Hotwife molly mormon whores herself out to pay the waterbill

Hotwife molly mormon whores herself out to pay the waterbill
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Krishna and Aeishwarya were on the last metro train for the night. It had been a long day at the office. And they were both really looking forward to going home. This train ride, however, suddenly got interesting. There were only two other passengers except them. One was an old man dozing off in the corner and the other a teenager who looked high. Krishna's hands found her thighs.

He gripped the flesh exposed, thanks to her skirt which was now riding up. He slowly made his way up, looking directly into her busty prison babes squirting in shower trio big tits and seeing the need there. He loved his wife for this.

All the lust. All the love. Laid open in plain sight in her eyes. He inched towards her and kissed her ferociously as his hand made its way up her thighs. When he reached her love hole, he pushed aside her thong aggressively and pushed two fingers into her. She yelped into their kiss.

Biting his lip and her nails digging into his shoulder blades. He started pumping his fingers in and out of her. He added two more fingers and then started a furious rhythm. By now her moans were almost audible to any eavesdroppers. But there were none. He cupped her pussy from the inside. She grunted and grinded his hand. She was now humping into his fingers. He twisted and turned his fingers inside her cunt, massaging her g spot and pressing down on her clit with his thumb.

This generated another volley of gasps and with a shudder, she orgasmed onto his hands. He brought his fingers close to his nose and took a whiff of the delightful sex smell his wife always seemed to give off.

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Then he slowly gulped up her cunt juice. He reached for more. Then again. And again. Feeding it to her in between. God, his wife was a lovely piece of slut.

Then, due to pure agony and a voice in their heads saying ,"Do it!" he spread her legs wide. He sat down aby jones bellissima camgirl con delle tette enormi parte the floor of the train and spread out his wife's legs as far from each other as possible. Anybody could see them now. Either at a stop or even when someone passed them when the train was moving.

But they did not care. The thrill was too great. He went down on her. Biting her engorged clit till she screamed into oblivion. Now surely someone would come and see what was going on. He took her blouse off suddenly, popping some of the buttons in his haste.

And then he tore her bra. Her white flesh causing his mouth to water. He took one nipple in his mouth and the other in his hand. Squeezing through the softness and biting hard, almost brining out blood. He rolled her nipple with his tongue. He pinched her nipple between his index and thumb. Lightly and then oh so strong. She moaned in pleasure. He caught both her nipples like this and rotated them in every direction possible.

He cupped her huge breasts. And squeezed. Harder. Harder. This went on for sometime and her breathing turned erratic.

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Then he slowly made his way to her belly, fingered her belly button. And then her pussy, again. Finally. He relentlessly lapped at her cunt, putting his tongue inside her hole and running his tongue from her butt hole to her pussy and then doing this again and again. It was driving her crazy. Every time his tongue touched her anus. So he carefully lifter her by the bum and cuddly sweetie gapes spread vagina and gets devirginized his tongue into her ass.

The taste was magical. He wanted to put his cock into her. And maybe even a dildo in her pussy with his cock in her ass. When they got home. That always seemed to turn her on. He slowly got up, unzipped his trousers and looked at his wife's amazing, trimmed cunt.

He made her stand now, at the pole. With her hands above her head and body bent low, ass protruding out. He put a finger slowly in her ass. And she moaned as he put his cock in her. With one clear stroke he was in. And oh god, was he in! She moaned in lust and lost track of sound and time. They were furiously fucking by now. Him thrusting her in doggy and her matching his thrusts. He took his finger out and spanked her. Once, twice, thrice. Her fleshy, meaty ass became red with vigour.

"Oh yes. ahh.gooodddd. Fuck me with that cock of yours.

Unghh" He thrust into her so deep that he could feel her womb and she orgasmed for the second time. This time her ass jiggling for what she was worth. She looked simply irresistible when she came like that. He kissed her shoulder blades and continued thrusting into her. That is, until they heard someone walking towards them from behind. Who could it be? Shit shit shit. Hopefully not the police.

They had to turn and he reluctantly took his cock out of her pussy. And there stood the teenager who they thought, was drunk. But was clearly just sleepy. He looked groggy eyed. Until he saw what was going on here. Then his eyes grew wide with shock.

Until Aeishwarya took Krishna's hot mom gets creampie from son in her her lovely mouth. She gobbled every inch up, looking the teenager right in the eye. She was a treat to the eyes. She flicked his cock with her tongue. Moving down and coming back up, letting the head pop out.

And then, licking the head with the tip of her tongue. Krishna groaned, the thrill of his naked wife in front of a stranger, giving him head, getting to him.

As she took more and more of him inside, she saw the bulge grow in the teen's pants. Finally, she reached his pelvis. Her mouth stuffed with cock. His hair tickling her nose. She held there and he thrust up. Once.

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Twice. Krishna bellowed finally and came deep in her throat. Giving her exactly what she wanted. His precious cum. She swallowed every string down her ravenous throat. Then she licked to his tip and sucked his cock till she had every drop inside her mouth. Then she looked the teen in the eye, got up and cupped her breasts as if they were for display. They hurriedly dressed as it was their stop next.

The boy was left shocked and at the same time extremely horny. But they had a good time. He spanked her ass and boobs as they walked home. When they got home, no sooner was the door unlocked, she had her pants off and her fingers inside her cunt hole.

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Tonight was dildo night. He slowly pressed a finger into her butt hole. He loved Aeishwarya more than anything!