Stunning babe needs more than a dildo

Stunning babe needs more than a dildo
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My name is Adam. I'm nothing to drool over, I'm a bit overweight.

34, married with 2 kids. Recently I reconnected with one of my friends from high school on social media. My living situation is a bit messed up. I HAVE to live at the apartment provided by my employer, but to keep my kids in the school district, my wife and kids live at the house we own across town. One night, after having a nightcap of Jack and Coke.light on the Coke, I was chatting with my friend Yvonne online. She asked what I was doing and I told her "Not much, just sitting in my computer chair watching porn and talking to her." "What type of porn are you watching?

I love watching porn," she said. "Oh, you know.2 girls 1 guy threesomes…" I told her "That's every guy's fantasy, huh?" "Yeah," I thought, "I guess it is." "Why do you think that is?" she asked me. "Well, guys are visual creatures. A sunny leone x mp4 2019 woman is a beautiful thing.two naked women is even more beautiful.

Two naked women doing stuff to each other and their man.PERFECTION." I joked. She laughed. "I've been in a threesome like that." she said, nonchalantly. " tell." I teased. "Well," she paused, "I needed the money, and it was an ad online. I didn't know them, so it wasn't anything special. But it was my first time being eaten out by a woman." My cock now hard and in my hand, "Yeah, and did you like it?" "OMG!

It felt amazing!" "Yeah, I think I'm a woman trapped in a man's body." I told her. "How do you mean?" she asked. "Well, I love pussy. I love touching it, eating it, fucking it. If I could get paid to eat women out, I would love my job." "Hey," she said with a long pause. "I've got to get off here real quick to take care of something&hellip.I'll be right back. Will you wait?" "Sure. Don't be long." I joked. And with that, she signed off. So, I resume watching this video with two hot college girls sucking off some guy with a monstrously scary cock.

I finish jerking off and cleaned up. About the time I put my shorts back on, my dog starts going crazy.then I hear it.

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A knock at the door downstairs. I peek out the window and there's a car I don't recognize. So, I grab my aluminum baseball bat and crawl my way downstairs. I don't have a peep hole, so I open the door just a crack and there stands Yvonne. "Hey!" She says with a big smile on her face. "Hey…" I said, putting the bat down.

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I open the door wide so she can come in. "Oh, I'm smoking, or do you smoke inside?" she asked. "No, I don't. Let me get mine and I'll be right back." I turn and leave the door open while I run upstairs and grab my pack of cigarettes. Then I return downstairs.

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Now, all I have on is my boxer shorts, I still haven't put on a shirt. And being a larger guy, I'm also a little bit hairy. This, combined with my weight, tends to make me self-conscious at times.but for some reason I didn't think to put a shirt on.

I have a tendency to not pick up on hints like when someone is flirting with me.most of the time my wife ends up telling me "Y'know she was flirting with you." I brush it off thinking that she is just trying to make me feel better about myself.

"So.what brings you here this late?" I ask Yvonne as I light a cigarette. "Well, I figured if I'm going to drink, might be better to drink with someone else, rather than by myself at home.I hear that's when you have a problem." she said with a girlish laugh. She handed me some fruity malt beverage that she said she likes.

I pop the top and taste the sub-part flavor of "Sex on the Beach". There's a bit of a chill in the air and I notice that she's not wearing a bra and I can see her nipples pushing against the fabric of her shirt. "Well, I appreciate the drink.

I just finished taking care of business and was going to head to bed." I told her. I have never cheated on my wife, and this was potentially a big my work apartment, alone with a smoking hot friend who paid me a late night visit and brought good can come from this, I thought. We finished our cigarettes. But the talking continued as we sat and drank our malted beverages. I couldn't help but stare at her tits in the form fitting t-shirt and my cock has now getting hard.

"Can you hand me my cigarettes?" I asked. She reached over onto the table, which caused her to uncross her legs. She was wearing very loose shorts and I could clearly tell that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Almost immediately I was hard as I could get. Nothing's going to happen. I couldn't be that lucky. I thought. She handed my my pack and I started looking for a lighter. She points next to my chair and I bend to get it which caused the flap on my boxers to open and when I sat up, out popped my cock.

"Looks like someone is enjoying more than just the conversation between friends." She said. I quickly cover it, "I'm sorry." I start to get up, "I'll go put some pants on." As I stand, my cock escapes completely. "oh my" she said with an audible gasp, "You have to let me see that." she said as she caught me by the hand.

As she was pulling me closer to her while I tried to aim it elsewhere she intentionally brought my hand to rest on her left breast. This made me be closer to her to where black ex girlfriend with fine ass bent over doggystyle fuck could try to wrap her hand around my hard cock. "WOW, I can barely get my fingers around it." She is now controlling me by my cock like its a joystick.

As she stroked it, she positioned me directly in front of her. With her free hand she pulled my shorts down, letting go of my cock only long enough for the boxers to jump the gap of the elastic band. Now I'm standing naked in my private courtyard with this hot woman stroking my cock.

With her free hand she started stroking my balls and the area between my balls and asshole. OMG! Dick gets unfathomable inside the wet snatch thought, but I couldn't speak so it just came out as a moan. I had my eyes closed enjoying this hand job, something that I don't get very often when another feeling hit the head of my was her mouth.

I know I probably looked like an idiot, but I gasped and let out a long moan. "You like that" she said pausing from sucking my cock. Eyes still closed, all I could manage to say is ,"Uh huh!" and nod my head. She would alternate between sucking my cock and taking it ALL into her mouth to running her tongue from the bottom of my balls to the tip and back down. She started stroking me as she caught her breath.

"I can tell you just jerked off before I came over. I can taste it on you. I want more." she started bobbing faster and faster. My moans become louder and faster as her head goes all the way back then impales her mouth onto my dick. The feeling of her nose hitting my pubes and her exhaling from her nose blowing through my pubic hair added to all of the was just too much.

My wife never likes it when I cum in her mouth, so out of habit I tell Yvonne, "I'm&hellip.about&" Well, this seems to be the magic word. She pulls back to where only the head of my cock is in her mouth. She's flicking it and licking it with her toungue while moving back and forth just a little and her hand starts jacking me at the base.

This was all new to me and it felt so good…not yonitale beautiful teen silvie luca has strong orgasms if it was because I've never had it done that way or because it was taboo, "another woman" going down on me, but I started pumping my cum into her mouth.

When I started cumming, she stopped jacking and started bobbing again, taking me all in to allow me to shy japanese schoolgirls enter mixed bathing bathhouse my cum down her throat. When I was done squirting my seed into her mouth, she pulled it out and started licking all that leaked out.

Not a drop was wasted.but I knew I was. I had to sit down. I lit my cigarette. She lit her's off mine. Then when she sat back she picked one of her legs and laid it over the arm of the chair she was sitting in, she began running her fingers up and down her leg.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked with a seductive smile on her face. "Is that a trick question?" I asked between staggered breaths.

Her fingers get a little closer to her crotch, so much so, that she isn't even stroking her legs anymore but actually playing with her pussy. She definitely was doing it to where i could see it, because she asked, "Do you like watching me play with my pussy?" "Oh, yes." I said, my cock starting to stand up again.

"How long has it been for you, since you had sex?" she asked. "It's been about 6 months." I said, staring straight at her fingers going in and out of her shaved pussy lips. We finished our cigarettes. I stood up and pulled my shorts up. I went to help her up.

I said, "Well, it's getting late, and I've got to be at work early." "You're not going to invite me up?" she said pouting. "well, I guess you can come up. I'll make you a cup of coffee. I don't want you driving after you've been drinking.

I'm lightheaded." "That's because I sucked you off like you've never been sucked off, not the alcohol." she said, giggling again. "You're probably right. But I do need to go to bed." I said. We go upstairs and I fix her a cup of coffee. I sit down on my couch and she sits next to me. She's drinking her coffee and playing with my cock at the same time. My head is reeling at this point. She set her coffee mug down and stood up.

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"C'mon. I'll tuck you in and lock the door behind me. I promise, I can tell you look REALLY tired now." She pulls me to my bed and pulls the covers back for me to get into the mexican couple fuck after school to megadeth. Sometime between the couch and the bed she lost her clothes and now stood over me completely naked. Her 34B sized breasts staring down at me as she positioned my cock into her smoothly shaven pussy.

She slowly lowered herself onto my cock, she was really tight. "OOOOHHHHHH" I said, feeling the silky smooth pussy engulf my enlarged cock. "How long has it been since you had sex?" "Why do you ask?" she said as she slowly moved to allow her tight hole to adjust to my size.

"Because, I haven't felt a pussy this tight since I took my wife's virginity. Baby you feel SO good." I said, trying not to blow my load too quickly. Yvonne slowly picked up the pace, her pussy juices dripping down my cock and balls. Then she did something that shocked me. She reached behind her and stuck a finger in my asshole. It hurt at first, but then it got to feeling really good. I started thrusting up into her, as if I wanted to impale her with my cock. With each thrust her finger slid deeper inside me.then something happened.

I heard of "milking the prostate" but have never had it happen.until then. I felt her finger moving inside me and with ever upward thrust she curled her finger and hit my button just right.

"Are you on birth control" I attempted to ask. "No. I got my tubes tied after my last child." she said,"I want you to cum inside me.don't stop" she said as she was bouncing harder and faster on me. Like a wave of warm water, the most massive orgasm I've ever experienced washed over me&hellip.I came so much inside her that is started oozing out of her pussy while she was still slamming down on me.

She withdrew her finger and started moving faster and harder until in a rush of ecstasy, she screamed out in pleasure. When her orgasm subsided she climbed off and our combined juices drained out of her pussy and on the bed and my legs. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get any on you." Laying there, unable to move, I said, "Don't apologize.that was amazing." She walked into the bathroom and cleaned up. Then she got dressed and came over to me, still laying in bed.

She leaned over me and said, "Thank you, that was really great," and with that, she kissed me, pulled the covers over me and left. I cannot redhead sweetie gets fucked by a friend the last time I slept so well. Part 2: Cuming soon.