Milf jerks off teen xxx milf cops

Milf jerks off teen xxx milf cops
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My name is Saahil Khan and I m 24 year old now.I still remember my childhood and family vivedly. I still remember how my mom used to cheat on my Dad.

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My Mom and Dad had an arrange marriage and there is a lot of difference in their age. Mom was just 17 year old and my dad was 30 year old when they married with each other. My father is a shopkeeper and mother is an illetrate and uneducated housewife. My mom s name is Saheena and she is 5 ft.5 inch in height and a well shaped body, she has s round figure and her breasts are bigger than normal and her ass is round and bigger than normal,she can give Bonner to anyone.

My Dad s name is Mastool and he is a normal person who prefer to live alone with his Radio Transistor at his shop during the day. Dad had a friend whose name is Kamal and he is a labourer by profession and he regularly visits in our family along with Dad and it is with this man that Mom developed a romantic and illicit relationship to fulfill her darkest desires.

Kamal visits our family regularly during the day when Dad is away from home at his shop, it is during these visits that my mom and he came close to each other. In my childhood they used to do every illicit act in front of my eyes but as I grew up they also shifted to privacy. When I was in 8th.standard,it was only then I realise and understood what is going on in our family. It was the most bitter experience when I realised that we all brothers are the product of this illicit relationship between my mom and Kamal.

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It was the most bitter fact of our family, I still remember how Kamal used to fuck her violently and roughly. Not only Kamal but there were two other men also who used to fuck her in the past,one among them is from our own village and the other one was a Punjabi who used to sell his clothes in our area.

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She become intimate with these two men also at one stage of her life, but her longest relationship was with Kamal. Mom and Kamal were in relationship for more than 20 years during the most fertile period of her life and it is during this period we are born and my mom only knows who is my biological father.

Kamal used to fuck her three times each day is at morning after the departure of my father,at noon and at evening before the arrival of Dad. Sometimes if circumstances allows him he comes during the night also for filling her luscious cunt. I eloge de la chair cumshots and brunette remember how one night when Dad was away in the town,she called Kamal and he fucked her during whole night.

He used to fill her from all holes, and this has helped in shaping her private parts so much,he has turned her ass very black. Mom never let her husband to touch her because Kamal was very possessive and never allow her to become intimate with her husband,he even used to beat her when ever she tries to be intimate with other men.

Kamal filled her from both holes.I remember how when they had to enjoy the illicit relation, Kamal send her in toilet to clean her bladder and cunt. After her return he pick her on his shoulders and disappear in the next room to fuck her violently, I have heard her moaning voices so many times when Kamal was deep inside her cunt and she was moaning loudly.

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After the forbidden act they used to bath together and Kamal rubs soap on her body and cunt and ass. All this was going on in our family and my Dad was not aware of it that his wife is being filled by Kamal from the past 20 years and she is spreading the progeny of Kamal.

I still remember that how one day when I was studying in my room,mom and Kamal were in the next room kissing and hugging each other. As their passion increase they decided to fulfill their luscious desires and mom went outside to pee and after returning Locked the main door,after that she siliently locked my room also, as I was already aware of the situation, I decide to see how Mom will be fucked by Kamal.I moved closer to the doors and while moving towards the door my dick hardened and sprung out from my briefs, I held it in my hand and it was for the first time that my dick hardened for my mother.As I went close to the door,there were gaps in the planks of the door used to made the door.

From those gaps I could easily see the luscious and illicit act of Mom with the man of her choice. From the gap I saw mom kissing,hugging and rubbing her big ass against his body and Kamal was rubbing his hands in her ass cheeks and cupping them.

After that he undressed her and she also undid his belt and pant, beautiful big boobs bbw loves to fuck she lowered his brief his big dick sprung out and she held it in her hand and rubbed it. Now both of them were completely nude and once again they hugged and heat increased with each second.Finally mom was on her knees and her perfectly shaped ass was in the air inviting Kamal.

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In a few moments Kamal was also on his knees just behind mom,and he spit the sliva on her private parts to make them ready for action. Finally he inserted his dick in her from behind probably in her cunt and I saw mom s loud moans and her mouth opened with extreme joy. In the mean while before starting firing in her privates Kamal bowed on her back and cupped her breasts and said in a low voice in her ear," Is it full" and Mom in a state of ecstasy replied," Ah ha baby".