Redhead being hard drilled on the bed

Redhead being hard drilled on the bed
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I went over to my friend Bill's house. We're both 19 years old and have been friends since grade school. He has a cute sister named Megan that I think has a crush on me. She is 18 years old and always acts silly when I go over to their house. If it weren't because she is so cute I would really dislike her. Anyway Bill knew I was coming over so he answered the door when I rang their bell. Megan was standing behind him and right away said hi with a big smile.

I said hi to both of them and went inside. Bill and I went up to his room and started playing Wii games. We are both athletic and play on our school baseball and basketball teams. Megan plays soccer and is actually a good little athlete and is the best player on her team. Bill and I have gone to some of her games. She plays in a 18-19 year old age league. There are some really cute girls out there. We heard a knock on Bill's bedroom door. When Bill opened the door it was Megan and she told Bill that their parents wanted to talk to him.

Bill came up later and said his parents were going to be gone all weekend and that he would be in charge and had to take care of Megan and get her to her soccer game Saturday. He wanted me to go with them and I said no problem. When Saturday rolled around we took Megan to her soccer game and stuck around to watch the game. Megan's team won 3-2 and Megan scored 2 of the goals. What an athlete. As Megan walked up to us she had muslim anal and arab xxx my big black threesome player with her and told Bill that their parents had said it was ok for her to bring a friend over to spend the weekend.

Megan introduced her to us as Betsy. She is 18 years old and just as cute as Megan. We stopped to grab something to eat at a fast food burger place and then went home. Bill wanted to go to the movies but said we would have to take the girls with us.

I sex slave asian gets pussy vibed to orgasm in some no problem with that so we went. I sat next to Bill and Megan sat next to me with her friend Betsy next to her. We were getting into the movie when I felt something against my leg.

I looked and noticed it was Megan's leg against mine. I looked at her but she was looking at the screen so I thought nothing of it. I pressed my leg more against hers and then Megan started bumping her leg against mine. I was getting a hard-on and was wondering if Megan was juicing in her pants.

I noticed Betsy looked over at me so I wonder if Megan had done this on purpose. In any event I didn't care and kept the pressure on Megan's leg throughout the movie and I had a hard-on for the rest of the show. I even decided to put my hand on my thigh and eased it over so it was also touching Megan's thigh slightly. She fidgeted and moved away suddenly.

I blew it !! As I was going to straighten up I felt Megan's leg on mine again and she pressed harder so that my hand ended up making contact with her. My dick wanted to pop out of my pants. Megan was fidgeting so I figured she was turned on as well and was probably leaking.

I then noticed that Megan had her other leg against Betsy's who was fidgeting in her seat also. Damn !! When the movie was over we stood up to leave. When the lights came on I looked at Megan who smiled at me and then followed Betsy out of the aisle. They both had on mini skirts and when we got outside walking toward the car they were in front of us and I realized how good they both looked My dick got hard again. We got to their house and the girls walked up the stairs to Megan's room.

I stayed at the bottom of the stairs looking up at them and their skirts were short enough that I could see their panties. When they got to the top of the stairs they both looked back and saw me looking at them and smiled. I kind of got embarrassed and went into the kitchen where Bill was making a sandwich. I had a hard-on. Bill made me a sandwich and yelled up to Megan to see if they wanted one. She yelled back "no thanks" We were watching a baseball game on TV and the girls stayed up in Megan's room.

When the game was over it was about 7:00 at night and Bill said he was going to call to order pizza for everyone. We got a phone call which Megan answered upstairs. She hollered to Bill that the pizza was ready to be picked up. Bill said he was going to pick up the pizza and that if I didn't mind, to please stay with the girls. I said ok and he left. I went upstairs to let Megan know her brother had gone to pick up the pizza, I heard loud music and knocked on the door. No one answered so I opened her bedroom door to tell her.

I caught Megan and Betsy slow dancing in the room and making out. They must've not heard me walk in because the music was pretty loud. "Holy shit" !! They heard that and broke away from each other and looked at me in shock. "Sorry, I just wanted to tell you that Bill went to go pick up the pizza. I knocked but you didn't hear me".Megan said "please don't tell my brother".

"That never crossed my mind. It actually turned me on seeing you two". "Really? You want to see more"? Betsy looked stunned and said "Megan" !! Megan assured Betsy it would be ok.

"Your brother will be back soon" "So we will just have to give you a show another time". Betsy couldn't believe what she was hearing. I smiled at them and walked out of the room with a raging hard-on.

Bill came back and the girls came downstairs to eat. They had both changed into shorts. Damn they both had nice looking legs. When we finished eating Bill and I went to watch TV and the girls went upstairs. Megan looked back at me and gave me a wink. I told Bill that I thought his sister was cute. He just looked at me weird but then said, "I think her friend Betsy is a hottie"!

I then suggested we go to the movies again tomorrow but that he should sit next to Betsy. "Sounds like a plan" So Sunday we let the girls know we were going to the movies again and they agreed to go. I let Bill walk ahead and then waited for Megan and told her to tell Betsy to sit next to her brother. Megan told me Betsy had a crush on Bill so that worked out great. Once the movie started I stretched my leg over toward Megan's and when she felt it she pressed hard against mine. I got a hard-on right away.

I then put my hand over on her seat next to hers and she let her hand touch against mine. I looked over at Bill and I couldn't believe that he was making out with Betsy. I figured I might as well get bold so I put my arm around Megan. When she didn't move away I leaned over to kiss her and she pressed her lips to mine.

I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and kissed her hard. My dick wanted to pop out of my pants again. When the movie was over the girls walked in of us giggling but Bill wasn't saying anything. "What's wrong dude"? "I saw you kissing my sister. it was weird" I replied "hey you were making out with Betsy".

"Yea I guess you're right - sorry dude. So what are we going to do when we get home"? "Maybe we should be honest with the girls and xxx hot vip boom mal them we would like to fool around with them" "Damn man I don't know.

My mom would kill me if she knew I let you fool around with Megan". "Well I'm not telling and I don't think Megan will say anything either". Then I told him what I caught Megan and Betsy doing the day before. He couldn't believe it. We got in the car and drove home. When we got there I told Megan I had told Bill about her and Betsy.

She was mad and asked what Bill had said. "Nothing - but he likes Betsy and I like you". "Give me about 15 minutes and then go upstairs to my room with Bill". I waited about 20 minutes and then told Bill "hey let's go see what the girls are doing". When we went up the stairs Megan's bedroom door was slightly ajar so we walked in. There was Betsy spread eagle on the rug with Megan eating her pussy. Betsy saw us and screamed. Megan told her "you told me you like my brother so now's your chance to show him how much - Bill you want to take my place"?

Bill just stood there so I pushed him in that direction and he slowly walked over to Betsy. When he got there Betsy laid back down again and spread her legs. Bill took his clothes off and dove for Betsy's muff and started to lap away. Megan looked at me with a smile and then laid down work sucks foot fetish and black hair the rug spread eagle.

I boba chus na sex story my clothes off in record time and dove into her pussy. Bill and I had both girls moaning. I started finger-fucking Megan as I lapped away at her little clit. She was moaning and shaking her head back and forth til she succumbed to an orgasm.

I heard Betsy screech about the same time meaning she was also cumming. I had a raging hard on and as Megan was still in the throes of her orgasm I positioned myself against her pussy and drove my cock into her with one lunge. She screamed but held me tight as I started fucking her. Megan's scream startled Bill but when he looked back he saw Megan smiling so he put his attention on Betsy again. Upon seeing her still spread eagle he placed himself in position and drove his cock into her pussy.

We were both fucking them hard. Being the young pups we are we both came too soon. I rolled off Megan and as I laid there with a smile she took my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. "Holy shit - where did she learn to do this". I was getting hard again and when she realized I was going to come she stopped and said she wanted me to fuck her again but in the ass this time. I looked over at Betsy and Bill and Betsy was giving Bill a blow job as he shot his load into her mouth.

Then she laid back down and spread eagle. Bill went back to eating her out making her moan into another orgasm. I got behind Megan who was stooped over and drove my dick into her ass.

She started moaning and I started to drive my dick in and out of her sweet ass. God she was hot. Her ass muscles were gripping my dick and trying to milk it. I couldn't hold on any more and shot my load into her ass.

I kept my dick in her ass til it slipped out by itself after I was all spent. Megan then got up and walked over to her brother and said "now I want you to fuck cute masseuse lily lust takes care of studs cock pornstars and massage - Betsy you can have Mike for this round".

"Holy shit - this is incredible - and the girl is the one leading this orgy"!! I took Betsy and drove my dick into her pussy and started to fuck away. Bill was shy about fucking his sister til he saw me drive my dick into Betsy. He then turned around and saw Megan laying spread eagle on the carpet and positioned himself and drove his dick into her cunt. He couldn't believe how good it felt.

We both had the girls moaning and lasted much longer since we had already squirted two loads each. Bill and I both drove our dicks in and out of these 2 honeys.

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We all came in unison. We fucked with the girls all night so hardly got any sleep. We weren't complaining. We were even treated to Megan and Betsy grinding their pussies into each other as they made out and made each other come.

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What a fantastic weekend !!!