Natasha nice my slutty student

Natasha nice my slutty student
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Part 2: All characters are over 18. This story is pure fantasy but is loosely based on something an attractive teen lyra finds a big cock sean in the lockeroom girlfriend told me happened to her. I will tell the story as if it was her telling me.

By the middle of the week I had lost all regrets and became so horny I couldn't stand it finding it very hard to concentrate on teaching the young boys and girls in my classes.

I fantasised constantly and numerous times caught myself staring at some young boys crotch, I had to do something so when Roger asked me out again [as he always did, it was a joke between us] I said yes, He walked on for a couple more seconds before he stopped and hurried back asking "what did you say?" "I said yes" I smiled.

"How about you come pick me up about 7 and we go out for dinner?" "Sure thing " he said grinning and continued on his way stopping every now and then to look at me in wonder before shaking his head and moving on again up the hall. I had known Roger for a few years, he was to put it bluntly, scrawny, ugly and very short but was a very nice person and a good teacher. As far as I knew he was a virgin and had been infatuated with me from the first time I said hello back to him.

He had asked me out a few times but I had always refused, I eventually told him of my rape so he would understand why I did not date and after that he laughingly asked me "you ready for that dinner date yet?" every time we passed.

All afternoon I was scared and thought of calling it off but looking at the boys had me so horny I was afraid I would do something to ruin my life if I didn't get a handle on things and try and get my life back under control. After work Roger approached me and asked seriously "are we actually on for tonight? You can still back out if you like, I would understand" I had almost decided to back out but he was being so sweet I told him I would try and have a good night and we headed home to get ready.

Dinner was lovely but I was very nervous on the way home alone with him, I tried to reason with myself and even asked him in for coffee. As we relaxed on the couch Roger put his arm along the back of the couch but I freaked out so he walked to the door saying he was sorry. I told him I was sorry I acted that way but he said he understood then joked and said maybe I should tie him up so I couldn't do exclusive your big ass will be fucked today … I thought that was a wonderful idea but didn't have any rope so told him next date I would have some rope.

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Roger was stunned I took it seriously but said OK and we arranged for another dinner later that week. I called Sue and Brian and asked them to come over to help me with Roger, they understood my problem and agreed to help so when Roger came over to pick me up I told him we would have dinner at home, Sue and Brian would leave after I had safely tied him.

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Roger was pretty apprehensive but agreed so we tied his legs to the chair and his body then loosely tied his hand to some rope. After dinner I pulled his hands tight and sat on his lap facing him and cautiously started kissing him. After a while we both relaxed and started to enjoy it, I even felt his erection grow and push at my crotch and felt ok about it. I unzipped him and played with it while we talked until he started thrusting up trying to get off then I panicked a bit and leapt away from him leaving his cock bobbing up and down and Roger breathing pretty heavy.

I was more scared than horny but after I could see he couldn't move I went back and sat on his lap again then pushed my pussy up against his cock so it rubbed on my panties. Roger sat still and I started kissing him again then rubbed my pussy against his cock until he couldn't help himself and started to thrust again, I moved back a bit and watched his cock as it throbbed, he calmed down again and apologised so I let him rub up against me again until he started to thrust then he stopped himself.

I smiled and he moved again until he got close then stopped and waited. I stood up and removed my panties then moved back into position, it felt so much better skin to skin as he rubbed his cock up along my wet slit, I nearly came but he got close and stopped and we both panted and moaned as we calmed down a bit.

Several time the same thing happened, just as I was about to cum he would stop then finally I moved up and let his cock slide up inside me. He could only get about half way in and had to stop a lot quicker but it felt so much better that I started to move up and down on him, he said "stop" so I did feeling his cock throbbing inside me, I couldn't help myself and started again crying "keep going, keep going!" My orgasm washed over me made even better by feeling Roger shoot his sperm in me time after time until it started raunchy latina sits on a hard pole out all over the chair and Rogers pants I slid off him and leaned against his legs watching the sperm still oozing from his knob violet star the other brother part twporn I recovered.

When his cock was soft I felt safe to untie him and asked him to if he would like dinner next Wednesday, he took the hint and dressed then walked to the door and smiled blowing me a kiss, I said wait, crossed the room, gave him a quick peck on the lips and closed the door.

It had been a scary but exciting night and I rang Sue to fill her in on the details and to let her know I was OK. I was as nervous as anything all day Wednesday and we went out to a nice restaurant, I rang Sue as we were finishing and asked her to meet us at my house. When we got there and met Sue and Brian I asked Roger if it was Ok if he stripped then we tied him to the bed, poor Roger did not like the idea of Brian seeing him so Sue suggested Brian wait outside while she tied him up.

After thinking about it he finally agreed. Sue took Rogers shirt off and then spread his arms above his head towards the corner legs, as she sat on his chest to tie him up she had to reach up to tie his hands and her skirt lifted over his head. I watched as his erection grew tenting his pants and he moaned.

Next she stood above him and turned around then squatted down to start undoing his belt. By the extra moans I was guessing she was naked under that dress and teasing him so I laughed and said "Sue, are you wearing any knickers?" She just giggled at me and undid Rogers zip then pulled them down a bit. "This is a real turn on Jules, I think I might try this on Brian when we get home" she grinned "give us a hand" she said so I pulled on his pants legs while Sue moved his pants and briefs down, as his erection came free Sue had leaned a long way forward and it sprang up hitting her on the chin as it flung its way to hit Roger on the belly before sticking straight up vertically.

Sue was startled and we both giggled as I pulled his pants and briefs right off. I tied one end of the rope around the bed leg and passed it to Sue who had to move down his body to reach his ankle, "ooh" she said as his cock bent down towards his legs pushing against her skirt before it moved past her hem.

Sue moved a bit and Roger moaned as Sue said "its right there at my entrance, so tempting to just sit down on it" "look, I can hold it and move it forward" she laughed before it popped out and flung back towards Rogers belly She tied his ankle and moved back on to female agent doggy style fucked in office knob again teasing another moan out of him. I handed her the other rope and she giggled "wonder if I can hold it this time" "hey I said, who is supposed to be getting a bit tonight?" Roger moaned some more as Sue held his knob between her lips as she tied his other ankle.

"can't I have just a little bit" giggled Sue as she sat up letting his knob almost slide inside her Roger was breathing heavy and I could see the strain on his face as he tried not to cum "sure you can" I laughed as I stood up and pushed down on her. Sue gasped as a few inches of Rogers cock entered her and Roger grunted "oh, oh aarrghhh" as his face changed from stress to relief to anxiety as he spurted inside her.

Sue tried to lift up a bit but her knees had slid out and she couldn't get off so she sighed and slid down even further as Roger kept shooting. "Bitch" she laughed and dropped right down as far as she could "how am I supposed to explain this when I get Brian home?" "Jesus, I'm sorry" said Roger, "I've been looking forward all week to tonight and now I've blown it!" I couldn't help it I just cracked up laughing along with Sue, Roger finally realised his pun and started laughing as well as I said " well tonight you just might get to do two of us" then leaned down and kissed him.

Roger said "well my dick may be out of action for half an hour or so but my tongue still works" Before Sue could even reply I jumped over to take a spot above him and said "oh no you don't" Sue giggled and started squirming saying "well its still fairly hard" and ground her pussy down on him, I reached under my skirt and moved my panties to one side and lowered myself down until I could feel Rogers tongue and even though I had been laughing the whole scene had me turned on.

Sue had now gotten a bit of a serious look on her face as the grinding was getting her close so I leaned forward and mouthed her nipple over her shirt, she held my head against her breast and came in a few short sharp jabs then smiled at me "thanks, it was all I needed to make it" then she lifted my top over my head and reached round to release my bra.

Roger was almost forgotten as his tongue worked over my pussy and clit and Sue started to suck on first one then the other of my nipples. After a few minutes of this treatment I was getting close when Sue said "Oh its getting hard again" She bobbed up and down a couple more times then pulled off and said "its ready now" I moved down still facing Rogers feet and grabbed Rogers stiff cock and slammed my pussy down on to it again and again until with a loud moan and a lot of grunting I came hard.

I finally calmed down a bit and reached for Sue to help me up "Thanks Sue for easing the stress, I should be right now" I said before removing my skirt and knickers then turning to face Roger I gave Sue a peck on the lips and slid down over Rogers stiff cock. "Thanks for the lend" Sue laughed … "oh and thanks Roger, that was nice" Sue lifted her skirt and wiped some cum dribbling down her leg with her fingers "still don't know how I'm going to explain a pussy full of cum" she said as she walked towards the door popping her fingers in her mouth.

Roger was pretty close to cumming again so I teased him and stopped every time he got too close, I was right on the brink myself for the next hour or so and finally went a bit too far and came long and hard feeling Roger shoot a very powerful spurt deep inside me as I thrashed and squirmed with his cock embedded as deep as I could get it.

"oh wow" I exclaimed, " that was far and away the best orgasm I have ever had!" Roger grinned and totally agreed, I left him tied up while I got dressed again so I would feel safe when I untied him, I even managed to kiss him on the cheek before fast tracking him out the door with a promise to talk about it the next day.

I was over the moon with how things were going with Roger and skipped up to him as soon as I saw him … "Friday Night?" I said, sure thing grinned Roger as we walked towards the staff room. We turned a corner to find we were alone for a few precious seconds so I quickly kissed him and stroked his crotch before skipping off again; "See you Friday then" I gushed. I was still in a happy mood by the time the kids had left for home and whistled as I walked the empty hallways to the ladies room.

As I left the cubicle Manuel the cleaner stepped through the door using his bucket to hold the door open while he mopped, "heading back to the dungeon" he leered "wouldn't mind getting tied with you myself" My lower jaw must have hit the floor as the full realisation hit me … Roger had taken my trust and ground it into the dirt.

I was only slightly humiliated that someone had found out about me tying Roger up but the feeling of utter betrayal absolutely crushed me … how could Roger sink that low!

Load racking sobs erupted from my soul as I sank to the floor, Manuel lifted me with ease and placed on the corner bench, "your not the only one who's into a bit of bondage so don't take it so hard" he said wrapping his arms around me and started to stroke me. It took me a little while to realise his hand had slipped around and was rubbing my breast so I instinctively slapped him and pushed him away.

Manuel's face darkened and he grabbed my wrists in his huge hand and lifted them above my head while he mauled my breasts spitting out "so Manuel is not good enough for Miss High and Mighty eh?, well, we'll soon see about that?" He pulled his cart closer with his foot and using a garbage bag as a rope he tied my hands to a pipe in the corner of the wall then used both hands to maul my tits.

He popped all the buttons on my shirt then ripped my bra in half before slobbering all over my nipples until they got hard. My nipples weren't the only thing that was hard as I could feel his erection on my knees, he spread my knees and moved closer to me with his erection now pushing against my crotch.

I screamed as loud as I could but he laughed in my face saying "scream all ya like Missy, there's no one left to hear ya" He grabbed a couple of zip ties and zipped one leg to a basin tap on one bench and the other leg to the basin on the perpendicular bench so my crotch was left unprotected and sitting on the bench as the perfect height for him to rub his hardon on.

I watched in horror as the lust took over his face and my pleas fell on deaf ears. He bent down and inhaled my panties aroma deeply before ripping the crotch in two leaving the useless material still hanging by the waistband. Manuel again sniffed deeply then ran has big thick tongue along my slit while I screamed again and again, no one came. Manuel grinned wickedly and dropped his pants and underwear leaving me in shock as I stared in horror at the thickest cock I had ever seen.

It must have been about the same size as a coke can! I pleaded "please no, its too big, it will rip me to pieces" but he grinned lewdly "you will love it … after a while" and stepped close to wipe his knob up and down my slit a few times before trying to shove it in me. I screamed in pain again so he dropped to his knees again and slobbered all over, around and in my pussy before managing to push the head of his cock in my entrance.

He slobbered in my pussy again and managed to get a bit deeper despite my screams of protest, after several slobber/push session had finally managed to get the whole thing inside me. My pussy had started self lubricating so the pain started to subside and the revulsion increased as he rapidly headed for a climax. "Please don't I cried, I'm not on the pill" [I was but the though of him filling me with his dirty juices was endless lust of a lesbo is gratified lesbian dildo me to gag] He laughed and pumped even harder yelling out "cop this ya stuck up bitch" as I felt a huge spurt erupt deep inside me.

Just then one of the students in a pair of budgie smugglers and a towel around his neck stepped into view and dropped his clothes bag with a anal dominated by my mistress michelle humiliation fingering thump, Manuel pulled his cock from my depths with a loud "schluuup" as the next spurt erupted from his cock in and over my pussy. The next spurt hit my abdomen then my thigh as he turned and ran off while trying to pull his pants up over his spurting cock.

Damian was a member of the swim team which explained his late presence and he was just standing there in shock staring at my gaping cum covered pussy while his dick started to stiffen and poke straight out in his speedo's. I don't think he even noticed Manuel had run off. "thank god you came along" I cried, " I don't know what would have happened otherwise" … "umm, Damian, hello" A few moments later he came out of his trance and I noticed his penis was now throbbing up and down slightly, he looked me in the eyes finally and asked if I was ok; "I guess I'm not hurting but I'm not ok … that disgusting pig just raped me!" "can you please untie me?" Damian's eyes had shifted back to my pussy, I can only imagine what it looked like as I could feel the cool air inside me so it must be still gaping open.

Damian stepped forward and reached for my wrists but his erection pushed straight against my hole and he flinched back saying "oops sorry" "look, I know you can't help it but please just stretch a bit further and untie me, don't worry if it has to touch me to reach my hands" Damian stepped forward again and stretched up, his erection was pushing hard against my crotch but then slipped on the cum and slipped into my gaping hole.

Damien froze as he felt his cloth covered knob slip inside my pussy "don't worry about it just keep going" I said, "you sure?" he asked, "yeh just do it" I replied. Damian stretch over me some more getting deeper inside me at the same time as he started to undo my hands. All of a sudden he froze again, I could feel his dick jerking as he squeezed his eyes shut in concentration, "just let it happen" I whispered and wriggled my arse.

That was all he could take and his boy cum spurted hotly inside me several times as at first he pushed deeper then slowly eased back a bit. "Oh gawd, I'm so sorry" he said in embarrassment, "Its OK, I didn't mind and I knew you wouldn't be able to help it" I smiled "now you can concentrate on getting the knots undone. Damien had not gone soft much at all so as he stretched up again his cock went about 3/4 of the way in me, he struggled with the knot and was wriggling around and pushing further up, he was getting the knots untangled but I could feel him get to full hardness again.

I was watching his cute little face swarming with emotion and embarrassment and getting quite turned on myself, "that's it, stretch up, your nearly there" I breathed. I could sense him getting close again and moaned "just let go, its ok" Damian thrust then thrust again and groaned loudly into me neck sending me over the edge causing us to orgasm together, he had finished spurting inside me and was staring at me in wonder as I finally started to come down from my high.

"Oh gawd that was good" I giggled, "that wasn't supposed to happen" I leaned forward and kissed him quickly then smiled at his worried look. His shy smiled peeked out for a second then he stretched to untie me again. A few minutes later my hands were finally released and his cock was fully hard again and I was very close again so I rolled my nipples in my fingers until I passed the point of no return and pulled his arse in tight and wriggled my arse to get him fully in me, the texture of the cloth rubbed over my clit and I exploded again.

As I started to come down again after my orgasm Damien started really pounding into me and shuddered in his biggest orgasm yet even though it was only a couple of light spurts. I grabbed his face and kissed him hard "thank you for saving me, I hope that was reward enough" "more than enough" he grinned "I've never experienced anything like that in my life" Damian tried to break the zip ties without any luck but I asked him to grab my bag and handed him some nail clippers, he cut through the ties and helped me to my feet.

"Do you want to contact the cops now?" "Umm no, if they found your semen inside me …… better not" I said "Oh sorry, I stuffed everything up for you" he said with genuine sadness We both cleaned up as good as possible and with a promise to never say a word to anyone we headed for our homes. Once again adult males had destroyed my faith in men and teenage boys had repaired me again. As soon as I got home I rang Roger and gave him such a blasting that he quit his job and never returned, Manuel was never heard from again and some quite funny rumours were circulating about the two of them.

Sue asked but I just said he had blabbed and I gave him such an earbashing he had up and quit. Damian never said a word, I got no funny looks and heard no rumours so a couple of weeks went by and I was beginning to get more at ease when I received a phonecall from his mother and instantly started panicking … Oh My God what could I do?

I hesitantly picked up the phone and meekly said hi while expecting a gargantuan tirade but it turns out that Damian was falling behind saucy co ed bint has her twat pummeled his asian pawnshopper gets her deal way too nice to turn down brunette blowjob work due to the swim team and wanted to know if I would be interested in doing some paid home schooling on Saturdays … Whew !

I was asked if I could arrange things with Damian as she had to go to work. When I spoke to Damian he was horrified as he thought I might think he put his mum up to it so he could have sex with me again, my respect for him went up another notch! On Saturday I drove over to his house and greeted his Mum before we slipped up to his room and started figuring out his strengths and weaknesses, we were constantly interrupted by his two younger brothers the younger of which asked to use Damians camera then proceeded to set up a small scene and photograph a few small lizards and dragonflies he had captured and cooled in the fridge to stop them flying straight off.

It was brother blackmail step sister for sex distracting with the flash going off in the background and Damian eventually walked over and took his camera back and told his kid brother to go outside and play.

I decided to have the next lesson at my place and made ready to go, Damian then asked if he could get a pic of me standing at his shoulder teaching him at his desk to remember me by in future times. He seemed rather embarrassed so asked him if it was because of the incident and he blushed profusely before admitting he wanted a pic of "The beautiful woman who he lost his virginity to" He set up the self timer and tripod and we took a couple of pics with me standing behind him then pov of chubby little asian hottie sologirlcontent couple of me leaning over with my arm around his shoulder then I thought I would have a bit of fun and undid a couple of buttons allowing my cleavage to show my braless tits a bit while he was setting up the timer again, as I bent over again beside him his peripheral vision picked up some bare skin and he couldn't help but turn his head to look just as the flash went off.

I laughed at his shocked look and he grinned before grabbing his camera for a look.

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We got a good laugh at the pic, you couldn't really see anything of my tits so it was quite innocent. We scrolled back through the pics, there were a couple of real good ones for him then all of a sudden there was a pic of something that took a couple of seconds to work out what it was … it was my turn to go bright red in embarrassment as his little brother had taken an upskirt pic of me bending forward with my part of my bare pussy on show, I knew I should have worn underwear that day but I really hated them and much preferred to go "au naturel".

"Oh shit" exclaimed Damian "the dirty little fucker!", we scrolled through the rest of the pics and found a couple more but not showing as much as the last one. Damian apologised and said he would delete them all but The asian teen in this scene is sexy and asked to look through them again … you couldn't really tell the pics were of me so I said he could keep them and not say anything to his brother.

I looked down and could see his pants had quite a tent which sent a rush of moisture to my pussy. "Why don't you take a better one up my skirt, I can always deny any knowledge of them so the only one who would get in trouble would be your little brother." Damian scrolled back to the first pic he took and deleted it explaining that it would look like his brother had taken it then he had me bend over the chair with my legs spread slightly more, I was really getting turned on and could feel my lips spreading and the moisture building, Damian took the pic and showed me, you could see every little detail, even the moisture on my lips and with my lips swollen and spread you could even see up my hole a little bit.

I looked down at his erection and huskily said "I want you now, lock the door!" "I can't, there's no lock" he said with a disappointed look. I walked to the door and laid on the carpet against the door "I don't care, just be as quick as you can" I said as I lifted my dress up and spread my legs.

I ran my fingers up through my slit, I was already close to cumming with just the thought and the danger.

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Damian was fumbling with his pants as he hurried over and almost tripped as he laid on top of me, I guided his cock to my entrance and whispered hoarsely "cum in me … now" I was so turned on and wet that his cock had no trouble sliding all the way in to my depths, before he had even reached full depth I started my orgasm and wrapped my legs around him pulling him deep and hard into me as I wriggled my pussy backwards and forwards trying to get his cock even deeper.

Poor Damian couldn't even move cutie teases with her feet and pussy he rode my orgasm to its finish about 20 second later. "Oh wow" I exclaimed as I relaxed and urged Damian to start moving "I've already cum so you don't have to worry about me, just concentrate on your own orgasm. Damian started some long slow strokes pulling his cock almost all the way out before pushing all the way back in, I adjusted my hips so he could get as deep as possible and rapturously watched the range of emotions play over his face, his movements started to quicken and his thrusts became more forceful as he neared the point of no return.

Oh gawd, I was heading for another one and let myself go into a wonderful orgasm as his cock started erupting into my very depths, spurt after spurt after spurt filled my pussy and squirted past his penis with his every thrust. We both started calming lovesome kitten is gaping narrow twat in closeup and having orgasm at the same time and bondage hentai bride with bigtits gets punish to wobbly legs to tidy up, the back of my dress was covered in cum and there was cum running down both my thighs, "My god, have you been saving it all up since last time?" I giggled as he pulled his pants back into place.

We then heard some footsteps coming to the door and stepped back as the door opened on his Mum "do you want a snack?" "whew, you boys need to clean your room more often, it stinks in here!" "would you like a drink or a coffee?" she said in rapid succession.

The cum was still running slowly down my thighs and I was afraid it would start to show if we waited around so I said I was running late and had to go. As I followed his Mum down to the door a suggested it might be less distracting if Damian came to my place next time. Damian followed directly behind me to the car to hide the big wet spot on the back of my dress. "Thanks for everything" grinned Damian as I "slipped" into the seat. "Tell you what, if your schooling improves this week we won't have to waste so much time on schoolwork next weekend" I grinned back.

"Oh wait" his Mum yelled, "I forgot your pay!" "just send it with Damian next weekend" I yelled back as I really didn't want her to smell the sex wafting up from between my legs if she poked her head in the car.

We both saw Damian's little brother scoot in the front door. Damian started towards the door but I told him to wait "might be safer if he sees the pics" I said "you can catch him looking at them and it won't be so unusual to keep a copy for yourself but make sure you delete them so he can't spread them around school!" Tell him he can look at your copy if he asks but that's it, he's not allowed a copy for himself!

I wrote out my number for him and asked him to let me know what happens with him. By the time I got home a was a real mess between my legs and still as horny as a mallee bull in rutting season so couldn't decide between the bathroom or the bedroom, fortunately the phone rang and it was Damian. "I caught him wanking" he laughed, "wait" I said "tell me everything from the start" "well, I walked upstairs and the door was shut so I listened at the door and could hear him mumbling to himself, then I heard "OH SHIT" and the sound of a zipper so I waited a few seconds and slowly eased the door open.

He was looking at the screen on the camera and had his dick in his hand pulling like the clappers, he didn't even notice me walking up behind him. I looked at the screen and saw the pic I took but just then he groaned and started shooting all over the desk so I yelled at him and grabbed the camera.

He shit himself and fell sideways off the chair still cumming and a big spurt shot out and hit him in the face and in his mouth … I couldn't help but laugh as the realisation that he had a cum in his mouth hit him … he didn't quite know what to do as he swallowed and wiped his chin at the same time then started gagging … I was rolling on the floor by this stage.

He grabbed a sock and started wiping his tongue and face then noticed he had cum all over his shirt as well … was the funniest thing I have ever seen! I was laughing so much I couldn't look mad at him but he was looking pretty pissed off at me. I started looking through the pics and shot him daggers when I saw an upskirt pic, he didn't say anything all, just looked guilty, "HOLY SHIT" I exclaimed when I came to my pic … "wow, what a pic, look at that pussy, she's not wearing panties!" I exclaimed He came over and stood beside me saying "your not mad?" … "well … yes but what a pic" I said, "I took some pics after that, what would have desperate lesbian thief sucks and gets fuck for her freedom hardcore and brunette if she had of scrolled back and seen them, you would have been in huge trouble!" " No one must ever know about these pics… you got that!" I said "no one at all, none of your mates, no one at school, no one" "Oh Fuck" came from behind us startling us both, we both whirled round to see our brother staring at the pic "Shit" said Juliet "that escalated out of control rather quickly" "Its alright" said Damian, he wanted to see the pic properly as he only had a glimpse so I told them both if they promised not to say anything to anyone I would put the pics in a right click disabled folder so they could look any time they wanted but they were not allowed to try and copy the pics or show anyone else.

I told them I could set it up to alert me if they tried to do anything but look at the pics and they believed me. I copied the pics into a password protected folder then told them to wait outside until I had set it up properly. I told them to come back in and gave them the password "Perve" I asked my little bro to give me a hand and headed out the door, "what do you want" he grumbled as we closed the door, I stopped down the hall and put me finger to my lips and grinned then slowly and quietly snuck back to the door and listened, my bro grinned and snuck up beside me, we waited until we heard the groaning then burst through the door and laughed as my middle bro tried to cover his spurting dick making a mess all over his pants, "not as good as your effort" I laughed elbowing my little bro What do you mean said my middle bro looking embarrassed and confused all at the same time.

Little bro told him all about his effort and we all had a good laugh as he went through the whole thing with actions making a real show about it. "Are you sure about them?" asked Juliet "Yeh, I'm sure, I also told them I would tell everyone at school I caught them wanking … and … umm … promised to try and sneak some more pics if I got the chance" said Damian.

"Well I guess we might be able to come up with something occasionally" I laughed, "well done!" But then I thought … what have I done? What have I got myself into? How can I make sure they never talk? An idea came into my head and a smile spread slowly across my lips &hellip.