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The dancer is indian tube porn
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Feel free to comment feedback, thoughts and suggestions! It would mean a lot. David and Nicole have been practically joined at the hip since the first grade.

They're best friends. David protects Nicole, she hates it.

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He's like an over-possessive boyfriend. He's showed up on at least half of her dates, trying to scare off the guy. The other half, he hadn't known about. With David's possessiveness put aside, Nicole loves him. As a friend, of course. Nicole has tried to keep David away from girls like he keeps her away from boys, but its useless. He's pretty much the school's "fuck boy." He's slept with countless amount of girls, almost every girl at their school. Except for Nicole. Nicole's auburn hair and emerald green eyes leave most guys practically in a trance.

But not David. He's had time to get used to it since first grade. David's hazel eyes, black hair and olive skin still manage to hypnotize Nicole. Sometimes she thinks she should be offended that he's never flirted with her, but really, the relationship they have is more special than any relationship David had with any of his one-night stands.

They travel together, stop each other from doing stupid things, they even just drive to random places for a few days for an "adventure." That's what they call them.

A few days ago they drove to California over spring break. They stayed at a crappy little motel on the coast. They had to share a bed.

They didn't touch each other. Not once. They are now headed back to Texas in David's silver Prius. David is driving with one hand on the wheel and once on Nicole's knee. Nicole slouches in the grey leather seat, checking all her social media. The motel didn't have any Wi-Fi. She tugs at the hem of her sunny leone and daisy marie free t-shirt.

They left in such a rush this morning, Nicole didn't have time to put on a pair of shorts. She's just praying that David doesn't see her lacy black underwear. David woke Nicole up at 7:00 A.M. and practically pushed her out the door. One of his booty call's parents were probably out of town. "Hey Nicole!" David snaps his fingers in front of Nicole's face, snapping her out of her Facebook trance.

"Wha…" "Play some music!" He yells. "Kk." She plugs her iPhone into the cord connecting to the radio and plays their favorite Pandora station. After a few minutes of listening to Coldplay the car goes silent. "Hey! What happened to the jams?" David yells. Nicole chuckles and picks up her phone. "Ohmygod.

Stop the car!" she yells at rape story sex stories in ebony top of her lungs. David slams on the breaks and pulls off the side of the road. "What is it?" "My phone has 1% and my charger is in the back!" "Jesus Nicole. I thought your mom died or something." They both laugh. "My phone dying is just as bad!" Nicole stretches her arm out as far as it will go, but her bag is just out of reach.

She unbuckles her seat belt and swings her leg around so one knee is on each seat. Still, she can't reach her bag. Nicole bends at the waist, putting one hand on the back seat. David turns around to see what she's doing and gets a whole lot of ass in his face. Nicole's rear end is up as high in the air as it can get. Her oversized t-shirt rising up to show her black underwear.

He reaches for her voluptuous ass check and then realizes who he was about to touch. His best friend. This is Nicole he could never take advantage of her. Nicole shifts and before David can react, his nose is practically up her ass. Now that he's felt her soft skin he can't help himself.

His touch as light as possible, David places a hand on either of her ass cheeks. Nicole gasps and he takes the fatty tissue between his front teeth. She moans and looks back at him.

"David, what are you-" Before she can finish, David loops his pointer finger around her lacy underwear and pulls them to the side. Very slowly, he licks up her slit.

He feels her body respond with a shiver. She lets out a long, slow moan when he moves his tongue up her slit again. Nicole looks back at him, biting her lip, and seems to realize the awkward position David is in.

His back is twisted to a point that looks almost painful. If it is, it doesn't show. Nicole crawls the rest of the way over the seat and David follows. He pushes both of their bags to the ground and turns to Nicole. "You really want to do this?" He assumes she does, considering the way she responded to him.

Nicole nods and shimmies out of her skimpy underwear. She throws them to the front seat and when she turns back, David is sitting there, no shirt on, looking as gorgeous as ever. His smirk is undeniable. He pulls her t-shirt over her head and leans in for a kiss.

After a few seconds her lips part and David invades her mouth with his tongue. Nicole is the first to pull away, nearly panting. When he looks down at her chest she sees that she somehow managed to remove her lacy bra. He can't help but stare at her perfect cleavage. This time, Nicole is the one to smirk. David goes straight for Nicole's neck.

He leaves a trail of kisses down her abdomen, slowly making his way down to her clean-shaven pussy. He plants a quick kiss on her pussy and her whole body twitches. Hardening his tongue, he flicks at her sensitive clit. She shivers a few times before becoming used to his touch.

David is tempted to insert his finger inside of her but he wants his cock to be the thing to break her hymen. Nicole means a lot to him, he can't help but worry about her. He knows his cock is pretty big, about 8 inches, what if he hurts her?

After a few minutes David can tell that Nicole is about to cum. Her moans are so loud, he's sure the passing cars can hear. He stops when she's right on the brink of an orgasm.

She sits up and pouts at him. "That is so not cool." "I know baby." He chuckles and brushes a strand of auburn hair out of her face. David swings his legs off of the seat and pulls Nicole on top of him so she's straddling his hard-on. She reaches down and unzips his khaki shorts. David mom and son sexsy move her pull them to his feet.

He chuckles when Nicole's eyes widen at the bulge in his boxers. He pulls his already rock hard cock out and slowly rubs it back and forth along Nicole's pussy.

David can practically feel his cock twitching just thinking about actually being inside of her. Nicole rolls her head back and lets out the sexiest moan David has ever heard.

Before he can do anything, Nicole grabs his cock and slips it into her tight hole. She carefully lowers herself down and winces when her hymen breaks. "You ok?" David asks, softly caressing her back. Nicole nods and starts to move herself slowly up and down on his cock. David's never been inside a pussy so tight before. After a throated chocolate tatooed skin diamond gets her facefuck hard strokes Blair no longer feels any pain from his huge cock.

David can tell Nicole's pain has subsided so he starts to thrust his hips with hers. He reaches behind her and smacks her ass. Nicole lets out a yelp, followed by a sound of pleasure.

David groans and Nicole starts to bounce harder on his cock and smiles when she sees David bite his lip. David moves his hand from Nicole's ass and pinches her nipple. Nicole lets out a long moan and he feels the insides of her pussy start to tighten around his cock. A shiver runs down Nicole's spine and continues all the way down to the tips of her toes.

David slows down his strokes but it's still almost too much for her to handle. She presses her fist down on his muscular chest when windows in one teen oral compilation deepthroat blowjob feels her pussy releases a series of spasms.

Just as her orgasm subsides, David picks Nicole up and places her on her knees on the floor of the car in front of him. She immediately takes his cock in her mouth and starts to bob back and forth. Almost immediately, David explodes his seed all over Nicole's face and mouth. Surprisingly, she coaxes the last drops of cum out of his softening cock and swallows everything that made it into her mouth.

He's never seen a virgin do that before. She even scoops a drop off of her chest and sucks it off of her finger. David lies down on his side in the back seat and Nicole crawls into his arms.

He wraps his big arms around her tiny waist and rests his chin in the crook of her neck. "I love you." He blurts, surprising himself. Only after he said it, did he realize it was true. Nicole looks back at him, eyes wide, eyebrow raised. David can't help but think how beautiful she is. "I think I always have. It just took you sticking your ass in my face for me to realize it." They both chuckle and Nicole turns her body around so she is now facing his chest.

"You know what?" Nicole says, stoking his strong jawline.

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"Hmm?" "I love you too." David smiles and tilts Nicole's chin up to meet her lips in a kiss.