Natural tits teen rough did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teen

Natural tits teen rough did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teen
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My names Link. No, not the video game character. I'm 17, and I live with my sister and my mom. My dad left us when I was 14, no reason, he's just an asshole I guess. I have light blonde hair and I'm not much for looks, but I'm not ugly.

Anyways, this is a story about how I got into the whole incest scene. Not really sure how it happened, and I never had any fantasy's about incest before then, but, when I was sitting on her back, her in a skimpy bikini, me rubbing lotion on her back. well, I'll just start from the beginning to leave out any confusion. So, today was a day like any other. I got a message from my sister's, she being 17 at the time as well (let's call her Zelda, just for the sake of humor), dick-wad boyfriend, who had no spine, and I just wanted to Falcon Punch him every time I saw him.

I told him she wasn't here (she katie and sabrina bang with a strap on blonde boobs and he left me a message for her. I went into Zelda's room and gave her the message. She was naked, and when I walked in she cringed and tried to cover herself. She had never done that before. We had always been very open with each others nakedness. Not with our mom, but with each other. We were practically twins (I was one month older than her) and had been naked around each other all the time.

I asked her if something was wrong, and she just rushed me out of her room.

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So, I went to my room and put on interracial hot sex pamela sanchez and max rajoy fuck on stage by trunks, and put on some sun-screen. I went out side and saw Zelda tanning on those white strap chair thing's.

I quickly ran over, and sat on her back. "Ah! Get off!" She tried squirming and kicking me with her feet, but it didn't work. "What's wrong with you? Why did you flinch away when I walked in your room earlier?" "You know, it was just. you know." "What? Never mind, I'll just wait for you to explain it to me. I think I'll get comfortable while I wait." "While your up there, mind rubbing some sun-screen on my back?" So I grabbed the sun-screen, and put some in my hands, and started rubbing it into her back.

I moved my way down so that I was sitting on her butt, and slowly started massaging her back. Zelda has blonde hair, but at the time it was brown and black and blonde, all weird and shit, but it looked good. She had rather large breasts, which I started noticing when she was maybe 15, a nice pert butt, which just sort of burst out of whatever she was wearing, and she had this beautiful arch to her back which made both her breasts and butt stick out even more.

I slowly started moving my hands down her sides, to apply more sun-screen, and she lifted herself up so that I could go lower. "Go lower" She said moaning. I was almost taken aback. I had never heard her talk to me like that. I started moving my way down her sides again, and I realized I was just about to start rubbing the lotion on her breasts. I slowly moved my hands down their, afraid of what would happen. My legs were ice cold by now, and my heart was beating at 100 beats per second.

I finally found her breasts, and holding my breath, I slid my hand under her bikini top, and started massaging her breast. She lifted herself up off the chair to give me easier access, and I started looking for her nipple.

Before I could she turned herself so she was lying on her back and she took off her pink top. I quickly grabbed her breasts and started squeezing them. I leaned down and started to suck on one. She moaned and I slowly started to lick down her belly towards her pink bikini bottom. I started to rub my face on her pussy through her bikini.

I could feel her getting wet under her bottoms, and slowly pulled them down. It's not like I hadn't seen her pussy before, but I had never looked at it like this, and I had never seen it so wet. I slowly started to lick the inside of her pussy while I massaged her clit with my hand. I did this for a little while and I could feel the cum running down my chin. I quickly pulled her bikini bottom the rest of the way off her legs and she got up and started to pull down my pants.

Quite obviously my dick was throbbing harder than it ever had before, and it felt like it was on fire. In a good way.

Hot babe with a bubble butt gets rammed was a virgin at the time. I had gone to third base with girls before, but it had never gotten really serious. She pulled my pants down the rest of the way and started stroking my hard on. Very lightly she kissed the tip and started to lick it. Finally she latched her lips onto it and started to suck. As far as I knew, she was a virgin, but there must have been some stuff going on while I was out of the house, because she took this all in good stride, like she had done all of this before.

I let her suck for another minute until I felt that building up sensation in the back of my hard on. I slowly pulled her mouth off so as not to trigger any, er, explosive reaction from myself. She then lie down on her chair, her breasts on the seat, her butt sticking up at me with her pussy in between her legs. I slowly started to insert my shaft into her until I was all the way inside.

I waited a second, and then slowly drew out, and then plunged back in again. Her ass wobbled every time I did this and it was really starting to work me up. I started going faster and faster, and she kept moaning louder and louder.

Eventually I felt that build up in my erection again, and plunged into her as deep as I could right at the tipping point.

I could barely hear her over the screaming of my own brains pleasure.

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We both came at the same time, and it felt like an atom bomb of pleasure going off in her crotch. Her pussy tightened, sending rivulets of pleasure down my shaft, as we both exploded.

I pulled out of her and fell on the ground. My legs were too weak to hold me up. She lay her head back on the chair and passed out. 'Oh wow' I thought, as blackness slowly started to close in on the bright sunny day. 'Oh wow' THE CIGARETTE These disgusting pigs. I'm dancing on the stage right now, 2 other girls pouring water on me, as I shake my tits and ass in the air.

They're cheering for me, egging me on. I take off my flimsy shirt and throw it into the crowd. I squeeze my tits together and more cash gets thrown onto the stage. I bend over and pick up a $20, making sure my Double D's hang down as far as possible. This only results in more cash being thrown in my direction. I do a little twirl, sticking my ass in the air, and pull down my skirt. I'm not wearing any panties and I throw my skirt into the crowd.

Oh God, there will be a lot of money in this. The men in sweatpants are very happy right now. I strut down the stage, and with a last kiss thrown over my shoulder, I walk off the stage, into the dressing room. Security will sweep up the money for me before the next show. I get in the shower, washing off. I practice my act while washing in the 4 person public shower for the models. Across the room Mercedes and Niki are showering too.

"Nice show! Wish I could do half the shit you pulled out there. I need bigger tits," Niki laughed as she puffed them out with her arms. "They're just fine," Mercedes said, grabbing them with her fingers. We all laughed and finished showering. "Oh, Peach," Niki calls out as I am about to leave. "There's this guy over in Oval Town. He said stop by for a photo shoot and some private shows for some extra cash.

"How much?" "I made two and a half grand last time I was over there. You should check it out. The guys not a real looker, but his parents were loaded before they croaked. The guys got money floating around all over the place." "Thanks. I think I'll go check him out. I gotta go eat first. I'm starving. Wanna come with?" "Naw, I got to go check on Jim. He's probably fucking that girl Jane." "I don't understand why your so hard on him.

You are a stripper after all." "Yeah, but I'm an adult." We both laughed. She left and I hopped into my car. I made a stop at McDonald's on the way home, walked inside, and ordered a cheeseburger. McDonald's is like a cigarette. It feels good while your doing it, but afterwards, you feel like shit. So I'm sitting there, eating my burger, stepdaughter krystal gets drilled by her dad I realize that this guy is eyeing me and my low cut shirt and high shorts.

I feel like I'm burning under his stare and I know I'm blushing. He gets up and walks over to me. "Hello miss, I was wondering if I could get your number." Straight up. No roundabout pick up lines or shit. I already liked this guy. "Who are you?" "I'm willing to pay you graciously for your company" He had a harsh accent. I sounded German. I'll try to spell it to you how he sounds.

He was wearing a dirty tank top and some blue denim shorts. He was sweaty and covered in grime. I looked over at his table, and sure enough, I saw a construction helmet. "You're a construction worker?" "Yes Ma'am" He was quite built.

He just needed a wash. He probably just got off his shift. "Well, tell you what, we head back to your place, I show you a good time, you pay me, I go home happy, you brace faced teen franziska facella plays with her pussy solo digital playground home happy." "Sounds gud two meh." I quickly finished off the rest of my burger as he got his things.

We walked outside together and we got in my car. He gave me directions to his place and we got there in about 15 minutes. He lived in a run down house, and it didn't look like much, but most people this side of town didn't have very nice stuff.

I got out and he unlocked the door for me. I walked inside, went into the bathroom, and quickly prettied myself up.

I walked into the living room and he was sitting on the couch in nothing but some boxers. "Du you like foreplay?" He asked me. "I'm up for anything.

But how much are you paying?" "You'll have two taek an act uf faith on meh." I was about to pursue the matter, but I was getting really turned on by his sweaty body.

I slowly sat on his crotch and gave him a nice lap dance. I was obviously making him happy. I then got down on my knees as he spread his legs.

I then pulled his penis out through the hole in his boxers, and began to suck him off. After about a minute of this, I took off my bra, and started massaging his hard on with my breasts.

He really enjoyed that, and finally I couldn't hold it in anymore. I got up, pulled down my panties, and sat down on his cock with my pussy. He was a good 9 inches, and I was an idiot for just sitting down on him. Slowly I pulled myself up, and even slower, I let myself down, careful not to hurt myself again. I was sitting on him, my back to him, in a reverse cowgirl. I started pumping up and down on him, and he started moaning in time with me.

I started going up and down faster and faster on his shaft, and just before I came, I turned around so that I was facing him, ad he grabbed my tits right before we both came. His shaft grew limp in my pussy, and I quickly went to the bathroom and washed off. I waled out of the room and he was passed out. I got snuggled close to him and fell sexy babe gets double penetrated by bbc under his arms.

THE BLUE MERCEDES "Hey Mercedes." "Hi! What's up Niki?" After I had left the strip club, I came home and was bored, so I decided to go on a new kind of experience. Me and Mercedes had talked about lesbian encounters, and we both admitted we had never actually been with another women in bed. "So, remember what we were talking about earlier, well, do you want to come over?" I held my breath "Sure, what time?" "Kinda now-ish." "Kinky. I'll be right over" I hung up and quickly got on my best pink lingerie, powdered my cheeks, and put on some lip-gloss.

Then, the waiting game. Finally I heard the bell ring and after a quick glance in the mirror, walked over and opened the door. "Hey! So do you want to-" I gasped as she hurdled herself into the room and mashed her lips against mine. Aggressively she grabbed my breasts, and shoved me on the couch. Quickly she removed my top, and started sucking on my breasts. I arched my back in pleasure.

Then she ripped off my panties. And I actually took the time to put on my best lingerie. Oh well She started slowing down finally as she started tongue fucking my pussy. I began to cum, and then I reached behind me and grabbed a double ended dildo from behind the couch. "This first," I said. She bent over, and I put in the first half of the dildo in her, and then I bent over, and put the second half into myself. Now might be a good time to tell you about about ourselves. Mercedes and I grew up in a shady part of town, and we had always stuck close to each other.

Eventually, when the economy's shit hit the fan, we both needed some extra cash. So we got into the strip business. There we met Peach. Everyone called her Princess Peach, and indeed, she was a princess in the world of strippers. She taught us everything we know. About how to turn men grandmas bingo night starts with an orgasm, how to make them want more, how to make them crazy.

We owed everything to her. When we got into the business, we didn't have much. She hooked us up with a couple of shows and some dresses, not to mention a couple thousand dollars. After that, we just got hooked. We head over to the strip club every time we feel like hanging out and making some extra cash. It wasn't a desperate job for money anymore. It was a hobby. I have black hair, and small little hand sized breasts.

Mercedes has dark brown hair, and nice medium sized tits. And finally, Princess Peach. Peach colored hair, and huge breasts that complimented her so well. They would look awkward on me, but she could pull it off real well. Anyways, after a couple months on the job.

my boyfriend left me. He was an asshole anyways, but now we had a huge custody issue over our son. He was always on some mission to get laid, and he almost always succeeded.

His only problem, was the not getting caught part. I had caught him many a time with a voluptuous women in MY bed. Sometimes I would stay out and listen, but that's for another story.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. We both started banging butts with each other, pulling away from each other until the dildo almost fell out, and then slamming our asses back together again. We did this for many minutes, our soft pussy lips touching each other every time we drew together, until we both started to amazing virgin love tunnel rammed by dick hardcore russian. I could feel our wet pussy's clinging to each other, and I swiped my hand across my pussy to get a taste.

Finally, I pulled out the dildo, and sat Mercedes down on the couch. Then I started licking up all the juices and swallowing them.

"Let me have a taste," she gasped out, an I crawled my way up to her, and kissed her. We fell asleep that way.

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THE CIGARETTE PART 2 The sun was shining in my eyes through the window near the TV. I quickly got up and looked around. "Hello?" I checked the bedroom. "Is anyone home?" I walked into the kitchen and found an envelope on the table. I opened it, and pulled out a wad of cash and a letter. "Princess Peach, Thank you for last night. It was much needed. Here is $5000, and I hope to see you again. Please stay safe. I wouldn't want you hurting that cute bum of yours. With Love and Respect, John" Well shit.

5 grand. That was quite a lot. I left my number, grabbed my keys, and drove home. I walked into the house. It was empty. The kids must be in the pool.

"Link? Zelda?" I walked to the kitchen and looked outside, just in time to see my son plunge into my daughter.