Wild cheeks sucking one eyed monster in club striptease hardcore

Wild cheeks sucking one eyed monster in club striptease hardcore
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I was 12 when this all began, unlike most girls who were staring sixth grade, I was different, in many ways. I had been home schooled most of my life, my mother and father were over-protective of me.

For obvious reasons, but I convinced them to let me start the sixth grade. Now, unlike most 12 year old girls, I wasnt worried about puberty, it came at me like a nuclear bomb.

My chest size was 36E, I had to wear a special sports bra just to go to school. I wasnt fat, on the contrary, not including my massive breasts, I looked like any other 12 year old girls, long brown hair tied into pig tails, thin little body, very little curve to my hips at all, my legs werent the stuff you see in magazines in my bum was only a little bit round and perky, but my tits turned heads. I remember when I was 10, my breasts had start growing basically when I was 9, by 10 they were 34D.

I was in the grocery store with my mom when an older man came up to me and asked "Hey baby, you got a license for those guns?" I was confused and told him "no". He laughed and squeezed my breasts making a honking noise and left me.

But enough about my breasts, the sixth grade was so much fun. My teacher was nice, she taught me plenty of things my first day, not all the boys were staring at me, mostly the older boys I passed on the way to class.

But I was used to staring by then. One day, a few weeks in to my first time in sixth grade, I had to use the bathroom.

My teacher told me to go out the hall, down to the first door on my right. I followed her instructions but couldnt find the bathroom, after a few minutes of searching, a tall older boy saw me and asked "whats wrong?" I replied "I gotta go.umm.to the bathroom" he smiled a kind smile and said "This way, you were close". He lead me to the bathroom and I thanked him and went inside.

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I did my business and as I came out of the stall, three older boys were waiting for me, one of them was the nice boy from before. They were all staring at my chest. "Um.Hello.this is the girls room" one of the older boys who had a small mustache laughed and said "Nuh uh, this is the boys room and girls arent allowed in here unless they play boy games" "boy games?" I asked "whats that?" they all smiled and nudged each other and laughed and the boy with the mustache stepped forward and grabbed my chest, his hands were rough and hot through my small pink t-shirt, I could feel the heateven through my sports bra, I shivered and said "what do you want?" They laughed and grabbed me and started pulling my clothes off, I yelped but they said "You have to be hot masseuse plowed by her nasty client to play the games".

I said "Oh.but I." but before I could protest, I was naked in front of them, my massive tits had been freed from their bra prison, despite the size, the were very perky, I was always embarassed by my nipples, they were big and pink, nearly half an inch long and in the cold bathroom, stiff. The boys stared at me and licked their lips and stripped down, one boy went to the bathroom door and shut it, locking it from the inside.

The boy with the mustache said "get down on your knees". I nodded and did, my chest jiggled and bounced as I did, they all smiled and started pushing their cocks which were hot and stiff against my cheeks and lips.

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I blinked and asked "what are you doing?" They all laughed and the nice boy said "You have to suck on them until the cream comes out or you wont be allowed to leave the bathroom" I wanted to go back to class so I took the head of one of the cocks and sucked gently on it, but the boy was rough and thrust his cock deep in my mouth, I coughed and sputtered but he didnt stop, my hair was pulled and my lips popped off the cock with a wet pop, I gasped and my mouth was filled once more by hot cock meat.

Even the nice boy fucked my throat with his cock, it was hot and they all tasted awful but after a few minutes, I started to love the taste black sucked by two blondesblack sucked by two blondes it. Then the boys nodded at each other and pointed their cocks at my face and the boy with the mustache said "Open wide" I opened my mouth and they jerked their cocks and simultaneously released gooey cream all over my face, breasts and mouth.

The cream was salty and hot but oddly it didnt taste too bad. I licked some up and the boy with the mustache pulled out his cellphone and started to dial. I asked "Who are you calling?" He grinned and said "Friends" I raised an eyebrow in questionthe boys all snickered and nudged each other, the boy with the mustache kneeled down, his now limp cock hanging between his legs, he looked me up and down as he held the phone by his ear and said into the phone "Yeah, hey, come to the boys bathroom, yeah.8th grade bathroom, we got something you gotta see" I blushed and said "You told me I could leave" the boy hung up and said "You tellin me you didnt like it?" I blushed brighter now and said "Well.I didnt.not like it" smiling weakly all the boys laughed and looked at each other, then there was a knock on the bathroom door.

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