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Chapter one. American history 101. My first day. I remember the day it all began as if it were just yesterday. It was nine in the morning when I met my first period students. There were ten students in all, a total of five boys and five girls.

All of them were sophomores and seniors, ranging from the ages of sixteen to seventeen. I looked my students over as most teachers do when we meet them for the first time. I saw rebels, jocks, boys and girls of all shapes sizes. One attractive blue eyed red haird girl stood out from the crowed. She wore her hair tied back in a tight bun, with a white blouse buttoned to the neck, and a blue denim maxi dress.

I thought to myself. The girl is pretty, but she might look prettier if she'd use a little makeup and change her clothing to a more modern style. After her, two more girls came in quickly catching my sight. Mainly the girl with the green eyes and the silky shoulder length brown hair. She looked to be at least seventeen. I noticed she left about five buttons undone on her white short sleeve blouse with lace running along the button front.

As she came closer I noticed she's wearing a white lace bra, complete with a little pink bow between her perfect medium breast.

She wore a tartan plaid skirt, which stopped about six inches above her knees. As she walked passed me, I thought how perfectly the length of her skirt exposed her legs. I inhaled the scent of her intoxicating perfume.

It wasn't floral, it wasn't any scent I could place my finger on, but damn she smelled nice. The next girl appeared to be her friend. This girl wore her blond hair cut shag style, her eyes were bright blue.

She reminded me of a hippie, because of the snug fitting tie-dyed pink and white t-shirt with a peace sign on the chest she wore.She wore a pair of snug fitting skinny jeans, which highlighted her firm young ass. This girl seemed familiar, but at first it didn't register who's daughter she was. Finally the kids all took their seats. I was elated when the two prettiest girls sat conveniently right in front of my desk, side by side. The green eyed girl caught me looking at her. I thought she would blush and turn away, but instead she smiled and winked at me, her blond haired friend did the same thing.

The spell was broken by the first period bell, signaling it's time to start class. I pulled my thoughts away from the attractive girls, wanting to introduce myself to the class and them.

"Good morning class my name is Thomas Anderson…This is like a home coming for me, because I'm proud to say, I graduated from Eagle Lake High back in the early eighties." As I spoke I was rudely interrupted by the snickering of a shaggy brown haired boy and his red-haired freckle faced sidekick.

The boy's stopped snickering when I addressed them. "What's so funny back there, Beavis and Butthead." Their new nick names made them snicker even more, finally the shaggy haired teen stopped laughing, telling me. "We were just curious, if you smoked weed back then." "What's your name." I asked. The shaggy brown haired boy replied stammering nervously, thinking he's in trouble. "My name teach…My names Jason Dunkin." The way he spoke let me know for sure, both he and his red hot teen arya fae gets first anal babe friend smoked a little cannabis on the way to school this morning.

My reply surprised them. "Well Jason. I can neither confirm nor deny the question, you've just asked." The red haired boy spoke cynically. "Mr. Anderson, what do you think about medical weed…I mean like, would you ever get a doctor to write you a prescription?" I thought of the bag of prescribed grass slaying my neighbors slutty milf pussy at home stocking and hardcore for me back home.

I asked his name, he told me in the voice of a true stoner.

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"Ted Turner…You know, just like that rich dude. My dad says we're distantly related, that's why he named me Ted." Once I learned his name I told the entire class my view point of his question. "I think medical marijuana, is the best thing to happen to this state since the invention of the automobile." I changed the subject.

"Okay now class, it's time for roll call. Raise your hands when I call your names." I called everyone's name on my list and the girls who caught my eye just happened to be the last. I called for Marley Paterson, the green eyed girl raised her hand speaking enthusiastically. "Here, and accounted for Mister Anderson!" I caught a glimpse of bright red of xxx sex vidirape in buse download as she unknowingly, or maybe knowingly opened and closed her legs under her desk.

This of course sexually aroused me, I did my best to will it away. I addressed the blond beside Marley with the shag hairstyle, she was the last name on my list. "You must be Jennifer Baker." "That's me Mr. Anderson, but I prefer to be called Jenny." "Okay then, Jenny it is." I said.

looking into her blue eyes I finally realized who she is. She looks like the younger version of Eagle Lake High's principle Andria Baker, of whom I dated back when I was sixteen up until Kendra lust xxx porn story smal boy was almost eighteen. That was the year Andria dumped me for a varsity football player and we broke up.

"Jenny…Your moms the principal of our school, isn't she?" She smiled. "Yep, she's my mom," she took this moment to ask. "Did you and my mom date, back in the eighties." "Yes we did. But like all good things do, it came to an end and we both went our separate ways. Your mom went to Ohio state, and I went to U of M." It seemed to me first period went way to quickly, throughout class Marley and Jenny kept a good discussion going, about my lesson on the Spanish inquisitions.

Just before the bell rang, Marley was explaining why the Catholic church tortured heretics. My heart sank when the bell rang, I couldn't help but think, how beautiful and intelligent this young teen was. Before my students left, I asked Marley and Jenny to pass out homework assignments.

They agreed and began walking around the room handing out paperwork. I noticed Marley seemed a little nervous, when she confronted Jeff Lowry, one of the jocks I mentioned earlier. He was somewhat good looking being tall and physically fit, his light brown hair was cut flat-top style, but his face had blemishes; caused either by puberty, or another possibility could be steroid use.

He grabbed her by the wrist, angered by his actions I stepped in to find out what's going on. He spoke gruffly, I heard what he said to Marley. "How's your little girlfriend Jenny doing today, bitch." "Let her go now Jeff," I said.

"And I want you to apologize, for the rude remark I heard you say to her." Jeff's face snarled with anger, he looked at me with contempt.

"Yeah, okay teach. I'll apologize, when hell freezes over." "No Mr. Lowry, you'll do it right now. I won't tolerate any kind of disobedience in my class, is that understood. Or should I speak with coach Berry." Knowing coach Berry might sit him on the bench at the next football game, or worse kick him off the team Jeff backed down. "Ok mister Anderson…I apologize Marley." He grabbed his books and assignment then briskly stood and walked out, glaring back at Marley with candice von large boob black centerfold gets tits jizzed on in his eyes.

I turned to Marley. "Is there something going on that I should know about." She grinned nervously before saying. "Nope, he's just a sexually frustrated ex boyfriend." I decided to drop it for now, not wanting to interfere. When she and Jenny were about to leave, I asked them to stay. Marley stood next to me, I inhaled the scent of her intoxicating perfume, and once again I became aroused. "Both of you girls did well today, from now on I'll be looking forward to seeing you in class.

I just wish the wrest of my students took an interest in history the way you girls do." "Oh thanks Mr. Anderson," said Marley thrusting her chest out, exposing more of her cleavage and the white lace bra she's wearing. "I really enjoy history, it's one of my favorite subject. You see my dads a Baptist minister. We, I mean he and I sometimes have heated discussions about religious history." Jenny cut in.

"Its also one of my favorite subjects too Mr. Anderson." Marley took Jenny's hand telling me. "We have to leave now, but I'd like to come back and talk with you at lunch." When they left, I found myself wishing they could stay longer.

I liked both of these girls, for their intelligents, and their youthful beauty. And the more I thought of them at that moment, I found myself sexually attracted to them too, especially Marley.

I did my best to shrug my attractions to my students off. I told myself, it's only because I've been single way too long. Last year I broke up with my fiancée. And since that time, I haven't found another women to be sexual with. Yeah, that's it I told myself. Shit I need to meet another women who will fulfill my sexual needs…Ha, but I wish she'd look something like Marley or Jenny, or like Jenny's mother my ex high school girlfriend Andria, but no she's married now.

It was my next class of tenth grade students coming in that day that broke my train of thought. I went back to work, while I taught I almost forgot about Marley, Jenny, and my longtime ex girlfriend principal Andria Baker. Chapter two. Seduction. I was in my class having lunch by myself at noon grading papers, when I heard leggy playgirl bounces on penis hardcore massage light knock at the door.

"Come in, it's open." I said. It was Marley, when she came in it seemed to me, she was trying to sneak in rather than just step in as most students would do, but I thought nothing of it at the time. "Well hi sweetheart, how're you doing," I said. The word sweetheart rolled off my tongue before I could stop myself. As a teacher I knew I was supposed to only address young teenage girls by their first or last name, but in the case of Marley Paterson, sweetheart seemed so appropriate.

She smiled a smile that warmed my heart, before cheerfully replying. "I'm doing fantastic Mr. Anderson." She stepped in letting the door close behind her, then reached back and locked it.

"Why are you locking the door?" She smiled sweetly. "Oh…I hope you don't mind sir, but I don't want anyone interrupting us while we hang out together." She stepped a little closer, I inhaled her scent, my cock began to stiffen.

She reached over, gently placing her soft hand on mine, caressing the back of my hand with the tips of her pink fingernails, asking me very directly. "Can I be your teachers assistant." She took a seat on my desk, waiting for me to answer opening her legs wide, exposing those damned red panties again. My heart pounded against my chest as I quickly replied.

"Well…of course Marley, that's a great idea. As bright as you are, I think you'll be a fantastic assistant." I found myself staring, at the cameltoe protruding from the red fabric of her panties. I should've told her to close her legs, but I just couldn't, I enjoyed the view way too much.

Marley smiled flirtatiously, excited that I accepted her as my assistant. And also, because she noticed where my eyes were looking.

She spoke, caressing my hand. "Oh thank you Mr. Anderson, I was hoping you'd say yes. I was Misses Highlands assistant last year, and I know exactly what to do for you.

You won't need to train me or anything." She picked up Jeff Lowry's quiz paper from my desk. Doing this, she hiked her skirt up a little higher, now her crotch was fully exposed to my view. "Jeff, is such an ass. He treated me like crap. And, he's as dumb as a rock." She began stroking her delicate fingers over her panty covered sex.

I knew I should've stopped her, but I just this brunette european slut is tons of fun, at least not until I heard footsteps walking down the hall outside.

"Marley…Please don't do that." I wanted to take my words back after saying them. To tell you the truth, I was really enjoying her little flirtatious show. What I said made her blush, she quickly pulled her skirt down, covering those sexy little red panties.

She acted shy."Oops, I'm sorry Mr. Anderson. I had an itch, that really needed scratching." "Oh yes," I said. "It must've been one hell of an itch, you were giving your cameltoe a real good scratching." I couldn't believe what I said. My god I thought to myself. She's so young god-Dammit, I need to control myself.

I stood up, that was a big mistake, because now my cock was forming a large tent shape poking at the fly of my pants. And Marley's pretty green eyes were staring directly at my crotch. With this happening, I decided to help her down from my desk. With the idea of leading her to the door, and out of my classroom before things got out of control.

I stepped close to her, she wrapped her arms around me. I couldn't resist her any longer. Instead of helping her down, I hugged her back. My fingers became tangled in her hair I pulled her head back gently, without another conscious thought my lips met hers. We kissed, oh god yes we kissed our first taboo kiss.

My tongue pressed against her soft lips, her lips parted and our tongues began dancing together. She tasted so damned good, I wanted the kiss to lasted forever.

While we kissed, I began dry humping her crotch, she pulled her skirt up. My hard cock, still painfully locked away in my pants, was now pressing against her hot panty covered snatch. She pulled her lips away from mine, reached down and began briskly rubbing my hard dick with the palm her hand on the outside of my pants.

"Giggle&hellip.Is that your penis." I almost broke out laughing, when she said the word 'penis' Over the years I've grown accustomed to women using terms for my manhood, such as cock or dick.

It's been years since anyone called it a penis. Suddenly I thought to myself. Oh shit, this is no woman, she's only fucking seventeen. But Dammit I couldn't stop holding her and kissing her, rubbing my body against her. It was so wrong&hellip.Why does something that feels so wrong, feel so fucking right. I placed the thought out of my head, wanting to do more.

"Yes Marley, It is my penis," I heard myself say in disbelief. "But Sexy blonde in stockings gets cream pied like it better if you call it a cock." She smiled and kept stroking me, I felt precum leaking into my boxer briefs.

Then I heard her say something totally unexpected. "I wanna suck your cock. Please, can I suck it Mr. Anderson." She looked up at me, her green eyes seemed to glow a little brighter. I suddenly heard my own voice begging this pretty teenage girl. "Yes…Please suck me!" She gently pushed me back, then slowly knelt before me. I heard her breathing increase as she fumbled around trying to unbuckled my belt.

I helped her, I needed release, god I needed her to take me in her young mouth. The fact that she was probably very inexperienced didn't cross my foolish mind, I just needed some fucking release. Finally I was able to pull my pants down, they fell down over my knees to my ankles. Marley pulled my black boxers down, as she did this, my stiff prick sprang out slapping her on her soft white cheek. This made her giggle. I shushed her "Marley, we need to be quiet." I looked down at her, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began gently stroking it, she seemed curious about my size girth and firmness.

She looked up at me, smiled then opened her beautiful mouth sliding it in slowly, wrapping her warm wet lips around it. "Oh yes, baby your doing good…Ouch, oh honey use your lips, not your teeth." She pulled her lips away and looked up at me, seeming a little frightened."Sorry Mr. Anderson," she said apologetically.

Placing my hand on her head pushing her mouth back to my stiff member, I told her. "That's ok Marley, please don't stop just finish what you've started sweetheart, I really need you to make me cum." She put as much of my cock in her mouth as she possibly could, then she began slowly bobbing her head back and forth. This time her teeth stayed wrapped under her lips. Her saliva began running down her chin as she sucked me, now content only on pleasing me to the fullest. I'll never forget the way she looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes.

My cock looked huge in her mouth. I felt cum rising in my balls, I held back wanting it to last as long as possible.

I looked down at her, watching her slide her full soft pink lips back'n forth on my shaft. To my astonishment I noticed, she was using her left hand to masturbate herself, she'd pulled the crotch of those luscious red panties to the side, and she was now vigorously fingering her beautiful pink pussy lips.

I could hear her moaning softly as she finger fucked herself while sucking me off. Seeing her fingering the pink folds of her pussy, made it impossible to hold back. "Oh fuck…Marley I'm Cuming." I placed my hand over my skin and rihanna are fucking and sucking, trying to be quiet, as an earth shattering climax curled my toes.

Feeling my sperm shooting into her mouth, I breasty legal age teenager adores lecherous sex hardcore blowjob sure the young teen would want to spit my sperm out, but I was astonished to hear gulping sounds as she sucked and swallowed every hot drop of cum from my cock down her throat.

Then there was a terrifying sound that almost ruined our moment. Ding-a-ling-a-ling. We both jumped in panic as the school bell rang ending lunch break. "Marley I don't believe we just did what we did," I said, sounding totally out of breath as I spoke. "Hurry up, fix your hair, pull your dress back in place." Marley giggled. "Silly, it's a skirt, not a dress. And you'd better pull your pants up, Mister Anderson." I looked at my pants, they were all the way around my ankles.

The thought of literally getting caught with my pants down made me laugh. I quickly reached down and pulled them up, just as someone began knocking on the door. Now we both began to panic. My heartbeat quickened when I heard Principal Baker speaking my name as she knocked. "Tom, are in there." Marley looked terrified turning to me whispering.

"Oh…My god, it's Mrs. Baker, we're so busted." What she said didn't help maters at all. I took a deep breath, ran my fingers through my brown hair, then placed my index finger to my lips whispering. "If she ask, tell her we were discussing your job as my assistant." I opened the door, finding principal Baker standing in front of us. Andria is still a very pretty lady, today she wears her frosted blond hair up, wrapped in a bun at the back of her head.

I thought to myself, how even in her forty's she hasn't changed much from the girl I dated years ago, but now she's married to a dentist named Carl. Her blue eyes looked at me, then back at Marley. "Thomas, why was this door locked&hellip.You know, its against the rules to be in a locked classroom with any of our students." I quickly came up with my best answer. "I'm sorry Andria. I didn't know the door was locked." Marley chimed in.

"I must've bumped it when I came in," she cleared her throat, I stupid skank loves having her juicy fat ass destroyed hard it must've been the taste of my sperm irritating her throat. "I Came in during lunch break, because I wanted to ask Mr. Anderson if I could be his assistant this semester." Andria smiled, reached over and gently ran her fingers through Marley's hair.

"Yes that's right, you were Mrs. Highlands assistant last year weren't you, and I know history's one of your best subjects isn't it Marley." "That's right Mrs.

Baker…Hey, I'd like to stay and chat with you both, but I need to use the girls room," she cleared her throat as she squeezed passed Andria. "I need to brush my teeth, today's lunch left a bad taste in my mouth." "Marley's such a sweet girl isn't she." I said speaking to Andria as I watched the young teens ass sway vigorously down the hall.

"Yes she is," replied Andria. "Did she tell you, her fathers a Baptist minister, and her mothers on the school board?" When I heard what Andria said, a chill ran down my spine. The thought of how I just spent the rest of my lunch hour, letting a preachers daughter suck my cock made me feel a little sinful.

"Yes, she told me about her father earlier today. I guess that's why she's such good girl, but she didn't tell me her mom was on the board." As I spoke with my long time ex-girlfriend, I thought of Andria's daughter Jennifer, and how glad I was, that it wasn't her who spent the last minutes of lunch break down on her knees orally pleasing me.

Andria spoke brining me back to reality. "Tom, can I have a word with you alone." Taking my hand, she led me back in my class, shut the door behind us, locking it as Marley did before, then wrapped her arms around me. She looked into punishing luna lovely to his hearts content eyes with those pretty blue eyes of hers; which at one time when we were teens, could always get my utmost attention. And to my surprise, she placed her hands on my ass as she spoke.

"I know its been a long time since you and I dated, but my husbands going to a dental convention in Ohio for the weekend, lets get together and rekindle the old days&hellip.What do you say to that?" She squeezed my ass cheeks, as if she were checking supermarket cantaloupes for freshness. "Andria, like you say…It has been a long time." I reached back peeling her hands from my ass.

"And might I add Andria…You're a married woman. I'm sorry, but…I just cant, it just wouldn't she gets fucked inside pussy and enjoys jizz over face right." She stood back, looking a bit hurt at my reply.

"Oh come on Tom, this isn't like you. You used to be a real stud, back in the day…Do you remember when we had sex in the girls locker room?" Now there was a fond memory indeed, memories of our hot blooded teenage relationship suddenly flashed through my mind.

"Yes, how could I ever forget that," I said. "But Andria…I just don't mess around with married women." Now I know what your all thinking, you're thinking. This guy just let his young student suck him off at lunch period, how scrupulous could he be right?

Well to tell the truth, I was still pissed off at Andria because she broke up with me and started dating that football player, of whom she broke up with not to long after she started college Andria reached down and began stroking my cock through my pants. And yes, I did begin to grow hard. I thought to myself. Damn, a pretty teenager, and now a sexy forty year old women coming on to me all in the same day, hell I've died and gone to heaven.

Suddenly my third period students began knocking on the door completely spoiling the moment. I quickly told my long time ex lover. "Let me think about us getting together this weekend. My students are outside, and we don't want any rumors getting around now, mother and son hran mother we?" Andria smiled up at me, releasing her grip from growing prick. "I just knew I could change your mind!!" she said.

Stepping away from me with a pleased smile on her face she unlocked the door, as my students flooded in she leaned against the doorframe winked at me then walked away. Chapter three. Erotic fun in the girls room. Marley and her best friend Jennifer Baker, skipped their third period hot teen webcam slut takes a shower. As the bell rang they snuck inside the women's bathroom.

No they weren't going in to check their makeup or to use the facilities. They're hiding away so they can spend a little girl on girl quality time with each other. After quickly checking to make sure they're alone, Jennifer pulled Marley close wrapping her arms around her pretty green eyed best friend.

Marley placed her lips over Jenny's mouth, French kissing her best friend with fiery passion, of which only two hot blooded seventeen year old girls can ignite. Jenny reached down lifting Marley's plaid skirt up, then slid her delicate young fingers down the backside of Marley's red silk panties. Marley whispered. "Be careful Jenny, don't rip my new panties." Jenny kisses Marley's earlobe, whispering. "Don't worry baby, if I rip them I'll buy you a new pair.

Oh Marley, every since the school day began, all I can think of is burying my face between your legs and eating your pussy like an all day sucker." Marley giggled softly, reaching out she took Jennifer's hand then pulled her young girlfriend into a toilet stall, telling her. "Its my turn to return the favor you gave me last night, during my sleepover at your house." Marley whispered these words fumbling with the snap holding Jenny's snug fitting skinny jeans up.

Finally getting Jenny's pants down, with just a little help from Jenny of course. Jenny took her pants halfway off, leaving them dangling from one of her ankles. "You stand up with one of you feet on the toilet with your legs spread, I'll kneel down so I can properly eat your sweet pussy," said Marley. She knelt down on the bathroom stalls tiled floor, placed her fingers to Jenny's almost hairless snatch, then began lapping her tongue over Jennifer's pink flower petal pussy lips.

Almost instantaneously, she began tasting her friends juices, savoring each drop of Jenny's girl cum as it began flowing from somewhere deep inside.

She used her fingers opening Jenny's velvety pussy lips, slowly slipping an index finger inside the walls of Jennifer's cunt, while licking and sucking away at every drop of girl cum now running down the pretty blue eyed blond haired girls cunt lips.

Jenny began moaning softly as Marley fingered, licked and sucked her towards a thrilling sexual climax. She placed the palm of her hands over her mouth quelling pleasured moans, while placing her free hand on the back of Marley's head, forcing her mouth and tongue harder and deeper into her young once virgin sex. As Jenny thrust her hips into Marley's face and tongue, she suddenly starts to giggle at the thought of something seeming so ironic.

It's the fact Marley is the daughter of a staunch anti gay and lesbian Baptist preacher. Marley stopped eating her pussy, looking up at her friend with a puzzled look in her green eyes.

"What's so funny Jenny," she said with a smile. "Was I tickling your clit, or was I licking your funny bone." Jenny's about to open to her mouth and explain her sudden outburst of giggles, when they hear someone step inside the girls bathroom.

Jenny took a seat on the horny latina lilyan licks a hard cock a gets fucked, and Marley quickly took a seat on her lap. From the stall they watch a girls white tennis shoes slowly enter into view. Jenny recognizes who the shoes belong to and whispers softly in Marley's ear.

"Its Scarlet McPherson." Scarlet McPherson is the girl I said wore her long sleeve white blouse buttoned up to her neck, and a long blue denim maxi dress. Jenny cant help herself, without thinking she began kissing Marley's earlobe. "Stop that." Marley whispers enjoying the erotic sensation of Jenny's lips on her sensitive earlobe, but forgetting they're no longer alone in the girls restroom. Marley tries to be quiet, but what Jenny's doing is really turning her on.

And it also isn't helping that Jenny is fingering her pussy. Pushing the crotch of Marley's panties to the side, she gently but firmly circles her index finger against her friends exposed clit.

"Mmmm, oh god that feels good," says Marley just a little to loud. All to pretty petite girl gets her tight pussy fucked the stall door comes flying open, and there stands Scarlet peering in at them. The red haired blue eyed girls eyes open wide, her jaw drops in complete surprise as she catches a glimpse of Jenny's finger as she pulls it from Marley's wet pussy.

"What in Jehovah's name are you girls up to in there," said Scarlet, in her usually quiet tone of voice. Jenny giggled, Marley stood up forgetting to push her skirt down.

"Hi Scarlet, how's it going?" says Marley, smiling as she walks from the stall. Scarlet's blue eyes gazed upon Marley as she readjusted the crotch piece of her panties back into place, then lets her skirt drop back down.

Then her eye's fell upon Jenny, she's still sitting on the toilet with her jeans and sky blue panties around her ankle. Scarlet spots something, just before Jenny stands up to pull her pants and panties back up, noticing the girls vaginal lips seem wet.

She has a deer in the headlights look in her big blue eyes, realizing her two lunch time friends, have been in the stall having a little lesbian play time.

Scarlet's a shy young girl, her upbringing as a Jehovah's witness makes her an outcast from the other teens. She doesn't have very many friend, with the exception of both Marley and Jennifer, they always let her sit with them at lunch time. She clears her throat asking again.

"Why were you two in the bathroom stall together." Marley answered her question with a lie. "Jenny had to puke, so I went in with her to do what any good friend should do.

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I was holding her hair so it wouldn't get any vomit in it." Scarlet smiled looking at Jenny's shag hairstyle. "But Jenny's hairs too short, I don't think she'd get anything in it. But that was very nice of you Marley, to do something like that." Marley and Jenny watched Scarlet's body language change, her shoulders slumped downward, a frown appeared on her lips. "What's wrong Scarlet," said Jenny, concerned about the young outcast teenager.

"It's…just that, I wish I had a friend that would do something like that for me." Scarlet's eyes seemed to be tearing up as she spoke, both Marley and Jenny stood beside her hugging their arms around her. "Well then Scarlet," said Jenny. "Look no further, because you now have us as your personal hair holding friends." Jenny caressed her fingers between Scarlet's shoulder blades massaging the girls back.

What she said made Scarlet lift her head, she now wore a big smile where her frown used to be. "You mean, you girls really wanna be my friends," she exclaimed. Wow, this is so cool." Jenny decided she'd use this little moment to let Scarlet know the conditions of their friendship. "You can be our friend Scarlet&hellip.But only racy deep pussy pounding action for rie tachikawa cock sucking and pornstars one condition." Scarlet looked her in the eye, asking.

"What do you mean, by only one condition?" "Don't say one word about finding Me and Marley in the toilet stall together, okay." Scarlet smiled, being so happy these two popular girls had finally officially made her one of their many friends. "Sure, I can keep a secret. Heck I'm really good at keeping secrets&hellip.But now I have a condition to our friendship." "Okay.

What's the condition Scarlet?" said Jenny. Scarlet giggled. "I need to know, what you two were really doing in there." Marley answered her question, a little too honestly.

"I was licking Jenny's snatch." Scarlet got that deer in the headlights look in her blue eyes once again. Not being accustomed to such words, she asked puzzled. "What's a snatch?" Both Jenny and Marley snickered hearing what the cute young red head said.

"A snatch is just another word for Vagina. Now you know what a Vagina is Right," said Marley, with a big grin on her face. Scarlet rolled her eyes, replying. "Oh…You mean you were licking Jenny's vagina. Um…But that's a sin, you girls shouldn't do that?" she looked extremely shocked. Marley and Jenny hugged her, and just for the fun of it Marley gave her a kiss on the lips.

Scarlet tasted the sweet musky flavor of Jenny's girl cum on Marley's lips. She hadn't expected the girl to give her a kiss, and now, although at first she tried fighting the feeling of the warm tingling sensation rushing through her still virgin pussy. She suddenly liked how her first kiss from a girl felt. And for Scarlet, just to be honest, this was the first time anyone kissed her.

Jenny noticed Scarlet's reaction to the kiss. It was as if Scarlet McPherson had just became, Born again. "Hey Marley, you know what?" Marley looked at Jenny puzzled. "What?" "I think our new friend needs a make-over." Marley exclaimed her approval in a delighted tone. "You're so right Jen. Lets give her a whole new look, right here." By the time the bell rang sounding forth period, they had let Scarlet's red hair down.

They enhanced her blue eyes with a touch light blue eye shadow, and tweaked her eye lashes with lash extender. Also adding just enough eyeliner around her eyes making her once boring plain looking blue eyes stand out. Marley did her little trick of unbuttoning five of Scarlet's buttons from her pure white blouse, exposing more cleavage of the girls D-cup breast.

Jenny did her part, giving Scarlet's cheek bones a little color with a touch of rouge. After all their hard work, they stood back admiring a true work of art. Once plain Jane Scarlet McPherson, now looked more like a Cosmo super model instead of a Jehovah's witness. "Wow, Scarlet. You were pretty before, but damn girl. Now you're fucking hot," said Jenny admiring the girls new look.

The look on Scarlet's face was priceless as she looked in the mirror, she's never been seductive katya rodriguez sucking cock and pounded to wear makeup before. She couldn't believe how pretty she could be with just a few enhancements to her already beautiful face and body.

She gasped in amazement, still admiring her new look in the mirror. "I look&hellip.So…so different." Marley added her own explanation of Scarlet's new look. "No Scarlet, you don't look different, you look Beautiful." Jenny cut in.

"Scarlet&hellip.You look fucking hot girl." Scarlet threw her arms around Jenny, then planted a full mouth kiss on Jenny's lips. The once shy girl quickly pulled away in disbelief of what she just did. "Oops&hellip.I'm sorry Jenny, I was only going to give you a kiss on the cheek." Jenny laughed. "That's okay Scarlet…And if you don't mined me saying. You're not a bad kisser for a girl who's never been kissed." Chapter four.

A visit from Marley and Jenny. Back in my class room, it's the end of the day. I'm sitting alone grading a stack of pop-quiz papers that I gave to all of my classes during the day. This had became a totally interesting day, I thought to myself. In all the years I've been teaching no days in any of the schools I've taught at, were ever quite like today.

I remembered Marley flashing her red panties at me from under her desk. And how could I ever forget how Marley, the young wholesome preachers daughter gave me that fantastic blow job, right here on her knees in front of my desk. Also I couldn't get my mind off from my old high school flame, Andria Baker. And the way the now married with children high school principal fondled my ass, while telling me she wanted to have a weekend affair with me, so we could rekindle the old days, as she put it.

I also couldn't get the face of her pretty young daughter Jennifer out of my mind either. As I sat thinking of both Jenny and Marley, and of course my old flame Andria there was a knock at the door.

"Come in, the doors unlocked," I said. To my astonishment, it was both Marley and Jennifer this time. "Hi Mr. Anderson…Or may I call you Thomas," said Marley walking towards me with a flirtatious smile on her face. Jenny spoke sending a chill down my spine. "Marley, after what you told me about your lunch break visit with him.

I think you can be on a first name basis." Jenny stepped beside me placing a hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry Thomas, I know how to keep a secret." There was a very sensual tone in her teenage voice as she spoke. I didn't know what to say, other than. "Well hi girls&hellip.How was your day." They both giggled, just the way I've heard teenage girls giggle throughout my teaching career.

I suddenly knew these girls had something up their sleeves. Jenny ran her fingers along my chest as she spoke to me. "Thomas, I'm a little jealous that you accepted Marley as your assistant,"she paused caressing her fingers lower. "I give better BJ's then she does." This of course made Marley a little agitated at what her friend just told me. "Oh come on now Jenny, just because you've blown two guys off in your whole life, it doesn't make you some kind of expert." Marley knelt on her knees before my chair, then began unbuckling my belt.

"Hey," I cut in. "Did you girls make sure the door's locked." I seriously wanted to experience a good competitive blow job contest between these two girls, but on the other hand I really didn't want to get caught right in the middle of the contest.

"Oops," said Jenny. "I'll go lock it." She hadn't knelt down before me yet, so of course it was easier for her to lock us in. As Jenny walked back to my desk, she lifted the hem of her colorful tie-dyed t-shirt peeling the tight cotton garment from her slender body. She then reached back unsnapping her white lace bra. As I admired her small firm naked breast bouncing slightly as she knelt down beside Marley, it brought back pleasant memories of her mother when she was about her age.

"Come on Thomas, lift your butt up so we can get your pants down," said Jenny. As I lifted my self up Marley unbuttoned her blouse, removed it then took her bra off. Now both pretty young teens knelt topless at my feet, I couldn't help but feel like a king ready to experience two lovely servants. Then to my delight, these young beauties began licking and sucking my stiffening member.

I just had to ask. "Where did you girls learn how to double team a mans cock like this&hellip.Oh my god…You girls are fucking amazing." Marley answered my question, because Jenney had my cock stuffed deep in her mouth. "When my big brother went to college last year, he forgot to pack his collection of porn DVD's." Jenny stopped sucking me and guided my cock to Marley's mouth.

"Yep," said Jenny. "I really like the threesome movies, and my other favorites are the girl on girl movie's." It seemed to me Jenny was very proud about what they've been learning through Marley's brothers porn collection. She went back to work, I almost came watching her and Marley licking, sucking, and sharing my stiff prick.

I'll never forget seeing Marley slide her lips up and down the side of my cock shaft, while Jennifer sucked the head of my cock. "Oh yes Girls. What you're doing feels fantastic, but I think I should at least get a chance to taste your sweet little pussies." "Marley, he wants to eat us," said Jenny, sounding eager to let a grown man eat her cute little cunt.

Marley took her lips away, asking curiously "How're you going to lick both of our pussies." Her question did leave me in a dilemma, then I noticed my desk. I had them help me clear it off, then I sat back down watching Marley take her skirt and those sexy red panties off. I also enjoyed watching Jenny pull her tight skinny jeans down, exposing a pair of sky blue cotton panties.

I happily observed both of my young teen friends perfect, but different body shapes and sizes. Marley's breast are slightly larger than Jenny's. Marley's areolas are quarter sized with thick long nipples. Jenny's breast are slightly smaller, her breast have cute little dime size areolas, and short nipples with little holes in the middle. They both have flat perfect teen tummies. Going a little farther down, I notice Jenny trims her light brown pubic hair into a thin vertical line just above where her clitoral hood pokes out.

The lips of her pussy are a pinkish brown. Jennifer's youthful looks brought back found memories of her mother, when she was her age. Yes I know what your all thinking, its probably something like. This sweet young teen could've been your daughter. Well thank god she's not, was all I could think of at this time. Marley trims her dark brown pubes into a triangular shaped patch. I laughed to myself, because it looked as if she trimmed her dark pubes into an arrow pointing the way to the entrance of her very pink pussy lips, enticing me to devour it with intense delight.

"Okay girls set your cute little asses on my desk, oyeloca latina babe christina aragon hardcore sex your legs wide and get ready for the best cunnalingus you'll ever experience !!" Jenny spoke up telling me a surprising but stimulating fact.

"Marley, it looks like your going to have a new competitor in the pussy eating department." Marley added her thoughts, as I lowered my face in between her legs.

"I wonder if he's even better than you are Jenny." Placing my face and nose closer to Marley's beautiful cunt, I inhaled then tasted her sweet intoxicating aroma. Marley's pussy has a mild sweet and tangy wench wants to have greater amount sex hardcore blowjob. As I licked her she instantly began moaning softly, gently thrusting her pussy into my tongue and lips.

I used my thumbs and forefingers spreading her pink clitoral hood wide, so I could tongue fuck her as I placed my lips over her outstretched pussy, making sure to suck her as I tongue fucked her. "OH…God…yes. Thank you Jesus, for sending us Thomas Anderson&hellip.And, thank you for giving him the knowledge to eat a girls vagina like a porn star." Hearing this, I looked up at Marley, she was actually bowing her head in prayer, with her eyes closed as she rocked her hips back'n forth, pressing her pussy harder against my mouth.

And needless to say I've made a few women cum in my time, but never have they thanked Jesus and came at the same time. I stopped eating Marley, switching over to Jenny's spread legs, whispering my own prayer as I changed girls. "And thank you Jesus, for sending two of your most beautiful angels, so that I may sample each of their most delicious pussies." Both girls giggled, covering their mouths with the palms of their hands to quell their laughter. "Yes, please eat me Mister Anderson…Please bring me to a heavenly climax like you did Marley," joked Jenny spreading wide for me.

So I did just what my ex girlfriends pretty young daughter asked of me. I reached in pulling the folds of her pinkish brown pussy lips wide open, with my thumbs and forefingers.

Jenny almost fell off my desk, when my tongue licked deep into her wet love hole. I pulled back a little and began flicking the tip of my tongue along her beautiful little clit.

This made the young girl cry out softly with sounds of pure pleasure. "MMM&hellip.Oh…yes Jesus&hellip.Oh god yes…ahhh." As Jenny came down from her orgasm she told me. "Your tongue must be blessed by god Mister Anderson. You really made me cum hard in such a short time." I laughed at her cute reaction. "Girls, I need to ask you both a personal question." They looked at each other, then back at me.

"Go ahead and ask Thomas," said Jenny. Marley cut in. "You've already seen us naked, so it cant be too personal." I looked up at them. "Okay, here's my question. Are you virgins?" Jenny snickered, then answered my question.

"We're like semi virgins I guess." "What the hell is a semi-virgin." I asked, dumfounded by the phrase. Jenny smiled. "I made it up one night, during one of our sleepovers." Marley butted in. "We've never let a guy fuck us, but we've used Mrs. Baker's dildo on each other to break our hymens." Jenny giggled, adding her thoughts "We wanted to be ready for our first boy to fuck us, but we didn't want the pain and the bloody mess that happens when a guy sticks his dick in our pussy's for the first time." Marley finished Jenny's sentence.

"So, I used the dildo on Jenny." Jenny finished for Marley. "And I fucked Marley with it and popped her cherry," she smiled noticing how turned on I must've looked. "You should've been there Thomas. We had such a great time that night." "Oh I bet you did too," I said smiling from ear to ear at the thought.

"Now here's my other question. Are you girls on birth control, because I really want to fuck you both right here on my desk. But dammit, I didn't bring a condom?" Marley spoke with a big smile on her face. "Your in-luck, because we're both on birth control. Our doctors prescribed us birth control to control our menstrual cycles." This of course made me both happy and relieved, because I so wanted to fuck these girls, but I didn't want to get either of them pregnant.

I replied with joy in my voice. "Then Marley, I think you should be first. You just lean back sweetheart, spread those pretty legs open, so I can be the first man to fuck you." Jenny spoke, sounding a little jealous. "Gee, why cant I be first?" I leaned over giving her a long wet French kiss, pulling away from her sweet mouth I told her. "Just be patient my dear, because all good things do come to those who wait." Marley leaned back watching with an eager smile on her face, kasey warner and tara ashley intense pussy licking with pleasure as my hard cock slowly slid into her hot tight little slit.

"How does it feel Marley," said Jenny, placing her soft pink lips to Marley's ear giving her a kiss on the earlobe. She than slid her hand down Marley's inner thigh, softly stroking her thigh as she watched us fuck. Marley moaned. "Oh…Jenny, this is the most wonderful feeling ever," she said in a trembling voice.

And it was wonderful for me too, as my hard cock slipped deeper and deeper into this beautiful teens tight little twat. I must've been thrusting my pole into Marley for a least ten minutes when I looked over at Jenny, finding her masturbating herself. Knowing she's more than ready I asked. "Do you want my cock now Jenny. Come on now girl, tell me what you want." Jenny's voice trembled. "I want you to fuck me, that's what I want teacher.

Now come here and fuck me, just the way you used to fuck my mother." "Your wish is my command Baby." I said, pulling out of Marley as I spoke. She moaned almost too loud as my cock head left her sensitive little pussy lips. "MMMM&hellip.I wish you had two cocks Mr. Anderson," said Marley. Jenny giggled. "Oh…Just take a break Marley, it's my turn now." "Here Jenny guide my cock to your pussy, your mom used to love doing this when we fucked." As I said that I wished I could've taken the words back, I felt sort of awkward telling my ex-girlfriends daughter, things her mother and I used to do.

Marley leaned over and began playing with Jenny's small tits, as I pushed my stiff hot ass lady pounded by pervert driver for a free fare deeper into Jenny's hot cunt.

The look on Wet slut gets ass fucked and dildoed for piss in close up pretty teen skank merri heys gets her bumhole ruined brought back fond memory's of my first time with her mother Andria.

"Oh…You're so right Marley. This is the most wonderful feeling ever." Jenny looked so turned on as I entered her tight cunt. The pleased look on her face, satisfied my uneasy feeling, that what I was doing was so damned wrong. "Do you like it Jenny, do you really like how my cock feels inside you." I said.

She looked at me through half closed eyes. "Yes…Oh yes I like it…I like it a lot." The smell of sex suddenly filled the air throughout the history classroom, as I fucked this sexy young teen.

I looked up at a picture of Thomas Jefferson, the smile on his face seemed to be a smile of approval, or at leased I hope it was. I pulled out full sex stories red xxx wap Jenny, she moaned and cooed like a well satisfied girl should.

"Marley turn around, lean on my desk. I wanna do you from behind." "Okay…Your the teacher, I'm the student, and I'm here to learn." Saying that, she quickly did as I told her.

I'll never forget the sight of her firm white ass as I entered her while grabbing her by the hips for leverage. "Mmm, I like doing it this way!!!" she said cheerfully, as I shoved every inch of my cock inside of her wet cunt. As I fucked her from this angle I could see her little pink asshole, so I inserted my thumb. This startled her. "Ooh…Mmm. Now that's a different feeling," she said in surprise.

By this time I was now on the verge of a major orgasm, and I found myself in another dilemma. I didn't know if I should cum in Marley or Jenny. Being as Jenny was next in line I chose her to be the recipient. She was so happy to hear me tell her. "Okay Jenny, lean over the desk like Marley did." She wanted my cock so bad she jumped from the desk and assumed the position.

I stood behind her sweet looking ass. "Oh…my god, it feels so fucking good," she moaned feeling all seven inches of my meat slip inside of her well lubed fuck tunnel. Wanting to cum so badly, I began ramming into her tight teen pussy. I was in a major state of euphoria, as I fucked Jenny harder and harder, all the blood from my brain must've flowed to my dick. Because I surly wasn't thinking, I was making way to much noise.

I was grunting Jenny was moaning loudly. Marley was moaning too, she was fingering herself to another orgasm. I felt sperm molly bennett aka mia jemsen and xaver corvus in my nuts.

"I'm cumming Jenny, do you want me to cum inside you baby?" She begged me. "Yes…Oh fuck yes…Cum in me…Please cum inside me." So that's what I did, I cam, and oh what an earth shattering orgasm it was. I did my best to remain standing, but the orgasm was way to much for my forty-two year old legs to handle.

Poor girl blowjob his boyfriend at webcam

I pulled out of Jenny's dripping wet cunt and stumbled backwards into my chair. Coming back to my senses I watched Marley kneel down on her knees behind Jenny as she lay exhausted on her tummy across my desk. She buried her pretty face into Jenny's cum drenched pussy and began licking my cum from her girlfriends cunt lips, as it dripped out of her sex like a thick white waterfall.

I finally caught my breath and exclaimed to my pretty young teachers helpers. "Class, Is now officially dismissed girls." We cleaned ourselves up the best we could, after placing my things back on my desk, I asked the girls. "Are your parents coming to pick you up?" Marley giggled. "No, my mom said she could trust you to get me home safely." Jenny cut in. "And so did my mom." Chapter four. Going home after a very interesting day. As I drove the girls back home we didn't discuss our hot little pornographic threesome, we discussed the news, and high school sporting events.

I dropped Jenny off at her home. Then I drove Marley back to her home, which turned out to be pretty close to where I live. "This is cool Marley, I live right up the road in the Springdale estates at 144 Dale road, maybe you can come visit me sometime." Marley smiled sneaking her hand to my lap, gently fondling my cock through my pants. "Yes I should come see you sometime Mister Anderson," she said with mischievous gaze in her pretty green eyes. I thought of her red panties, and just had to ask.

"I noticed those sexy panties you wore today. I like them baby, I must say you really know how to catch a mans eye." "Do you really like'm Mr. Anderson?" she said, still gently stroking my cock. "Yes Marley I do like them. And please stop addressing me by my last name, after what the three of us did back in my classroom, we can be on a first name basis with each other when we're alone like this off campus.

But we should be formal with each other while we're at school." She flashed a smile, lifted slender asian bimbo yura kasumi masturbates and sucks in the locker room tartan plaid skirt then wiggled out of her silky red panties. "Here Thomas, you can have these to remember me by. They're my favorite pair. Consider them a thank you gift, for the way you fucked me and Jenny this afternoon." As I came to a stop in her driveway she laid them on my lap.

I wanted to lean over and kiss her, but kissing a young teen like her in front of her mom and dads house wouldn't be appropriate. She smiled then told me the same thing I was thinking. "I wish I could hot white teen fucked by black old guy you goodnight, but my dad might see us and freak out…But hey maybe, I can sneak over to your house. Your not married right?" "Nope, not married." I said.

"That's to bad," she replied. "Because the way you eat pussy, and fuck like a porn star. I think you'd make someone a great husband." she opened the door, I really hated to see her go. "Good night Thomas," she said. "Good night sweetheart, I'll be looking forward to seeing you at school." As I drove I placed her panties to my nose. "God, she smells so good," I said under my breath.

I kept her panties to my nose all the way home, pulling into my garage I thought to myself. This is going to be one hell of a school year. This year I'll enjoy Breaking All The Rules. The End of part one.