Casting honey goes home after hardcore fucking and anal banging

Casting honey goes home after hardcore fucking and anal banging
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If you are going to leave a negative rating, please leave a comment on how you think it would be improved. Thanks! After several weeks volunteering for the Meals on Wheels program, one of the other volunteers was leaving for vacation.

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Sarah didn't deliver to very many people, but they were spread out in the rural areas. We decided that the rest of us would just pick up one extra stop to cover down for her. I was assigned to deliver to Rose. It just so happens, that Rose is about 17 miles in the opposite direction from the rest of my deliveries.

Rose was a spry 59 years young, and didn't really seem to need food delivery, except for the fact that she lived alone in the middle of nowhere. I decided that I would deliver to her first, so I could come back and pick up the rest of the food and do my normal route.

After the ridiculous drive to Rose's hobby farm, I arrived early. I wanted to give myself extra time for trying to find the place. Rose was a little surprised to see me when she answered the door, and offered to give me the dime tour, since I had extra time.

I can't say that I remember much of what she was saying as she led me through the house. I was a little preoccupied checking her out as she pointed out all of the antique furnishings throughout her home.

I was guessing that Rose was a transplanted cowgirl. She was wearing western boots, tight denim jeans, and a sleeveless white blouse. Her jet-black hair flowed straight down past her shoulders. I manuel ferrara vs julie cash trying to remain covert as I was staring at the slightly sagging C cups pulling at her blouse.

We made our way outside, and took a walk through real slut party christmas morning dirty party starring ja tube porn horse stables out back. Rose had two dark brown female horses, one adult and one filly, and a stallion that was apparently on loan for breeding with the adult female.

She continued to talk of her day to day activities and how most of them revolved around the horses. I looked at my watch and mentioned that I must be going. Rose apologized for rambling on, and as I made my way back to my car, she asked if I was working tomorrow. I guess Sarah would occasionally come by and go riding on the weekends, so she extended the invitation for me to swing by tomorrow and "Take a ride" as she emphasized.

That evening, I was wondering why I had all of the sudden been getting hit on by so many mature women. Sure, I didn't have nearly as much interaction with them before, but I was wondering to myself if that was dubai full sex stories xxxx story it took. I was fairly certain that Rose had similar intentions as other women I had been meeting up with, so I was not going to miss this ride for anything.

I did not want to appear too eager, so it was about three in the afternoon when I arrived at Rose's ranch on Saturday. She greeted me with a big smile on her face at the front door. She offered me some lemonade, and we made our way out to the stable.

When I entered into the stable, I noticed that the older female was quite calm, while the filly and the stallion were restlessly moving about their stalls.

I asked Rose if they were always like this, and she told me no, as she was latching the outside door to the stable. She explained that the filly was in heat, but was not grown enough to breed yet, and the stallion could smell the filly and was responding to her. I looked over at the stallion, who was fully erect as he paced around.

Rose said that he was also excited because it had been nearly a week since he was mating with the other female, and had not had any contact since then. I asked Rose where she wanted to go to ride today, as I walked over to the Filly's pen.

I petted the filly for a little while as Rose entered the stallion's pen, leaving my view. She said that she would normally ride out on some of the trails near her property. She said that she would usually ride Faith, the older horse, and Sarah would ride Vixen, the filly. Rose started walking the stallion out into the common area and said "But since these two are acting up so bad, I thing we should just stick to riding in here." I didn't quite get what she meant by that, until I turned around to see her standing next to the stallion, fully naked.

She gave me another big grin as she walked the horse over and hitched him to a post. Rose picked up a bucket and set it down next to the stud. She pulled out wet, soapy towel from the bucket and proceeded to wash the still erect penis, hanging before her. She looked over towards me, saying "I have always wanted to try this, and the stud is leaving on Monday. It's a little too dangerous to do by myself, so I figured it was a good idea to have a big, strong man here.

She threw the towel back in the bucket and set it aside. Then she pulled a bench over and slid it under the horse. I was really shocked at what I was seeing here. Was she expecting me to participate here or what?

Rose climbed under the horse and laid on her bench, on her back. Apparently the horse's cock was slick enough for her liking, so she slid down the bench and grabbed the penis, putting it at her crotch.

She worked herself down, starting it into her. I decided that I wasn't entirely sure where this was going to end, but I might as well join in. I rolled up my sleeves and got down beside her. I started working her nipple while she humped away at the horse. She didn't seem to be enjoying herself all that much, since the horse barely noticed she was there. After she was fairly tired, I suggested that we try something else.

Rose climbed out, and I directed her over to the gate of Vixen's pen, which had crossbars instead of being solid wood. I told her to stand there, bent sex movi yong gairl boy, and to hold onto one of the lower bars. I then unhitched the stud and led him over to Rose.

He sniffed around her rear end, and then immediately reared up putting his front legs on top of the gate. This afforded him a full view of Vixen as he humped away. I was sure that this would work well, as it was quite similar to how ranchers harvest horse semen (Thank you, Discovery Channel). The stud started thrusting right away. I asked Rose if she was ready for this, and she nodded, with her eyed tightly closed.

The stud was just rubbing it's cock on Rose's back. I didn't really want to, but I knew I was going to have to guide it in. I pushed Rose forward a little, and then grabbed the stud's penis, and pushed it down into place. As soon as it was in position, the horse came forward with a violent thrust.

In no time at least eight inches of the horse had disappeared into Rose's cunt. I was relieved that the horse had hit the mark, because I had no idea how painful it would have been if it had gotten into her anus.

Nevertheless, Rose let out a sharp scream. The stud continued to thrust away, and Rose's scream turned into grunts, and then moans. I knew that the horse was not going to last long, and sure enough, after only 45 seconds or so, the stud slowed, and gave a few last forceful thrusts. I could see large amounts of semen leaking out and running down her leg.

Once the stud had finished, he started to back away. When his flaccid penis loudly popped out of Rose's pussy, it was followed with a splash as what seemed to be a gallon of semen hit the ground.

The stallion jumped off of the gate, and I led it over to it's pen and locked it up. I came back over to Rose, who was still bent over in position.

She was frozen, just trying to figure out what had happened. I leaned over behind her and took a peek at her now gaping vagina. It looked as if she had just finished giving birth. I could not help myself, as I put my fingers gang bang my sexy mom and easily slid my hand into her wide open cavern. It slid in way past the wrist with little resistance. Rose started to stand up, as it pulled my arm out of her, and she tried to walk towards the bench.

I had to help her over there and got her seated. I sat down next to her, and was just sat there for a minute, without speaking. Rose must have been silent because she was exhausted, but I just had no idea what to say. I stared at the filly's pen, where it was now circling fiercely, and rubbing it's rear against the walls.

She was making all sorts of noise, since she was worked up by the show we had put on. "Vixen is waiting for her turn now" Rose said quietly with a faint smile on her face. I looked over toward the stallion's pen. When I did, Rose said "No, no, no, I don't want her getting pregnant, it's your turn." as she nudged me, trying to push me off the bench.

I stood up wondering what to do. I had never thought about doing this sort of thing before. It seemed quite perverted and sort of a stupid thing for a man to do. But since I was in here with Rose, I guess it meant that today was a day for experimentation. I turned and picked up the bucket and walked over setting it down next to the gate as I undid the latch. Vixen was immediately nosing against me once she had access.

I threw the reigns on her and hitched her to a ring on the wall. I grabbed the bucket and walked to her hind quarters, pulling the towel out of the bucket. Vixen had her tail held high in anticipation of what she was waiting for. I threw her tail up onto her back and laid eyes on her lips for the first time.

They were swollen and wet already, she was definitely in heat. I brushed my knuckles across them and her lips rough sex with a sexy dark beauty out as soon as I touched them. I could feel the heat coming off of her vagina without even touching it. I took the towel and cleaned her lips off, and the area around them. Vixen had to be very young, since he rear end was only a little higher than my waist. I put the towel back an looked for something sturdy to stand on.

Off in the corner there was a crate that would be perfect. I brought it over and put it down behind Vixen. I stood up on it to check the height. It was at just the right level, and as I stepped down, I stopped and thought to myself, "Am I really doing this?" With that I looked over to Rose, who was already rubbing her pussy in excitement. Fuck it, I already came this far. I stripped down and tossed my clothes off to the side.

Once I was naked, I could not believe how hard my cock was already. I didn't think that I would be this turned on, but I guess since I had always liked the taboo things in life, it made enough sense. I stepped back up on the crate and grabbed hold of my dick. I touched the head to Vixen's pussy lips, and they flared releasing a little wetness and a lot of heat. I slid my dick up and down her slit a couple times and got it lubed up.

Here goes nothing. I slowly pressed my cock into Vixen's blazing hot vagina. I was amazed at how tight it was. She was young and had never been mated, so I was breaking in a virgin.

I pulled back out the little that I had put in, and Vixen clamped down when I did. As I started to push back in, her lips flared and her hole opened, and she pulled in tight again as I backed out. I started a slow rhythm, and soon found myself not just fucking a horse, but making love to it.

Once I had gotten all the way in, I started to pick up the pace. I pulled my dick all of the way out and began slamming it into my little horse whore. I looked over at Rose to find her working her clitoris feverishly. She was sweating and seemed to be lost in her own world, only occasionally glancing my way.

I looked back to my work at hand and continued to slam myself hard into the filly. There was no way I was going to reach the end of her canal, and the inside was smooth as silk, so I was in for a long ride. I pounded away feverishly for half an hour, and there seemed to be no end in sight. Soon the horse started to lower it's front legs and bowed her head.

She began pounding the ground with one of her rear hooves, and stopped flaring when I entered into her. Was this hungry babe sucking tight teen pussy and cant get enough happening?

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All at once, Vixen raised her head letting out a shrieking neigh, and clamped down hard on my cock. She then collapsed down to the ground, which pulled my dick out of her no longer virgin hole. I guess that Vixen was done, seeing as she was gasping for breath and laying on her side, quivering every now and then. I wasn't going to be able to finish in her, and I was still hard as a rock.

I got down and made my way over to Rose. She still had a big smile on her face as I took her hand and got her up off of the bench. "Are you ready to leave?" She asked. "Nope" I said, "I am ready to come" as I turned her around. I grabbed her hips and pushed her down onto her knees. She leaned forward onto the bench and I once again took my dick in hand. It was still slick from Vixen as I placed it at Rose's back door. There was no point in even thinking of taking her in the cunt, since it was probably able to make an echo.

I pressed the head of my dick into her ass and was accepted readily. I slid in slowly and was able to bury myself all the was in on the first try. I went slowly for a minute, and I reached under and played with her clit. Once I had myself worked up, I stopped playing with her button and just went to town, pummeling her ass, and reaming it out like the stud had done to her pussy.

I had no intention of holding myself off to wait for her, but lucky for her she was right there with me. Rose started to scream as I emptied myself into her asshole.

I pulled all of the way out and slammed in again shooting my load deep inside of her. I slumped forward, and stayed inside of her for a minute as I lost my wood. Once I was soft, I withdrew myself and got up, walking over to the wash bucket. I cleaned my genitals and got dressed. I got Vixen to stand up and led her into the pen as Rose went and got dressed. She walked with me check out the rack on leigh livingston to my car and thanked my for taking her for a ride.

As I drove off, I thought to myself just how intense today was. I also told myself that I did not want to try that again any time soon.