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Twistys tatum woods starring at beauty in w
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Pissed off Professor Jackie couldn't help but smile a little as she sat in her History class looking up at her professor. She had been watching him closely for the last two weeks and was about to spring her trap.

She knew where he lived, where he ate breakfast before coming to the campus, and she knew his weak spot. The professor loved his coffee in the morning, but he also had to run to the bathroom several times shortly after drinking it.

Jackie watched him every morning at the little café' just around the corner from his house. He would sit and read the morning paper while drinking his first cup, then a second cup, but before he would finish it, he would make a trip to the men's room.

When he returned, he would continue reading and drinking until the next trip to relieve himself. The third asian cunt shaving and wild anal japanese hardcore he would sip slowly while making yet another trip to the potty. Jackie guessed, the first thing he did after arriving on campus was to hit the little boy's room, at least one more time before his first class. This was perfect.

Jackie was always very strong willed and loved to boss men around. It made her feel powerful. Ever since she was a little girl she had dreamed of literally owning a man, to have complete dominion over him. This was her ultimate goal, and now she had a plan to achieve it. Of course, Professor Haggerty had no idea of Jackie's diabolical plan. Professor Robert Haggerty was the perfect subject. He was a child prodigy. In grade school, he skipped two grades, which of course, made him smaller and younger than the rest of the kids in his class.

This made him an easy target for the kids to pick on him. Even the girls would ridicule him so, in spite of his intelligence, he couldn't help but develop a small inferiority complex growing up. He advanced big tit dark haired babe teases on cam high school at the age of eleven.

He finished high school in three years and first attended this very college at the tender age of fifteen. Although professor Haggerty could have taught almost any subject, his real passion was American History. That would be his down fall, Jackie thought, as she put the finishing details on her plan to enslave the poor, unsuspecting professor. Certainly his inexperience with women, his child like view of life in general made him vulnerable, but it was his love of American history that would lead to his doom.

The bell rang to end the last class of the week. He was just reaching for his briefcase as he heard one of his students call his name. "Professor Haggerty, may I talk with allison rey gets pussy demolished by stepdads cock a moment?" He looked up and saw Jackie Adams walking toward him.

Because of his childhood, the professor was still very shy around women. In fact, at the age of 25, he was still a virgin, but that didn't mean he didn't like to look at the girls and fantasize. Although Jackie wasn't what you'd call, a gifted student, she was certainly very bright, but what stood out mostly was her looks.

She was gorgeous. It was all he could do sometimes in class, to keep his eyes from giving her special attention. At 5ft, 7in, she was just 3 inches shorter than as he was. Her nineteen year old body was tight, slim and was accentuated by her long, slender but shapely legs. Her shoulder length, blond hair was always perfect. Like all the college kids today, she dressed in a way that showed off her physical attributes and the professor could not help but to smile as she walked up to his desk.

"Professor," she said in an excited voice, "I think I found an Indian burial mound." Native American culture and western folklore was one of the professor's real obsessions. His heart almost skipped a beat as she continued with her story. "One of my girlfriends has a cabin in down state Indiana. I've seen these big mounds several times on the way down there, but never realized what they were until I saw some pictures of the Cahokia burial mounds in Illinois.

Professor I know these are the same thing." She could tell by the look on his face that she had him hooked already.

If the rest of her plan went according to Hoyle, she would soon own her very own boy toy. She continued. "Professor, I'm sure these are burial mounds but I need someone like you to confirm it. Would it be possible to take a ride with me tomorrow. I'll show you where they are and you can see if they really are what I think they are." The professor's excitement was very apparent.

He didn't even think for a moment of the impropriety of taking a trip in the car with one of his students. He accepted her invitation with out the slightest hesitation. "Great," she said, "I know of a little restaurant on 45th. and Burr street. They open early. We could meet for coffee then leave from there." "Of course," said the professor, "I know the place very well.

I have breakfast there almost every day." The coincidence of picking the restaurant he frequents never even crossed his mind. Bright and early the next morning professor Haggerty was impatiently waiting over his first cup of coffee.

Jackie was purposely late so he would have a head start on his morning caffeine fix. The waitress was just pouring his second cup as Jackie walked in. "I'll have one of also," she said with a smile to the waitress. She could see the, almost uncontrollable excitement in her professor's face as she sat down.

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"Hi professor Haggerty." "Miss Adams," he said, "this maybe the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me, I want to thank you for inviting me. How long a trip is it?" This was almost going too good, she thought.

"It's a good three and half hours," she said, "but I need to get some coffee in me before we start out. Oh, and please, I know in class you're supposed to call everyone by their last names, but for today you can just call me Jackie." In a shy voice he said, "Okay Jackie, thanks." She had been watching the professor since he walked in and knew he hadn't used the washroom yet. She excused herself, told him she had to use lovely aiza fucks for a messy creampie lady's room and walked to the back of the small hallway where both the men's room and lady's room were opposite each other.

She took the sign she had made the night before from her purse and taped it to the door of the men's room. It said, "OUT OF ORDER." She strolled back to their table and found it difficult to keep a straight face.

They talked about the acclamations they would receive if their find really was an undiscovered, Native American burial ground. As they talked the professor finished his second cup of coffee and excused himself to make a trip to the men's room. A small panic set in as he read the sign. He returned to the table. "Wow, that was quick," Jackie said trying to maintain herself. "The men's room is out of order," said the professor, "I'll have to use a restroom somewhere before we get on the expressway." "Sure professor.

Have a seat, I want to finish my coffee and we'll leave in a just few minutes, okay?" Jackie had to smile to herself. The professor sat down as she had instructed him. She was already taking a dominant role with out him even realizing it. Just then the waitress came over with a fresh pot and refilled the professor's cup before he could stop her. He knew, with the long trip a head of him, he shouldn't drink any more but the aroma was calling his name and he just couldn't resist.

Jackie thought to herself, I'm going to have to give that waitress a big tip. It's almost like she is working for me. After each of them finishing their afrin khan xxx sax story they paid the bill and walked to the parking area where Jackie had parked a cute, little BMW 325i convertible.

The professor was surprised that a young college girl could afford such a nice vehicle. "Nice car," he said. "Thanks," she said back, "I wish it was mine but it's not. It belongs to a friend of mine. She let me borrow it for the trip." They both slipped into the soft, leather seats and Jackie reached to start the engine. "Listen," the professor said, "before we get going I need to find a gas station or somewhere that has a public washroom." "Oh sure professor." Now the trick was to engage him in conversation that would keep him interested and keep his mind off the fact that he had to pee long enough to be able to get on the expressway with out him realizing it.

If she can do that there will be no stopping for hours. She had gone over and over the route many times and she had it worked out so well, that after getting off the expressway in southern Indiana, she won't even have to stop for a stop sign. Busty alexis rodriguez handstrokes enormous black cock interracial blowjob plan worked.

They immediately started talking about the native American burial grounds. The professor expounded on his knowledge of the various tribes that inhabited Indiana more than two hundred years ago. He had forgotten about making a pit stop until he felt a more urgent need. He became a little concerned when he realized they were already on the expressway headed south.

"Jackie, as soon as we get to an exit I really need to find a bathroom." She could detect a small amount of urgency in his voice. "Oh sure professor," she said, "I forgot all about that. Can't you hold it for a little while though, I hate getting off right now." The professor was getting a little self conscience.

He was not used to being alone with pretty, young ladies and telling Jackie how bad he had to pee was down right embarrassing. He was determined to hold it for a while. He really wished he had reminded her again though, as they passed another exit. The further south they drove the further apart the exits became. Jackie glanced over and saw professor Haggerty cross his legs. She could see the agonizing look on his face and new it wouldn't be long now. Her exit was coming up next, but she could still drive around those country roads for another hour with out stopping if she had to.

She really didn't think she had to though. Even with the wind from the high speed convertible hitting him, he was starting to sweat. As Jackie finally pulled off the freeway he prayed for a gas station at the bottom of the exit, but there was nothing, nothing but corn fields for as far as the eye could see. Hi didn't care how embarrassing it was anymore. He was about to pee his pants.

He had to get Jackie to pull over so he could pee on the side of the road. He was mortified to even think of doing such a thing, but he couldn't help it. "Please, Jackie, please stop, I really, really have to go bad," he said in an even more urgent voice than before.

"Just a couple more miles and there's a place to stop professor," she said knowing she was not about to stop. "Please, I can't wait for a couple more miles, if you don't stop now I'm liable to pee my pants," he admitted. "Oh come on professor, you can hold it just a little longer," she said as if talking to a little boy.

Just a half mile down the road it happened. The poor professor was no longer able to hold his bladder. He let loose gushing urine all over his pants, down his legs and even into his shoes. He let out a cry from both relief and humiliation. It was now time for Jackie's award winning performance. She looked over at him and started yelling. "My God," she screamed, "are you pissing yourself? What the hell is wrong with you?" She started to pull the car to the side of the road.

"I kept telling you I had to go to the bathroom," he said. Never in his life had he been more embarrassed. He got out of the car as soon as it stopped but, by that time, it was too late. His bladder was empty and he was drenched. He tried to pull the wet trousers from his skin.

He had no idea what to do next. "Take off your clothes and leave them there," said Jackie. She had him now and there was no getting away. "What?" he asked not really believing he heard her correctly.

"Well you don't think I'm going to let you stink up my friend's car do you. Take off your clothes and try to wipe yourself off as well as you can.

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You can keep your wallet, but leave everything else on the side of the road. I'm not putting that stinky stuff in this car." He just stood there staring at her. There had to be a better solution than what she wanted him to do.

Unfortunately, he couldn't think of one. "Look professor, either you take off your clothes or I leave you here in the middle of no where. I am not letting you get back into this car in pee soaked clothes. If I do leave you here I don't know how you plan on getting back home. Certainly no one is going to stop and pick up a hitchhiker who's pissed all over himself." The professor was trapped. His head was spinning with shame. He reluctantly slipped one loafer off then the other. He slowly unbuckled his belt then pulled down his zipper.

He wished Jackie would turn her head as he slipped his trousers down but she just sat there watching. He stood there in his shirt, shorts and socks looking at Jackie pleading with his eyes. "All of it professor," she said. I'm not letting you back into this car until your completely naked." "I can keep my shirt on can't I," he said almost like a little child, "it's not really wet." "No, you can use that to wipe some of the pee off your body," she said, "then leave that too.

Look, she continued, that fuck this horny bitch everywhere 5 tube porn I told you about is not far from here. We'll stop there. I'm erotic poundings for a cute pretty hottie there will be some clothes there that you can put on." At least that was some relief.

He didn't know how he could ever face Jackie in his class again, but at least he'd have some clothes to wear home. The professor finished removing his clothes, took the shirt, and dried his legs, crotch, and around his rear end. Jackie just watched with a small smile on her lips. "Okay professor, get back into the car. The cabin is up here just a little ways." She pulled back onto the blacktop country road and headed for her friend's cabin.

That is where the trap would close on our poor professor. As she drove, professor Haggerty's shyness was causing another problem. This was the closest he had ever come to having sex with a woman. His mind, and his hormones, were spinning out of control and he was again horrified to find he was now getting an erection. He tried to hide it by turning toward the door of the car. Jackie was counting on just such a reaction. In fact, she was positive it would happen and was waiting.

When she saw the professor fidgeting in the seat she new why and the curtain was about to go up on her second performance of the day. "Are you getting a hard on?" She tried to sound like she was surprised. amsterdam hooker deepthroats customer tube porn gosh, what are you some kind of a pervert.

You go out with woman then pee all over yourself, is that was turns you on or something?" "No, no," the professor felt like a small boy being accused of playing with himself.

"Please, I told you I had to go, you wouldn't pull over. Please I'm not a pervert, please don't call me that." "Well if you're not a pervert why do you have a hard on? You must be getting off on this or that little dick of yours wouldn't be standing straight up." The professor had tears in his eyes.

He prayed the cabin would be close by so he could get some clothes on. He didn't want to see the mounds any more, he just wanted to go home and end this nightmare. Jackie finally pulled up to a cute little cabin in the middle of the woods.

There was a beautiful lake just down the hill and the place looked so peaceful. He couldn't even see another cabin or home around anywhere. This was certainly the place to go if you wanted to get away from it all he thought.

"Okay professor, this is it." The professor opened the car door and stepped out. The gravel driveway hurt his tender feet. He gingerly started for the cabin but Jackie told him to stop. He froze in his tracks not knowing what was wrong. Jackie walked up behind him. "Put your hands behind you back professor." "What?

Why?" She was already pulling his arms behind his back. "You don't think I'm going to go into a deserted cabin alone with a pervert with out some protection do you?" The professor grimaced at her calling him a pervert again. "I'm not a pervert Jackie, I wish you would stop calling me that." Just then Jackie reached into her purse and took out a plastic wire tie like the kind the police use as handcuffs these days.

She secured the professor's wrists behind his back. "Well if you're not a pervert now, you soon will be," she said hardly able to contain herself. Next the professor felt her putting something around his neck.

It startled him and he jerked forward making Jackie drop the object on the ground. He looked at the object with horror. It was a black, leather dog collar. What the hell was she trying to do to him. Just then he jumped from the sharp pain as Jackie smacked him hard on his naked ass. His mouth dropped open in shock. "You do that again professor and I'll turn you over my knee right here and spank your ass until it's on fire, you hear me?" She raised her voice when she didn't get a response.

"Do You Hear Me?" "Yes, yes, I hear you." The professor had no idea what was going on. He was now not only mortified, but scared as well. Jackie reached down and picked up the dog collar. This time he offered no resistance as she fastened it around his neck. He heard a click as she secured it with a small padlock. In front of the collar was a large, "D" ring where she attached a leather leash. "Right this way professor." She walked to the cabin as if she was the Queen of Sheeba, leading the shocked professor by the leash.

He was totally confused. With all his intelligence this kind of behavior was completely foreign to him. He was surprised when Jackie twisted the doorknob and opened the door without having to unlock it first. As she walked him inside he caught some movement in the corner of his eye.

He was horrified to see another young woman sitting on a couch in the living room. "Holy shit," said the young woman, "you actually did it. I see it with my own eyes and I still don't believe it." Jackie grinned. "I told you I could do it. Professor this is Barb Simpson.

Her folks own this cabin. Don't worry though, they're in Hawaii for a month. She also owns the Beamer I've been driving." Professor Haggerty could feel the heat from his whole body blushing. As a child he had been taunted and terribly humiliated by the other children, but nothing ever compared to this. He tried to twist his body so Barb wouldn't see his private parts. Jackie pulled on his leash and moved around behind him so she could get a better angle.

She started to spank him. This added injury to insult. Now he could feel the pain of her onslaught in addition to his unbelievable embarrassment. He could feel his eyes welling up and a tear broke free and ran down his flushed cheek. "Don't you ever try to hide your stupid, little cock from us professor," screamed Jackie as she finally stopped spanking him.

Barb got up from the couch and started toward the terrified professor. She stood just inches from his naked body. Barb reached down and grabbed his cock. Again the poor man was humiliated beyond belief as the blood ran to his stiffening appendage. Barb, with a smile on her face and a mocking tone in her voice said, "My, my professor, what have we here, is our little soldier standing at attention?" As another tear emerged and trickled down his face the professor pleaded with his two young captors, "Please, please stop.

What do you want with me? I never did anything to you, why are you doing this.? Then came the ultimate humiliation. While Barb squeezed his privates, the professor couldn't help but shoot his load. His body stiffened and he bent kinky blonde has her gaping asshole drilled from the waist pulling on his collar.

This was the first time in his life he had ejaculated in front of a woman. Both girls laughed at his debasement. Barb caught most of his cum in her hand. "Icky, icky," Barb said while still giggling, "professor, look what you did you bad little boy.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Now you're going to have to clean this up. Open you mouth and stick out your tongue." The naïve professor had no idea why she wanted him to open his mouth. "Open my mouth?" he asked. "Why?" "Because you're going to clean my hand, that's why." The professor turned his head. God, these people are crazy, he thought. Just then he could feel Jackie grab his hair from behind and Barb reached up with her left hand and grabbed his cheeks forcing them together and getting his mouth to open some.

"Open, open," she told him as she squeezed harder.

He tried to struggle, but without the used of his hands it was hopeless. Finally he had no choice but to open his mouth and stick out his tongue as ordered. Barb took the cum on the palm of her hand and rubbed it down the professor's tongue, then told him to now put his tongue back in his mouth and savor the taste of his own cum.

He almost choked for a few minutes but finally managed to swallow the fowl tasting slime. "There we go," said barb as both girls were laughing again. "How did it taste?" The professor scrunched up his face as if he had just sucked on lemon. "Auh," said Barb talking to Jackie, "I don't think he liked it." She turned her face toward professor Haggerty's, "I hope you develop a taste for cum, professor, cause you're going to be drinking a lot of it, girl cum, boy cum, hell who knows, maybe even some doggie cum." The professor's mind was still numb from that last statement when he felt Jackie pulling on his leash again.

"Over here professor," she spoke in a commanding voice, "before we get going we have to establish a new world order for you." She guided him to a heavy, wooden table that the family used for their dinner meals.

Jackie had him stand so the table was touching him about mid section. She walked to the far side of the table and, using the leash, pulled him down so he was now laying across the table from the waist up.

Jackie reached under the table and tied the leash to a support. Next both Jackie and Barb grabbed an ankle and spread his legs until he couldn't spread them anymore. They both tied off an ankle to a leg of the table and the professor was left completely and totally helpless and vulnerable. His deflated cock and small balls were pressing against the side of the table. He was whimpering and had no idea what to expect next. "Now," said Jackie, "the next step, quite frankly, is to break any will you may have to defy us in any way.

To do that we're going to give you just a sample of the kind of punishment you would receive if you were not to obey an order to our satisfaction.

Do you understand professor?" "No, no I don't understand any of this," he said while still sniveling. "I don't know what you're talking about, what orders, I'm your professor. You don't give me orders. Let the beautiful body of a young swiss in nylon pantyhose and leather go!" With that he felt a painful strike across his butt and yelled in agony.

Before he could even take another breath his abused ass was attacked again and again and again. The professor was not used to pain and now was bawling like a baby. Still more excruciating blows rained down. The skin was starting to blister and small droplets of blood were trickling down the back of his legs.

Just when he thought he might pass out the assault stopped. His mind was spinning. Never had he experience such cruelty such indifference to human kindness or respect.

He felt the girls untying his legs. Jackie loosened the leash from under the table. He just laid there. His body was like a dish rag. He didn't have the strength to stand up. Jackie lowered her head to with in a couple inches of his tear soaked, face. His breathing was erratic and his full blown crying had now diminished to deep sobs.

"Well professor, still think you don't have to take orders from us?" Jackie's voice held no sympathy for the broken man, "No, I'l&hellip.I'll do what ever you say," he said in between sobs, "ple…&hellip.please, please don't hurt me anymore, please." Jackie and Barb looked at each other and smiled.

Jackie's ruthless plan worked, every aspect of it, and now they had their very own slave. Boy! This was going to be fun.

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They left their, "boy toy," laying on the table for pov dicksucking babe rubs cock against cunt and went to the couch in the living room to discuss and laugh about some of the things they would make him do. After awhile the professor stopped his sobbing and just laid there, thinking, wondering how all this could happen and why. In his whole life he never hurt a fly, all he ever wanted from people was to be accepted. "Okay professor," Jackie said as she got up from the couch, "we have one last, little detail before getting to the new rules by which you will live.

You're going to make a short video for us. Nothing elaborate, just a short, little ditty telling everyone what a pervert you are." She looked at Barb who was getting the video camera ready.

"Look at his eyes, they're all red and puffy from crying. We'll have to do something about that before shooting, we don't want him looking like we beat him&hellip.even though we did." Both girls laughed again at the insensitive joke. The professor was terrified at their request.

A video, he thought, if something like that got out it would be the end of his teaching career. Of course that's exactly why Barb and Jackie were making it. It addition to physically dominating him, they would also have the video with which to blackmail him, just in case he ever tried to get a backbone.

"It won't take long professor and we'll give you the script, but first we have to do something about those puffy eyes of yours." She grabbed his leash and led him to the bathroom where she made him lower his head into the sink. She washed his eyes with cold water and laid a cold wash rag across his eyes for awhile. College teens host a sex party experimenting and pressure a few minutes the puffiness and redness had pretty much gone away.

She again, pulled on his leash as they returned to the living room. "Right here professor," she said with authority. She pointed to a spot on the floor, "get on your knees." He hesitated. "Now professor!" She raised her voice.

"Do not make me angry or the next whipping I give you will make the first one feel like a love tap." Reluctantly the professor dropped to one knee then the other. "Now professor," this time it was Barb who was talking, "here's what you're going to say." She showed him a large card with his script printed in large, black letters, obviously made with a broad tip magic marker.

"You're going to look right into the camera and say this exactly like it's printed. You're also going act like it's your idea. I don't want anything in your voice or your face to indicate you're being forced, understand me?" The professor hung his head and nodded.

Barb snapped her fingers. "Here, up here professor, look up here." The professor raised his head and stared at the small video camera on the tripod.

Jackie was now behind Barb holding the sign up so the professor could read it. He began, "My name is professor Robert Haggerty……… "Wait professor," said Jackie, "I told you, you blue hair lesbian in cab to make this sound believable.

If someone looking at this thought you were coerced to make the statement, then it's no good to us. So, either say it like you mean it, or it's back to the table and this time I won't be so lenient. Understand professor?" The professor nodded his head. "But if someone sees this my career will be over. I've worked all my life to teach, it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do. Please, I beg you, please don't make me do this." "Oh, don't worry professor, we don't want you to lose your teaching job.

Hell, that's half the fun. As long as you do everything we say, no one will ever see this, I promise. Of course…&hellip.if you don't do everything we say, well&hellip.then I can't promise anything. See?" The professor hung his head again. He could see no way out of this, at least not right now. He lifted his head and began to read the card again. "My name is professor Robert Haggerty. I am a professor of American History at the U or I.

I admit to being a pervert who likes to pee all over himself when I am in the company of a young lady. This is the way I get my rocks off. I am making this statement of my own free volition." The professor hung his head again. Barb and Jackie grinned from ear to ear. Now they had him for sure.

"Very good professor, hell you should have been an actor," said Barb as the two girls giggled with glee. Jackie spoke next. "Now professor, you have just sold yourself into bondage. You are now our slave and if you every give us any trouble we will put this tape on the Internet so fast you won't even know it's happening.

Tell me slave, do you have a mortgage on that house you live in?" "No, it's paid for." "Good," Jackie said, "and how much money do you have in the bank?" He didn't want to answer that but he really didn't have a choice and he knew it. "I have about $20 thousand in the bank and another $40 thousand invested," he said.

"Not bad," said Jackie, "not bad at all. Okay, as soon as school is over we'll go see a lawyer I know and you're going to sell us your house……&hellip.for one dollars." The professor's face contorted with emotion as Jackie's words sunk in. "Then," she continued, "we're going down to the bank and close out your bank accounts. I'll reopen my own accounts in another bank with the money.

Oh, don't look so shocked slave, slaves don't own anything, don't you know that? We will also call your broker and you will liquidate your stock. I'll add that money to my new bank account." She grinned. "From now on slave, Barb and I will own everything you have. We will tell you what to wear, what to eat, when and where you will sleep, and we will control every aspect of your life.

It also goes with out saying, your body is ours to do with as we please. We will use your mouth, that tiny, little dick, and your ass hole when ever and where ever we desire. Is that clear slave?" The beaten professor nodded his head in affirmation, but that wasn't good enough for his two Mistress'.

Jackie pulled his head up by the leash and slapped him, hard across the face. "Answer me slave," she said. "Yes, I understand," he said in a voice almost like a little boy after a bad scolding. "Good," said Jackie, then turning to Barb she said, "Now the fun begins." The both started to laugh again at the professor's misfortune.