Squeezing nice big titties on thai babe

Squeezing nice big titties on thai babe
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Peter had a headache. He had been having them for almost a week now. It wasn't so bad when he was alone, but for some reason, every time he was around other people it grew. After the first few days he had dropped going to classes. Sitting at a lecture for 2 hours surrounded by 100 other students was more than his head could take.

He sat in the corner of the library now. He had to get his studying done and this was one of the only places at Uni where there were so few people that he could concentrate.

Except for a couple sitting a few tables away from him, he was alone in the library. Somehow Peter was aware that his headache would be less, if there weren't there. He wanted them to leave. The more he thought about it, there more his head hurt, and the more he just wanted them to leave. Suddenly, without a word to each other, the couple got up and left.

It seemed a bit weird to Peter, but was just happy they were gone. His headache lessened considerably and he could finally get some work done. After he was done with his assignment Peter decided to get a doctor's appointment to get his head looked at. It could not be normal to have a headache so long. He had taken some painkillers, but it had not helped at all.

After calling the office, the secretary said that the doctor could see him later that day. Peter went home to his apartment to make himself some food and kill the few hours before the appointment. When he got to the doctor he was told to take a seat, and the doctor would be right with him. Sitting in the office, his head starting to hurt a lot again. There were not that many people in the room.

Only an old couple waiting before him and the secretary behind the desk, but the old couple was sitting so close to him that his headache was terrible. The secretary was kind of cute, a little older than him, not more than 30, maybe less. She was wearing a white formal shirt, which was shaped to show her slim waste and her amble breasts. Her legs were covered with tight jeans. She had long blond hair which sexy black girl teasing cock with her feet down past her shoulders.

He would have liked to talk to her, but he couldn't think strait, let alone have a conversation, with this headache. If only the old couple would leave. Again his head started to hurt more the more he thought about the old couple leaving, and again after a few seconds the old couple got up and left, without saying a word to each other. This got Peter curious. It had to be a coincidence. He had said a word or anything, right?

He didn't have much more time to think about it, before the doctor came out looking for the old couple. When the secretary said they had left, he asked Peter to come in instead. After explaining the symptoms to the doctor, the doctor examines peter.

He did all the usual test, but couldn't rough analsex scene in a hotel room anything wrong. Peter did have a little bit high blood pressure, but this could be from the headache more than the other way around.

The doctor told Peter that this meant that something more serious might be wrong.

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Peter didn't like the tone of his voice. "It is quite possible that you have a brain tumor, which is pressing against your skull and causing your headaches." he said. Peters eyes got big and he felt sick all of a sudden. "Don't be alarmed yet, we don't know anything yet, and even if it is true, there is many options." Peter took a big breath and tried to calm down. He looked at the doctor. "What happens now?" "I will book and emergency time for you at the hospital tomorrow to have your head scanned.

In the meantime, go home and get some rest." Peter thanked the doctor for the help and left. As he walked home to his apartment, he wandered about calling his parents and telling them about the situation, but he didn't want to worry them if it turned out to be nothing. On top of that he really wasn't in the mood to listen to his mother's constant worrying.

It would not cheer him up the slightest.

The next day Peter went to the straight to the hospital. After they emitted him and found him a bed, a battery of tests was made. Quite a few times his head was scanned in various different machines. Peter spends almost a week in the hospital. When he realized that it really was serious, he had called his parents who had come down to be with him.

The doctors had confirmed that Peter indeed had a tumor, but it didn't look like or behaved as cancer or anything else they knew about. They told Peter that he was in no immediate danger, but they would keep him some time for observation. After this Peter told his parents to go home, and he would be fine.

His headaches had also started to disappeared, so he figured that the doctors were doing something right. Sexy hottie babe blair williams spreads her legs to fuck about one week more the doctors came into Peter's room.

They showed Peter different scans and started to explain what they had found out. Something had indeed grown in head, but it looked more to be a extra brain center more than a tumor.

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It had stopped growing a little time before he had send his parents home, and none of the other centers around it seemed to be damaged in any way. While the doctors could not fully explain what had happen to him, they saw no reason not to send Peter home. Thought they suggested that he did regular follow checks at his regular doctor. Relived, but very confused, Peter left the hospital and went home to his apartment. While walking home, he thought about some of the strange events which had happen while he was in the hospital.

He had started out sharing a room with two other patients. He had preferred to have his own room, and thought about asking the doctor about it, but knew that it was not reasonable, so he never asked.

However, when the doctor came in one day, the urge to ask the doctor anyway, but before he really formulated a question, the doctor said that he would find some other room for the other patients. Peter was again very curious.

Could it be that he had affected the doctor somehow? What about the times before that? He had decided to try it out on one of the nurses, when she came in to check up on him. He wanted to start simple. She was holding a clipboard and a pen, so he tried to make her drop her pen. He almost jumped, when it worked. He laid down immediately again, because his head hurt again.

When the nurse bend down to pick of her pen, he tried to make her turn, so she presented her ass to him as she bend over. He was pleasantly surprised, when she stepped over the pen, turned around, so she was facing away ass tasting and female anal orgasm fuck punish my nineteen yearold donk and mouth him, and bend over.

Her tight white dress was stretching over her nicely shaped butt and became slightly see-through revealing black laced panties underneath. Peter had wanted to try a bit more, but his head had hurt too much at this point, for him to try anything more. Peter did more experiments while he was in the hospital to se, what he was capable of. He couldn't really believe what he was doing.

He realized that his head hurt less and less as time went by. He also found out that he had a harder time making anybody do something, if it didn't seem natural for them. Making the nurses bend over to pick up a pen, or bend a little extra when checking he blood pressure, so he could see down their shirts, but when he tried to make one of the nurse's strip, it had hurt a lot.

He was able to make her do it, however. She had opened the top of the dress, exposing a gorgeous set of breasts. But, before he could make her do anything more, another nurse had come in the room. The exposed nurse had looked at him strangely and then quickly bottomed up again. He hadn't dared move on from then. Now he was out of the hospital however, and his head hadn't hurt for the last day or two. Peter thought that it might have something to do with the tumor stopping to grow.

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He therefore felt it was time to really test of his apparent new power. He had thought about calling over a call he kind of new, and who was really hot, to test it out on, but it seemed that the subjects knew and remembered what was going on, and he didn't want her spreading word about him.

It was a warm, sunny afternoon so he sat down in front of a street café and thought about his options. Just then a good one came walking by. She was tall, with long brown hair, and a nicely curvy figure.

She was about to sit down at an empty table a few meters away from him, when he willed her to come sit down with him. "Hi, I'm Tanya" She said as she sat down. "Hi, I'm Peter, can I help you?" He didn't know what exactly he was doing to her, so he didn't why she thought she sat down. "I don't why," She started, "but I just felt like coming over and talking to you. Is that okay?" "Fine by me" Peter said smiling.

Apparently the subjects formed they own story as to why they were doing what he mom fingering son back place them to. That might be why it was more difficult to do, if it seemed weird to them. "So, are you here along?" Peter asked, hoping she would be, it would make the next steps a lot easier.

"I am supposed to meet a friend of mine… "She hesitated for a second" but I think I'll cancel." "Why?" Peters eyes couldn't help slip down to her breasts, which was incased in a black sleeveless top. It suited her short navy blue skirt nicely.

"I think I'd rather take a walk with you." She said smiling. "Really?" He said, trying to sound surprised. It had been what he had tried to make her say, and he was glad it had worked. "Well then, shouldn't we get out of here?" He asked while standing. "Where do you live by then way?" "Around a kilometer that way." she said while standing up to point. "I would love to see it." Peter said, while notching her a bit with his mind. "Sure." Tanya picked up her purse and they started walking.

Peter wrapped his arm around her and let his hand rest of her hip. As they walked, he let his hand fall, till it was firmly placed on Tanya's ass. She didn't seem to mind, so he gave it a good squeeze and felt how firm it was.

When they reached Tanya's apartment Peter noticed another name on the door, besides Tanya's. "Who is Sara?" "She is a friend I met in school. She is at her boyfriends right now. She won't be back until later." That calmed Peter down a bit. He didn't want anybody interrupting what he was about to do. Tanya lived in quite a spacious place. They had entered the living room, which included the kitchen.

Peter could see rooms on both sides of the room, and a balcony right in front of them. Peter went a sat down in the sofa, which stood against one of the walls and faced the middle of the room. The fun part was about to begin. He gestured for Tanya to stand in front of him. When she did he looked her right in the eyes and began to get a grip on her mind. "You are mine to command?" He asked her en a stern voice.

"Yes." Was the short answer. "You would do, whatever I tell you?" "Yes" "Great, then start stripping" As soon as he said this, she began to take her cloths of. She started with her shoes and socks, kicking them to the corner of the room. She then straighten up and pulled her top over her head. A set of lovely breasts was now visible, only covered by a small simple black bra. Peter would guess then to be around a C-cup and very shapely. Tanya then released the clamp holding up her skirt and let it fall.

In front of peter was now a beautiful young woman only dressed in a bra and petite girl and dildo riding show amateur and webcam black g-string.

Peter motioned for Tanya to spin around. He wanted to admire that magnificent ass, she was presenting him. Peter reached out and gave the ass a little smack, which made Tanya jump a little, before letting her continue. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground.

Peter was amazed to see that the best in female desperation at clips4sale com tube porn barely dropped at all, when they were set free.

The nipples were small and lightly brown, and stood erect and at attention. Tanya her panties down ever so slowly and stepped out of them. When she straightened up Peter could see that she was nicely trimmed to a landing strip above her pussy. Her just looked at her for a second, taking in her beauty.

She was standing with her hands on her hips, legs a bit apart, smiling as if this was the best day in her life. "Nice!". He said with a nod. "Now get on your knees. I think you know what to do." "I sure do, she said cheerful." She dropped to her knees, and started to loosen his belt.

She dragged his pants and underwear down in one motion, letting his hard cock jump out. Peter wasn't hung like a horse, but not small for any account. Tanya smiled widened, when she grabbed a hold of the base of the dick and moved her head down over it.

Peter pulled his t-shirt off, while she started to bob op and down on him. She started moaning softly as her tongue worked around his shaft. He placed a hand lightly on the back of head and stroked her gently.

Her hair felt nice and soft. "Remove your hand" He told her, and she did. "Now let's see how good your throat is." And, then he suddenly pushed her head down. She gasped and tried to gag. He pushed her down until her chin was touching his balls, then let her up.

"I have never done that before." She said gasping for air. "You didn't mind" Peter said.

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It was more a command than a question. "No, not at amazing busty playmates showing off their hot bodies Her smile returning to her face.

"Good" He grabbed her again, by the hair and forced her down onto him again. He fucked her mouth a couple of times then tossed her back on the floor.

"Roll over" Her ordered her. She rolled over, so she was on her hand and knees. Peter got off the couch and placed himself right behind her.

He rubbed one hand between her legs and felt the wetness there. "Someone's excited" He said, smiling. He then lined up his cock, and slammed all the way in, in first stroke.

Tanya let out a loud moan, almost a scream. Peter pulled out slowly, letting her relax a bit after the first thrust. When he was almost out, he slammed back in as hard as he could. Tanya let out another moan. She looked back at him. "Don't tease me. Just fuck me. I can't take it anymore, just fucking fuck me." Peter smiled at the invitation and started fucking properly.

He used her hips for support while he pounded into her. He let go with one hand, to slap Tanya hard on the ass. She let out a sharp moan, and cried: "Yes, yes, spank me. Just use me, like the slut I am." Peter was a little confused.

He had not pushed her to talk like that. As a matter of fact, he handed pushed her for anything, since he made her deepthroat him. But, he was far too busy right now to care. Kept slapping her ass, till it got good and pink with one hand, while he used her tit for support with the other.

He then looked left and saw the dinner table, which gave him an idea. He pulled out of Tanya, causing her to give a disappointed moan and turn around.

"Come here" He said as busty lesbians laura orsolya amp dolly fox share gigantic red double dong let her to the table. She laid down on her back on the table, spreading her legs holding them high in the air for him.

"Take me, come on, fuck me senseless, I know you can." He moved closer to her, and placed her legs on each of his shoulders.

Then he entered her cunt slowly. He wanted to tease her a little bit. He couldn't restrain himself and grab her shoulders and started pounding her again, without much of a tease.

Her tits bounced as he fuck her hard. Smile kept smiling at him and becoming more and more vocal. "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, let me cum. Yes, yes" Her hands started to move around her body and his. They fondled her tits, her legs, his breast, her hair, without finding any rest.

Then he bend over her, pressing her legs to her breast and pounding her for all she was worth. She screamed as she came in a massive orgasm. She shouted at him to slow down and let her recover, but he didn't care, he was getting close himself. He kept slamming into her for a couple of more minutes, until he was ready to blow.

Just as he felt the point of no return he pulled out and emptied load after load on top of her.

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He made a decent spray, from her belly, over her tits all the way to her face and hair. Panting a bit, he patted her pussy as couple of times, as she lay back on the table. "You're not too bad in the sack, maybe I should wait for your room mate to return. Is she hot?" Peter made a coy smile at Tanya. "I would say so." She replied. "Not as hot as me of cause" She added jokingly. "And she would be up for joining?" Like he needed to ask… "I think you can convince her.

" Tanya said with a knowing smile. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed it. I will be writing more chapters, so if you have any ideas or comment's feel free.