Mia smiles is a skinny asian beauty with creampie story

Mia smiles is a skinny asian beauty with creampie story
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He saw her run by his house every day at 8:05 in the morning. She was cute. Her saw her every day as he was getting ready for work. When 8:05 came around, he stopped everything and watched as she ran down the road. He wanted her but he knew he couldn't have her, that made him want her more. It was 7:00A.M., he woke up and took a shower. He did not feel like going to work but knew he had to. "T.G.I.F., right?" He thought to himself. Putting on his business suit he shook his head.

He was not up for facing the idiots he dealt with everyday. Putting on his cuff links, he looked at the clock. It was 8:03. He casually walked from his bedroom in the back of the house to his guest room in the front.

He waited. He stood by the window in anticipation. Seeing her would hopefully take his mind off work for a little while. She came into view at 8:05. He noticed she looked extra nice today. He noticed her legs first, long and slender, her pink running shorts barely covering her firm ass. Her shirt was sleeveless and fitted to show off her flat stomach, and her 32B breasts that had a little bounce when she ran.

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She was teasing him. He knew that she did it on purpose. She wanted him to stare! Look at her! She wanted him to approach her! How couldn't she by the way she was dressed!

He felt the blood rushing through his body. He wanted her more than ever today, and it showed. The front of his suit pants were about to bust open from the erection she had caused. As she ran out of view, he felt the pressure on his dick which ached and begged for attention. "Not today," he thought as he unzipped his pants to relieve some of the pressure.

He walked back to his bathroom to style his hair. He was handsome, if he thought so himself.

onion shaped booty tiffany mynx ass worshipped and fucked striptease pornstar Every girl from high school, to college, to random girls at the coffee shop practically threw themselves at him. He was about 5'11" and 190 pounds. He was naturally tan and had short, dark brown hair. His ocean blue eyes were his best feature, if not, his lips that would have any supermodel jealous. He was built, as he went to the gym after work.

After styling his hair, he took a look at himself in the mirror. "I'm 27," he said to the reflection, "it's time I start acting more mature. I need to act my age and I'll get the right women coming to me. Hell, the jogger might stop by." He smirked. He knew she wouldn't come to him, but he would surely go to her. He zipped up his pants.

He locked his house up and got into his 2011 blue Ford Taurus and drove to work. The good thing about being the CEO of a company was that he didn't have to be on time. He did what he wanted, when he wanted. He was supposed to be at work by 8:30, but sometimes he got in at 9, 10 o'clock. No one seemed to complain. Hell, if they complained he'd make their day miserable. He got to work at 8:45 and worked until 6 in the evening.

He drove home.

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As he was driving, he saw a familiar pair of legs hot masseuse plowed by her nasty client on the side of the road, about a mile from his house.

As he passed her, he looked into his rearview mirrors and watched her breasts bounce, big ass teen fucked in missionary watch part on sluttyteencamcom and down, up and down. He drove home.

He knew she was going to be by his house soon so he parked the car in the garage and sat there for a few minutes. As he felt the time was right, he got out of the car and casually walked to his mailbox at the end of his driveway. She came running as he opened the mailbox and sorted through his mail. She passed right by him. They said their friendly greetings, "hi" and "hello" as she ran passed.

He could smell her as she ran by. She smelled like vanilla with a hint of female perspiration. It turned him on. Feeling the blood rushing to his penis, he quickly gathered the mail and went inside his house.

He sat on his sofa and thought of the runner. He knew there was no other girl like her and that she had to be his. But how? How could he convince her to like him like he liked her?

He realized that she probably had no clue that he was interested in her. He planned to make the next move. He went into his basement and looked around. He had to make it perfect. If she didn't like him, he was going to force her to like him. He moved a wooden chair to the corner of his unfinished basement where there were loops made into the walls.

He didn't know why the loops were there but he didn't care, they'd become his places for securement for the girl. He went to the garage and found some rope.

He laced the rope through the loops holes in the basement and let them dangle. "Perfect." The next morning he got up at 7A.M. and took a shower, like his normal schedule. It was Saturday so he didn't have to work but he was going to work alright, work on the girl. The mail came early on Saturday so he figured he'd have an excuse to be outside when she ran past. He thought about how good it'll finally be to have her in his arms and claim her for himself.

He shut off the water and stepped xstorys with touching boobs watching free of the shower. He glanced at the clock, it was 8:00. He'd been in the shower for an hour thinking about her?

He couldn't believe it. He got dressed in a flash, pulling on a T-shirt and jeans. He walked out to his mailbox at 8:04. He opened the mailbox and as he did, he heard screaming. He looked to see the girl running for her life as a guy hopped out of the passenger side of a red Pontiac Sunfire.

It looked like a possible abduction. He ran to the girl and hit the guy in the jaw, making him fall to the ground. He took the girl by the hand and ran to his house. He hit the fob on his keyring and the garage started to open. They slid under the door and he hit the fob quickly again to shut it. They were both out of breath, her more-so.

They layed on the concrete floor for a good ten minutes before he started the conversation. "Hey, I'm Greg." She turned her head to meet his eyes. He noticed her true beauty was in her face. Sure, she had the perfect body, but the way her face was, she could be 300 pounds heavier and still be pretty.

"I'm Cara." She pronounced it like car-ah which he thought was the perfect name for the perfect girl. They made small talk and Greg offered her some water.

She accepted it.

He tried to think of a way to get her to the basement but he couldn't find an excuse. Finally, she spoke teen hottie ivy winters is banging an older dude giving him a plan. "You have a nice house," she stated. "Thank you, would you care for a tour?" He asked, smiling. "Sure." He showed her the livingroom, the bathroom, the three bedrooms, he turned around and led her to the kitchen where the basement door was.

"And this is the kitchen," he spoke up, "but this is what you really have to see." He opened the basement door and motioned for her to go down. She took the gesture and started walking down the stairs. He shut the door behind himself and walked down. He turned on the light and as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she looked around. There was nothing but a few boxes and a chair with ropes hanging from loops in the walls.

She looked at Greg. He took her by the arm and she wiggled to try and get free. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way, Cara. With the easy way, well, I don't think there's one anymore so we'll do it the hard way. Sit in the chair and don't do anything stupid because there will be consequences." Her eyes widened. She thought she just escaped from this. Cara sat down in the chair and watched Greg tie up her right wrist to the wall.

Greg thought that this was too easy. He tied both wrists to the wall and each ankle to the chairlegs. He caressed her face and complimented her on her behavior. "I didn't think you'd cooperate with me, but since you did, I might have a little fun with you before I kill you." He had no intentions on killing her, he just wanted to see if she'd believe it.

"Please let me go. Let me go, Greg. I haven't done anything wrong. I'm only 19! I have the rest of my life ahead of me!

Please let me." SMACK! He hit her across the face. "That'll be enough of that shit. You're mine. You will do what ever the fuck I say, and you'll enjoy every bit of it. If you don't." he trailed off with his sentenced but gestured a finger slicing across the throat. He ran up the stairs and left her there for half an hour before returning back down with duck tape and a knife. He walked to her with the knife behind his back, tape in his pocket. He put the handle of the blade in his mouth and got out the tape.

He ripped the tape big enough to fit over her mouth and placed it firmly there. He took the knife and tenderly ran the flat side of the blade across her neck. From her neck, he let the blade drop to her shirt. Green. He hated green. He hated it and she was dressed in it. He pulled the front of her shirt out and cut it.

She looked at him fearfully. He cut the front open and then the sleeves, ripping it away from her body. Her sprts bra did not match her outfit, it was neon yellow.

He liked yellow so he'd spare it for last. He cut her shorts as he did the shirt, but when he ripped them away, he made a small discovery-she wasn't wearing panties. He smirked as he ran the blade over her bald pussy. The coolness of the knife made her shiver and hardened her nipples which now were visibly noticeable from her bra.

He ran the blade up her stomach and slit her bra. He set the knife down and ripped the bra open with his hands, exposing her perky breasts to him. "If I'm not mistaken, someone is enjoying this," he said as he ran his hands over her left breast. He leaned down and engulfed her hardened nipple into his mouth, sucking it and swirling his tongue around it. She moaned and became a little wet.

He moved from her left to her right, but this time biting it. A muffled scream came from behind the tape. "You don't like that? What about this?" He moved to her neck and nibbled on it furiously.

She cocked her head to give him more access. As she did, he clamped down on her neck with his teeth. She moaned in ecstasy. He licked from her neck back down to her breasts, down her stomach, then back up. He took his hand and ran it over her slit. She was wet. He slid his middle finger into her and drug it out, making her a little more wet.

He took his finger and slid ir across her nose so she could smell herself. The truth was that Cara loved everything about herself. Everything. There wasn't a single thing she would change. She loved the way she looked, feeled, smelled, tasted. She could get off with just thinking about herself. And now, Greg was making her realize that. He dipped his finger back in and then ran it over her nipple.

He rolled her nipple in his hand and gave it a small pinch. She shut her eyes and let out another muffled moan. Greg then grabbed Cara's ass from under her and slid her to the edge of the chair where he could have a better position of her. Her juices dripped from her pussy and onto the floor. "What a waste," he thought. He didn't think of it much more as another little glob was about to drip. He fell to his knees and licked it from her pussy, sending a shockwave through Cara's body that he could feel on his tongue.

He sucked on her clit as hard as he could and inserted three fingers into Cara's pussy. She young slut daisy chainz gets her pussy destroyed down on his fingers and nearly came right then. He slid his fingers in and out of Cara's pussy and she moaned louder than ever. She could feel her orgasm building up.

Sweat glistened on her body and her breathing was shallowing and speeding up. She finally came with a set of loud moans and her pussy squirting all over Greg's face and chest. Her body convulsed and the ropes nearly snapped her hands off. Greg was impressed to say the least and he took his soaked shirt off. Cara watched him take off his shirt. She hadn't realized how sexy he was. His muscles were toned and he had a small six pack of abs on his stomach.

She became aroused from just this. She wanted him to take his clothes off, she wanted to lick him from head to toe. She tried to speak but the tape muffled everything. He looked at her and peeled the tape off. "What?" He asked "Untie me, I can do you more good untied than tied up," she said lustfully.

He didn't know why, but he reached out to untie her. Something told him that she could be trusted. He untied her feet, then her hands. As soon as her last wrist was untied she tackled him to the floor and sexy ukrainiam girl trying anal sex with a horny masseur his pants, pulling them and his underwear off with one good sweep.

Greg didn't know what was going on, but he liked it. He laid back as he let her do the work. As she got his pants off she rubbed his hard dick with her hand and looked him in the eye. "I'm going to make you cum more than you made me cum, faster, and harder.

You're not going to be able to cum for the next week as much as I'm going to drain you. Your balls won't know what to do. Understand?" He was surprised. He didn't know what the hell happened to little Miss Innocent but she turned to the dark side and he loved it. Cara took his dick and put the head in her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could, swirling her tongue on the sensitive underside.

She loved sucking cock. She sucked all of his six inches into her mouth, down her throat. As he was down her throat, she hummed and contracted her throat. Within only luscious teen chick gives a valuable blowob hardcore russian few minutes, her throat was milking his dick.

It was the most cum anyone had ever put down her throat. She pulled his dick out so that just the head was in her mouth and used her hand to jack him off as fast as she could. More and more cum was hitting the back of her throat. The grunts Greg was making was turning her on more than she had ever been turned on in her life. She wanted him bad. She wanted his dick in her. She could feel herself dripping onto the floor. With her free hand she started to masturbate as Greg was filling her up with his cum.

As his orgasm came to an end, Cara was still masturbating and moaning, still having Greg turned on. "Fuck me, Greg. Fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before," she pleaded.

Greg pushed away her hand from her pussy and slid his dick into her. He was like a jackhammer trying to break the concrete on this beautiful structure of a woman.

He fucked her harder and faster than any of the girls he'd been with before. The basement was filled with the sound of both of them moaning and the slapping of their thighs together. Greg pushed harder and harder into her and she met him with each stroke. They both longed for eachother's orgasm. Their breathing increased together and at the right moment, it was like a car crash.

They both screamed out, Cara a little louder than Greg. Cara's pussy squirted and convulsed the fastest it had ever in her life, Greg's dick shot loads upon loads into Cara. She could feel his hot seed being buried deep inside herself. Their sweat poured off eachother before they finally relaxed and collapsed on the cool concrete floor. "That was amazing, we need to do that again sometime," Cara said outloud. "Hell yes we do. When are you free?" Greg asked. "I run in the mornings and sometimes at night, stop me whenever." "You bet I will.

What about your clothes?" "Lend me some? I have a key, I can sneak in throught the back, my parents will never know." "You're rotten." He smiled at her. "I know." He led her to his room where he gave her a T-shirt and some basketball shorts to put on.

She put them on and thanked him for the evening. She left after they said their goodbyes. Every morning Greg sees Cara running, and every other morning he is late to work.