Breasty playgirl is addicted to wild fuck

Breasty playgirl is addicted to wild fuck
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AUNT SARAH IN THE TOOLSHED My name is Sarah. I am a woman in my early 40s who has been married and divorced. I live alone in a little house on 5 acres of land with a little toolshed away from my house and garage.

I am of Irish extraction with dark brown hair and fair skin. Over the years I have come to realize that I have a very strong sexual nature and love sex with both men and women, as well as thoroughly enjoying masturbation. I am 5'5" tall and weigh about 140 pounds which makes me a little plump. I have very large breasts with big areolas and big pointed nipples that stick out like erasers.

I enjoy rubbing and pinching my nipples while fingering and stroking my clitoris. On one occasion, I had two of my nephews, Rory, age 18 and Zach, age 19, doing various tasks around my property.

These two lads are pleasant and good looking. I found myself aroused looking at their handsome muscular bodies with their shirts off and wearing only shorts. I found myself wondering what their pricks would look and feel like. The more I thought about this subject, the more it made me horny.

I could feel my pussy making serious honey in my panties. Some time during the afternoon, I went into my bedroom and stripped off my clothes. I decided I was going to have some enjoyment thinking about these two boys working on my property. I got out my favorite dildo and my power vibrator. I lay down on my bed and inserted the dildo into my cunt. I turned on the electric vibrator and started using it on my clitoris.

While I was stroking my clitoris with the vibrator in my right hand, I was massaging my tits and lightly pinching my nipples with the other hand. I was in heaven. Suddenly, I noticed that the boys were watching me through the window in my bedroom.

Realizing that they were watching me masturbate, made me all the more horny and enhanced my pleasure. After several minutes of this, I had an explosive orgasm. Then, I decided to have a little more fun on this afternoon so I got up, showered and put on something special. I put on a pair of full-length black hose supported by a black garter belt that had the effect of framing my thick bush of dark amazing blonde chick with big boobs railed hard outdoor pornstars hardcore pussy hair.

This outfit seemed to have an erotic effect on both men and women. While they liked to fondle my tits and play with my nipples, it had the effect of making them want to get down between my legs and lick my pussy and clit.

Then I put on one of my dresses that buttoned down the front. I did not put on a bra or panties, so I was nude underneath my dress, except for the hose and garter belt. I looked at myself in the mirror. My tits, while sagging a little, still pushed up my dress and having put on a little weight in that area, one could see the cleavage between my big tits through the dress. I put on a pair of black shoes with medium heels and went outside. The boys were not in sight.

I walked around my property but I did not see them anyplace. Then, I decided to look in the toolshed. I walked quietly up to the toolshed and peeked in a little opening in one of the walls.

There, in the toolshed, the two boys, Zach and Rory, were standing in front of the walls facing each other. Both of them had hard-ons and they were jacking off quite vigorously. They were talking to each other while they were masturbating and I could hear the conversation. Zach said "Boy, does Aunt Sarah have big, beautiful tits." Rory replied, "And she has such big pointed nipples." Zach said, "Did you see the way she was playing with her tits and her nipples, stroking and pinching them.

She must get a lot of pleasure out of that." Rory said, "Yeah, but did you see what she was doing with lezzies trying toys and great penetrating times pantyhose lesbians pussy and her cunt?" Zach said, "She had a big thing that looked like a prick pushed into her cunt and she had an electric vibrator that she was using her on her clitty" Rory said, "Boy, I bet she'd be a great fuck.

I'd sure like to put my cock in her cunt instead of just beating off out here." At this point, I decided to do something bold. I walked around to the door of the toolshed, turned the knob and very quietly walked madelyn marie and danny mountain.

The boys saw me and in surprise said "Aunt Sarah, what are you doing out here?" They playing with a concupiscent japanese cum hole hardcore groupsex to cover their penises.

I said, "No, boys, just leave your shorts where they are. I like to see boys masturbate anyway, so you just go right ahead and keep jacking off." Zach said, "Aunt Sarah, are you sure that's okay? I smiled at them and walked over to an old, overstuffed chair sitting on one side of the toolshed.

I sat down with Rory on my left and Zach on my right. I said "Boys, come over here and let me see your pricks." The boys kind of shuffled toward me with their shorts around their feet. I reached up and took one Rory's penis in my left hand and Zach's penis in my right hand. They both had good sized cocks. They were probably 6-7 inches long and 3 inches in diameter.

I lightly caressed their pricks and then felt their big balls hanging underneath. One of them said "Oh, Aunt Sarah, that feels so good" I then said, "What was it that gave you the idea to come in here and jack off?" The boys looked little sheepish and didn't say anything.

So I said, "Did you boys watch me masturbate a while ago in the house?" They nodded their heads, yes. I said, "Did you boys like watching me masturbate?" One of them replied "Yes, we did." I said, "Did you boys get hard-ons while you were watching me?" Again they nodded yes.

I said, "Did you take your cocks out and jack off while you were watching me?" They said, "No, but we wanted to, and then Rory suggested we come in the toolshed where no one would see us." I said, "Have either of you boys shot your jizm yet?" They nodded their heads, no.

I said, "Would it enhance your masturbation if I showed you my tits?" They said, "Oh boy, would it ever!" I reached down and unbuttoned the part of my dress covering my big jugs and pulled both sides of my dress out so the boys could see my big milkers, with my hard nipples jutting out. At this point I started caressing and stroking my nipples.

At the same time I was hefting my tits so the boys could see how big they were. By now, I was getting really horny myself. I said, "Boys, would you also like to see my pussy and my cunt?" They nodded yes again, so I unbuttoned the part of my dress that covered my bare naked pussy and spread my legs out over the arms of the chair. I told them to come over and get a good look at it.

They moved so they could get a good view of my pussy and cunt, still continuing to jack off; and looked intently at my hairy pussy lips; the cunt between them and my glistening pink clitoris.

At this point, I got an idea as to how I wanted them to complete their masturbation. I said, "Boys, I know it feels good and I know you're enjoying it, but if you can, please hold off coming too soon." They slowed down the strokes on their cocks and said, "Gee, Aunt Sarah, what are we going to do?" I said, "I'm not sure yet, but I've gotten really horny.

I want to play with my tits and my clitty to the point where I'm almost ready to come myself." With that, I started to vigorously rub my tits with my left hand and used my right hand to get lubrication out of my cunt and rub it on my clitty.

I knew, with all the stimulation I was getting, that I wasn't that far away from hot big tits bbw lesbians tube porn orgasm.

At that point, I decided that I wanted to be in control of the way the boys had their orgasms. I said, "Boys, stopped jacking off and just stick out your pricks. Aunt Sarah wants to finish you off in a way that we will all like." The younger boy was standing to my left. I took some juice from my pussy and started rubbing his prick with it. He groaned and said, "Oh, that feels so good." I said, "Rory, I can tell you're getting ready to come and I want you to shoot your jizz all over my tits." He said, "Oh, I'd love to do that Aunt Sarah and it's going to happen pretty soon." Several strokes preston parker wants his cock lubricated and cassidy banks pornstars brunette, I could feel his balls tighten and pre-orgasm tremors in his prick.

He groaned and started shooting jets of white jizm all over my tits and neck. He said, "Oh, Aunt Sarah, that was wonderful. I've never had a cum like that in my life." I gave him a wicked little smile and replied, "Aunt Sarah is always willing to please her favorite nephews." Zach said, "Do you want me to shoot my jizz on your tits too, Aunt Sarah?" I said, "No, Zach, I got something in different in mind for you.

I'm getting ready to come myself, but what will really set me off is seeing you shoot your jizm onto my clitty and my pussy.

When I see and feel your warm, white jizm hit that area, that will make me have a really strong orgasm." Zach moved away from my right side and stood in front of me.

I reached down and took a glob of juice son and mom night sex in bedroom my sloppy, wet pussy and started masturbating his hard throbbing prick. By this time, he was very sexually aroused and said, "Aunt Sarah, I can't hang on too much longer." I said.

"Zach, It's okay. You just shoot your jizm when you feel like it and I'll aim it at my clitty and pussy. With that, he started to squirt gouts of jizm which I directed onto my clitty, then it ran down onto my pussy and into my cunt.

At this point, I went into a tremendous orgasm that must've lasted 10 or 12 seconds. After I caught my breath, I said, "Well, boys, we've had a really good time Lets go in the house and have something cool to drink." The boys pulled up their shorts and buttoned them. I took some tissues out of one of the pockets of my dress and wiped up their jizz from my tits and pussy.

I then stood up, buttoned my dress and the three of us walked out of the tool shed and into the house. We went into the kitchen and I motioned for the boys to sit at the kitchen table. I brought out three glasses and a pitcher of fresh lemonade from the refrigerator and poured each of us a glass.

We sat there for about 20 minutes or so talking about the projects which the boys had been working on my property. We calculated their hours and I told them I would pay them in cash at the end of the day. While we were sitting there, Zach said, "Aunt Sarah, I enjoyed that so much that I'm getting another hard-on." I reached over to feel his penis in his shorts and it was hard.

I then reached over to Rory and felt his penis. It was also hard. I said, "Boys, we've all just masturbated. How would you boys like to fuck me?" "Oh Aunt Sarah, Rory said, "That would be great, but how can we do that?

There's only one of you and two of us." I replied, "I know that, but I've got more than one hole. I can think of ways that we can all satisfy each other at the same time. Let's go in the bedroom and see what we can do." The three of us got up and walked into the bedroom. I could tell the boys were excited because their cocks were slutty slut does her best to cum out their shorts.

When got in the bedroom, I had the boys drop their shorts and I took off my dress. The boys were very excited at first when they got a complete view of full-length black hose supported by the black garter belt.

They came over and started sucking my tits, then licking my pussy and clit. I let them do this for a while, but I didn't want them to come while they were doing it, so I said, "Okay now, let's see if we can have some cumming on show times hanging tits tube porn fun together." Zach was a year older than Rory and had a somewhat bigger prick so, I'm had him lie down on his back on the bed.

I then got up in the bed, straddling him and slowly pushed down on his prick inserting it into my cunt. He moaned and said, "Oh, Aunt Sarah, your cunt is so warm and wet and delicious and in this position I can play with your big, beautiful tits." I then held a jar of sex lubricant out to Rory and told him to cover his penis with it and put some on my asshole.

He said, "Aunt Sarah, is that where you want me to put my cock?" I replied, "Well Rory, the only other orifice is my mouth, so I guess my asshole is where you should go. I think you'll find it tight and clean, because I took a shit this morning and had a mini-enema to clean it out." Rory climbed up behind me.

I leaned over, laying my tits on Zach's chest and pulled my ass cheeks apart. "I said, "Go slow and be gentle because a rectum is not near as tough and resilient as a cunt." He gently inserted his penis in my anus.

I said, "Okay boys, this is going to be somewhat of a challenge because I want you both to fuck me at the same time, but you're going to have to get miya khalifa fist time sex belerd rhythm going between the two of you, so that the motion of your pricks do not interfere with each other.

Also, I think you both ought to say out loud how are you how close you are to coming, because it would be nice if you both could shoot your jizz about the same time, which would trigger my orgasm." The boys uttered agreement and started thrusting and withdrawing. Since the boys had already had one orgasm that afternoon, I figured that they would last longer this time and they did. At one point, however, " Rory said, "I'm just about there.

Is it okay to shoot my jism?" Zach said, " I'm ready to come too." I said, "Yes, boys, you both go ahead and shoot your jism." With low moans of pleasure, they both started to come and I could feel the warm jizm in my vagina and my rectum. I had an intense orgasm. They pulled out of my holes and all three of us lay on the bed getting our breath back. We got up and went back to the kitchen. I said, "Would you boys like some ice cream and cake?" They replied, "Yes, Aunt Sarah," in unison.

They sat down. I went to the refrigerator freezer and removed a carton of ice cream. I took three slices from a cake that I had made earlier, and prepared three bowls of ice cream and cake. We had this with more lemonade. After a few minutes or so, there was a knock on my door. I went to the door and found my friend and neighbor, Ellen standing there. She said, "Sarah I just thought I come over and see how you were doing on this good weather day with your nephews working around the property." I replied with a small smile, that we were doing just fine.

Ellen is a very pretty blonde, a few years older than I am and about the same height. She is a little plumper than I am, but she still has lovely large tits with big areolas and nipples. I know this because Ellen and I have had sex on a number of occasions.

We enjoy playing with each other's tits and nipples. Then we suck each other's vulva and clit until we have a mutual orgasm. Ellen gave me kind of sideways glance when she saw that I was wearing the black hose and garter belt under my robe and nothing else.

She said, "Sarah, are you fucking those boys?" I smiled kind of sheepishly and said, "Ellen, they're both over18. We were just having a little fun and, yes, I did have sex with them." Ellen smiled and said, "you could ask me in to have some ice cream, cake and lemonade?" I said, "Sure Ellen, come on in and have a seat." She smiled and we went back into the kitchen where she sat down. I fixed her a bowl of ice cream and cake; and poured her glass of lemonade.

While she was sitting there, she said, "You are certainly a pair of good-looking boys. Do you like working with Aunt Sarah?" The boys smiled somewhat sheepishly and said, Yes, we really love it." Ellen said, "Do you like everything that you do with Aunt Sarah? She had a funny tone in her voice and looked at the boys with a smile. The boys smiled back and Zach said, "Yes we do, and Aunt Sara's the nicest lady that we know. She's very broad-minded and has helped us with our education." Ellen smiled and said, "Really.

Would that be a kind of sex education?" She winked as she said this and the boys blushed. She said, "I would like to help handsome young men like you with their sex education, as well. Maybe, I could participate in your next lesson.". I said, "Ellen what do you have in mind?" She said, "Well, Sarah, if you're going to have another lesson with boys, I could watch and add helpful suggestions or comments.

I looked at Ellen and said, "Ellen, you are a naughty girl." She laughed. Then I turned to Zach and Rory and said, would you boys like to have another lesson with Aunt Sarah and Ellen participating?" They both smiled and nodded their heads in agreement.

Zach said, "Aunt Sarah, I'm getting another hard-on." Rory said, "so am I.". I said, "Well, let's go into our playroom and see what we can do. We all got up from the virgin beautiful gal likes fellatio and ride and walked into the bedroom. The boys immediately dropped their shorts and were standing there with their hard pricks sticking out. Ellen smiled and walked over to them.

She said, "What beautiful cocks you boys have. May I touch them?" The boys nodded their heads in agreement and Ellen took each boys prick in one hand, felt their hardness and then gently fondled their balls underneath. They said in unison, "Oh, that feels so good." At this point, I dropped my robe and Ellen said, "Sarah, you have the most luscious, voluptuous body. I just love your big tits, and that garter belt and hose frames your pussy so beautifully".

With that, she came over and started to suck my tits and ran her hands over my vulva and clit. I said, "Ellen, we can save that for another day. Now, I want to help the boys with their "education." She said, "Okay" and pulled up a chair at the side of the bed and sat down so that she could see all the action.

I said, "Boys, let's get into position. Rory, I want you lying on your back this time and scoot up to the head of the bed, because this time I went to suck your prick and have Zach behind me fucking my cunt." We all got into position. I started sucking the head of Rory's prick and stroking the shaft. Zach slipped into my warm wet vagina. He started thrusting in and out while I was fellating Rory. Ellen kept shifting her gaze from one boy to the other. She watched me suck the head and stroke the shaft of Rory's penis.

Then she looked over at Zach who was avidly thrusting his hard prick in and out of my vagina. After several minutes of this, Ellen said, "This is so hot it's getting me very aroused.

With that, she stood up, pulled down her panties, hiked her dress up over her waist, spread her legs and put them on the side of the bed. We all had a perfect view of her blond pubic hair over her swollen red clitoris and her very pink pussy.

She opened her blouse and pulled her brassiere up over her tits. She then took her left hand and started playing with her tits, pinching the nipples and massaging them. She took her right hand, reached down to her vulva and started masturbating. I knew she was really enjoying it because she started moaning softly and her right hand was moving very rapidly. Ellen's masturbation in front of the boys really excited them. Zach started fucking me faster and moaning softly.

Rory became more active and started to thrust his prick in my mouth further. I took my mouth off Rory's penis and said, "Ellen, you are really getting these boys excited. They may have a more intense orgasm than they did with me before." Ellen said, "Sarah, could I ask you for a big favor?" I said, "Sure, Ellen, what is the favor?" Ellen said, "Sarah, would you ask the boys if they would like to fuck me for a while.

It would just be for a little while. I would not take away their orgasms with you". I said, "Boys, what you think of Ellen's request?". They both said, "That would be fun, if you don't mind Aunt Sarah." I said, "Ellen, I don't mind at all. I would like to see you enjoy yourself and have a good orgasm. Lovely brunette bbae ariana grand riding stepdads cock asked Zach to pull out of my cunt.

I got off the bed and said, "Ellen, why don't you get those clothes off and get up here on the bed on your hands and knees. I've got an idea." She hurriedly stripped off her clothes and got on the bed on her hands and knees. I said to the boys, "Why don't you do with Ellen what you did me the last time. Zach, you lie on your back and push your cock into Ellen's cunt while Rory fucks her in the ass.

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The boys nodded in agreement and I said, "Ellen is this arrangement okay with you? I don't want you to get hurt or pregnant." She replied, "I had my tubes tied years ago so that's not a problem. I am excited to have these two handsome young hunks put their pricks into me and it would really be exciting to be fucked in the cunt and the ass at the same time." Zach took his position on his back.

I said to Rory, "Let me coat your prick with the sex lubricant. I used earlier, so you won't hurt my friend's ass or rectum". I took a dab and put it all over his hard young cock.

I then put some on Ellen's anus. Zach said, "If we do it this way Aunt Sarah, what will you do?

There won't be anybody fucking you." I replied, "Boys, I've had a lot of sex action today. I'll just lie on the bed next to you while you're fucking Ellen. I am going to masturbate and try to come when you and Ellen do. So go ahead and start fucking her cristi ann liza rowe in fucking girlfriends best friend, by the way, it's perfectly okay if you shoot your jizm in her.

I think she would enjoy that. I'm not jealous and don't need another load of jizm." With that, the boys moved up to her and inserted their pricks in her. She said, "Oh, that feels so good. Come on boys, I want you to fuck me hard and fast." The boys started thrusting in and out. I thought, how wonderful to be 18 or 19 years old and be able to get an erection every 20 minutes or so.

From the bedside table, I took out the dildo and vibrator that I used earlier in the day and lay down on the bed beside Zach. I pushed the dildo into my cunt, turned on the vibrator and started using it on my clitoris. Although I had two previous orgasms, I was still horny and started to reach a climax rather quickly.

I looked at Ellen and saw that she was intensely enjoying the two young cocks moving in and out of her very quickly. She looked at me and said, "Oh, Sarah this is wonderful!

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I'm so glad I came over here because I've been very horny and really needed an orgasm. It looks like you're enjoying yourself also. Why don't we all try to come together. Zach said, "It won't be too long before I go off. Rory said, "Same here.". Suddenly, Zach said, "Oh, I'm going to come!" Rory said the same thing and I could tell the boys were shooting their jizm into Ellen. It was too much for Ellen and she said, "Oh, I am going to come as well. She said, I'm cummmmming!" At this point, it was too much for me and I too exploded into an orgasm.

Afterwards, and the four of us rested on the bed for a while, then Ellen gathered up and put on her clothes. I put on my robe again, the boys put on their shorts, then we all went in the kitchen. I poured some more lemonade for the boys and made a drink for me and Ellen. I paid the boys what I owed them. Finally, the four of us went outside. Ellen said goodbye and went back to her house. The boys went to get in Zack's car and go home.

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As he was leaving, Zach said, "Aunt Sarah, can we help you again on the property?" I winked and said, "Sure, maybe next week I'll need something else done. I'll call you. With that statement, I kissed them both and sent them off in Zach's car. What a wonderful afternoon! The End