White babe showing off her shaved pussy

White babe showing off her shaved pussy
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It was the summer vacations .it was hot n sultry n there was no power .we were really bored.we,in the sense ,me ,my cousin veena n her younger brother ram.i was 16 ,she 15 n he only 8.we didnt know what to do n w had started to sweat .my eyes fell on veena .my ,had she grown in a year .she must ve been 5 1" ,her boobs clingin to her t-shirt bcos of the sweat n their size n her skirt was above her knees .she was tryin to fan herself n her boobs were jumpin in her T.

looked like she wasnt wearin any bra.

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"Anna ,enna panalam?"("bhaiya,what shall we do?"),it was veena.i was pulled out of my trance .i cud think of a lotta things i cud do to her .but i didnt say all that.instead i said,"lets see,shall we play carrom?".they agreed.but it was 3 of us.ram didnt know to play.so he said he wud watch .we started playin .soon i noticed that whenever she bent i cud see her cleavage.my cock was gettin rough sex ending with facial for tied girl fingering hardcore in my shorts .i never gave her the striker.always made her lean forward n pick it.my eyes were riveted to her boobs.i soon lost .we played for some time .n the power came back.we stoped playin n went to watch the TV .we sat beneath the fan.i was sittin on the sofa .she was sittin on the floor.she puled her T-shirt in the front to let in more air.i nearly gasped .i cud clearly see those bulges .i cud see her boobs swell.i realised she was sayin somethin but i wasnt listenin.she suddenly got up.i thot i was caught.she yanked the remote from me n started changin channels .she looked really cute then.

The 3 of us used to sleep in the same room on the floor.till now ram used to sleep between us.that day i decided i was gonna sleep next to her .night came n somehow i made myself sleep in the other corner next to her.she didnt mind.she ddnt suspect nething or so i thought.she put her hands n legs over me n fell asleep. my mind was in a turmoil as to what to do.she was my cousin.i shudnt.i musnt.but lust won over.she was too good to resist.i put my hands on her legs which were over me.i slid her skirt slowly upwards.she was fast asleep.i touched her thighs.they were real soft n fleshy.she gave a small moan n turned over.i didnt know what to do.but i cudnt sleep.now i put my hands over her.she was with her back to me.i put my hands on her boobs as if by accident.she was still asleep.my hands moved up n down with her boobs as she breathed.i slowly squeezed them a little.they felt hot big tits bbw lesbians tube porn yet supple.they were jus the size of my palm.i didnt do nethin else .i was scared.but i needed to jerk off.i went to the bathroom n started masturbatin.

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in my hurry i had forgotten to lock the door.it was veena.i was shocked.i didnt know what to do.i immediately pulled up my shorts.she stood there smiling."were u shaggin thinkin about me?"i stammered a weak no.she smiled again."come on anna,i saw u lookin at my boobs n legs all day n now u tried to fondle me".i was real scared now.i told her i was really sorry n begged her not to tell anyone.she smiled ribald swarthy adorable teenie and her fuckmate hardcore blowjob said,"anna ,i am ur sis.all u needed to do was ask".then she locked the bathroom door,knelt down n lowered my shorts.

"anna,venuma?"(bhaiya,do u want it?),she asked holdin my cock in her hands.i looked down at her.she was smilin naughtily.i realised she knew what she was doin .i nodded. She smiled.kissed my cock head which was already leakin with pre-cum.she licked my precum then licked the length of my cock which was growin bigger all the time.she licked my hairy balls n then took my cock inside her mouth.i was in heaven.here was my sis givin me my first ever blowjob.i cudnt hold on ne longer.i came all over her mouth n face.she got up n went to the washbasin to clean herself.i caught her face in the mirror n she smiled at me.i went towards her n grabbed her from behind.i was naked below my torso n my half hard cock was oozin with a lil juice.i grabbed her boobs n kissed her in her neck.her hair was in a plaid.i kissed her back.i turned her over n our eyes met.she was still smilin.i was about to say thank u when she leaned forward n kissed me.

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Our lips met.hers were still wet as she had jus washed heself n mine were dry bcos of my initial fright.but soon our lips were one.i sucked her lips n inserted my tongue inside her mouth.our tongues entwined n i was suckin her tongue n she mine.we broke up after sometime.i had a million questions to ask but she put her finger on my lips n said "later".she took my hands n put it on her boobs.i closed my hands over her boobs.my other hand found her hips n i hoisted her over to the space around the washbasin.i bent down n kissed her boobs over her T-shirt.her nipples were growin harder.i squeezed her other boobs.i helped her remove her T-shirt.her beautiful boobs were free.they horny masseur drills his clients wet pussy from behind slightly bigger for a girl her age.i closed my palm over em n squeezed.she tilted her head back n moaned.i sucked n squeezed n bit her tits.i licked her stomach n her navel.i moved down n eased off her skirt.i took her legs in my hand n started kissin her foot.i slowly moved upwards my tongue lickin all the way to her thighs n my fingertips movin close by.i sucked her thighs n bit em.she moaned.i found her panties already wet.i sniffed em n licked her panties.i peeled them of her.

She had a very small growth of hair around her pubic area.my fingertips touched her pussy lips n she moaned loudly aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.i split em n rubbed them.she was uncontrollable now.shhe moved her pussy with my fingertips.mmmmmmmmmmmmm.uuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh.as i rubbed her,her juices were flowin.i bent down n licked em.they were bittersweet.i slowly inserted a finger inside her n more juices flowed.i fingered her for a few mins n then i sucked her.aaaaaaahhhhhh.yes oooooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss.my tongue entered her n she was cryin now.suddenly she grabbed my shoulders,jerked ,shuddered n drooped down.she had jus had her orgasm.she let out a low moan n threw her head back.i licked her dry.n looked at her.her eyes were partly closed .i smiled n then kissed her.she kissed back hard n nearly bit my lips.both of us realised it was very late n decided to go back to sleep.we dressed up n we reached our mattress n as we laid down i kissed her again.we lay entwined n i put my lips on her boobs again n kissed em.we slowly fell asleep.the next few days were gonna bring more wonders.

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