Couple walking in the park entertainment and fucked everywhere

Couple walking in the park entertainment and fucked everywhere
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My mom had been acting strange since I turned 18. She was a little less inhibited about how she dressed around me. She used to always make sure I couldn't see her panties or her bra when she was sitting around the house.

I would try and look up her skirt or down her blouse when the chances arouse, but never much luck. I don't know if not getting to see made me want to more but it always made me hard thinking about seeing her panties or bra. I did get a chance once in a while to peek at her in the shower when she didn't know I was looking. I bought a computer and hooked it up in my room and then I figured out how to hide a camera in the ceiling above the shower.

She didn't know it was there and I would watch her take showers and sometimes I would catch her playing with herself. When that would happen I would jerk off while she played with herself and I would try to cum at the same time she did or at least when I thought she was. But, since I turned 18 amazing pretty teenie suckes and gets fucked was giving me more opportunities to look up her skirt and her blouses were looser fitting and I was getting bra and sometimes titty shots.

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She was even wearing her bathrobe a little more open and I would get panty shots. My mom was not married anymore and her and her friends would go out on Friday nights. She would usually get home from work, take a shower and change into her, "girls night out" clothes; these were usually something sexy because they were trying to get laid I'm sure. Sometimes her girl friend Billie would come home with her and change at the house too.

The shower cam was busy when that happened and I usually had to record it so I could watch them as they took their showers. That would be a two cummer night at least. Usually they would make me go to my room as they got ready, which was fine with me because I could see everything I wanted on my computer. But this Friday was different. The kitchen was right off my mom's bedroom and this time they wanted me to stay in the kitchen and talk to them as they changed.

First Billie went to take a shower, good thing I had the computer recording already, and when she was done she came back through the kitchen in nothing bet her bathrobe and it swung open just as she went past and I got a good look at her pussy as she had nothing on under her robe.

My cock was now so hard Dj slowmotion kortney kane mixtease tribute masturbation compilation thought I was going to blow my load right there. Then my mom took her shower and came out with just her bathrobe on. She had tied it around her middle but it was loose enough that that I could see her tits and her pussy and she didn't even try to hide them when she went by.

I wanted to reach in pants and relieve the pressure but I knew there would be cum everywhere in seconds if I did. I started to get up and go to my room but they started talking to me and I couldn't get out of the kitchen. They asked me all kinds of questions and just kept talking until they were dressed and ready to leave. I didn't have time to doing anything because as they were leaving my friends showed up and wanted to go out and see if we could get lucky.

I was surprised no-one noticed my hard-on as it was sticking out the top of my jeans. I pulled my shirt down over it a headed out with the guys. Every where we went was pretty died and we weren't having much luck. Besides, all I could think of was the show my mom and Billie had put on and my dick was staying hard just from that.

I decided since I wasn't having any luck finding any girls I would head home; after all I had a great movie to watch of my mom and Billie taking a shower. When I got home I watched the shower movie and started stroking my cock slowly as I wanted to enjoy the whole movie.

I was still stroking it when the movie ended so I thought I would take a shower and point the shower head at my dick as I stroked and cum in the shower. The water hitting the head of my dick as I jacked off always felt good and made me explode hard. This time as the cum started shooting every where, a big wad landed on my hand and I did something I had always wanted to try. I don't know if it was watching the movie or the scenes that had been acted out in front of me earlier with mom and Billie but I was hornier than I had ever been.

I looked at that wad on my hand and brought it up to my mouth and licked it off. It tasted better than I thought it would and now I wanted more but the rest of it was going down the drain. I squeezed what I could out of my dick and licked it up, I still want more. I knew I would have to wait a little while before I could jack-off again so I cleaned myself up, dried off, put on my sleeping cutoff sweats and a tee shirt.

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I headed for my room so I could watch the movie again. I opened the door to my room and there, in front of my computer, watching me take a shower was my mom. At first I didn't know what to do. My mouth dropped open and I tried to think of a way out of this. NOTHING came to mind.

Then I noticed she had her bathrobe on and as she sexy babe in stockings gets plowed hard in my chair to face me I noticed it was loose fitting. The first thing I saw was her tits. They were just about hanging out of her robe. Then when she stopped the chair her robe fell open below the waist and I could see her panties. They were tight and I could see they outline of her pussy lips. I felt my dick twitch in my sweats and knew it must be sticking straight out.

She finally said something, after what seemed to be hours. So, who have YOU been watching? You thought I didn't notice? Billie and I talked about it and we decided to give you a show and leave you hard. We thought that would teach you a lesson. As the night got going we weren't having any luck with the men in the clubs.

The less luck we had the more my mind kept coming back home to you with that hard on and no where to relieve it. I had hoped you and your friends were having the same luck we were and that you would still have that hard on when I got home. When I got in the house I heard the shower running and decided to have a show of my own.

I changed into my robe and got comfy in your chair so I could watch the show in the shower. I have to admit I got very turned on watching you stroke your dick. And then when you shot your load I felt my pussy twitch and the juices flow. Then, when you licked the cum off your hand I thought I was going to have the biggest orgasm I ever had. She smiled at me and waited for my reply.

All I could do was stand there and take it all in. At first I wasn't sure what to do. Then I noticed her panties were wet and I could see her white crack the big black scene powerhouse lips through them. Without saying anything I walked up to her, dropped to my knees between her legs and started to kiss her panties.

I licked and sucked her juices off her panties.

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Then I reached up, grabbed her panties at the waist ruri okino tries cock in her mouth and in her pussy and started to pull them off. She lifted her butt so they could slide off and she kicked them aside.

I put my face back between her legs and started licking her pussy lips. They parted and I was able to slide my tongue in her hole. The juices started to flow from her pussy and I licked and sucked all of it up. Then I slide her down so her butt was hanging off the chair and I ran my tongue down between her butt cheeks and licked at her little hole. She let out a little squeal and wiggled her butt.

I put my thumb on her clit and started to rub it. She was moaning and wiggling and pushing her pussy into my face. My nose was rubbing between her lips and my tongue was licking her butt hole and my thumb was rubbing her clit.

Her legs went tight and she smashed my face with her thighs, I knew she was going to cum and it didn't take long. Just as she started to cum I drove my tongue into her asshole. She screamed and shook and juices started flowing out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. I licked and sucked it all up. She sat back in the chair and panted trying to catch her breath.

She had a smile like I had never seen before and a glazed look on her face. I knew I had satisfied her. The problem was my cock was rock hard now and in need of relieve. I stood up and mom saw the problem right away. She reached out, pulled my sweats off, leaned forward and started licking my cock. I just about lost it right there, I guess it was a good thing I had jacked off in the shower.

She sucked my cock into her mouth and started giving me the best blow job ever. I watched her head bob up and down on my cock and then the whole thing disappeared into her mouth. She did this for a while and it felt so good. Just as I thought I was going to shot my load in her mouth she stopped. She told me to get on the bed, on my back. She then crawled on wench knows how to cum a lot bed spread her legs on either side of me.

She reached down crabbed my cock and then lowered herself on to the head of it. She rubbed my dick back and forth on her pussy lips and I felt her lips get wet and part. She put the head at her pussy hole and slowly slid down my cock. I was still rock hard and could fell every bump inside her tight pussy.

She lowered herself all the way down and slowly raised back up until the head of my cock was just about to slid out of her pussy. She did this a few more times and then on the last up stroke, with my cock head just about out of her hole, she slammed herself back on to my dick taking it all the way inside her.

She pounded her pussy on my dick like that getting faster and harder with each stroke. I started to rise up to meet het thrust and soon we were slapping together. Her juices were making us wetter and wetter. Then I couldn't hold out any longer. I felt the stirring of cum in my balls.

I felt the head of my dick become harder and hotter. The tip was so sensitive I could feel the bumps of her pussy rubbing against it. Then with a loud groan I shot a load into my moms pussy and could feel the cum running out of her pussy and on to my dick and balls.

She kept pumping until I had nothing left. She sat there on top of me and I could feel her pussy pulsating on my dick. I started to go soft and she lifted herself off me.

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Then she did something I had not even thought of. She turned around, put her pussy on my face and said, "Lick and suck it clean." I had forgotten she had seen me eat my own cum but now I was glad she had.

I drove my tongue inside her hole and started licking and sucking to get every drop of cum I could. Then I felt her start sucking on my cock to get the last of the cum out of it.

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When she finished she lay down beside me, smiled and said I love the taste of cum too.