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Full sex stories red xxx wap
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The first in a series. look out for chapter two! [align=center]Two Songs on the Radio Chapter One[/align] She looked at me like no one ever had looked at me before. My eyes travelled the length and breadth of her form until I could no longer take it. Slowly, I lowered my hand and started pulling on my dick.

It was a daily ritual for me. Wanking off to some porn. Sure, I longed for more, but in my life that sort of thing never tended to happen. It wasn't that I was unpopular, just not what the girls would have called "shagable" As the video got hotter my strokes became faster. I could feel the sperm building up, just waiting to explode out of me. But before I had a chance. The doorbell rang. 'Fuck!' I screamed. I closed the video down and pulled my trousers up. In a normal situation I wouldn't have bothered but my dad was waiting for a package and if I missed the delivery, he would have skinned me alive.

As I ran down the stairs I hastily rubbed my hands on the back of my jeans, I was so terrified of taking the package out of the delivery guys hand to find that there was a load huge boobed babe gets fucked pornstar and hardcore precum all over.

With a quick final rub, I opened the door. 'Oh, Hi Jake.' I didn't know how to feel. It was Tracey, a good friend of mine who went to school with me. We had been friends since we were thirteen and did everything together. Now though at an age of 18 other thing's had slowly crept into my mind as to what I'd like to do with her. Tracey was tall and slim. Not too slim that she would win a 'Miss Stick' competition but thin enough so that she didn't look too unhealthy.

Her dark brown eyes and light red hair seemed to intoxicate me whenever I became too drawn into her. Her breats were beautiful. Rich and full, at a size I would have guessed at around a C cup, but then being a teenage boy I had little experience in dealing with this sort of thing. It was just a guess. Tracey looked at me and then said with a grin 'I'm having a party at my house tonight. You know, we're all going off to Uni next week so I thought it would be good if we got a load of people together and.' 'Get completley ratassed?' I completed her sentence for me.

She laughed.

'Yeah, well be round at about 8 okay?' I nodded. She gave a short wave then turned and left. Sighing I closed the door behind her and placed my back on it. I fell down to the floor and ran my hands through my hair.

But my hands were sticky, and smelling oddly too. I hadn't wiped off all the precum.

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---- After a quick shower I returned to the computer in my bedroom. All hope had been abandoned now and if there was any chance that I may continue what I had started it was thrown out as soon as I opened up the video folder again. My dad was home. The rest of the afternoon was spent alone in my room. Resigned to the fact that I would have to wait until I got home from Tracey's party in which to satisfy my lustious teenage desires, I opened up a game of CS and played well on until my mum called me for dinner.

'Boys knock it off.' Mum had come back into the dining room carrying the bowl of spagetti she had prepared. My father, an old fashioned man, was sat by the fireplace, reading the evening paper. If the smell of mum's cooking didn't awaken his prehistoric nostrils then nothing would. I was quite sure of that. 'I'm going over to Tracey's. She's having a party tonight as a goodbye to everyone.' 'Oh, well don't be home too late and if you are out all night, make sure you take some protection 'You look nice where are you going?' 'Gay convention.' my brother Alex said, his head absorbed in his Nintendo DS as he sat at the dining table.

'For the last time, I'm not gay.' 'Sure,' Alex said 'I'll beleive you. Just wait til your gone. I'll be looking for your mags in your bedroom.' 'Only because you don't have any of your own you dirty pervert.' .' she winked. Alex roared 'Good Lord, he has a dick!' Dinner went by quickly. Or as quickly as I could have hoped. It was still light by the time I left and headed towards Tracey's house.She lived a few streets away so it wasn't much of a walk home.

Tracey was the one that started it all for me. She was my guardian angel they say. When I was thirteen, a tiny little squirt with an ego half the size of London and an attitude to match.

But there were others who had bigger ego's and were bigger in general. Me being a prat most of the time didn't help my reputation and it wasn't until Tracey became my friend that people finally started to respect me. Maybe they only did because I was friends with one of the best looking girls in our year?

Maybe she helped me realise who I really real asian masseuse in naughty hj session.

Whatever happend I was sure it would break the moment we were seperated. I was fragile and she knew it. I could hear her houe before I saw it. Blazing rock music and a tornado of noise and calls from half drunk, and in some cases drunk, teenagers.

Tracey's house was the only place we could really have a decent party. Her parents were often out on what they called 'Buisness trips' and she had no annoying siblings. When it was suggested that we have the parties at my house I laughed.

My dad was more likley to vote for the communist party then let me have a house party on my own. My friend Jason was already waiting in the kitchen a beer in hand and a joint behind his ear. 'About time I was wondering where you'd got to.' he handed me a beer and I took it thankfully. 'I was busy.' Jason raised his eyebrows. 'Not like that. I did that earlier.

well tried to-you wouldn't believe it, almost finished and guess who calls?' 'Me I guess?' Tracey was standing in the door way, one hand on her hip, the other holding a bottle of Smirnoff. She raised her eyebrows at me in a way that said 'Boy's.' but came over to hug me notheless.

'Good party.' I said once we had withdrawn. Tracey nodded 'Yeah, it would be if Mark and Joanne weren't causing a que for the bog with their stupid fucking?' 'Mark and Joanne are fucking upstairs?' Jason asked seemingly amazed.

'Yes, and if you are going to smoke that please do it outside. My parents can live with puke stains, cum stains and burns in the carpet but I'm sure they'd have more to say if they came home to find the smell of skunk everywhere.' 'Alright, alright, keep your knickers on.' The night progressed and soon, after Mark and Joanne had vacated the toilet, the party really began to heat up. Drink was coming from everywhere, I had no idea where it all had come from and ending up drinking a lot of it myself.

By the earlier hours though, it was winding down. People were going off home. Jason had wandered off around half eleven and I had no idea where he had gone. By two, most of the people had gone and it was just myself and Tracey sat in her room. 'I don't think he's shit.' Tracey was saying as she looked over a newspaper that had been found out on the stairs 'He's one of their best players. who would Ilkiss be sexy blonde chick gets stranded and ends up fucked by dudes huge cock porstar and kristen to play off if he wasn't there?' I laughed 'So you know all about Football russian gang rape uncensored forced do you?' 'I'm not claiming to be an expert but.' She laughed again.

Her eyes drew into mine and for a moment she stared into my eyes. I felt her take my hand. She kissed it. It was as if a button had been switched on in my body. Electric was running through me. It was only a kiss on the hand. but it was a kiss. I leant into her, still gazing into her brown eyes and our lip met.

It was as if fire was erupting in my head. I placed my hand on her cheek. She responded by holding onto my shoulder with her right arm and exploring my lower back with her left. Then we drew apart and the girl that I saw didn't seem to be the girl I knew. She was an adult at last. She had grown into a woman. With fire and lust in her mind, Tracey jumped off the bed and onto the floor.

She looked up at me seductivley and I felt my dick spring to attention. Like a soildier recieving his morning drill. Slowly Tracey pulled down my trousers and then my pants. I had been waiting for this and now it was here. But I didn't know how to act, it was going so much quicker than I had ever anticipated. My cock was lying flat against my stomach. Not entirely huge it seemed to excite Tracey.

She held it one hand while the other awkwardly tried to remove her own items of clothing.

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It was a odd sight so, frozen as I was I nevertheless bent over and helped her pull her shirt off. She was wearing no bra. Tracey's breasts fell lightly against her chest as the tension was released from her shirt.

My calculation were about right. Her breasts were firm and ripe and looked as though they had been custom built for this sole purpose. It was a while before I realised that Tracey was pummuling my own dick.

Eyes wide, I had not taken much attention since her shirt had been pulled off but now my mine was fixed on that sparkling face below me. That wonder of a girl. She was moving slow. It was obvious she was somewhat trained in this art and all I felt was a light throbbing as tension began to build up. After a while she put her hand behind her back and lowered her mouth onto the head of my cock.

It felt like nothing I could ever had dreampt of. Nothing I couldn't have imagined. She teased my cock for a moment before plunging the whole member into her mouth. As I hairy grannies who love the feeling of fresh cum mentioned before I was not too big and so it filled her mouth with little problem. Then she began to suck. I was on another world completley.

My thoughts, my mind my memories; they all but belonged to someone else.

I was there, then and any indication of events past or future were discarded. This forever. The pressure in my cock had been filling up emensfully over the past few minutes.

The tip was now dribbling with precum which Tracey licked off with relish. But, all of a sudden she pulled away. 'What's going on?' 'I wanted to save you. You're going to fuck me now.' This had been so much more then I had bargained for. 'Fuck you?' 'You heard me.' She pulled her jeans down slowly and I removed my shirt thinking that if I was going to do this, I might as well do it properly. Tracey climbed back onto the bed and positioned herself so that I could enter her from above, the missionary position.

I took a quick look at nicki blue and ryan grey and tiffany kohl b cunt and saw that it too was dribbling.

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Gently, I raised a hand and stroked it. Tracey shivered and a wicked grin spread across her face. 'Go on. You seem to know what you're doing.' If she believed in me then why not. I lowered myself and placed another finger slowly on her clit. With that hand I started to manipulate her and with my other hand I took two fingers and slowly plunged them into the ether of her sex.

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Her breaths came in short shallow gasps and she clenched the bed covers tightly. True, this was my first time but Tracey didn't seem to think I was doing anything wrong.

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Spurred on by this I continued until she placed her hand down by mine and looked back into my eyes. There was a look I didn't need translating. I repositioned myself so my, now semi hard cock, she cant take the big dick could enter her vagina. I reached round and took her shoulders gently. Then I sane lanny xxx story com lowered myself into her.

Her moans persisted. My cock went hard again less than an inch away from her, the pressure that had been building up since before was back and it didn't seem to want to stop.

I moved slowly. Not wanting to spoil it for her. But Tracey had other plans. She grabbed by behind and pushed my cock further and further into her pussy.

'Faster.' she moaned. I dared to go a little faster. 'Faster.' I obliged. 'Fuck me fast and hard Jake.' she cried and I lost all sense of purpose and thrust harder and faster than I had done so far.

'Fuck fuck fuck! I'm cumming!' she yelled and I felt her clench around my cock. It had reached the end of it's tether it let go. Pouring round after round of semen into her cunt. After a moment I stopped. She was breathing quickly and my dick had quickly lost all it's hardness. I pulled away from her slowly and lay on the bed next to her. She looked at me. Her eyes told more than words could as she held my hand in hers.

After a moment I dared to speak. It was something I knew was coming. Something I had been dreading in this silly dream plan I had made. 'Don't go.' I whispered. Tracey turned her head away from mine but still held my hand tight.

Her silence spoke a thousand words.