Nuru massage shower blowjob fucking doggy style

Nuru massage shower blowjob fucking doggy style
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i first met my mistress online about three years ago. i was maybe 20 then and very curious about my sexuality. i had no idea what i was really comfortable with yet, but i knew that i was a born submissive. So i decided to go online looking for masters and mistresses who would take a young vanilla under their wing and show me the way of the lifestyle. Her name was Marissa and she lived not far from my current apartment is today.

We met in person twice before i decided to act on any of my previous curiosities. She told me i would have to serve her entirely and anything she said i must do promptly or receive punishment. This intrigued me so she wrote up girl fucks a tied up guy poorpenis femdom contract for me to sign and a week later I showed up at her front door. She had instructed me to bring nothing except the clothes i was wearing that day, $300 in cash, and any toys i had around the house.

At precisely seven o'clock in the morning the day i would go to serve Marissa, i stood on her doorstep a bit nervous. This would be one of the biggest moves of my life and everything was about to become very, very interesting. i knocked twice as instructed and waited for someone to open the door.

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A young man, dressed only in shorts answered the door in a matter of seconds. "Lacey?" He questioned authoritatively.

"Yes." Came my quick and nervous reply. i couldn't bring my eyes to meet his so i stared at my feet the entire time. He told me to follow him inside to the living room and wait for Marissa to come out. As he left i was able to look around for a moment and realized this house was the most magnificent place on earth. All the paintings on the walls looked as elegant as the massive chandelier above my head. Suddenly she walked into the room and startled me.

"I see you like my art. These are a few of my favorites," pointing to one on the far wall, "the one over there is an original Picasso. But enough about art. It is a pleasure to finally have you here my dear. I hope you will enjoy your time as much as I will." She sauntered over to me, revealing the most intoxicating perfume i have ever had the chance to smell.

i nearly fainted when she got within inches of me, as she began removing my clothes one by one. "You know, you're my first female slave.

I have high expectations for you." As she said this i noticed the whip on her belt and began to shiver. i had never seen one in person and it looked menacing. She backed away and instructed me to remove the rest of my clothing cute chick fucks a huge glass dildo leave it in a pile next to one of the chairs. As i returned, she told me to get down on my knees, head facing down, and repeat the following line back to her.

"i am your slave Mistress Marissa. i will do anything and everything you say or suffer dire consequences. i am you slut, i am you slave, i am forever yours." Upon hearing me recite this, she cracked her whip across my back. i had never felt so much pain in my entire life, so i screamed like someone had just shot me. "Shut up!

You will not speak unless told to. You will not scream. You will obey me or everyday you're here you will receive forty lashes like that one. Do you understand?" i whimpered a yes in reply and that was it. She took a collar from one of her pockets and locked it around my neck. Taking a leash in one hand and tying the other end to my collar, she led me through the house to my new home, a small cell in the basement.

She chained my collar to the wall and slammed the door shut. --------------------------------------------------- i had gotten almost no sleep that night. With the crying and the minimal movement, i was unsure of anything anymore. i couldn't stop crying and wishing i hadn't gotten myself into this.

But i had, and i had to realize this would be my life from now on. Mistress unlocked the door to my cell after what had felt like days. She placed a cup of water and two slices of bread at my feet, and without saying a word, left and locked the door again.

i ate rapidly unsure of my fate ahead of me. i finished and was unsure why she had not returned. i waited and waited for what seemed to be at least a day before she came back again with the same procedure. This went on for an entire week. Upon the seventh day i was a shivering mess, curled up in a ball pretty teen lara flashing her cute white panties the far corner of my cell just waiting for something to happen.

When she entered on what i presumed was the seventh day, she brought in a slew of things that looked more interesting than terrifying. She unhooked my collar from the wall and attached it to another leash. Following this, she placed a large ball gag in my mouth that i almost coughed back out.

Then she blindfolded me and said to follow her on my hands and knees. Crawling over hard flooring, she reached a door which she stopped in front of to unlock. Upon entering, she removed my blindfold and i witnessed for the first time the inside of a dungeon. It was done up to look exactly like the stories and movies before me said it should look like. Hard stone floors and walls, giant wooden x's and stockades, and the like.

i grew more and more wet by the minute as she pulled me in and shoved me into one of the stockades. "Today, you will begin your training. You will receive the same rations you did in your cell but here, it is a bit different." She stopped there as she walked behind me to spank me very loudly.

Noticing i hadn't yelped this time, she proceeded to dish out another nine smacks, each time growing me wetter and wetter, and she knew. She could smell the enjoyment i was getting out of this and it surprised her. She replaced the blindfold again, and left.

Another week passed as i stood in the stockades. i was weak now and standing this long became a problem. Fortunately, my Mistress understood that, so she placed a wooden sawhorse just below my pussy for me to sit on when i couldn't stand any longer. Unfortunately, it hurt just as much to sit as it did stand so i tried standing more often.

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When she promptly returned on the seventh day again (almost like clockwork), she removed me from the stockade and laid me down on a large wooden table that i would soon not enjoy. The minute she placed me on the rack was the minute i realized that horror films had truth to their torture techniques. As i was strapped in, the table split, and i felt myself grow. When Mistress found her perfect distance, she called in one of her other slaves. He crawled over in the same fashion i did when i entered the room, and waited by Mistress's foot.

She instructed him to straddle me and not to stop until she returned. This was the first time i had sex in months and i had forgotten the feeling. As he pumped in and out i prayed he would never stop. Wave after wave of exhaustion hit me as i began dripping all over the place. After about an hour i eloge de la chair cumshots and brunette out, i couldn't handle being conscious for this any longer.

It felt too good. When my Mistress returned, she found me unconscious and her precious slave draped on top of me. Smacking him hard across the ass, he jolted up, young ginger catarina petrov plays with bfs big cock off of me causing me to wake up as well. "Did I tell you to stop? Did I say you could just stop whenever you pleased?" She barked at him. He simply turned around on his knees and stared towards the floor as her vicious whip caught his ass eleven straight times extremely rough anal and bdsm pussy whipped first time birthday anal surprise a row.

Sending him back to his cell, Mistress walked over to me and grinned. "Having fun yet?" i had never experienced this much pleasure in my life. The pain turned into pleasure as well and i seemed to slip into a trance. Noticing this, an even wider grin spread across her face. She released me from the rack and led me back to my cell when i was chained up for the night yet again.

Returning the next day, Mistress released me and led my upstairs to her kitchen. At the foot of her table was a small dog's food and water bowls containing an entire meal. Chaining me to the table, Mistress allowed me to eat next to her as another one of her slaves cooked her breakfast.

Occasionally she would look down as if she was excited more for herself than i would be upon today's excitement. As she finished, she unhooked me and brought me into the living room where i first noticed how lovely the house was. "Since you love this room so much, this will be your duty from now on. I expect every day, when cleaning time is up, that this room is immaculate.

You will be given the tools you need to clean it shortly. You have exactly one hour. Do not mess up." As she left, the cooking slave brought in just about every kind of cleaning supply known to mankind.

i began cleaning furiously, like nothing would ever prevent me from stopping. At about the one hour mark, Mistress returned with my leash and led me back downstairs to my cell.

After remarking the wonderful job i had done, she yet again slammed the door shut and the cycle began. One day i would clean parts of the house, and the next i would be in the dungeon having sex with all the other slaves while Mistress spanked every inch of my body.

Everyday. --------------------------------------------------- About eleven months had passed since i had first moved into the house, and not once had i had the pleasure of pleasuring Mistress. i think she knew this and as the routine slowly changed, i noticed how often she would be around me.

In the living room, she would sit in one of the chairs as i worked, watching my every move. In the dungeon, she implemented more and more toys to her repertoire. i now daily crawled around with a plug deep in my ass and clothespins on my nipples. This turned both of us on more and more until one day she broke. She led me into her study and told me to kneel at her feet.

Removing all her clothes, she pushed herself closer to my face and i got the picture. i began licking and sucking like never before (quite literally). As i felt her entire body quake, she began slowly lowering herself to the floor, with me not moving from her pussy. i began thrusting my tongue deeper and deeper, making her moan louder and louder. As her entire body shook for the last time, i pushed myself in as far as i could go.

She came like a tidal wave all over my face and the floor around us. Not instructing me to stop, i continued my relentless assault on her pussy, finding new ways to entice her. Before she finally stopped moving, she managed to snap her fingers three times, thus leading in three slaves from outside the room.

As they all gathered around her, she gave the signal to get me off of her and begin working their own magic. The first one, shoved me down hard on his cock, splitting my ass in two. The second one straddled my face, thrusting his own cock down my throat, only releasing when i showed signs of not breathing. The third began pumping away at my pussy, bringing me to the most amazing climax i had felt in my entire time here. While Mistress laid unconscious on the floor, the three relentlessly pumped away for hours on end, only stopping to switch positions.

When Mistress finally awoke and saw what was going on, she reached for her whip and cracked number two across the ass, sending him reeling across the room and onto the floor.

She did the same to number three with the same result. As she grabbed number one's cock yanking it out of me, i hit the floor hard and didn't move. She cracked him with the whip as well and instructed them all back to their cells immediately. She rushed over to me and picked me up off the ground and onto the couch nearby. "Lacey, I'm sorry. I forgot how rowdy they can get when I'm not paying attention.

Now that they're out of the way though I must ask you to do one more thing. You must finish what you started earlier." i knew exactly what she meant and resumed my place at her waist. As i began to probe her pussy again, she began to do the same routine, falling slowly down to the ground, me in pursuit. Wave after wave of orgasms hit her and she began to fade as she did milf bridgette b seduces teen melissa for a hot lesbian fuck. This time though she did not instruct me to stop or bring anyone else in.

As i felt her body shake for the last time, she unloaded what must have been years of frustration and waiting, spewing her juices all over the place.

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As she again passed out, i picked her up in my arms and carried her back to her bed. i tucked her in and walked away, headed for the basement. After months of living here and experiencing the dungeon, i suddenly craved the urge to go down there and tie myself up for the night.

It seemed like my fantasies were indeed coming true here as i grabbed a gag and blindfold. Chaining myself to the ceiling and straddling a sawhorse i inserted the gag and put on the blindfold and drifted off to sleep. It was by far the best night of sleep i had gotten there yet. i awoke the next day to find myself in a strangely large bed in a room i couldn't recognize, with a different collar than i was used to. This one was made out of pure metal while my old leathery one was no where to be cute shy innocent virgin school girl first virgin sex. As i looked up to see my Mistress sauntering towards me, i realized that at her feet was one of the slaves from the day before.

"Lacey, you have shown me a lot of things in the last twenty four hours. You may notice the new collar you are wearing. That is the collar of my favorite slave.

What you did back in the study was the most exhilarating feeling I have ever felt in my entire life. Then to find you this morning chained in the dungeon on your own will?

Well that is something I could have never expected. I have a feeling that you will enjoy your time here more now knowing what I know. And I hope that I can get to know you better as well." As she climbed into the bed next to me, she kissed me deeply as we both fell back to sleep in each others arms.