Hot sexy girl strip teasin dancing in front of the mirror

Hot sexy girl strip teasin dancing in front of the mirror
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Venessa stared at her hand holding the lever. She could hear the freedom cries of all f the creatures. "What did I do?" she wondered to herself, "Zombies, goblins, orcs, ghosts, a boogeyman!" she whispered. She smiled in a huffing laughter, well the world needs a bit more excitment I guess. She looked outside as the zombies were the last thing to leave the building. "Maybe the world needs a zombie apocalypse. Enough people have plans for it." she laughed again.

Lira woke up in a gasp. Escaping with only minor cuts. She remembered Freddy's words. "We're free, I say goodbye to you for now Lira." followed by a loud sinister laugh.

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She stood up then walked to the nearest window seeing all of the monsters rush out. "A Monster World huh? That's a scary thought she said." Terri looked outside as they spread across the city, she could already hear siriens in the distance.

"What a coincidence this happens in Los Angelas. City of Angels. Now to be the city of nightmares." she gave a quick chuckle. "I'll just have to move. Maybe I'll come back for vacation." *later that night* Britney wore her favorite swimsuit.

It was a peppermint blue bikini that glimmered when wet. Her beautifully soft skin nearly glistened in the already hot weather. She had invited a guy she didn't know over from a bar to her house on the hill. It was on private property.

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Made of mainly windows and had a massive pool. Which her new friend was already swimming in. She looked at herself in the mirror, making sure she looked good. Her dirty blonde hair was nice and fluffy, her dark crimson lipstick on generously on her large plump lips. Her european babe fingers herself fingering and romantic smooth "stripper" legs waxed and toned. Her eyes a bright blue. She grasped her high C-cup breasts and moved them around until they were to her liking even though it didn't do anything really.

Her fingernails were lathered a bright red and were an inch long. Jake, who was swimming in the pool splashed around and enjoyed the cool water on the warm night. He wasn't sure how much better the night could get. He was pretty sure he was going to have sex in a pool with an extremely sexy women and he also had recently got paid. He couldn't believe his luck.

Being in his mid twenties, in need of a shave but to a women's liking, his hair was long and unkempt, his build large shoulders massive.

A fairly hairy man but not Sasquatch worthy. The hose to the house was still in the pool filling it a bit. It had been there since the night before filling in the pool. That's when an unusually cold current of water went through. A large amount. Jake shivered as the current changed around his body getting quite a bit colder. Her started to swim to the edge to go turn up the heat in the shy as that lovely babe gets her cunt sucked when he suddenly went under.

He resurfaced looking around his area frantically, "What the shit?!" He yelled as he felt almost a hand grasp his ankle and yank him under.

He yelled underwater feeling what seemed like hands surround his throat and squeezed. He garbled and choked trying to swim to the surface and fight whatever it was that had him. Suddenly a face appeared with the water. Water had formed creating facial feature as his back hit the bottom. He felt his entire head pulsing as his eyes began to hurt.

He yelled out again as he tried to breath. Nothing but water filled his nostrils and throat with a sting. His sight faded slowly to black as his muscles relaxed and the last thing in his sight was that face seemingly laughing. Britney set down a bottle of tequila and lifted to shot glasses and was at a blender where a margarita was being made.

Water created hands grasped the edge of the pool as a water humanoid rose from the pool, enwrapping Jakes dead body. It brought the man to the edge of the property tossing it in a dark spot of the yard. It began to walk away when it heard a buzzing noise. It turned around to see a sexy women in a swimsuit inside the house at a blender. It's watery face smirked as it slithered back to the pool slowly sinking back in.

She walked into her walk in freezer. A nice addition to her home so she didn't have to go to town so much grabbing some more ice she walked into the kitchen again tossing them in the margarita ten blending it again. She looked outside to see the pool empty. Her eyes narrowed a little seeing past the pool she saw flame on the city of Los Angeles.

A few buildings it looked like. "Well I'm just glad I live up here. And I got a gun in my room. Now where did Jake go?" She wondered as she walked outside. She walked across the patio looking around and simply not seeing anything.

"Jake?" She asked as silence responded. She turned around as she went back to the pool rolling her eyes, she bent down swirling a hand in the cool calm water. Suddenly classy cougar tugging younger studs cock handjob bigtits hand jolted out made of water.

She screamed falling on her ass. She turned around going into a run. She opened the door to her house when she was suddenly whipped against the other door, still closed. Tears streamed as this humanoid of water stood before her. It's hand grasped her top ripping it from her body the her bottom came next. She screamed feeling a hard water made cock press against her velvet lips. It then pressed in suddenly as it lifted her by the legs pressing her back against the glass door.

She then felt something press against her asshole. She cried out when it began to widen her asshole.

She felt her ass stretch for this cock made of water. "Stop!" She pleaded as it ravished her ass and pussy. She felt the cocks, so smooth, and hard. It felt so good, but there was no way she would admit it, not even to herself. She screamed in horror as an orgasm washed over her now drenched body. The humanoid was cold to the touch. Freezing even. It finally dropped her the twisted her around, ramming her up against the glass door.

Her face firmly pressed against it. She felt her tits being squeezed by the glass. She then felt the two long hard cocks enter her rectum and pussy, another crept up her belly going between her squeezed tits, then another came up forcing its way down her throat.

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She choked audibly as tears streamed. She wanted to plead for it to stop but she could barely breath let alone talk.

Her entire body slammed the glass over and over as it plunged itself into her. She felt a watery hand grasping her hair yanking viciously.

The other hand slammed on her ass quickly turning red as she growled in pain. She had jumped into a pool and landed on her back before, this felt no different. The hand then went around and began to play with her soaking and glistening clit. It rubbed and lightly squeezed. It knew she was hating and loving this. And hating herself by loving it. It pulled on her clit as her body convulsed once in an orgasm, her juices being added to the rest of the watery monster.

Suddenly it jolted again as her insides were sprayed with liquid. It thrusters again just to be sure it was empty sanny leon sex full sex stories the glass cracked. Britney lifted her hand and punched the glass breaking it as she fell through, slipping out of the monsters hands.

She caught herself before she hit the shattered glass. She then ran through the other opened door. It went after her, grabbing her ankle. She slammed the door on the water creatures arm severing it. The hand however stayed on her ankle. She ran as it went through the other side. She could feel the severed hand crawling up her leg. She grasped it a she ran into the freezer door. She opened the door and then shut it behind her and threw the watery hand.

She grabbed a two wheeled cart, to wheel in supplies, and slid it around the lock jamming it.

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She kept hearing cracking as she moved. She looked down seeing the water on her body, frozen, and cracking, and falling off every time she moved.

She then looked to where she had thrown the hand. There was a frozen puddle. She turned around as water began to seep under the door. She gasped as it began to form up again. It took a step toward her with a devious smile. It's smile then ceased as it struggled to move its leg. She could see noticeable lines coursing in its leg. It tried to move with strain in its face. Then an audible crack sounded. It's leg busted as it went down to its other.

It tried to stand when it just froze in place. Starring at her with malice.

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She walked around it slowly. She unjammed the door. Screaming she threw the two wheeled cart at the ice statue shattering it. She then began to crush the bits on the ground. She pressed every little bit with the bottom of the cart.

After she was done she went for a broom with malice in her eyes. He seeped up the pieces and then grabbed several containers. Many of them Tupperware, she placed very small amount of the ice into them then placed them in the freezer until morning hit. She then pulled the containers out and placed them in the blistering sun. The fires of Los Angela's had spread fast in one night. She had grabbed her gun. She watched as the blistering sun slowly evaporated the container filled with small bits of water.

She watched it all day as police sirens ran all day. Little did she know the monstrosities were making there way up the hill. Goblins loved to explore. *Two days later* Snow fell heavily over the reaches of Oregon. Four friends had a cabin in the mountains and loved to snowboard. It was a wonderland for them. With beaming smiles them rode down the mountain. Only a mile away from where they were snowboarding, closer to the gas boy sex storys com, the snow began to shift.

It began to morph. A brand new monster of snow stood up. It morphed into the closest thing it new of. A snowman however it had no face, nor anything to define it as a snow man, only looked like three snowballs topped on top of each other. The four got back to the cabin as one of them looked over. "Yo! Who made the snowman?" A girl named Aubrey asked, "Hell if I know, he ain't complete though." Another said, She walked up to it and looked at it then dug her hand into its face creating a straight mouth.

"We got charcoal inside right? I want to complete him." He said with a kind smile as she turned toward her friends running back. The mouth slowly turned to a smile as ice shards began to fill in a bit inside its mouth.