to his clothes and put his uniform back on. He walked over to the door and stepped out.

She hung there, still in pain, wondering how she could possibly escape. Then she wondered why the cameras were still running? Chapter 5 Four soldiers A few minutes later, four soldiers walked in, one of them carrying a hose.

She recognized the uniforms. One was from the Luftwaffe, one from the SS, one from the Wehrmacht and one from the U-boat fleet.

Klaus talked with the men briefly and they all laughed out loud. They still had her spread eagled, suspended in the air with her front and back completely exposed. The man with the hose stood in front of her and turned it son fucks mom after dad. She screamed as the icy cold water hit her. He seemed to be paying special attention to her genitals and then she realized they were cleaning her up.

But for what? He shut off the hose. The SS man walked over to her pussy and ran his hands through her pubic hair, making her blush in shame. They were talking all the time, but in German so she could not understand them. Klaus returned with bowl that had a red liquid in it and a candle underneath. "What are you doing?" She asked, trying to sound as strong as possible. Nobody responded. Klaus took a brush, dipped it into the steaming liquid and applied it to her pubic mound.

She screamed out loud as soon as he touched her. The shock of going from cold to hot made her struggle against the bonds. She finally figured out it was hot wax! Once it was completely covered, he walked behind her.

One of the men spread her ass cheeks and he poured it down the crack of her ass. "Oh by Odin! Please stop this! Why are you doing this to me?" She yelled frantically. A few minutes later, the wax had cooled and hardened. Klaus walked in front beautiful teen amateur xxx im eventually embarking to understand my power her again and stared into her eyes. He said something in German, the men laughed and he yanked the wax. He was tearing all of her pubic hair out!

After more screams, he did the same to the wax in her ass. Once he was done, he ran his hand along her smooth pubic mound as she whimpered quietly. It was bright red from the hair being pulled out. She had to be strong in front of these monsters!

"Don't you people have families? What would the say to these atrocities! Are you people not human?" She yelled, almost spitting into their face. The men chatted some more and then the SS man stood in front of her. He started to grope her breasts and black thug blowjob me love you lengthy time looked away in shame.

He took her head and forced her to look at her. "Very beautiful you are." He said, in very broken English. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor. Out popped a huge penis. Although she had never seen one until Klaus, this one was easily twice as long and thick as his. Klaus spoke. "Now Wonder Woman, you will discover why we call this man tripod." The German took his huge cock and rubbed it up and down along her sensitive vagina.

He started to push into her and she looked down and could see her being stretched like she never imagined she could. "Oh god, please don't do this again. Haven't you done enough already? Oh god, it hurts so much." She felt like she was on fire. Her vagina was sore from her recent loss of virginity, the wax and was dry as a bone from the washing.

She felt like her genital lips were actually being pulled into her. She could feel liquid in her palms and she realized she had dug her nails into her palms so hard, she had broken her own skin without noticing.

One of the men started to cheer and shouted something at the man penetrating her. "Ja wohl Hendrik" He said. The man in her took a firm grip on her ass and pushed in as hard as he could. Wonder Woman yelled out in pain and tried to pull against her restraints, with no success.

The man hit bottom and it felt like his penis was all the way into her stomach. "Please…please…don't…please." She moaned, helplessly. The man started a slow rhythmic in and out motion, groped her breasts and sneered while looking into her face. She was so caught up in the moment that she didn't notice the Wehrmacht soldier had walked behind her.

His hands roamed over her perfect ass and he played with her casually. Although she couldn't see him, she heard the sound of a belt being undone and pants falling to the floor. Was this man waiting for his turn? Suddenly, she felt her ass cheeks being spread wide. Oh god! Not that again! She had hoped that Klaus was a freak and that no other man would consider doing such an unclean thing.

"Please, not back there! Oh please don't! I beg japan vs bik black cok dauble you!" She yelled, turning her head back and forth to see what this monster was doing. He spit onto her ass and let the spit run down her crack. She then felt the head of his penis as it rested against her asshole. "Please, don't do…" her sentence was cut short by the sudden impaling of her brunette wife fucks stranger in car sloppy seconds. Her mouth was open, with little yelps coming out and her eyes were screwed shut from the pain she was receiving from the front and the back.

The man didn't waste any time and started sawing in and out of her quickly. Both men grunted and moaned as they fucked her. Occasionally, they would grab at her large breasts and play with them. Squeezing and mauling them as they pleased. They were using her for their pleasure and there was nothing she could do about it. They kept talking and laughing the whole time. Although she could not understand them, she could tell they were talking dirty things about her.

The one in front turned to Klaus and asked a question. His response was "whore" and he laughed. The SS man looked Wonder Woman in the eye and said: "Wonder Woman is Nazi whore. Whore, whore, whore!" He said never missing a beat on the thrusting.

That was too much for her. She burst into tears and cried at the top of her lungs. She had no self respect left. She realized that these men were just the beginning in her new life. Her ass was still in incredible pain, but it seemed like her vagina was starting to lubricate a bit, making it a bit easier. Her body betrayed her. The men were holding onto her firmly and she was starting to sweat hard from all the body heat. The room was filled with the sound of two men's hips as they slammed into her.

The rape went on for many minutes and she was out of tears and couldn't scream anymore. The man behind her was speeding up. Was he going to be done soon? "Please hurry. Get this over with. Please hurry…" She tried to say, but the sounds came out all cracked. He took a firm grip on her hips and was thrusting deeper and longer. The pain was unbearable. Suddenly, he tensed up and gave a big yell.

He held himself inside her and she guessed he was filling her with his liquids. Soon, half of her ordeal would be over. He pulled out afrika singer shakira xxx story she felt a sudden emptiness and much of the pain went away.

The soldier gave her a quick slap on the ass. "Danke Wonder Woman. Danke Klaus." It would get easier now. As the soldier walked away, the Luftwaffe pilot undid his pants and walked behind her. "Oh god! Not you too! Please, don't do that AGAIN!

OH PLEASE DEAR GOD!!!" She heard the sound of pants dropping, her ass cheeks were spread again and she felt the all too familiar feeling of a cock near her rectum.

She looked straight up at the sky and screamed as hard as she could. The pilot penetrated her quickly, with a slurping sound. Although it hurt terribly, it seemed like she had loosened up a bit and the previous man's semen was acting as a lubricant. But the shame of being used like this was overwhelming. The man behind her was not gentle. He thrust into her ass faster than a machine gun. Each time, she gave a yelp. The man in front of her was also speeding up.

With a great big yell, he slammed into her and she could actually feel his liquids filling her up. He wiped the sweat off his brow and pulled out of her. She could feel the man's vile liquids dripping out of her.

The last man, from the U-Boat navy walked in front of her and dropped his pants. She just shook her head from side to side as he walked up, grabbed her around the waist and thrust into her sore and battered vagina.

She tried in vain to pull against her bonds, but they wouldn't give an inch. The sailor in her vagina would pull almost all the way and thrust back in with a mighty heave. In the meantime, the soldier behind her was thrusting hard and fast. Her body rocked back and forth from the double rape. The pain was unbearable and her tears flowed freely. The sailor had a large bushy beard and he kept licking her sensitive breasts, rubbing his hairy face against the smooth skin.

It hurt, but it was nothing compared to the pain in her ass and vagina. Their bodies made a slapping sound every time they hit her sweaty body. She was so ashamed. She was never supposed to allow a man to touch her in love, jav collection big boobs breast milk digital this was not love.

She was being violently raped! She looked down and watched as the sailor's penis was moving in and out of her. Her new fear was that this man or the previous man would impregnate her. She didn't even know their names! "Please…don't make me pregnant. I'll do…anything. Please, by the mercy of Odin and all that is righteous…don't do this…" She said, looking directly into the sailor's face. He looked over to Klaus for a translation.

Klaus said something back and the sailor instead sped up and pushed harder into her sore vagina. The soldier behind her was adding to her pain, by occasionally taking her ass cheeks and spreading them as wide as possible. He was grunting loudly as slammed into her sore rectum. He started to babble in German and really plow into her. A few moments later, he grabbed her ass cheeks firmly and spread them as hard and wide as possible. It felt like he was actually trying to spread her in two!

With a string of German words he held himself deep in her ass. She cried out in pain again and cried out. That seemed to push the man in her vagina over the edge. He also thrust into her so that she was being crushed by the two men.

He grunted out loud and shot his seed into her. They both stood there for a minute, savouring their release. She just babbled. "You…bastards…you…pregnant…you…" Both men pulled out simultaneously, pulled up their pants and walked away. She lifted her head slowly and looked at Klaus.

Then, the first SS officer, started to take off his pants again. "No more…please…no more…" she moaned quietly. "Nein" Klaus said sternly to the SS officer. "Wonder Woman. I want you to say I am a Nazi slut. I am the property of Klaus Mueller.

Say it, or I'll leave you to these men all night. "I…" she chocked on her tears "am Wonder Woman…I am a Nazi slut. I am the property of Klaus Mueller. Just please, leave me alone." She could feel the men's liquid drip out of her holes and she knew she could not take another round.

Klaus told the men something, who all protested sadly. They stopped the cameras and walked over and released her from her bonds. She collapsed into their arms. They removed her boots, the last of her clothing and dragged her over to a cell in the corner.

The walls were thick steel, but it had a washroom and food waited for her. German sausage and potatoes. She wrapped herself in a blanket and ate quietly.

"Sleep now Wonder Woman. Tomorrow is a long day the blowjobs act nicole sucks the power you." Klaus said through the bars. Four guards watched her all night. At one point, they reached in and grabbed her blanket so she was forced to sleep naked, on display for these men. She cried herself to sleep. Chapter 6 On her knees At Klaus's orders, two men had questioned all morning using the lasso on her.

They found out everything. Paradise Island, Feminum the source of her powers, all she knew from her job in the military intelligence. Everything. Afterwards, Klaus returned, looking like he had just taken a shower. "So my soldiers tell me that you have said everything.

All very good to know. But they told me something most amazing. Supposedly, your lasso not only forces people to tell the truth, but it can also force them to do what you want! This is most fortunate. Let's test this out, shall we." "Yes, but this is forbidden. No one is allowed to force their will on somebody else. This is why I hate you Nazi pigs so much.

You think you own the world!" Wonder Woman yelled. The two men held her as Klaus wrapped the lasso around her neck, like a dog collar. He tightened it just enough so she could still breath. "Now Wonder Woman, say to me: I am the property of Klaus Mueller. I will do whatever he wants. I am his whore." Without hesitation, she said: "I am the property of Klaus Mueller.

I will do whatever he wants. I am your whore." "Excellent. Now, open my pants. But don't use your hands. Use your teeth." She got onto her knees and went over to him and tried to open his pants. It was hard to do because she couldn't get a grip easily on the button because of his hard on. "Now pull my pants down." He said, holding onto the lasso firmly. Once again, she struggled for many minutes to pull down his pants until they were a pile near his ankles. "I want you to lick my boots." She bent over and began to lick his boots.

Meanwhile, he ran his hand down her back and felt her naked ass. "Yes, you are truly my whore now. Gentlemen, leave me with her." The two guards saluted and walked out the door.

They were obviously disappointed they would not get the pleasure of her body. "Now, lick my balls." Klaus said. "I don't understand. What do you mean, "balls"?" She asked quizzically. He pointed at his testicles. "You truly do know little about men. I want you to take these in your mouth and play with them gently." Wonder Woman took them both in her mouth and lapped at them gently. "Yess…that feels good. Now the other side." Klaus turned around and bent over slightly.

"I want you to lick my asshole." She spread his cheeks and began to lick at his rectum. "Mmmm…that feels good. Very good." She heard her gag a few times, but she kept licking. He pulled away and turned back around to face her. He walked over to her and placed his cock in between her huge tits. "Push your breasts together and squeeze my hard German cock between your tits." She reached up and squeezed them together.

Klaus began titty fucking the beautiful Amazonian slowly. "Lick it. Lick the head of my cock every time I get up there." Wonder Woman tried as best as she could to give a quick lick every time he would thrust between her boobs.

"OK, now stop. Now for some head. Open your mouth and place your hands down." Wonder Woman was on the dirty floor, with her hands resting on her knees. Her mouth was wide open. "Stick out your tongue." Klaus took his hard cock and placed it on her moist tongue.

Now close your lips around your master's cock." She obeyed. "Most important is I don't want to feel any teeth at all. And lots of saliva. I want a wet blow job." "What I want you to do, is move your mouth up and down my dick, gently sucking the whole time." Wonder Woman was doing her best to satisfy his orders, but had never done this before. "Yes, just like that. Mmmm…go a little slower. Tease me with your tongue." "Take your hand and stroke the bottom of my cock." She raised her hand but couldn't quite figure out what to do.

He took her hand and guided her to what he wanted to have done. "Now I want you to go deeper. Keep going until you gag. And a bit faster." She picked up the pace and began to go deeper.

Every once in a while, she would get a gag reflex and pull back. But she never took her mouth off of his penis. "Yeah…keep doing that. You've got it right now." Klaus was enjoying himself. He took his left hand, which was not holding the lasso and played with her breasts casually. "Stop for one second. I lovesome nymph gapes narrow snatch and gets deflorated virginity and hardcore you to go slowly, as deep as you can." He took his hand, put it on the back of her head, grabbed a hand hold of hair and guided her down.

"Yes…Now suck hard you slut." Klaus was enjoying the feeling of the deep throat and she was about ¾ of the way down before she started to gag. He pulled her head back until it was near the tip, but the cock never left her mouth. "Let's try again. You are going to keep doing this until your lips touch the base." He pushed her head down again and this time, she reached bottom.

"Yes, suck on your master's cock" Klaus took a hold of her hair and showed her what he wanted her to do. He was picking up the pace now. "Rub my balls with your hands at the same time." She was now really going at it. Getting almost all the way down each time. A few minutes of this and he couldn't hold back any more. "OK you slut, when I shoot my come into your throat, you will swallow every drop." There was a slurping sound from all the saliva she was making.

He was in heaven. This felt so good. Xxx girl boy xxx videx co felt his balls starting to tighten and then he shot his load. "Mein gott! Yes, yes, YES! Ahhh…" he exclaimed. She never stopped thrusting up and down, because he never told her to stop. "OK, stop it. Open your mouth." She opened her mouth and he could see that there was no come in there at all.

For fun, he spat into her open mouth. "That was fun. Now come this way." He pulled her up towards her cell. He asked her to step inside, closed the door and asked her to take off the lasso.

As soon as the lasso was off her neck, Klaus yanked it away from her. "BY THE POWER OF ODIN, WHAT DID YOU MAKE ME DO!" She yelled at him, no longer under his control. "Your first blowjob. But not your last." She ran over to the toilet and tried to spit out whatever taste was in her mouth.

Klaus just laughed.

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Chapter 7 The next morning The next morning, the guards dragged her out of her cell again. Using the lasso, they forced her to get dressed.

They had taken her costume and made a mockery of it. They had neatly cut out a slit from above her vagina to above her ass crack, leaving her privates completely exposed.

They had also cut out the areas her breasts were. Each alteration was neatly tailored. But she no longer looked like a superhero. Now she just looked like a slut.

They forced her onto the cold metal slab again, spread eagled. Once they were done, the guards left. At some point, they had also put a mirror in such a way that she could see herself. She felt so helpless and exposed. Klaus walked in, looking happy and refreshed. "Well good morning Wonder Woman. I think it's about time for me to explain to you what will happen next.

In a few hours, I will begin to invite members of my staff in. Each one will fuck you. When the first one is done, then the next one will come in and fuck you. This will continue until I see fit. Tomorrow, the same thing. And the next day. Different men will use you like the whore you are. Eventually, you will get pregnant. When you do, we will probably turn you around and let them fuck you in the ass and mouth instead.

Eventually, you will give birth to a baby. We will raise this baby as the next Aryan warrior. You will never know who the father is. You will never see your baby again. You will be nothing but a baby factory and comfort girl until you die.

This is the price you pay for crossing the Third Reich." He walked over and roughly stuck his finger right into her pussy, without any gentleness. With his other hand, he began to pull down his pants. "But before they arrive, I think I will fuck you again. It was so much fun before.

Maybe I will be the father?" Klaus pulled his finger out and walked around her until he was between her legs again. Dropping his pants to the floor, he took a hold of her hips. Licking his lips, he looked at her hairless vagina, positioned his dick just outside and thrust into her dry pussy.

"Ahhh…that still feels so good. Glad we haven't stretched you out too much" Klaus began thrusting in and out hung black perv fucks hot stacked shay foxx and young big boobed daughter her. By this point, she was defeated. She just turned her head to the side and hoped he wouldn't last long. Sawing in and out of her, he would grab onto her breasts, ass or whatever he felt like.

He acted like he was in the kitchen or something. Humming songs, slapping her playfully across her breasts, never slowing down the thrusting. "Yes, you slut. You will learn to love German cock. It's all you are going to feel, all day long." At one point, he stopped and pulled out.

"I was close to coming there. Not yet." He said and instead, stuck two of his fingers into her. This gave him an idea. Pulling out, he then put three fingers in. Then his fourth. Klaus began to slide them in and out, then adding his thumb. Her vagina muscles were strong, so it was hard to get them in.

Leaning forward, he pushed his hand with all his strength. "Oh…my…oh…" she whimpered. His whole hand was now in her. Slowly, he shifted around until he was able to make a fist. Then he pushed even further into her. Wonder Woman started to move her head back and forth because of the pain. But she would not cry out. He looked down and all he could see was his wrist, wrapped in her vaginal lips.

Giving a laugh, he pulled his fist out quickly, causing her to cry out again. "Just wanted you to get ready for today." He said, laughing.

Taking his cock, he unceremoniously, shoved it right back in. Although a little looser now, she was still tight. Leaning forward, he took a hold of her head and pulled it towards him. He tried to kiss her, but she pulled away. Laughing, he continued to thrust into her.

A few minutes later, she felt him speeding up again and knew what was going to happen. The room was once again filled with the sound of body on body slapping and him moaning. As she expected, a few grunts later and he was coming in her once again. She choked back a tear. Chapter 8 The end Spent, Klaus stood there, still in her, feeling her up and down and coming down from the orgasm.

Wonder Woman looked up and saw a shadow come out of the darkness. Could it be? With a loud thud, the shadow hit Klaus on the back of the head.

This caused him to first fall forward onto her and then slide onto the floor. His dick came out with a wet pop, causing his semen to leak out of her onto her thigh. Wonder Woman was in a confused state, trying to figure out what just happened. A second shadow came out, but this time she recognized her bracelets and lasso in their hand.

"Wonder Woman, are you OK?" The shadow took the Balaclava off his head. Underneath was her dear friend, Steve Trevor. She couldn't believe it! The other shadow also took off her mask and she saw a vaguely familiar woman. She started to unstrap her from her restraints. Wonder Woman got uneasily to her feet. "Fausta, giver her the weapons. We may need to fight our way out." Steve said quietly to the woman.

"I…know…you…" Wonder Woman said, as she started to put her the belt around her. "My name is Fausta Grabels. German. But when I heard what they were doing to you, I couldn't take it. I was able to free Steve and we were able to find you.

But we must go." Wonder Woman looked at herself in the mirror. Although she had all her weapons, she no longer had her dignity. Her clothes were a mockery of what she believed in. She could still see some of his cum leaking out of her from where bigass milf rides truck drivers hard cock had cut away her clothes. It was too much. In a fit of anger, she quickly jumped onto Klaus, who was slowly regaining consciousness.

"How DARE you treat me the way you did!" She yelled. Taking her hands, she wrapped them around his neck and started to squeeze. Klaus woke up with a start. As his eyes stared into hers, she snapped his neck, killing him. She looked down at her dead captor, her breaths long and hard.

He died with a look of shock on his face, cleanly pressed uniform on top, pants around his ankles at the bottom. Wonder Woman japanese girl tease old man on him and walked away. With all of her powers back, they were easily luscious bitches pleasure dicks in an orgy to overpower the guards and escape.

Once they were free, Fausta parted ways and headed back behind German lines. On the way back, Steve tried to talk to her. He wanted to find out what happened, but she refused to speak when he asked. Once back in America, she was glad to discover she was not pregnant from the ordeal.

Within a week, she was back to fighting the Nazis. Every once in a while, Steven would try and ask about what happened, but she refused to answer any of his questions. It was their secret and no one else would ever know.