Anal rape of roofied teen by step brother

Anal rape of roofied teen by step brother
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It all started when I was fifteen years old. I had always been into sports even when I was very young. However, high school sports were a lot different.

Not only mamada de madura 2 tube porn the actual games more intense, but the players were more developed and "into the sport". I was part of the cross country team when I had my first gay experience. I was a sophmore at the time.

I was about 5' 10" with blond hair and big brown eyes. I had a runners body.thin, but very muscular. Our captain was a senior. He was about my height, but chiseled like a Roman statue and cute to boot.

He had short brown hair (that he usually spiked) and bright green eyes. And from an onlookers view.a nice package to go with it! I was considered cute at my school.I had had a few run ins with the ladies, but had always been secretly gay.

Our captain, Matt, was about as straight as they come, or so I thought!

The cross country teams' season started before school did, so we were running during the summer time. Our first meet was on a cold wet day in August. As usual I did pretty shitty and Matt did, well, he got first.

Anyways one of our team things was to run all of the races without a shirt on. I loved this! Matt and a few of the other guys I said, chiseled. I loved watching them run and seeing their abs work and their tight asses pump their muscular legs.

After the meet, our team usually met at someone's house and had a "movie night". We never really watched movies, but rather fooled around with the girls cross country teamed and drank. I only went to a few of these because I was so horny after the meets that I couldn't stand to be around the others without losing it. However, tonight would be different.

Matt approached me, not wearing a shirt, and asked, "Hey, Brian (thats me) are you gonna come to the movie night tonight?" He put his arm around me and I could smell his musky scent.

I could see the sweat drip from his body and couldn't turn down the offer. "Sure," I said bashfully. "Cool, then you can ride home with me." I eagerly got into his truck and we drove most of the way home in silence. Luckily for me, I lived only a house or two away from Matt, so I went home and changed before heading to his house for the movie night. As usual, all we did was play truth or dare and drink. alot! The truth or dare game was getting pretty out of hand, feeling and touching (you name it!) when his mom came downstairs and said it was time to leave.

"Hey, do you need help cleaning up?" I offered as everyone got up to leave. "Wha.oh, sure, you live next door anyway. Why not? I could tell he was pretty drunk becasue he was slurring his words and wobbling slightyly. Everyone filed out, but I sayed behind and helped pick up. His mom yelled downstairs that she would be going to bed and I polietly responded that Iwould just stay and help clean.

She thanked me and headed up to her room. At this point, I had a throbbing hard-on from watching all of the touching from the game. I could see that Matt did too. I assumed he had passed out on the couch because he wasn't answering me when I called him. I went over and saw that he was rubbing himself through his designer shorts. "Matt.hey Matt" I said again. No answer. He interracial lesbian action with sara jay candace von and big tits surely drunk as I was horny.

I sat down next to him and marveled at his hairy legs. They were soo muscular with thick black hair running up into his private "area". Daringly I lifted up his shirt and could see a nicely trimmed happy trail running down into his boxers. I looked up at his face only to see him smiling back.

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"Like what you see?" he asked. I blushed profusely and practically threw mayself away from him. "Umm, I didn't mean.well, I just saw that." "Don't worry about it, I've been a little curious about you too lately." he smiled and nearly melted my heart with his perfectly white teeth.

"I've got blue balls from all the touching and rubbing.wanna help me "fix" this problem?" I didn't really understand what he meant when all of a sudden he pulled down his pants and exposed the outline of a massive dick in his boxers. "Truth or dare?" he said. "What?" "You heard me, truth or dare?" he casually said.

"Umm, dare." He smiled at me again and spoke the next words slowly and rather seductively. "I dare you to pull down my shorts usuing only your teeth." "Alright." I said and practically jumped to his order.

I put my hands on either side of his waist and bent my head towards his crotch. I could smell his musky man odor and could see every little hair in perfect clarity. I bit down on the elastic and started to pull his boxers down towards his feet. My nose brushed up against his happy trail and I could almost taste his scent. His hair was rough against my nose and wet with sweat. I pulled them down to his pubic hair before he stopped me.

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He pushed my head away and quickly took off his shirt and boxers in a single swift motion. I marveled at his well-defined chest and dark tan nipples. I then noticed his perfectly made cock. He was uncut and about 6 inches limp. The head was a light brown and his foreskin was a creamy yellow. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his massive balls hung down to his legs. I stood their shocked at his perfection.

"Don't just stand a good bitch and suck it." I didn't need to be told twice. I eagerly bent down and took the soft head into my hot mouth. It felt like velvet and I could feel it swelling as I tasted it. He became fully hard within a matter of seconds and I could barely keep my mouth around it.

I came up for breath and saw that it spex beauty sucking cock for a facial about 8.5 inches long and very wide. I went back down on him and was met by a surprisingly large amount of pre-cum on the tip of his dick. It was salty and I lapped it up with earnest.

I bobbed up and down on his manhood for a few minutes before moving to his soft balls. I sucked each one into my mouth and moved it around. He moaned with extasy. He lifted my head and put it back on his throbbing cock. My cock was throbbing just as much at this point and I reached down to rub myself but he held my hand and brought it up to play with his hard nipples.

I continued to suck his cock and could feel every fold of skin and vein as it ran across my tongue. His dick twitched and grew in size.

"Oh god, oh god.I'm gonna cum, I'm cumm.ahhhh!" Matt let go a massive amount of man juice. It hit the back of my throat and I did all I could to swallow it, but it bubbled out of my cheeks and ran down my neck and his dick. He still held the back of my head and thrust deep into my throat filling up my stomach with his salty spew. "Clean it up," he commaned. I obeyed and licked up all the cum from his limp dick and pubic hairs. He lifted my head up to his faced and looked into my eyes before pulling me in for a wet passionate kiss.

I let some of his sperm go and we sat on the couch clean eachothers mouths up.

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He reached for my groin and began to rub me through my pants. I began dry humping his hand and moaning loudly. He unzipped my pants and exposed my 7" in. hard dick. He leaned forward and began to play with my dark brown pubic hairs. He lifted up my shirst and sucked on my nipples while giving me a slow handjob. Matt continued to lick, down my abs, and stopping at my thick pubes. "You turn," he said quietly.

To be continued, if I get good comments from the readers.!