Doggystyle pussy penetration hardcore and big butt

Doggystyle pussy penetration hardcore and big butt
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lisa ann loves girls lesbian orgy cunt licking action struck Alaric unkindly in the eyes the following morning. He ruffled his blonde hair and sat up. He groaned from the throbbing pain in his ass. Tyr was still curled next to him and had a rather strong grip around his waist.

From the position he was laying, Alaric could clearly see his semi hard shaft hanging from its sheath. Smiling impishly, he leaned forward to lick the large pole of horse meat before him, tasting the bitterness of centaur sperm coated on it. He pried the large male's hands off of his waist and stood up, tiptoeing his way around the sleeping beasts which littered the cave.

The morning sun burned brightly in the sky and a smooth, cool breeze blew through the trees. The fire that had blazed the night before was reduced to nothing more than a pile of grey ashes. Boar bones were strewn about the clearing, drawing in birds and other small animals to scavenge for scraps.

A crumbling noise drew his eye to the female's den. Drake climbed from the opening, armor shimmering in the newly risen sun. Even he seemed to glow. "Well well. Sir Drake Gall knows the walk of shame." "There was nothing shameful about what happened last night. Variety is the spice of life." "If that's the case, then my life has been spicier than a Scaldir Pepper." Alaric lowered himself down onto a log beside the fire pit and winced as pain shot up his spine.

The motion wasn't unnoticed by Drake. "They really wrecked you didn't they?" "They? I wasn't THAT busy last night. It was just me and Tyr." "Caspien made it sound like they would be all over you." "Well… Tyr said it would be best if he eased me into it first. Apparently when they do go communal, it's quite a trial." "Good luck with that. It looks spanked and fingered by daddy extreme rough brutal hardcore gangbang first time wanting they could tickle your stomach no matter how they entered." "You're not that far off." Sounds began to echo from the caves signaling the awakening of its dwellers and soon Elizabeth stepped out of the female den.

"It's like they never heard of a bed before. They have us sleeping on stone and fur like savages. Please tell me we're leaving soon. Not a single one of these heathens are even the least bit disturbed that they're paving their own little road to torment!" Drake sighed and rubbed a spot between his eyes, clearly exasperated. "We just got here. Have you forgotten we're not just here to make friends? We need to soak up as much information as we can. Learn from them. We'll at least be staying a few more days." She huffed and crossed her arms as she took a spot next to Drake.

"Don't you see? You're both being corrupted! The two of you had carnal relations with these animals! You're running down the same path as they are. Don't you even care that this is against the law!" Alaric snorted. He was starting to get fed up with Elizabeth's holier than thou attitude. "That law was idiotic to begin with! Life ends too fast to limit yourself to one kind of person. You have to find joy where you can. As long as it doesn't harm anybody it's all fine." "I wasn't focusing on you.

You're acts, while disgusting and abominable, cant produce a bastard child. Don't you care about that Drake? If she gets pregnant, she'll produce a racially inferior child. The twins gave this world to humans! We have their favor! It's a crime against them to dilute our pure blood by procreating with anyone who isn't human!" Drake's faced turned as red as the sun in the sky, he flexed his hands and stared holes into Elizabeth making her recoil slightly.

"Koss, I don't know how I feel about religion. I don't even know if there are deities. But if there are, I am proud to say that my will does not bend to gods who will two lesbians have fun with sex toys their children for seeking happiness or value one of their creations higher than any other or claim that their way is the only way to find paradise!

We need you on this mission and that's the only reason I'm not sending you packing back to Brightvale! So do me a favor and shut up!" Elizabeth shrank back, blinking dew from her eyes and opened up her bible, burying her face in it. Alaric gave a nod of thanks to Drake and stood up. "I'm going to wake Tyr. He said he would take me hunting with him today. I was always curious about what made them some of the best hunters.

Would you like to come Drake?" "'Fraid not. I don't know what my day might hold, but I'll probably have to help Kaelyssa coordinate our relations." "Okay, but you might be missing out." He stepped over to the threshold of the male den and made his way back to Tyr. He prodded him gently with the palm of his hand, causing the man to grunt and shift.

His chest was sweaty from the heat the sun was channeling into the cave. He smiled and knelt beside him, licking a droplet of sweat from his underarm. Tyr snorted as Alaric continued to tongue the sweat from his torso.

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His sweat was salty of course, yet it had a strong aftertaste of what might have been honey. Its aroma made Alaric harden in his linen pants. He wasn't exactly well endowed by any means with only around four or five inches to speak of, but the pheromones being given off by Tyr had it straining fiercely against the fabric.

Tyr stirred as his eyes eased themselves open. He raised a hand to wipe away the sleep from the corners of his eyes before fixing them on Alaric. "Alaric. I am not used to being woken so gently. I thank you for the change of pace." Alaric smiled and ran his hand over the centaur's hairy chest. Tyr reached up and gripped him by the chin, pulling him in for a lip bruising kiss.

The stubble covering the mans face prickled his own bare face, causing it to itch a bit, but it was hard to dwell on that fact with Tyr's slick muscled tongue probing his mouth so roughly. The two broke apart reluctantly, gasping for air. "If I am going to take you hunting, we should leave now. The animals are foraging sister dirty talk pov incest roleplay now." He raised himself to a standing position slowly, rolling his shoulders and popping his neck loudly.

His hooves clopped against the stone floor as he picked up his longbow from the corner and strapped on his quiver. "Let's go. We need to catch them before they fill up and hide again." The hot big tits bbw lesbians tube porn of them climbed from the mouth of the cave and headed off into the woods.

Almost as soon as the stepped through the tree line, the sun was eclipsed, turning morning into twilight. He had always been wary of the dark, but being in the presence of Tyr made him feel so safe.

He gripped Tyr's large hairy arm as they walked deeper into the forest. At certain intervals he would bow to eye a track or rip up a handful of grass and drop it, watching the direction the wind would carry it.

Occasionally Tyr would sniff the air and change directions. A cracking sound drew them into a clearing to find the largest boar Alaric had ever seen. Its tusks looked as if they could easily skewer him. This was most likely the type of boar that had killed the king of some distant nation during his hunt not long ago. Tyr raised his massive bow and drew an arrow from his quiver, nocking it carefully and drawing the string taut with halted breath.

With one fierce rip, he released the string and sent the projectile flying with such force that it tore through the boar's killzone like a hot knife through butter. The boar fell, dead before it hit the ground. Alaric exhaled the breath he didn't know he was holding and run to the boar. "T-Tyr! This thing is huge! You could feed your tribe a week with this!" Tyr pulled his arrow from the mound of earth it had lodged itself in and placed it back into his quiver.

"Possibly longer if we ration it correctly. There's plenty of meat for roasting and plenty more for jerky. The bones will make a hearty stock for soups. And these tusks will make some lovely earrings for you. Alaric blushed, lowering his eyes in embarrassment only to fix them upon Tyr's massive erection. Tyr scratched his neck, smiling. "Yeah… The thrill of the hunt gives me a bit of a rush." Alaric smiled kindly and removed his linen tunic, dropping it in a heap on the ground before dropping to his knees beside the large man horse.

He extended a soft hand and ran his fingers over its veiny underside, drawing a moan from Tyr. He clasped the large appendage in his hand and stroked it gently, feeling it harden further under his touch. He felt hot liquid cascade over his fingers as a large amount of precum leaked from the bulbous head.

He drew his hand back and lapped at the fluid seductively under the watchful eye of his partner. His eyes were locked, unblinking, upon Alaric's sweet blues as he used his tongue to cleanse his hand of pre, savoring its bitter flavor.

He slid himself smoothly underneath the man, and placed the tip into his mouth, stretching it so wide it ached. Tyr groaned loudly as Alaric attempted to take more into his mouth and down his throat. He was experienced in oral sex, having taken many well endowed clients in his years, but he found it difficult to take Tyr very deep.

Tyr was a bit over two feet long, a fact which had both aroused and terrified him the night before. It swelled further, the head beginning to stretch his throat wider as it forced its way deeper.

Tears formed in his eyes as he gagged around it, though he didn't let it deter him. He began to firmly stroke the large amount he couldn't fit in his mouth.

Tyr groaned loudly and began to buck into his young mouth wildly. Alaric prepared himself as best as he could for what was about to happen. He had learned the night before that centaur men became more violent in their efforts when their release was near. Tyr pounded down his throat so hard that he wondered if he would be able to swallow at all after all was said and done.

With a loud shout, Tyr's cock enlarged greatly as it emptied out several burning hot ropes of salty, bitter cum. It's slightly gritty texture stung the back of his throat as he worked to swallow sanath jayasooriya new xxx storys the thick shaft of meat lodged in his throat.

He pulled himself back slowly and released it from his mouth, panting heavily as his face was hosed down by the remainder of the thick, hot fluid. Alaric wiped his eyes and looked back up at the still solid rod. Removing his pants, he rolled onto his chest and raised himself on his hands and knees. Teen nympho lady bug first on airtight double penetration handles like a pro pressed himself back until he could feel it, hot against his ass.

He reached back, grabbing it and pressing its cum-dribbling head against his small puckered hole. Many were pleasantly cute teen drilled by massive black cock in many positions interracial pornstar when they had discovered his anus to be of virginal quality. It even shocked him, to be honest. It only stretched enough to accommodate what he was taking, only for it to snap back good as new once finished.

He felt Tyr press against it harder, he bit his lip as the head pushed its way into him, stretching out his ass and going right in to strike his prostate. Alaric moaned, drooling slightly as the fat head banged against the small bundle of nerves. His ass hurt greatly as it was stretched nearly beyond his limits, but his pleasure was building and he could tell that, like the night before, he was going to love every moment of it. He reached beneath himself and began to pump his own dick, his hand moving deftly up and down the golden shaft as the purple head leaked globs of precum.

Tyr slowed his pace and pulled back a bit, rubbing pleasurably against the rings of muscle in Alaric's ass as he raked over them before slamming back in roughly and repeating the process. Alaric's tears ran down his cheeks, tears that he couldn't stop. They were the tears he shed during the pain of having his ass stretched or while gagging on his partners, the tears he always loved to shed.

He clenched his ass tightly around Tyr's cock and screamed in pleasure as his cock pulsed, shooting his sperm upon the ground. Tyr growled deep in his throat and became even more violent at the feeling of Alaric's ass tightening around him.

Soon, Alaric was crying hard as the stallion was thoroughly destroying him. "Tyr please! Cum in me! It feels so good my stallion master!

Give it all to me! Pump me full of your strong powerful children! Squirt it all in my ass!" With a shout that echoed through the woods, Tyr's cock swelled once more and jerked as it began to spray into him like a firehose. Alaric felt his bowels expand as the horse cum filled him.

It felt like he was being set on fire from the inside out. He came violently once more as a forceful blast hit his prostate directly. Soon he collapsed into a pool of his own cum, Tyr's cock slipping out of him to deposit the last of its load onto his back before wilting and withdrawing itself back into its sheath.

The centaur bent his legs and laid down in the grass beside him. Alaric rolled onto his back in time to receive a passionate kiss from his lover. He allowed himself to melt into the kiss as he snuggled into his large hairy chest, inhaling the man's strong scent and licking up droplets of his sweat. It seemed like a blissful eternity had passed before Tyr stood again. "Alaric, load the boar onto my back and climb on. We'll get home faster this way." "B-but, don't Centaurs take offense to being ridden?" "Of course we do.

Beautys sensational shlong riding pornstar and hardcore not if we're ridden by someone we care for." Alaric did as he was told, hefting the heavy boar over Tyr's back with a grunt before climbing up as well.

He held on tight as Tyr trotted back towards the camp. From time to time he would duck to avoid hitting his head on a low branch. Before long they found themselves back in camp. The fire was alight once again and the clearing was now full of Centaurs. They cheered in respect of Tyr as he rode in with the large boar on his back. A few men came over and unloaded it, carrying it into the middle den. Drake, he could see, was sitting close to Gren as Kaelyssa flanked his opposite.

The women were stitching together pelts of what looked like deer and boar leather carefully as Elizabeth watched. He was surprised to see that she appeared to be interested in their labor, sunny leone desi story pee brightly and nodding as they showed her their work.

He climbed off Tyr's back and moved in closer to Drake who smiled and turned to face him for a moment. "Have fun hunting?" "Yeah. It was quite the experience." "I could tell. I heard you from here." Alaric blushed a deep crimson and averted his gaze, feeling a bit shy suddenly.

He could see Tyr speaking to Sabian across the clearing and smiled toward him. "How are negotiations going?" "Well our partnership is assured. Now we're just working out trade. Gren promises us bows for our soldiers and finely stitched clothing in exchange for Clanshoot and fine cloth materials. Aside from that, he wishes for his people to be allowed inside the city for trade." "That would be an amazing prospect wouldn't it?

For centaurs to integrate themselves within our cities and towns just as elves have. It'll be a difficult thing to adjust to seeing as there are some humans who remain uncomfortable towards elves." "We have to learn to adapt as a race.

In terms of racial development, we are a bit stunted. There are some nations who have warm relations with their orcish populations.

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The orcs are some of the finest warriors our world has ever seen. If any of them decided to take advantage of our weakness during this period of recovery, well… let's just say we'd be fighting an uphill battle." Gren smiled brightly, his mismatched eyes glinting.

"Soon, our two races will come together like two families joined by marriage. A day foretold by Pythia and even her dont fuck me im pregnant son. A day which we thought would never come after The Mad King sent his killing squads for us." "King Ceril is long dead Chief Gren, and the traces of his cruelty are finally beginning to die as well." "Well, said Sir Drake, well said!

And to that, I will drink!" Gren raised his horn and sloshed it back letting the mead dribble down through his tangled beard. He lowered his drink and shook his head. Alaric smiled and strode over to Elizabeth and her sewing circle. He dropped himself beside her and picked up a finished fur vest.

"I was surprised to discover the quality of their sewing. Our tailors will be the pride of the world! If we learn nothing more from our time here than this, I still say it's well worth it!" "You sound… different.

I'm not complaining. I like this side of you better than the doom and gloom of you missionary side." Elizabeth pouted, almost cutely, and stitched a bit faster. Her stitches became sloppier with her frustration. "Yes… I was a skeptic at first when I was told to learn from these tribes, but these girls sew better than I ever did." She jumped hot babe with huge melons rides her dildo her deer bone needle pricked her finger.

She sucked her finger as blood wept from the pinprick. "Or ever will, if I keep using my hand as a pincushion." Alaric smiled as she continued her work.

He still wasn't sure how he felt about her yet. Her holier than thou stance disgusted him, and yet when he saw her like this, he admired her perseverance and willingness to learn. And, further still, he felt a malignant pang of envy that she had such a kind environment in which to learn. < Year 144, Tairen Brothel > He sat shivering on his bed, even as sweat poured from his body.

It would have been traumatic to see what he had seen at any age, but it was far too much for his fragile 10 year old psyche to handle. He laid on his side, closing his eyes as he hugged his knees close to his chest. He remembered so vividly the faces of the men who had perpetrated such atrocities. The look of terror etched onto the face of his mother as two men took turns with her mouth and vagina as an additional two held he and his father's arms behind them, forcing them to observe through teary eyes.

He remembered his father's futile attempts to defend his mother and the expression of resignation as she watched his throat opened by the razor end of a blade. After seeing her suffer for so long, passed back and forth from person to person, he thought it a mercy when they opened her throat as well.

He shook his head violently, trying to rid himself of the memory. The corrupt officials of Varynwood had covered it up as an official execution and everybody was swallowing their lies by the spoonful. Now here he was, a week hence, orphaned and condemned to life in a whorehouse.

He pulled the blankets over his head as he heard footsteps pounding their way up the stairs. He bit his lip and trembled even harder as he heard the jingling of keys on their ring and a loud click as one was used to unlock the heavy wooden door to his room. The door creaked open and he heard several people enter. He heard the clacking of high heels that many a prostitute in the home feared, the footfalls of Madame Tanda.

She spoke in a sensual tone barely louder than a whisper, but to Alaric, it was sharp as the crack of a whip. "Get out from under there, boy. You have earned your first clients and they asked, and paid for, you personally.

Have fun boys. The elf is yours for the night. Do with him as you see fit but do try not to kill this one or you'll pay a far larger price than the last time, Shark." "Oh, but of course Madame. We have no wish to inconvenience you." Alaric froze, solid as the stone he felt had been dropped on his chest.

That voice, that cold, cruel voice. He knew it all too well. He forced his head from under the covers to find a pair of acid green eyes locked into his own. The middle aged man grinned and pushed his shaggy, matted brown hair out of his sallow face and grinned, showcasing his set of dagger-like teeth. He was surrounded by faces he didn't wish to see again until they were staring down at him from pikes worthwhile casting for young beautiful bitches hardcore blowjob the square.

The man known as Shark was backed by only two of the other three men that had committed the murder of his parents. One was a tall, barrel-chested man with mismatched yellow and brown eyes and a face like a rat with his greasy black hair tied back in a pony tail. The other was a young man of average height, tan skinned and silver of hair. Many might have thought him handsome but for the burn scars around a red serpents eye.

By far the most normal looking one of the group was the Madame with her pale skin, sensual features and blood-red hair. She pressed her lips to one of Shark's gray skinned cheeks before turning and leaving the room, latching the door behind her. The men began undressing smoothly as Alaric tried to hide once again. All too soon the sheets were ripped from him entirely and he was faced by the three men as well as their large endowments.

They were of varying sizes from the tan man being the smallest at five inches to the large man having the largest at what looked to be a frightening ten with a width reminiscent of a food can. Alaric sat up and shrank as far back on the bed as he could, his blue eyes welling with tears.

The silence was broken by the slick damn hot teen london gets fucked by dudes massive cock accented voice of the tan man. "Come on boy. You know what to do with these do you not?" The man pulled him close by his ragged collar and slapped him in the face with his slender shaft. Alaric cringed away from it, tears escaping his eyes rapidly. He opened his mouth to call for help he knew would not come and found it suddenly filled by the man's cock.

He choked as it was pushed into his tender throat and flailed vainly, struggling to escape. "He's nothing like his mother was. That was a slut that really knew how to suck a cock." Alaric's vision went blurry with rage and before he even knew what he was doing, the man had pulled out of his mouth and was holding his bloodied cock in his hand. Alaric wished he could have bitten it off entirely though he only managed to bite down hard enough to draw a bit of blood.

In a flash, he was held down on the bed by and immense pressure on his throat. His eyes began to roll back as he felt the life being choked out of him. He stopped fighting and laid still, soon he could see his parents again and all the pain would leave him for good.

"Kota, let him go. We can't afford to cover up yet another death. Do you realize how much it cost us to cover his parents death as a state execution? And the further cost of disposing of Mero's body after he decided to grow a conscience?

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Besides, even if you were to kill him, could you not do it after we have had our turn? I haven't had any since last week." "The little shit bit me!

You expect me to take this!?" Shark flashed his glinting jagged teeth in a wicked big brazzer xxxx com xnxx that made Alaric even more frightened than when he was facing death. "You've dug your own grave child. It was my intention to take pity on you and ease you into such a new experience, but your little show of disobedience has earned you a bit of punishment.

Yorgen, you get him first." Kota smirked smugly as the large man moved closer. Yorgen stared down at Alaric before picking him and pinning him against the wall, holding him by the legs so as to gain better access to his virgin tunnel.

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Soon the massive length was pressed against his hole, Yorgen's trickle of precum his only lubrication. Alaric's eyes widened as the humongous cock head began to hot asian girl brutally fist fucked by three perverts its way inside.

He screamed out in pain but was silenced by the wad of cloth he found stuffed into his mouth. He heard Yorgen grunt loudly as the last bit of the tip wedged its way inside of him. Stretched beyond his limits, he tore, causing him to wail and cry loudly as his blood coated the head of his oppressors dick. For the first time he had heard, Yorgen spoke in a thick, booming voice dripping with sadistic intent.

"Shark, take the gag out. I want to hear this bitch cry. Who even cares enough about this brat to come save him?" Shark smirked and plucked the cloth from Alaric's mouth. His eyes stung with tears and his freshly deflowered asshole burned him fiercely. He gained no break from his torture as he soon felt the shaft being inserted.

He shrieked as he felt himself ripped apart inch by inch by the gigantic shaft. His own blood was betraying him as it provided lubrication for Yorgen's invading cock. The two other men were smiling onward from the edge of the bed as they masturbated to the agony of their young elven plaything. Alaric soon found relief as Yorgen withdrew his meat from his brutalized hole only to find himself flipped so he was staring at the floor, Yorgen's large, strong hands wrapped around his waist.

The giant carried him to his two companions and stood before Shark before slamming half his shaft into his bloody hole. Alaric's eyes, which had been shut tight since he was flipped over, shot open from the sudden sensation of pain and fullness to find himself staring down the gray skinned cock of his parent's murderer.

He raised his eyes to meet Sharks toxic green eyes. He was shocked when Shark leaned in and pressed his rough lips to his. Alaric flailed as much as was possible with the large man holding him tightly, but it was no use as Shark's long slippery tongue found its way inside his mouth.

He wanted to bite it clean off, but he knew that if he did, something even worse would happen to him. Shark then pulled away and sat back as he grabbed a handful of Alaric's hair and pulled his head downward to place his cock in the child's mouth. Alaric cried harder even though he knew it would do him no good.

In the end he resigned himself to his fate just as his mother had. No one was coming to help him, and even if they did, they had paid for him.

He closed his eyes, realizing nothing could be done. Disgusting himself, he allowed his tongue to flick across Shark's piss slit. Shark smiled and stroked the boys hair gently.

"There. That's not so bad now is it?" Alaric glared up at him through his tears and sucked gently just as he would the candy on a stick that his parents used to surprise him with. He felt embarrassed to submit himself to them, of all people they could have given him as clients. Yorgen began to speed his thrusts, aided by Alaric's blood and his now loosened hole. He was grunting louder and the jerks of his hips were becoming more erratic and he could swear the giant of a cock inside of him was swelling even larger.

Soon Yorgen was digging his large fingers into his hips and driving in so hard he thought he would die. He felt the large shaft spasm just before a rush of fire filled him. The man stilled himself allowing his cock to finish ejecting those globs of lava.

Alaric knew what was happening back there. He had seen it happen enough that night. It made him feel sick at his stomach to think he was being subject to the same torture his mother had endured in her final hours, and sicker still that his own body was beginning to betray him.

He was disgusted with himself for feeling pleasure as the waves of hot seed poured inside of him, disgusted for liking the taste of the cock of his parents' murderer, disgusted that he could feel blood rush into his own cock from arousal. He sobbed gently around the hunk of meat and began bobbing his head slowly. Kota kneeled and looked at Alaric's underside. "Shark, it would seem this child is a natural born closet whore.

Look at that poor, tiny, hard prick." "He's quite nice once you break him in despite the lack extreme female orgasm xxx babysitters enjoy rockhard cock experience." Shark stroked his cheek gently in approval.

Alaric couldn't stand his touch but he knew struggling now was useless and in the end, he allowed himself to lean into the touch. His mind was but a mass of confused nerves. Here he was serving the men who killed his parents, men who he wished death upon so fervently, the men who ruined his life and yet he was beginning to feel pleasure in servicing them.

Yorgen backed up slowly, letting his cock flop out and a torrent of cum to gush out after it. Alaric felt empty once again, an emptiness that didn't last long as Kota slid his slender manhood into him. It wasn't as big as Yorgen was, but he couldn't deny that it hit all the right spots. While Yorgen's cock would ram itself over the tiny bump inside of him, Kota continued to nail it head-on repeatedly. His small cock was pulsing wildly with every thrust and he could feel a large pressure building at its base.

Alaric was using his tongue more diligently now and letting the tip poke him in the back of the throat. It made him gag and sputter but he continued his efforts, hoping that it would end soon.

Shark stood and gripped Alaric's head, thrusting into his mouth violently. He could feel the meat swelling in his mouth but he gained no other warning of the coming flood.

There was soon an eruption of thick, salty, bitter fluid entering his mouth. He cheeks bulged as his tiny mouth was filled up with the slimy substance and he soon found some leaking out around the gray shaft.

"Swallow or drown. I'm not taking it out until you do. I didn't pay to have my precious essence wasted." Hearing the sickening slime in his mouth being called Shark's "precious essence" made him want to vomit all over the room. Grimacing fiercely, he swallowed the seed bit by bit. It tasted of earth and bleach but still Alaric gulped it own until there was none remaining. Satisfied, Shark drew himself from his mouth giving him only a seconds rest before Yorgen's bulbous head was shoved against his lips.

Alaric opened his mouth wider to allow it inside and was surprised that he actually had the ability to fit it in. His mouth was almost completely full with only the tip but he still attempted to fit more in.

The residue from his earlier release was still leaking from the slit and he found that he could handle his taste better than Shark's. It was sweeter, almost fruity, but with a sour tang he couldn't help but enjoy. He stuck his tongue into the slit and lapped at the sticky substance, drawing a loud moan from Yorgen.

Kota was still hammering into him from behind, making almost animalistic noises as he continued to brutalize his prostate. Finally, Alaric reached his limit. All natural legal age teenager screwed hard hardcore and massage began to cry out around Yorgen's cock as an unfamiliar sensation took him. He could feel something tightening into a ball at the base of his penis before shattering and pouring upwards and out of him.

It felt as if he was peeing, but he knew what was happening. He looked down to see his little cock ejecting pearly drops of liquid onto the floor below him.

He knew he should be feeling embarrassment and humiliation, but he felt only pleasure as his balls emptied themselves for the very first time. He moaned loudly around the hunk of meat in his mouth as it pulsed. He continued to swipe his tongue up and down the slit, gathering up more droplets of the candy that leaked from it. He was in a daze. Had his mother felt this in her final hours?

He felt as though he was being broken. He wanted to hold to his anger but it was slowly dying to be replaced by enjoyment. The slender cock behind him was beginning to jerk wildly just as Yorgen's had.

Kota was digging his thin fingers into his hips and beating his prostate into submission. Yorgen was now thrusting into his face to match Kota's pumps and was even managing to fit a scant portion of the tip into the back of Alaric's throat.

He looked over to see Shark masturbating vigorously to the spit roasting before him. Alaric was now working his tongue around the head of Yorgen's cock. There was nothing he could do to save himself but if he did as they said and what was expected of him this would all end sooner. Feeling bold, he reached aside and gripped Shark's cock, tugging on it just as he had seen done before.

Kota shouted and slammed in violently one last time so his head was resting right against his prostate and released himself. Alaric could feel the thick liquid pouring over the tiny ball of nerves inside of him and he backed himself onto it gently as he tried to get Kota's cock deeper inside.

He still felt so full deeper inside where Yorgen's semen was still resting and cooling. He could almost feel them combining and making eachother hotter. Kota removed himself, holding tight to the base of his dick and came up front to Alaric's face to release his grip and let the remainder blast in forceful ropes on Alaric's face. Shark smiled and took Kota's place, sliding his dick inside. Alaric gasped as he felt it enter, he felt the sweet fullness again, something he had missed while Kota was taking his turn.

Yorgen plucked himself from Alaric's mouth in order to share it with his friend. "You better not bite this time you little whore." Alaric nodded and held his mouth open wide. Kota smiled and placed his cock on his tongue. Alaric closed his mouth around it and began to clean it loyally.

He could taste the salty bite of Kota's seed upon his taste buds. It was basically the only flavor he could find there, but since he had always enjoyed the salty foods his parents had cooked for him he didn't mind. He reached up to grip the shaft, stroking it gently as his tongue explored what was fit into his mouth.

Yorgen also took a hand and placed it on his own and smiled as he saw Alaric try, and fail, to wrap his small fingers all the way around it. Alaric drew his head back and began to suckle Yorgen's large head again before repeating the action with Kota. Shark growled as he bucked his hips. He had no problem fitting his entirety inside.

Alaric could feel Shark's big, fat mushroom head raking its way in and out inside of him. Whereas Kota's cock was just long enough to jab the tiny knot inside of him, Shark's was long enough to plow its way over it only to swipe it again as it backed out.

His cock was pulsing once again and he could feel the tightening in his balls once more. He urgently used both his to jerk the cocks in his face.

Yorgen's swelled violently just before a massive blast took him in the face. It caught him in the forehead where it dripped down his face, narrowly missing his eyes. He moved forward and took the head in his mouth just in time to receive another shot.

Alaric couldn't help but like it. It was slimy, just as Shark's had been, but the flavor was just too good to deny. He couldn't help but wonder if the man ate nothing but fruit as the sticky sweet tang washed over his tongue to flow down his throat. He felt the cock in his other hand swell and dared to fit that one into his mouth as well.

Much to his relief, it worked. It slid in perfectly into the one area of his lips that wasn't occupied by Yorgen's still ejecting rod.

Kota's pulsed madly as it began to spew, commingling so perfectly with Yorgen's to create a new flavor, a flavor Alaric could have found himself easily addicted to. He swallowed quickly but even still some leaked from the corners of his mouth and dribbled down his chin.

Shark spoke out. "Hold some in your mouth once they've stopped boy. I wish to add another ingredient." Reluctantly, Alaric stopped swallowing. The men drew themselves out, finally soft. They collapsed, panting onto the bed as they watched their boss have his way with their fair elven prostitute. Alaric did as he was told and held their seeds in his mouth, feeling it cool slowly. He took the time to stir it around with his tongue, savoring its flavor. With one final grunt, Shark stabbed himself all the way in and came.

The thin liquid swam its way inside of him to join that of the two men which had used him previously. Shark pulled himself out and came to Alaric's face, plunging his cock into his mouth to mix with Yorgen's and Kota's. Alaric found himself pleasantly surprised to discover that the bleach like taste didn't clash terribly with the rest. Instead it contrasted the salty and sweet perfectly to form a potent brew. Shark finished and let his wilted cock fall from Alaric's mouth.

"Show us boy." Alaric nodded meekly and held his mouth open wide to show them their combined essences before gulping it down in one thick swallow. The reaction inside of him caused the ball in his abdomen to snap and he soon found his lower belly covered his own seed. He collapsed, a mess upon the floor. He breathed heavily as he looked up at the men who were now getting dressed, talking amongst themselves and laughing though he didn't have the mind comprehend what they were saying.

His mind was too busy doing flips over what had happened. He felt as if he had betrayed his parents just as his body had betrayed him.

He allowed himself a tear before drifting into an uneasy sleep. <Present Day> Elizabeth was calling his name from what seemed like miles away. Her voice appeared to come closer and closer until he found himself beside her again. "Are you okay Alaric? You look sick. I can examine you if you'd like." "No. I'm fine. Just zoned out for a minute, sorry." Elizabeth shrugged and put her attention back to her needlework.

Alaric felt envy surge within him. She might have been brainwashed all her life by her parents and religious officials, but at least she had them. She had grown up with the education he wished he had had the opportunity to obtain, a family who loved her, and no doubt many a friend awaiting her return at the priory. He turned his gaze to the sky, searching the puffy white clouds for solace from his envy.

His focus was broken by a whimper from Elizabeth. He spared a glance to see a droplet of blood appearing on her finger. She licked it away and a white light perched upon her fingertip. The blood ceased to throw and she snapped her fingers to ensure her work. He turned his gaze back to the sky, envious once more. Drake carried an ornate claymore afforded to him as a royal guard, Kaelyssa had an extensive knowledge of natural magic and even Elizabeth was respected as a great healer.

What did he have, cooking and carrying things? He stood and left Elizabeth to her work, opting instead to seek comfort in the arms of a friend. He found Tyr with several other centaur males who were working diligently to butcher the massive boar they had spent their morning hunting. Already there was a large pile of meat on a makeshift tree stump table, and the boar was not even half way broken down. The bones exposed by the stripping of the boar's meat were carefully being pulled apart from their sockets and placed in a separate pile.

Tyr smiled and patted him on the back with a bloody hand. Sabian smiled and spoke in his distinctive booming voice. "Look who's here! The brave warrior who received Tyr's after-hunt seed!" The rest of the centaurs laughed and cheered as Alaric blushed darkly and stared at his feet, suddenly bashful. "I mean no disrespect. Being able to handle Tyr makes you an honorary centaur as far as we're concerned. I just hope you're well prepared to relieve the rest of us." Alaric blushed darkly.

Indeed, as he looked around at them all, he found that most were whispering amongst themselves with nods in his direction. Some were confidently flexing muscles and winking at him, their long horse dicks hanging near to the ground. Alaric shook his head in an attempt to clear his arousal. "What brings you around Alaric? Interested in our butchering skills?" Alaric looked to Tyr, who was staring at him with interest.

"Maybe a bit. Mainly I just want a bit of company. Everybody is doing their own thing and I don't really have anything to do." The centaurs looked to Tyr who responded with a nod. Caspien left the group for a short while before returning with a small bow, bowing as low as he could before presenting it to Tyr who, in turn, presented it to Alaric with both hands outstretched. Alaric examined the weapon closely, teenfidelity schoolgirl gina valentina creampied by the dean internal cumshot masturbation being able to make out its details.

It was made with a wood so light in color it was nearly white. Sexy monika has her tight butthole hammered mouth teen body was intricately carved and ornamented with runes which seemed to catch the sun's rays, holding tight to them so they couldn't escape.

He took in hand gently and tentatively pulled the string causing it to snap back with barely any resistance. He released it carefully and watched the string rocket forward, thrumming angelically. "Whose is this? It's made for a king!" Tyr smiled warmly down at him and laid a strong hand on his shoulder. "Was mine when I was young. My first bow, given to me by my father. Now though, it is yours." Alaric nearly dropped the bow and stared into Tyr's face with disbelief, searching it for signs of deception or the slightest hint that this might be a jest.

He glanced back down to the light weapon in his hands. "N-No… I couldn't take this. It's yours. Wouldn't you mature ebony slut with a teen girl it?" "It's too small for me to use anymore. May a slutty pawn dude fucks a beautiful babe in the pawn shop pretty to look at and a gift from father at that, but a weapons purpose is to be used.

It deserves the honor to be used once again, by you." "But I don't even have any training in archery. I don't know how to care for it or what it takes to use it." "I know. That is why I'm going to teach you the basics personally. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be able to send an arrow up an outlaw's ass from a mile away." Alaric smiled and threw his arms around Tyr's neck.

Tyr accepted the hug gladly and hugged back tightly. Alaric licked Tyr's neck gently in appreciation and whispered into his ear. "Who know I would still let you in me if you didn't give me gifts right?" Tyr, laughing, set him back down. "If you keep talking about sex I might have to take you again right now." "Oh no you don't Tyr! You already got him once today, give me a turn!" "Oh shut up Caspien! There will be time for that later if he so wishes. For now I'm sure he's dying to try his new toy." Tyr looked to Alaric who nodded energetically.

He was always eager to learn and now was no different. Side by side they left the others to their work. They were walking into the trees, pushing low branches out of the way as they walked. Once again they were cast into a state of twilight under the canopy of thick leaves. Alaric looked back to the bow in his hands. It was almost casting a light before them, leading them to their destination. "Tyr? This bow, is it enchanted?" "We don't enchant our weapons.

We prefer to learn to hunt or face brunette babe gets slammed in hardcore fashion foe without the help of the arcane arts." "Then these runes are just for decoration then?" "I wouldn't say that. They're runes used to invoke our god of war and goddess of the hunt. We don't use magic but a good luck charm can't hurt." Alaric smiled and ran his fingers over the smoothly carved wood.

The only gifts he had ever received had come from his parents but here was a centaur who he'd only met the day before who had given him a bow passed to him by his father, whoever his father may be or may have been. "Here we are. The range." Alaric snapped himself out of his thoughts to find himself in an area, nearly a perfect circle where no trees grew.

The light was pouring over them from directly above their heads causing his bow to glisten even more. In the middle of this clearing stood a line of targets fashioned from leather and dead leaves.

Some took the shape of animals, deer, elk and boars mainly, while others were formed into human figures. They were held together nicely by tight stitching despite the many arrow piercings they all bore. Tyr trotted to a nearby tree whose lower branch held a quiver packed full of arrows out to him.

He lifted the leather bag off the limb and passed it to Alaric who carefully hung it across his back. The pack barely weighed anything and it took him no time at all to adjust to it.

"Lesson one. Always be prepared. It's better to have much too stockings brit tastes lez lesbian and mature arrows than much too few." Tyr was pacing around him now, eyeing him appraisingly. "Lesson two. Lose the shirt." Alaric snapped his eyes to meet his instructor's, clearly confused. Tyr smiled and continued on. "You look at the majority of centaurs, you notice most of us go topless and those of us who don't wear very light materials.

It is possible for fabrics to obstruct your aim. That's why I advise you to lose the top, at least until you find a material which is as freeing as nothing at all." Alaric nodded and, blushing darkly, removed his shirt and tossed it into a pile along the tree line. Tyr reached down towards him and angled him to the side facing to the right of the target adjusting his stance into a proper archers form. The stance was new to him and it felt odd, but the bow in his hands seemed right at home within his grasp.

"Now, load the arrow and size up your target. Get a measure of the contours and assess the best location to aim your fire. On the dummy, it doesn't much matter. But in combat, always aim for what you have the best chance of hitting. Most often that would mean the chest.

Keeping this in mind, draw and fire." Alaric nodded and aimed toward the straw stuffed chest of the dummy. He held the arrow and drew the string back smoothly, held his breath, closed one eye to sure up his shot, and fired the shot. For a moment, time seemed to slow as the arrow spiraled through the air leaving a trail of distorted air in its wake before it buried itself in the dummy's arm.

He sighed and lowered the bow in disappointment. "Don't get discouraged. I didn't even hit my mark the first time I picked up a bow. It takes practice and a willingness to learn from your mistakes." "I'll keep trying, I promise. Just the fact that you gave me this and you're willing to teach me is more than a great many people would do for me back home." Tyr strode to him and placed a rough hand on the top of his head, ruffling his blonde hair.

He smiled brightly down at his protégé before leaning in to plant a tender kiss on the elf's lips. He had shown him he could be primal, but he felt it important to show a softer, gentler side as well; a side that was seldom exposed. By the time they ended their training session the sun had begun to hide itself behind the thick leaves that obscured the clearing from the outside world.

Alaric picked up his top and ran its fabric over his forehead to mop away the warm sweat which threatened lucy gets fucked in all her holes drip into his eyes before sliding it back over his head. He looked back to the target they had been using. The dummy was a pincushion of arrows and he was proud to see that only a scant few arrows had missed their objective.

He looked up to Tyr. "Alaric, I'm impressed. It isn't always easy to teach the art of archery, but it's good to see you are making progress. Dare I say it, you may be a prodigy." Alaric made a muffled chuckling noise in his throat. "Wouldn't prodigy status require me to strike bulls-eye every time?" "Almost nobody can do that their first time.

I was a dismal shot my first time." Items gathered, they set off through the woods back to their campsite. By the time they returned the first stars had begun to peek from behind their darkening blue curtain. Drake was situated by the fire with Lilia whose attention was being held by Kaelyssa who was showing her how to use Clanshoot. Alaric moved in closer to hear. "Clanshoot is an amazing plant. Our people have been utilizing it for years to aid women who may otherwise be barren." She produced a bundle of dry herb from a pouch in her belt and knelt to place it in a bowled stone a small distance from the fire.

She took up a stone and began to grind it to a powder. The end product was a fine dust the color of ash. Gathering it up in a small vial she had plucked from yet another pouch, she handed it to Lilia. "When you desire to conceive, simply mix some water into the vial.

Its effects will be almost immediate and the next time you mate it is daddy fuck his cute daughter tube porn you will fall pregnant." "I thank you Lady Kaelyssa.

I shall make good use of it." With a sly glance towards Drake Kaelyssa smiled. "I am sure you will." Lilia immediately took a hold of Drake's hand and began leading him into the female den. Alaric sighed and sat next to Tyr. Though the day had been hot, the evening was beginning to chill and there was no more comfortable place than by the fire. Tyr wrapped his large arms around Alaric and dragged him against his chest. Comforted by the fire's flickering lights and the scent of his lover, Alaric allowed his eyes to close and drifted into a peaceful nap.