Feisty teen babe drilled and creampied by pervert dude

Feisty teen babe drilled and creampied by pervert dude
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Part two: Song of the Siren I didn't go far from Sophie's house; I went to the pub just on the edge of town. I needed a drink, something stronger than wine which had been the only alcoholic beverage I had for the longest time. I had never been kicked out of a woman's house before.

Alice doesn't count because technically she left me and Raven doesn't count because she was saving my ass so there. When I walked into the place something was different about it. The pub I went to back when I was still looking for bounty was musty and the air was filled with tobacco smoke.

Here there was no smoke and was nicely lit. It was larger then most pubs I'd ever been in.

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At the other side of the pub there was a stage with dark purple curtains. I didn't really pay much attention to it I just headed straight to the bar. "Hello there," the bartender said. He was an elderly man with a bushy grey beard and a balding head. "What can I get for ya?" he asked with a nearly toothless smile. "What's the strongest thing you got?" I asked having a seat on the stool.

"Whiskey," the bartender replied. "That'll do" I said. He poured me a glass and I paid him (I'll let your imagination fill in where I got the money from).

"So stayin' for the show?" he asked with a smile. "What show?" I asked. "Oh well we get a couple of acts in to perform every hour. But when we can't get an act; Bridget usually sings for us" he said. "She any good," I asked taking a drink of the whiskey. "She's the best she is," he said, "and," he went on lowering his voice, "she has a rack that if she were a buck no other male deer would want to fuck with her. By god if I were thirty years younger I would do bloody awful things to her if you know what I mean" he said with a chuckle and a wink.

"Sounds good to me," I said with a smirk and walked to find a seat closer to the stage. I found one right in front and took a seat. By the time night had fallen I had seen a few acts and most of the tables towards the front were men. "Bridget's up next mate" the bartender said pouring me another whiskey. "Good, I've been sitting here all day" I said taking a drink.

Right after he left the curtain opened and possibly the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen walked out. She had long curly silver blond hair and eyes so blue I could tell what color they were from this distance. She was wearing a silvery dress that was extremely low cut. In fact it was so low cut you could almost see her belly button.

You could see the inside sides of her breast. Fortunately the bartender hadn't been kidding. Big bobs with black cock had massive breasts; each one the size of a small boulder. The unfortunate part was that her dress fit so snuggly against her breasts there was no way those babies were popping out. She was very popular because as soon as she walked out all the men in the room started clapping.

Then she started to sing. It wasn't the best song; "Green Sleeves" it was more the way she sang it that appealed everyone. She had a beautiful voice sunny leone xxx twgirls in ebony it just made you want her even more.

Towards the middle of the song she bent down and made her breasts push together. She was looking right at me and she winked.

I smirked and just continued to watch the show. Then she finished and everyone—including me—applauded.

"Thank you, you are all a wonderful audience, I'll be performing tomorrow at lunch and possibly just before the evening!" I went back to the bar. I have had at least three glasses of whiskey and was still sober. "Didn't I tell ya?" the bartender said. "Aye, she is quite the beauty" I said. "Oh yeah, every man in town would like to bump uglies with her" he said with a wink. "Has anyone?" I asked.

He shook his head, "Nah, she has a very serious look-but-don't-touch policy. She'd rip your fucking arm off if you said she looked pretty today." "I'm quite used to violent women" I said with a smile. "Hey Cedric" said a woman's voice.

"Oh, miss Bridget! I'm not used to seeing you out here." "I thought I'd grab a drink before I get dressed and head home" said Bridget as she sat down beside me. "What can I get you?" he asked. "You choose" she said sweetly. Cedric did as he was asked and started making an odd alcoholic concoction. "Well hey there handsome" she said, "I don't believe I've seen you in my audience before.

What's your name?" I didn't look right at her I just looked at her through the corner of my eye. "Kurtz" I responded finishing my whiskey. "Interesting name" she said.

"Yeah, I don't know where it came from either" I said. "Sounds like someone tried to name you Curtis but were too drunk to spell it out" she said. "You know, that actually sounds like my dad" I said with a laugh. "Heavy drinker?" she asked. Cedric the bartender put a weird blue drink in front of Bridget and she took a sip from it. "You have no idea my dear" I said. "Well I gotta get dressed. Hey you look pretty strong, mind walking me home?" I nodded and she left. "Don't get your hopes up lad, she asks the strongest looking guy in the audience to walk her home every night.

I know I've heard many the story of what happens afterward, and I'll tell you there hasn't been any sex in any of them." "Hey don't take her drink away I'll take it if she won't" I said.

He handed me the glass and I drank the bitter sweet liquid in one gulp. Bridget came back in a dress more presentable to the outside world. extremely cute teen hot teeny gets naughty with a dildo in several postions with sexy orgasm tube po to go handsome?" she asked.

"Aye, but don't call me handsome" I said. She looked a little hurt by this but pretty babe with fat ass fucked hard by a lucky dude nothing.

Her house was farther from the edge of town then I expected. We hardly talked, at all. She was the first to strike up conversation. "You're not too friendly are you?" she asked. "Luck hasn't been on my side for the past month, tell you the truth. So it's made me a little irritable" I said. "Aw, you can tell me" she said latching on to my arm. Something inside me said I had to tell the truth. "Promise not to judge me?" "Honey, I hang around horny drunks who have to have sex every day.

I doubt you're that bad." So I told her. I started from almost dying in the woods and ended with being kicked out of Sophie's house. "Well, you have had some trouble with women." "Only three out of the five, really" I said. She nodded. "And ever since I left Violet's it's as if every girl I find attractive becomes attracted to me." She giggled. "Foolish sounding isn't it?" "Not exactly," she said softly. We made it to her house which was a little wood cabin, similar to Violet's home but most likely more rooms.

"Care to come inside, maybe have a drink?" I quirked a brow, "Cedric says you don't let anyone go in your house, just walk you home." "Well if you'd rather not come in I understand. With you having such bad luck with women and all…" "I never said I didn't want to go in. I'm just saying what Cedric told me." We sat down and had some wine. After an hour maybe we ended up in each others arms sucking each others faces off. I'm not entirely sure how we made it to the point.

I was starting to think maybe I was a little drunk now. Then I thought if I knew I was drunk then I must not be drunk. Common logic there… right? Before I knew it my shirt was gone and she was leading me to a random room.

To my surprise it wasn't the bedroom but the bathroom. In the bathroom was a porcelain tub with a faucet. "Indoor plumbing, nice" I gorgeous lora has her trimmed twat hammered. She filled the tub and got undressed instantly. I followed suit and we were both in the tub our lips locked together. With one of her free hands she began massaging my ball sack. I wasn't used to that but what the hell it felt pretty damn good.

I took both of her massive breasts in my hands and began to squeeze and fondle them. After a moment of that my cock had hardened and she was stroking it slowly. I let one of my hands trail down and cup the mound of flesh on her crotch. I slid my middle finger on her slit which made her shiver. "Maybe we should stop," she whispered. She was sobering up now obviously. I kissed her softly, "Don't worry, I'll handle everything." She eased up as I lifted her and placed her pussy on top of my cock.

I slid her down my shaft slowly enjoying the feeling. She put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. Once she reached the base she pushed herself up, and then down, and then up again. I let her do her business riding my cock. As she continually stroked my dick with the walls of her pussy the water in the tub sloshed over the sides.

I took one of her beautifully shaped nipples in my mouth and began sucking lightly. She put both her hands on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her bosom. I felt her spasm as she came. I bit down on her nipple gently which made her moan with her built up pleasure.

She started to pick up speed; I had to take my mouth off of her breast as she sped up because she kept going higher and higher up on my cock.

The water in the tub was basically all over the floor by now. She dug her nails into my chest as she came a second time. I'm pretty sure she drew blood by I didn't really care at the time. I was feeling way too good to feel any pain. If anything that only made it kinkier.

I stuck my tongue out to lick her up and down as she continued to bob up and down. She let out a cry of joy as she came a third time. I had made a girl cum twice before but three times was a new record for me. Finally I felt it was my turn as my whole body tensed up. She got off me and I began to beat my self off. Then a large stream of cum shot out of me and landed on Bridget's chest.

She smiled, kissed me and laid her head on my chest brushing some of my own cum on my stomach. "So, what are you going to do now Kurtz?" she asked. "What do you mean?" I asked running my fingers through her hair. "Come on Kurtz, you know you're not going to stay here even though I'd prefer it if you did." She was right, I could feel it myself.

I sighed, "I don't know… the fates haven't been on my side lately." "Maybe the fates are testing nicki blue and ryan grey and tiffany kohl b somehow" she said.

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"Possible," I said, "Well I'll stay the night… then tomorrow I'm going to try and finish this stupid test. And I think I know how." "Well good," she said sweetly, "And when you're done I hope we can meet again." I sighed again.

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"Me too Bridget… me too."