Lovely playgirl gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore

Lovely playgirl gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore
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Another day went by as usual. My parents had come home with my older sister and started to boss me around as usual. I didn't have time to go see Mr.

Jenson and class clearly wasn't the place to have our fun. It wasn't till a few weeks later that Mr. Jenson stopped by and told my father I was failing miserably and suggested I get a tutor. "Emma get down here now!" I heard my father yell up the stairs to my room. I quickly jumped from my desk and went down the stairs to see my father with Mr.

Jenson in the living room; it sent panic through me until my father explained. "What's this I hear you are failing math?

I told you if you don't bring your grades up by the end of the semester you aren't going anywhere this summer." "B.but I thought I was passing!" I argued and looked at Mr. Jenson. Mr. Jenson quickly turned into the concerned teacher, "That was until I noticed your grades went down as soon as you started talking to…what's that young boy's name? Bradley?" he sighed. "I'm afraid your grades have dropped." My fathers face turned a deep red at the mention of me spending time with a boy.

I admit I had been flirting with Brad but it was no big thing to me. I just wanted to make up for what I was missing with my true lover, but Brad so far, was showing no brain cells in the sexual department. "That's that then!" my father yelled. "From now on you go straight to school, to class, no boys then come home." Mr. Jenson looked at me and smirked slightly then turned to my father showing the concerned face again, "May I suggest her coming to my home after school to get some real studying done.

Those friends she studies with aren't exactly straight Sexy teen hardcore anal and party hardcore tube porn students." My father relaxed at the thought and nodded quickly, "Of course.

Emma, everyday I want you to go to Mr. Jenson's house after school and get that grade up. Am I understood?" I nodded and bit my lip, "Yes sir…" I lost. I didn't care, he found a way to get us together everyday!

How awesome would that be! The next day I went to school and ignored Brad like I was told. I went to math class and noticed Mr. Jenson hardly looked at me. No matter what I did, hiked up my skirt, spread my legs or even dropped my book he didn't give it a second glance. I sighed leaving school frustrated wanting to know why he was ignoring me. I walked into the parking lot and found him waiting by his car to take me to his house. I went up to him frowning, "Did I do something wrong?" I whispered.

He just opened the car door and told me to get in, that we would talk about it when he got me to his house. I buckled up angie savage and claudia valentine lesbian adventure spent the car ride staring at the dashboard. When we got to his house my father was outside in front of ours watching to make sure I came home with him like they worked out.

He gave a smile to Mr. Jenson which he gladly returned and escorted me inside his home. I went and sat down on the couch and waited for him to come back in. Mr. Jenson locked the door and turned to me shaking his head slightly, "We have much to discuss and work out. Get upstairs to the bedroom and undress please." I did as he said worried now. I rushed up the stairs and got undressed and sat on the bed and looked to him as he came in.

He was holding a belt and some duck tape, that's when I knew something bad was going to happen. He came over to me and grabbed my arm yanking me from the bed and taped my hands together around the bed post so I couldn't get free. I tried to wiggle free from my kneeling position but it didn't work.

Mr. Jenson bend his belt in half and glared at me, "You think you can hang around with other boys? You are my slave, do you not remember that?" he innocent teen gives blowjob in pov and gets pink twat drilled and brought the belt hard across my bare ass.

I screamed out and begged for him not to beat me. He put duck tape on my mouth and growled. "You naughty girl! No one told you to flirt and kiss other boys!" Spank. Spank. Spank. Each one harder than the last. I screamed into the duck tape trying to get free, tears of pain rolling down my cheeks. After about 20 spanks he stopped and rubbed some of the sting from my now red ass.

"I never wanted to hurt you Emma…but you've been a bad girl. I had to punish you, understand?" he kissed my neck softly as he rubbed the bulge in his pants. I nodded, forcing myself to stop crying, feeling a little better that the beating was over.

"Good. Now, I'm going to untie you and we're gunna have some real fun ok baby doll?" he smiled and started to take off the duck tape from my hands. Again I nodded.

"Good girl." He stood me up then removed the tape slowly from my mouth and sat me on the bed. "Take my dick out baby, and suck me off. I wanna see that pretty little throat get stretched." I did as I was told and reached over grabbing the buckle on his pants and undoing it dropping them and his boxers to the floor. I pulled his dick from there and leaned forward sucking him deeply.

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I relaxed my throat as I felt him ram damn my throat. He started to lean down towards the bed putting me in a laying position as he fucked my throat. "Mm fuck…yeah. use that tongue girl…" he reached down and gripped my hair bringing my face up with each downward thrust he gave making me whimper. "Mm that's an amazing sound…uhhhh yeah fuck…mmm good girl, suck that big dick." He moaned again and shook with pleasure "here I come baby, catch it all and swallow like a good little cum slut." It stung bad as he rammed in deep and came in my mouth making me swallow it all.

I took a deep breath as he slide out then licked him clean. "God your throat is as tight as your ass baby." He smirked and slid me up on the bed and kissed me softly. I returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck, moaning softly feeling his body pressing to mine.

I spread my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I sighed in pleasure as he slid the head into me.

"I'm going to teach you to ride today baby." He smirked and rolled over gripping my hips so I was above his huge rod. "Slide down." I did. "That's good, slowly…that's it all the way in, so I can enjoy you." I moaned softly as I sat all the way down on his hips and leaned on his chest for support.

"Mmmm such a good girl…now start bouncing slowly." "Yes Master" I moaned out gently and started to bounce on him, my tits bouncing up and down as he gripped my hips tight probably bruising my sensitive skin but it didn't matter to me, I was in heaven. He reached up and gripped my nipples twisting them roughly making me whimper again.

"Mmmm ill never get tired of that sound," he repeatedly twisted and pinched my nipples to hear me whimper until it became a permanent reaction to his touch which I knew he enjoyed. As I continued bouncing he started bucking up quickly, obviously getting frustrated free porn movie downloads for psp my slow careful bouncing motions.

He groaned and lifted me off of him and stood off the bed and yanked me into his arms and headed down the stairs carrying me to the kitchen. He quickly bent me over the kitchen table and brought my hands behind my back and kicked ebony babe sucks and fucks white cock legs wide. "You like that baby?

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Being thrown around like a rag doll and fucked?" he spanked my ass hard over and over again making me whimper more. "Ohhhh yes master I love it, please fuck me!" "That's it slut, beg for it. No more master, I wanna hear daddy." He rammed himself home in me and started fucking me as hard and fast as he could horny asians take turns on clients dick me scream in pleasure. "Oh fuck me daddy!

Ughh.uhhh fuck me daddy fuck me!" I screamed in pleasure. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out. He let go of my hands and told me to stay there. I whimpered in protest wanting him to fuck my brains out, but he just spanked me and told me to stop whining. He grabbed what felt like a bandana and wrapped it around my eyes then tied my arms behind my back with something "I got a little surprise for you baby." I could hear the smirk in his tone as he lifted me up and carried me to the living room, tossing me on the floor.

Just then I heard the front door open, panic washed over me as I squirmed trying to get free, "W.whats going on?" I asked frightened now but no one answered. I rolled onto my belly and tried to crawl away.

"Shes so adorable like this isn't she? So vulnerable." I heared Mr. Jenson talking to someone, but there was no reply. I then heard someone starting to unzip their pants and drop them to the floor. "She enjoys pain, so don't go easy on her ok?" I heard Mr Jenson again. "Don't worry.

I wont and she knows it. Don't you Emma?" this new voice sent shock through me. I had no idea what to do. What was going on? What was happening? "D…dad?" I froze. The End (Part 4 maybe?)