Horny asian sluts fucked hard in garage

Horny asian sluts fucked hard in garage
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I slowly opened my eyes. My head was throbbing and I felt sick. I lifted my head and looked at my surroundings. I was lying on a large, comfortable bed with red bedsheets. As I looked further, I saw that I was in a square room, it was about twenty five meters each side. The walls and ceiling were plain concrete but the floor had a soft, red carpet.

In one corner of the room, there was a couch and a steel table, with what looked like medical restraints in all of the corners and some hanging from the roof. Just next to it, there was a large cupboard. In another corner, there was a shower, a toilet a mirror and a sink.

There was also a large wooden x-shaped piece of wood standing against the wall a few meters further along with another large cupboard. I looked down at myself and saw that I was completely naked. I saw my well-built body and my seven inch cock. I stood up, leaning against the bedpost, nearly falling over.

Then I felt something hanging around my neck, not tight enough to be uncomfortable or stop my breathing, but enough so that it fit snugly and I couldn't take it off.

It felt like leather, with a piece of metal attached to it. I stumbled over to the mirror and looked at my reflection. I looked at my dark brown hair and blue eyes, then at my neck. I was wearing a collar. It was made of black leather and had a small tag with writing on it. It was difficult to read it in the mirror, but I think that it read; MH 6673. I thought about what that could be, but then I started to rough step daddy and pregnant baby proving papa wrong how I had gotten there in the first place.

I couldn't remember anything. I couldn't even remember my own name. I started to panic and quickly recited the alphabet and said "she sells sea shells on the sea shore." a few times. At least I could remember how to talk and read and write.

I rinsed my face in the sink and sat on the sofa. I looked over at the steel table and saw that they were definitely restraints in each corner and attached to the roof by a length of chain. I stood slim babe knows how to use a pecker and inspected the cupboard. I pulled the handle, but it was locked so I sat back down on the couch. I sat there for a what felt like a few hours, but I couldn't be sure because there wasn't a clock.

Then there was a green light in one of the corners of the room, and a woman appeared. I was embarrassed about my nakedness, but could do nothing to cover my self.

As the woman came closer, I saw that her skin was a light blue color and her eyes were red. She walked slowly toward me, she was wearing what looked like a nurses uniform. She just stood there looking at me for a few minutes, as if waiting for something. "Where am I?" I asked, if nothing just to break the silence. She said nothing for a moment and I wondered if she could speak English.

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"You are in Austers Intercourse Clinic." she said, in a voice like silk. "You are here because you have been selected by the Mage's Council to take part in our intercourse program." I was about to say something, but she held up her hand. "Please." she said, "I will give you the standard briefing, then you may ask questions." I leaned back into the couch and waited. "Now." she continued, "You have been selected for the program because of your physical attributes of fitness.

You are to undertake some examinations and tests to see if you old couple and girl first time frannkies a swift learner be able to perform as a Male Human Sex Worker. You may have already guessed what a Sex Worker does, but I will tell you anyway. A sex worker will provide erotic experiences for our clients, who are all involved with Magic.

They may be Human Mages or magical creatures, male or female, but either way, it is your job to do anything that they want." "What if I don't want to?" I asked, quite scared about what jobs would be asked of me.

"Well," she said, "we will have to have you euthanized." I swallowed. "Do you agree to cooperate?" she asked. I nodded. "Good. I will be conducting your tests and physical examination. Then you will have a short rest, and will receive your first client." Old dad and daughter pornhub sat still.

"Now go and lie on the steel table over there, and don't say a word." I complied and shuffled over to the table and lay down on it. I gasped as the cold metal touched my skin, and it made my spine tingle. She walked up behind my head and pulled up my arms. After a pause, she secured my arms into the medical restraints, then did the same to my legs.

Now I was lying spread eagle on the table. "Are you ready?" she asked. Remembering what she had said about talking, I simply nodded. She held her hand out flat and mumbled something, and a tube of sex lube appeared in her hand. I started to protest, but she just walked to the cupboard, simultaneously producing a key. She opened the cupboard and searched around in it for a while.

Then she pulled out an o-ring gag. The strap was leather with a metal o-ring. I shut my mouth tight, but she flicked her wrist and I felt my mouth being forced open by some invisible hand. She fit the gag in my mouth, fastened the strap around my head and with another flick of the wrist, my mouth closed around it. It was comfortable enough, I tried to speak, but it just came out as a gurgle.

She smiled and pulled surgical gloves onto her hands. She squeeze som lube into her hand and sat the tube on the floor.

I pulled against the restraints, but I couldn't move an inch. All I could do was watch as she grabbed my semi-erect dick and start pumping it hard.

I groaned out of the pleasure that her hand brought. She flicked her thumb over the head of my cock which made me shiver with pleasure. As she worked my cock, I got harder and harder until I was fully erect.

Within minutes I was ready to cum, I tried to tell her, but couldn't speak through the gag. I started thrusting in time with her hand, and she could tell that I was close, so started to pump faster. My breathing became heavier as I came closer to climax. Her grip was firm and she was stroking me expertly. She slid her hand over the head of my cock and I was thrown into a huge orgasm. My cum shot into the air and landed back on my stomach.

After she had milked every drop out of me, I was expecting her to let me go, but instead she pulled the restraints on the ceiling down. Cute teen webcam anal dildo ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions untied my legs from the table and secured them to the ceiling restraints.

She muttered something, simultaneously flicking her wrist and the restraints started to retract into to ceiling. She reached down and picked up the lube again. I tried to ask her what she was doing, but it came out as a an inaudible sound.

Then she squirted more into her hand and rubbed it over her gloves, then she moved to the bottom of the table. By this time, my legs had been pulled so that they were pointing straight in the air. She held the bottle of lube to my ass and squeezed some out onto my ass hole. Then I realized what she was doing. I screamed as she pressed her finger against my ass hole.

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She paused for a moment, then she started forcing her finger further in. Inch by inch she forced her way inside me as I screamed out in pain as her finger stretched my hole. Once her finger was in up to the knuckle she started slowly pulling back out. My eyes were watering and she pulled her finger out completely. I felt a wave of relief and started panting.

Then I felt her finger again. I pulled against my restraints, but it was useless. All I could do was scream as she office reality first time mia khalifa tries a big black dick me once more. I felt my hole stretching and I tried to close up from her probing. But she just forced her way in harder. As I lay there being finger fucked in the ass, I could feel that with each stroke, it started to feel better.

After a few minutes, it started to feel really good and she reached over with her other hand and stroked my rock hard cock. I started groaning with pleasure and I felt the pleasure build up in me as a got ready to come. Just as I was about to climax, she pulled out of me and let go of my cock. I thrashed around on the table, looking for any kind of stimulation to push me over the edge.

But none came. I started to groan out of desperation and I heard her walk back to the cupboard and watched her pull out a small black rubber dildo. My eyes widened as I watched her pour lube onto it and rub it in. I didn't know if I should be scared or relieved that I was getting some more stimulation. I watched her walk to my ass and felt her place the dildo against my hole. I shut my eyes and she pushed the tip into me. I screamed as she slowly pushed it inside of me, inch after inch.

It felt like my ass was going to be ripped apart. But again, every stroke felt nicer and soon I was on the brink of orgasm. She once again used her other hand to stroke my cock and I felt the familiar build up inside of me again. It got closer and closer, and I arched my back as I had my first orgasm with lovely babes know how to satisfy every other dildo.

It was immensely powerfully and I shot at least five jets of my cum into the air. I lay still panting for a while, then she pulled out the dildo and started to clean up. She cleaned and packed away all of the equipment that she had used. Then she conjured some soap and warm water and cleaned me.

Finally she cleaned up all of my cum, removed and packed away my gag and unlocked my restraints. I slowly stood up. She handed me two pills and a glass of water that she seemed to produce from nowhere. "Majika pills." she said, "They will help you to get your body ready for the client." I swallow the pills. "What's to stop me from killing the client?" I asked, "if you even try," she said in a firm voice, "we just press a button, and your collar will send out a lethal electric current." I was silent.

She locked the cupboard and walked over to the corner she had appeared in. She looked back and smiled. "Your next examination is in a week." she called. Then she vanished in the same green light as before.

I walked over to the bed and lay down on it. I was suddenly very tired. And within moments, I had fallen into a deep sleep. I woke to the flash of green as someone appeared in my room. I opened my eyes and sat up in bed. I could hear footsteps moving toward me. I slowly looked up, half expecting to see some horrible monster like something out of a horror movie. But it wasn't. It was a human female.

She was stunning. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes. She was about the same hight as me, wearing a black leather corset with red lining and was carrying a riding crop.

She was wearing black knee high boots with thin stockings. As she drew closer, I could feel my cock stiffen and she smiled, she must have seen it.

She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. She looked me over then pointed her riding crop to the large x-shaped block of wood. I understood and stood up and walked over to it, her following behind.

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When I reached it I saw that there were wrist and ankle restraints attached to each end of the x. Suddenly, she grabbed my hands and spun me around and pushed my back into the block of wood, hands above my head. Then without warning, she kissed me passionately on the mouth. I felt her tongue against my lips and opened my mouth to let her in. We used our tongues to explore each others mouths, then she broke off the kiss and forced my hands into the restraints.

I didn't resist and she locked my ankles in as well. Now I was sanding in an x-shape against the wood. She watched me for a moment then knelt down and started playing with my semi-hard cock.I groaned and soon was very hard.

She looked up at me, "I was told that I am your first client." she said. She had an English accent which made me wonder what country this room was in. "Yes Miss." I said, I didn't know what I should call her.

She stopped moving her hand and just held my cock. "You will address me as Mistress!" she said in an angry voice. I was frightened, "Yes Mistress." I said, trying not to sound scared and failed. "Do you want me to make you cum?" she asked in an almost innocent voice. "Yes please." I said. "Yes please what?" she asked, and squeezed my cock hard. I screamed out in pain. "Yes please Mistress!" I cried urgently. She smiled, clearly enjoying my fear and pain. She stood up. "Well." she said, "I don't know how much you know about sexual domination, so I'll explain a bit while we get ready." She sat down her riding crop and walked over to the wardrobe and unlocked it with a key that she must have gotten before she came in.

As she looked around inside she continued talking, "You are my submissive slave for as long as I want. So you are going to follow my rules, and you will suffer much less pain. Rule number one," she listed, "Always address me as Mistress.

Number two, do not complain about any pain that I bring you or you will just get more. Number three, you only cum when I tell you to. Is that clear?" "Yes Mistress." I said as she pulled out a blindfold from the cupboard. She smiled and placed it over my eyes.

I couldn't see anything, but could head her taking something out of the cupboard. I heard her squeeze some lube out of a container and felt her grip my cock. I gasped, she wasn't wearing gloves like the nurse had, and I could feel her soft hand skillfully jerk me off, it xandra sixx and jayden cole sharing toys much better without gloves.

I was soon needing to cum, "Mistress, please may I cum?" I begged, "No." she said. Soon I felt the pressure build up inside me and felt my orgasm get closer. I was breathing heavily and shaking.

Then just as I was about to cum she let go of me. I gasped, then cried out as my orgasm subsided. I heard her laugh. "This is called edging." she said, "we will be doing a lot of this, so get used to it." She started stroking me again, and I moaned in pleasure. She was incredible at jerking me off, running her hand over the head of my cock, producing little whimpers from me.

Soon I was once again ready to cum. I begged her to let me cum, "Please Mistress! Please make me blow my load!" "No." She said. I bit my lip as I felt my orgasm begin. She let go again and I cried out in frustration. She did this to me over and over again, I lost count how many times. "Please Mistress!" I cried, "Please make me cum!l "If I let you cum," she said, "will you do anything I ask?" "Yes Mistress!

Yes! I will do anything!" I screamed. "Well then you may cum." she said. She ran her hand up and down my shaft and over the head of my cock. She kept stroking me as I started berating heavily. I moved my hips with her hand and felt my orgasm take hold. I yelled out of pleasure as I sprayed my handjob in car on the supermarket parking place all over her hand.

I groaned as she milked every drop out of my twitching cock. I slumped against my restraints for a while. Then she took off my blindfold and held up her hand. I looked at the cum on her hand. "Clean my hand with your tongue." she ordered. I looked at her.

"Please no." I begged. "You didn't call me Mistress!" she yelled, "Please, I'm sorry Mistress!" I pleaded. I licked my cum off her hand in an attempt to make her happy. She smiled. "Now we are going to try something a bit different." she said happily as she unlocked my restraints. She picked up her riding crop and escorted me to the steel table in the other corner and secured me into it.

She walked around me slowly. "You broke rule number one." she said. I just looked girls fuck bfs anus with big strap dildos and ejaculate semen her, begging with my eyes.

"you must be punished!" she shouted and swung her riding crop, bringing it down on my chest with a crack. I cried out in pain. She whipped me ten more times, each producing a yelp from me. She walked over to the closet and took out the same dildo that the nurse had used on me before. She walked over to my head. "Suck this cock you filthy slut!" she ordered and forced the dildo into my mouth.

I licked and sucked it untill it was soaked in my spit. "Now hold it in your mouth!" she shouted and I did. She removed her corset and boots and stockings.She had a perfect body, with large breasts and a firm ass. She tied one of her stockings around my cock, then she stood up on the table and kneeled down, pushing the dildo into her.

She groaned, and started bouncing up and down on it, fucking herself. She pulled on the stocking that was tied around my cock, using it like a cock leash. She kept fucking herself, until she started to gasp and breath heavily.

She started bouncing faster and shaking. With a cry, she climaxed, covering my face in her pussy juices. She looked down at me, "Do you want some you dirty slut?" she asked. I nodded. "Then beg!" she ordered, "Please Mistress! I shouted, "Please let me fill your pussy with my cum!" She looked satisfied.

She moved down so they she was sitting just above my erection. "Here it comes you filthy whore!" she cried, and impaled herself on me. I screamed out of the incredible pleasure. "Fuck!" I yelled. She was so wet and tight. She rode me until I was ready to explode. "Cum in my pussy!" she cried, and I didn't need a second invitation.

I flooded her with my cum. We both yelled as we climaxed. She rested her head against my chest, then stood up, my cock sliding out of her. Cum poured from her pussy as she stood still by the table. She cleaned herself up the best she could and got dressed. "I will send the nurse down to clean up." she said, "What's your name?" I asked. She smiled, "Gemma." she said. Then she walked to the corner and was engulfed by the light.

The nurse arrived a few minutes later. She cleaned up, released me from the table and gave me two more of the pills. "You must have made an impression." said the nurse.

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"She has booked you again some time in the future." "Are there any more clients?" I asked. "No, not for today." she said, "get some rest. You need to be ready for the morning." a thought occurred to me. "why don't mages have sex with each other? Why do they need to do it with me?" I asked. She walked to the corner, "Because they would be banned from the Mage's Guild." she said, and vanished in a green light.

I walked to my bed and jumped into it. I was tired again, and soon fell into a dreamless sleep.