Blue film mature and girl full sex stories story

Blue film mature and girl full sex stories story
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I slept very well that night.

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In the morning, I got myself a bite to eat and made a cup of coffee, and opened up my web browser to the dick picture sharing site. I hadn't been on there for a couple of weeks, so I checked my PMs and any new comments on my pictures. You don't get many replies if you haven't put pictures up lately, so no action there. Only one PM, a guy that I'd sexted with a while back, just saying that he'd "enjoyed" my pictures.

(He threw in a couple of their emoticons of someone jerking their cock.) I think I've got a nice cock, and some other people do too.

Then I started searching for those group pics that I'd remembered. I hadn't saved it as a favorite, but looked back at old comments I'd made and after a while I found the account. The pictures weren't exactly my three friends, there were only two men shown on the page. One guy looked like Tom and had the same short fat uncut cock. The other looked a lot like Frank and also had his long thin tool with big swaying balls. The only one missing was a lookalike for Bill who might not have participated in the pics.

On thinking about it, he may have opted out on the outside chance that his wife found it and recognized him. Or he was new to the group. Well, even if this wasn't my suck buddies, the pictures were turning me on.

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I began to stroke the growing lump in my pants, which only made it harder. Before long, I opened my pants and let my stiff friend out for a bit of fresh air. Leaning back in my chair, I put my hand around my pole and started to stroke.

I loved watching my hand slide up and down, and my cock head popping into view then disappearing. I thought about Frank stroking me off. Damn that was hot last night. I opened my mouth and mimed taking in Tom's fat cock, moving my head as if I was actually blowing him again. Before long, I could feel my climax building. I stood up and leaned forward, pointing my cock at my breakfast plate.

With a couple of hard strokes and groans, my load dumped out the end of my cock and onto my plate. I stood still for a half a minute as my orgasm subsided. Then I did something that I hadn't done in a long time; I sat down and licked my cum off my plate, swallowing every drop. So I think I've identified the retirees bunch on that website. The rest of the day, I was trying to come up with some way to have some fun with this.

For now, I was going to keep this knowledge to myself and see if they brought up the photos in conversation.

I also got to thinking, I knew very little about the history of this group. I knew a little about them, from the conversation over the pool games. But how long had they been meeting sexually? I knew that Tom and Frank had lived at the Meadows for a few years, so they could have been at it a while.

I'd have to ask. I did my usual gym and coffee routine that day. By now, the server knew that I always got a coffee, drop of cream, and a sweet roll. It probably didn't hurt that I tipped her well. I thought it was worth it for a good look at her generous tits.

The guys were shooting pool; I said Hi but passed on joining them. I had an errand to run a meeting with my lawyer, I presumed it had to do with settling my wife's estate or on the pending sale of the house. I drove the two hours to my old town; at the office, the receptionist told me, "Mr.

Granger was held up in court, but he should be here shortly." I got a coffee and settled into his office waiting room. Ed Granger kinda burst into the office on his way in. That's the kind of guy he was. "Pete, come on in. Sorry I'm late." "No issue, Ed. Retirement means every day is Saturday. Except when you have to meet with your lawyer" (smiling).

We sat down and Ed got out my file. "I got some forms drawn up for you to sign. The probate is going without a hitch. It looks like, despite an apparent affair in process, she didn't make any changes to her will. You're the sole beneficiary. There have been no challenges, and no issues raised with his wife or her family. Sometimes people get weird and greedy, but not a legal peep out of them so far." "But I did get a letter from his lots of dicks for two snatches critical x, sealed and addressed to you.

Here you go." Huh. I took the letter and opened it up. It was short and sweet, expressing her condolences. I'd only met the woman a couple of times and that was a long time ago.

So it didn't seem out of place. But I showed it to Ed anyway and asked, "Anything here we need to be concerned about?" He read it, and said, "No, nothing. Seems genuine to me.

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I'm glad that's all it was, I wanted to make sure." We finished up, talked about what I could expect next, and I left. On the way out of the office, I was hailed. I turned to see a woman approaching, who looked like… no was, my wife's lover's sister. I was immediately on my guard. "Cindy, hello." I shook her hand, and told her I appreciated her note.

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She replied, "That's the least I could do. Are you doing ok? You'd moved and I couldn't locate you to send the card." "As well as might be expected, thanks. How's your brother's family holding up?" "Surprisingly well.

It turns out she was glad to be rid of him. She knew he was fooling around, but didn't know who. She was thinking of hiring a detective. No need for that now." I asked, "And you?

Must be tough, losing your brother." "I've had my good days and my bad." I got the idea she wanted to talk, and asked, "Cup of coffee?" She liked that idea, and we found a diner. Our conversation continued. More than anything else, Cindy felt bad for everybody else. It turns out she felt worst for me. Coffee turned into lunch, and the topics rolled around. At one point, I thought and said, "Tell me, did you just happen to run into me at the office building?" She lowered her head, and said, "Honestly, no.

I have been watching for your visit after sending the card. I wanted to express my sympathy in person." I'd have to think this one over a bit.

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Make sure I wasn't walking into something. So far, she seemed to be honest about it. I was beginning to think we'd hogged our booth long enough, so I said I needed to be moving along.

She agreed, saying "Me too. Hey Pete, thanks for seeing me." Opening her purse and taking out a card, she added, "Give me a call sometime." "Will do." I was still wary, but just decided to sleep on it for now.