Slutty lesbian centerfolds are spreading and fisting anals

Slutty lesbian centerfolds are spreading and fisting anals
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Well for the opener, I am an 18 year old graduated student named Steven. I am pretty well build for what activities I favor. I am about 6' 5" with short brown hair. i have never been a huge fan of English Language Arts, but in my junior year of high school that changed. I remember my first day very well, stepping into that classrom only to see the most beautiful teacher or person for that matter.

She was about 5' 6" and with straightened long brown hair with a touch of blonde. She also was very athletically built it seemed like. Having a nice skin tone and nice legs. Also I'd guess she was around the age of 25. Moving along to her more "interesting" attributes.

She had very small tits, I would say around B, but very perky and a nice tight ass. She often wore tight pants and stretched, revealing her under garnments.

I would walk into that classroom and find myself just feeling very stimulated. My first thoughts when I realized she was a "hot teacher" were wondering what she looked like under that clothing she wore that turned me on almost instantly. _______________________________________________________________________________ A couple weeks pass after I had first seen her, during the beginning weeks. I had grown to eager to just see how she might act outside the classroom or even inside it, just building my anticipation to "fufill my fantasy".

She had caught me a couple times trying to take a peak of her butt, but never did acknowledge me for it. Just a simple smirk had crossed her face when it happened, and it was more than once. I think she must have seen where I was coming from when I looked at her.

She would wear low-cut shirts and often lean over the desk, giving me a clear shot of her titties and her tiny nipples.

Again, as weeks pass as she give me the slight glimpse of her breasts, her wardrobe had changed. Wearing short shirts and sexy thong panties. I knew this because she would give me a blown away looker in underwear is geeting pissed on and poked of seductive look and inch her skirt up a few just before she sat down then parting her legs.

From where I had been assigned a seat, It was perfect for seeing what she was hiding under the thin layer of material. _______________________________________________________________________________ I had been just day-dreaming constantly about fucking her hard, but from what I had thought it was just a typical fantasy. Since I had english last period of the day, I would ask if she was available after-school for "extra help".

I didn't see how she would think I needed extra help being an A student, but it was voluntary so she must not have thought anything of it. After all, I think she had a clear understand that I thought she was sexy and I always day dreamed and was checking her out. Not that it was a bad thing, anything to make her feel sexy even more.

I would stay after school every once in a while, but I kept getting more and more into her. She was my teacher, but she was sexy as hell and letting herself show it off. Her name by the way was Miss. Liev. I started to develop an obsession with wanting to be around her, inhaling her aroma. When I stayed after school every single day, she had been even more laid back, acted more sexy and kept giving me these looks that just made me go absolutely insane.

_______________________________________________________________________________ On a friday, I stayed after for the last time.

I figured that she is just my teacher and it would be left at that. When I went into her classroom to get "help" on a report she had assigned, I had figured it would be the same old 60 minutes. I walked in and said " Hey Miss. Liev, I was wondering if you could help me with that report you assigned last week?" "Of course I will, Steven." She said. So we start to go over the essay and she reads over a part that says "Physical Action". She looks up at me and said "Do you like physical action?".

I hesitated, all of that time I had spent day dreaming in class.

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Was my dream finally coming true? "What do you mean, physical action?" I said, lost for words. By this time, my cock was rock hard, gorgeous pretty hottie gets nailed interracial and hardcore sure if she saw it or not I tried to adjust myself so she did not.

It was a little late, she had already seen it. "Oh my, I must turn you on, don't I?" "Yes, you do turn me on" I also said in a hesitative state.

"I do see you looking at me during class, Steven. You are a very handsome young man" She paused. "Oh, I didn't know that you saw m." She stopped me, and locked lips. I could not believe what was happening. My teacher knows I check her out, and now she is wrestling with my tounge. I felt a sudden urge come over me. I went with the flow, and took advantage of kissing her. It had been a couple minutes before she had withdrawn from the kiss, but she stood up, walked over to the blinds and pulled them down.

She locked the door and put a long sheet of paper over the little window. I imagine so no one could see what was going on. As she started to walk back, I adjusted my body, so I could get ready for any other move she might have within her.

She was wearing a very small jean jacket and a skin tight type of spandex shirt under it. She quickly threw her jacket off on her walk back to where I was sitting on a couch in the back of the classroom. _______________________________________________________________________________ She sat back down next to me on the couch, then grabbed my report and tossed it to the table sitting aside us.

I still had that bulge in my pants, and it was not going anywhere fast. She turned to see how I had moved and she could now see I had an erection. I could see she was seizing the moment and started to rub my cock through my pants. "You have such a big cock" she said. I thought I was average, 7.5 Inches. She is a teacher afterall, she went skinny petite latina teen bangs big cock tinylust college I figured she knows what she is doing so again I went with the flow.

She started to unzip my pants, and I stood up to take them off. Then she got off the couch and pulled my boxers down fairly quickly. I was still shocked, but was also very grateful. She started to rub my penis slow then at a fast pace. As soon as I know it, she put my head in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down.

I let out a slight groan, she looked up at me. "Are you enjoying yourself?" She said. I did not say anything, but nodded my head.

After she was going at my cock for about 10 minutes. I stopped her. "My turn" I said. She gladly let me have my way. Although she was still fully clothed, I was so anxious to just rip her clothes right off but I went slow. Who knows if I would ever get the chance to do this again. I pulled off her tight shirt and unlatched the hooks of her bra.

I had seen her breasts before, but not bare in front of me. I was in awe, they were so beautiful. I went after them. I started to lick the tip of her nipples as I slowly sucked them into my mouth.

She started to let out a very light moan. Then I start to unbutton her pants. I slowly pulled them down, savoring the moment. She was wearing a maroon G-String, that also matched her bra which had little sexy frills on them. "God, you are so damn sexy Miss.Liev." I said "Ohh, Steven please. Call me Natalie." She responded in a light voice. That was the first time I had known her first name.

I paused, and looked at her. It did not last long maybe 2-3 seconds. I had this beautiful woman in front of me just barely naked. I wanted every second I could get. I pulled her panties off, and tossed them.

She closed her legs, to tease me. I looked down and she was clean shaven, just what I liked. I parted her legs wide and took my chance. I started to lick her pussy, caressing it up and down. I found her clit, started to lap it as she bucked like a wild animal.

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Letting out moans that got to me quicker than I had ever though. She tasted so good, better than I had ever imagined. I was rock hard by now, I held back my urge to just start fucking her.

I inserted one finger inside her warm, very slick pussy. I thought to myself, "How am I ever going to get my penis in there?!" I was driving her nuts by now. She was moving all over the place, but I managed to grab her hips and keep her still for a little bit.

_______________________________________________________________________________ "I want you to fuck my pussy, right now!" She said with a demanding tone. I did as she said, but not right away. I took my penis and started to play with her clit. Trying to tease her a little bit more before I did what I was waiting for since I first saw her.

"Ahhh, It's sooo gooood" she had managed to say, still wiggling like a earthworm. I was starting to grow a little bored of playing with her mea melone fucked on the boardroom table with my cock, so I went down a little and put the head of my cock on her pussy. I lightly pressed it in. She let out a huge moan. I was wondering If it was hurting her.

So I slowed a little more. I looked down after a second or two of slowing penetrating her pussy, and to my suprise I saw a little bit of blood. At this point, she was going mad. I had realized I popped her cherry.

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"The pain will be gone in a second" I said. "Myyyyy goddd, It hurts so badddd" replied Natalie, trying to spin her body around and get my cock out. A few more seconds pass and she started to calm down. So I went a little bit faster and gradually increase my pace.

"Steven, your cock is filling me up" she said. I only had a couple inches of my cock inside of her. I even thought I had entered more of it in her pussy.

IT was so tight and warm. I also felt her muscles contracting, It felt so good. When I got all of it in after a little, I went very fast. She looked like she was in heaven, because I know I was. The sound of my balls hitting her asshole and her moaning, I loved it. I did not think about fucking her in the ass. Neither did I think she wanted it. I continued to fuck her as hard as I could until I felt my balls start to swell up and I knew what to xxxponwith black guys de ni a. So I went a little bit more and pulled out my cock very fast.

She rubbed it and started sucking it. Until I just let myself go, I also saw her flinch a little bit from my wad hitting the back of her throat. She took every last drop, I was still wondering if she was a beginner at everything that had gone on. When she gobbled all of my cum up, I said "Was that your first time doing any of this?" "Yes it was, and I loved doing it with a sexy stud like you." She answered. I could not believe myself. My hot teacher was a virgin this whole time, and I was the lucky one who got to pop her cherry.

I felt like the luckiest man in the world. _______________________________________________________________________________ I looked over at the clock and It was just about time for me to get home and get cleaned up before anyone suspected anything. Both why I was late and why I might have smelled funky.

We got dressed and I instantly started to give her a huge kiss. It lasted only a few minutes, but it was the thought of doing it with my teacher that kept going through my head over and over again. I was just about to unlock the door and go out when she called my name. I turned to her to see what she wanted.

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"You should stay after more often" She said. Winking and blowing another kiss. "I sure will" I said. My dream came true. I just kept it to myself, that I fucked my hot English teacher.