Short black hair teen fucked chop shop owner gets shut down

Short black hair teen fucked chop shop owner gets shut down
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So me and Kiki settled into our domestic bliss. Lots of sex as usual, and now Kiki was infectiously enthusiastic about the kinky stiff, I enjoyed that as well. Weird that, enjoying it. But there was something missing, eventually I had to do something about it. I sent a text, just "?" to Kennedy.

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It wasn't too long before a terse reply came, "You want something?" I thought that was obvious, "Yes." Kennedy's next reply cut to the heart of the matter, "Doesn't the slut do that for you?" Kennedy never did seem to like Kiki, calling her "the slut," the feeling seemed to be mutual, Kiki called her "The Bitch" (on the rare occasions they acknowledged each other's existence).

It took me a while to come up with an answer for that, which was, "She loves me." That was what's missing, or rather what wasn't missing, heart. Kiki loved me, and I loved Kiki, we had fun even when doing things I shouldn't like. I missed the heartless impersonal treatment from Kennedy, and yes humiliation. Kiki didn't humiliate me, and as much as I don't admit to it, that's what I like. There, I admitted it, I like being humiliated. I didn't hear anything back. I didn't know if that was a good or a bad thing, one thing Kennedy is is sarisin taytli teyzesini spor yaparken sikiyor, she's most likely to appear when I least expect it.

I wasn't expecting it a couple of days later when Kennedy walked through the front door. I was lounging on the sofa, working away, I do most of my work on my laptop, so I can work anywhere; the sofa is a good place.

I was wrapped up in the work, so I didn't notice until I heard the door close. Kennedy was standing there, she had her dominatrix leather jacket on, the one which hardly covered her pussy. She was unzipping it, once unzipped it was obvious that was all she was wearing, just the jacket. That was hot! It obviously wasn't Kiki, she was wearing her glasses, and her hair was messily done up, she had the swagger and a sneer.

She was also carrying the horse whip, the totem of power. She stepped over to the center of the room and pointed to the floor with the whip.

I jumped off the sofa and knelt where she pointed. A smile flickered across her face at that, before the sneer came back. She addressed me with her most stentorian, intimidating voice, waving the whip at me, "Lets be clear, I'm here because I want to be, not because you want it.

Right?" I nodded. "So none of this pussyfooting around, you tell me what you want, or I'm out of here." If you think about it, she just contradicted herself, but I didn't notice, and I wouldn't have pointed that out.

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She was scaring me (which I like), I didn't know what I wanted, so I didn't know what to say, but she helped me out. "You want to be beaten, and abused, and humiliated, and generally used for my pleasure, don't you?" I couldn't have put it better myself, I groaned, and said, very breathlessly, "Yes." Then added, "Please." She laughed at my reaction, but she was being just what my fantasy Kennedy should be, cruel and heartless.

She upped the ante. "So to be clear, I'm doing this for my pleasure not yours." It sounded perfect, I nodded enthusiastically, "and I can't be bothered with this safeword nonsense," I wasn't sure where that was going, she continued, "If you use the safeword, I'm out of here." I groaned again, I wasn't being allowed a way out, perfect.

That seemed to be the ground rules set, so she flourished the whip, and said, "Off!" That was my cue, I divested myself of clothes as fast as possible, and knelt in front of her again. I was hard of course, so hard. I seemed to meet with her approval, that smile flickered again, as she ran the whip over my dick and balls, intimidating, and such a turn on.

This time, she flicked the whip up at my balls, now guys know what that's like, like getting kicked in the balls, girls will have to trust me, its nothing you ever want. I was left with that deep ache of abused balls, I gasped and grasped myself for protection. I heard Kennedy making disapproving noises, I looked up and she was signaling that I should remove my hands. After a brief internal struggle, I did and left myself open to further assault. That was such a turn on, even if achy balls are not, I thought I might just come if she carried on like this, I couldn't stand the thought of another hit, but I wasn't going to stop her.

She reminded me of the situation, "Remember, it's what I want. So now, I want you to ask me for it. Say, 'Please mistress, whip my ass red raw.'" That's new, making me ask for it, but a lot brunette slots engulfing hard one eyed monster striptease hardcore this was new.

So I asked her what she wanted, "Please mistress, whip my ass red raw." She signaled me to stand up, then bent me over, so I was grasping my ankles. That was also new, not being tied up, I'd much prefer being tied up, but she'd made this plain it wasn't for my benefit. With a final admonishment, "Keep your hands out of the way." She started laying into my butt, OW!

Fuck that hurt. Kennedy had never hit me that hard before, no one had. I should have used the safeword, but I didn't have it ready. Yanks honey lila night rubs her anus Kennedy telling me not to, I'm not sure I could have.

I wasn't in two minds about this, I hated it, but I grasped my ankles tighter and endured it. I really don't know why, or how I endured it. I should have moved, I should have tried to protect myself, but I just kept still and she kept at it.

Maybe I just wasn't thinking, if she'd let up for a second I'd have been able to think, but the blows just kept raining down on my butt. That not thinking just kind of took over, the weirdness started, I stopped noticing the blows; I was zoning out again.

There was no sudden transition, but like falling asleep, things get really hazy now. Somewhere between hazy and black.

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Kiki is sounding concerned, she's asking me, "Matt? Are you all right?" I'm not sure who, or where, I am, I open my eyes and Kiki is standing upside down looking up at me. It's obviously Kiki, no glasses, neat hair, she's wearing her usual work clothes, a mini skirt and crop top, no panties. I can see that. Then I realize, she's not upside down, I'm slumped in a heap on the carpet, looking up at her, and up her skirt, to a turned on pussy.

My first thought is that pussy would be really tasty if it landed on my face, but then something else overtook me. I reached up for her and she held out her hand, I grasped it and pulled her down to me. I hugged her tight and rolled over, saying, almost shouting, "I love you!" I felt like I was overflowing, doggystyle pussy penetration hardcore and big butt bad whipping does weird things to me like that.

Kiki seemed to like the sentiment and hugged me back. Eventually, my mind cleared enough for me to think a bit, I told Kiki, "You know, your pussy looked very tasty." I flopped onto my back, letting go of her. She took my not so subtle hint, and went to sit on my face. It was just awesome, I like that in normal circumstances, in my weird mood, just amazing.

She came a few times them moved down to hug me, that was nice. She asked me, "Do you want anything?" While grabbing my stiff dick. I just hadn't been thinking about that, and strangely, even though I was turned on, it didn't worry me like it would normally. I just hugged her and said, "For you to be happy." I'm really lucky, what makes Kiki happy is to give a blowjob, so that's what she did. That was totally amazing too, but once I came, I started to come down from the high.

Now, I noticed my butt hurt like a motherfucker. So now I'd get occasional visits from Kennedy, she didn't alway beat me into lalaland like that, she's skilled at making it hurt, but not enough to make me zone out.

Those were the absolute worst, the ones I most feared, and the ones I looked forward to most. I'm screwed up, that treatment was truly horrible while living it, but turned me on so much. I was also much more useful to Kennedy like that, I could get her off.

She had to tie me up for that though, I couldn't stand still and let her do it, just another thing to like about the treatment. The first time she did that, she beat me for hours. I'm pretty sure it was really hours, she was so obviously turned on by it all. She'd occasionally stop to get me to go down on her, the first time she taunted me, "The quicker I come, the quicker I get back to whipping you." I'm pretty sure I was supposed to take my time, and I wanted a rest, but also I wanted her to continue, notice a contradiction there.

I should have taken my time, but I did my best to get her off quickly. I think she was surprised, and it was such a strong orgasm she just lay there quietly for minutes after she came, I was getting worried about her.

When she did resume, she was really unsteady, and it took her a while to get back to hitting me hard, but she did, and it was horrible. I don't know why I like it so much. I gave her another couple of quick, but powerful, orgasms between the beatings, before she finally left.

She had a variety of other tortures for me, obviously there were horrible ass fuckings. I really don't want to go into detail about that, or what she does with the chili oil, but that would leave me so disgusted and horny, I'd take it out on Kiki. When Kiki would get home after one of those scenes, I'd go grab her as she entered the house and just use her until I felt better.

Kiki really loves that, you'd think those two were conspiring. And finally there was the endless oral. The new Kennedy would never get me off, I'd get her off plenty, but she just used me and left me horny. That's part of what I like about it, just being used. Then Kiki would get the backlash, which suited Kiki. But, one unusual torment Kennedy came up with was for me to go down on her.

That really should not have been a torment, but stretch that out over hours, without you coming and see what you think. The first time she did that, she turned up in her normal clothes, not her dominatrix outfit. Just the usual plaid shirt, grey skirt, and sensible shoes.

If she could possibly make herself unattractive that outfit was as close as she got. She indicated I should strip as sex pk xxx vedos com, and I took my usual position kneeling in front of her. She lounged on the sofa, pulled up her skirt, showing she wasn't wearing any panties, then spread her legs. It was obvious what she wanted, and I'm wondering what the catch is.

I like doing this, nothing to be in two minds about, it's just nice. I play with her, not making her come for a long time, and she didn't get impatient, just let me do it. Then she finally came, and a hand on my head made sure Luxury beauty love fucking hard hardcore and outdoor carried on. She came a couple more times, quickly and strongly, then she calmed down.

But, still she pulled my face into her, so I carried on. I'm getting really horny by this time, hardly surprising. She takes a while to get warmed up, but I lick away at her.

She's come 3 times, so usually we'd be doing something else now. It takes her a really long time to come, and her orgasm is kinda weak. But, still she pulls my face into her pussy. I carry on. By now I'm zoning out, I'm really, really horny, and getting into that trance like I do.

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Usually, I need a room full of pussy before I get into that state, not just one pussy repeatedly. Things are really hazy now, I get her off a few more times, and it takes longer each time. Through the mental haze, I'm pretty sure she doesn't even want the last licking.

She's not really responding to it, just having me do it as a power trip. I didn't have enough brain power to reach that conclusion at the time, but that's what I think, thinking back on it.

She finally comes, weakly. Tells me to stay there, in my submissive, naked, kneeling posture, then gets up, really unsteadily and leaves. I stay there in the haze, kneeling, until I hear the garage door go, Kiki's coming home. I half snap out of the trance, I realize I have a raging hard on, and I'm horny, so horny, I'm not rational anymore. (You could say that about any man with a hard on, but this was extreme.) I get up and go to the garage all babes american beautiful girl xxx rape story teacher and Kiki is just coming into to the room.

Before anyone speaks, I reach for the nape of her neck, tangle my fingers in her hair, and drag her down to my dick.

She may have said something, or just made an expression of surprise, but that didn't last long as I rammed my dick into her mouth and started thrusting as hard as I could. I was never going to last long like that, it was just a few strokes before I came in her mouth.

Now the haze lifts, but a post orgasmic fog takes it place. Standing is definitely, not an option, I crumple onto the floor. I released my grip on her at some point, so now I'm being hugged. That's nice. When I show signs of alertness, she tells me, "Thank you, I love it when you do that." I know she does, but I usually can't bring myself to be that aggressive.

If I had any working braincells, I'd be worrying that I was hurting her. I could never bring myself to consciously hurt her (maybe apart from a little playful spanking). Strangely, she didn't want any sex that evening, I didn't get to go down on her, or fuck her. Really unusual that. She did blow me a few times, and just seemed real happy. I know that Kiki and Kennedy are the same person really, but it makes a lot more sense to me to think of them as different people.

I'm just happy to have both of them, or them have me, I'm so lucky.