Raunchy nurse enjoys a rough anal pounding cumshot and facial

Raunchy nurse enjoys a rough anal pounding cumshot and facial
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Another day Let me introduce myself, my name is Tyler and I am 18. I live with my mother (Nancy) and my sister (Stephanie) and we live in Washington. My sister and I have both gone to public school our entire lives. All through high school my sister and I have been a grade apart and that has made a few things a little hard on me when it comes to her. You see, she is very popular and every guy in school wants to be seen with her.

She is 18 years old is 5"4" and weighs about 110 pounds sopping wet. But by far the two things that all my friends and the other guys mention is her tits and ass.

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Even being her brother I agree that they are nice but try and advert my eyes when ever possible. My mom on the other hand, well she is pretty much the same but all my busty amateur girlfriend webcam with huge facial european and big tits call her a milf.

I guess that is true because I have gotten a few erections from seeing her in a bikini or even one or two of her pantsuits. But she is a hard worker and has done everything she can to provide for my sister and I over the years since dad left.

She leaves in the morning and travels into Seattle, coming home around 5:30 to make dinner and talk with us kids about our days. She is a great mom, we have never done without. Now where this story starts is just as school was getting out after my senior year.

It was a perfekt babe shows body continue on mycyka com week or two of parties and drinking and laying out by the beach. Getting out of school early has its perks. Just as my sister is getting ready to go to school, I was coming home from where ever I was the night before.

Sure my mom wasn"t too happy about the staying out all night and the drinking. But she was glad that I wasn"t driving after getting drunk.

So this continued right up untill I graduated and walked for my diploma. After graduation and my sister ending her school year, it was common for her to bring friends around the house and lay out by the pool. Luckily for my mother, we aren"t like normal siblings, we get along pretty well. The way I look at it, if I keep her on my good side, I can watch all her friends prance around in their skimpy bikini"s.

And today was no different. She had a few of her friends over, but there was only one that I really liked to look at. Her name is Carly and she is pretty much a wet dream come true. She has giant tits, a cute face and a great personality.

She is always joking and talking and having fun and I can"t help but think that she has some kind of interest in me. As the day starts out Stephanie and Carly and her friends are all hanging out around the pool and I took my sweet time sleeping in and getting dressed.

Mom had left a list of a few things that needed to be done before she got home. It included simple things like mowing the yard and cleaning a few windows. So I started on the windows first because I knew I wouldn"t do them if I didn"t do them first. I know I get lazy and so I plan for it. I was halfway done with the windows when it was starting to get hot out so I took off my shirt. Now I don"t want to be vain, but I look good and I have worked hard at the gym to get that way.

As I was reaching down to rewet the rag I noticed Carly and a couple friends looking over. I cracked a little smile as I finished the windows and rinsed them off. As I walked accross the yard to put things away and grab the lawn mower, I couldn"t help but notice Carly, god she is hot.

She caught me looking and smiled as she got up and walked over to the pool. The others followed suit and got in the water with her. Stephanie was the last one and as she walked over she looked at me and stopped. She saw me looking at all of her friends. "You pig!" She said playfully. "Hey.what can I say, I am a guy and I like to obserce poetry in motion" It was hard not to laugh after that bull shit line.

"You are full of shit, get to work!" She said as she jumped in and tried to splash me. I walked over to the shed and grabbed the mower and got to work. It took me a little over a hour to finish the yard, but it seemed like it took an entire year seeing as how I had to watch the girls frolicking in the water. It is amazing how hard my cock can get just watching the girls picking each other up and grabbing each other in a purely non sexual way.

After I finished the yard, I put everything away and I went in the house to get some water.

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As I walk through the door I hear the phone ringing. "Hello?" "Tyler its me, did you get your chores done?" Mom always has to ask the boreing questions first. "Yes mom, I got them all done, I actually just finished. Just came in the house to get some water." "Well I am calling to let you and your sister know that I won"t be coming home till tomorrow. Your aunt Lisa called and invited me over for a girls night.

Do you think you and your sister can leave the house standing after one night alone?" "I think we can do that. Is it okay if we have friends over?" Anytime mom isn"t home is an oppertunity to have a party. "Yes, but only a couple and clean up after yourselves." "Okay we will mom have fun." As I hang up the phone I chug the glass of water I grabbed and head out to the back yard.

"Hey Stephanie, mom"s not gonna be home till tomorrow and we can have some friends over." All the girls started screaming and jumping up and down in the water. It was hotter than hell now that I had been working all afternoon and I decided to jump in. Screw a swim suit, I just took off my shoes and jumped into the water in what I was wearing.

A few of the girls laughed and others screamed playfully and swam away from me. I swam after them and picked them up and threw them or dunked them. As I was swimming after Stephanie, I felt someone on my back I tried to turn and see who it was but next thing I knew, all the girls were jumping on my back and pushing me under the water. After they got off me I came up for air and they were all getting out of the water.

I just stood in the water to hide the erection I got as a result of marta la croft noemilk public asses all those girls tits and bodies on me and as I now watched them get out of the water.

We didn"t have any towels down by the pool so all the girls were climbing out and the water cascaded off their bodies. Even though it was warm outside, all the girls nipples were getting hard. My sister turned back and saw me just standing in the water. "What are you waiting for? All the girls left, I don"t get why you would still be in the water. Unless maybe there is something that you are trying to hide from everyone.?" She let the last part trail off as it grabbed the attention and peaked the interest of her friends.

They all turned to look at me. "Well wouldn"t you like to know sis? Hate to say it but your body just doesn"t do it for me.?" Trying to be a smartass I also realized how it came out.

She looked at me for a second I could tell she is formulating a response. "Well, if that truly is the case, why don"t you step out of the water and prove that my body hasn"t done a thing." As she says it she coyly plays with her suit top rolling her tits around and tweaking a nipple. All of her friends are standing and watching, wondering which on of us will back down first.

I slowly made my way over to the side of the pool as they watched and pulled myself up out of the water. As I stand up I am facing away from them and I can clearly see my cock pressing and straining to get out of the shorts I am wearing. "What are you waiting for.Chicken? Is your cock all shrivled and small?" She is trying to goat me into it, but I just smile and turn around and walk towards her.

I hear one of the girls not quite gasp but close to as I turn and they could see the outline of my cock. It is 8.5" and thick and I have never had any complaints and I can already tell there weren"t going to be any now. Stephanie"s eyes were glued to my cock and her mouth had drooped open. I looked over at her friends and they too had started to stare.

I reached down and adjusted my cock, grabbing it to show how thick it really is. I start to walk past my sister toward the house and stop. "God don"t you feel silly now, trying to embarass me and now your wondering what it would be like ot fuck me and feel my cock in your pussy." I slowly whisper in her ear and smile as I walk into the house. It isn"t untill I am upstairs in the bathroom about to get into the shower when I hear them enter the house.

they are probably cooking something to eat because I hear the pots and pans clanking as I dip my head under the shower.

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My cock is almost painful its so thick and full of blood. God I can"t help but think about all the girls downstairs.

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I don"t normally find them the focus of my masturbatory fantasies but today is different. I can"t not think about Carly and her tits, the way they bounce and god how good they felt on my back.

I assume that she was the one that jumped me. As I think about those tits of hers and how great it would be to slowly peel away her top and suck on her nipples, I start to grab my cock. Nothing fast, but a good speed that maximizes contact and massages the precum that is forming all over for a good amount of lube. I start to really get into it and can almost taste her skin in my mouth when all of a sudden, my sister pops into my head.

The way arab girlfriend blows and rides cock in bedroom was mesmerized by my cock and the way she couldn"t look away, oh how good it would be to feel her body against mine, or holding her ass cheeks in my hands as I slam my cock into her. "Oh Stephanie" I moan, knowing its wrong but wanting it just the same. Just as the words escape my lips i hear a gasp. I open my eyes and kerry louise nasty slut action porn fuck the curtain to the shower and there is Carly.

Fuck, she had to have heard me and she had to have guessed what I was doing. "Carly, I.um.I.I don"t.um." I can"t think of anything to say. My mind is reeling. Why is she in here? How long has she been here? What is going on!!! "Shut up.don"t say another word Tyler." She holds her finger to my lips and pulls back the curtain. She slowly steps into the shower and stands under the water. She looks so sexy as the water flows over her hair and down to her tits.

Her finger traces its way down my neck to my chest where she outlines my nipples and slowly pinches each one. I have always been a fan of a girl playing with my nipples, it feels great.

After she plays with them she slowly traces her way down my abs and hips. I hold my breath in anticipation and she slowly touches my cock and wraps her hand around it. She slowly starts to move her hand back and forth and leans in and kisses my lips. I kiss her back and reach up with one hand and slowly rub her tits.

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They are so big and soft they are amazing. I reach behind her after breaking the kiss and untie her top. As the pieces of cloth fall from her tits and set them free I step back and just take in her beauty. She slowly tosses her top out of the shower and then steps out of the bottoms and they follow suit. She stands under the water and slowly she rubs her pussy with one hand and massages her tit with the other.

"Do you like what you see?" "What do you think, my cock is as hard as a rock." She looks down and sees it sticking straight out and it bounces a little as the blood is pumped through its veins. "Well I think I am liking what I see very much. But I am also surprised by one thing. That moan of your sisters name." I cut her off before she can finish, "It"s not what you think.

I wasn"t thinking of my sister, it was a differen"t girl." Carly stops smiling and has a sad face, "Well that"s a shame because what was surprising wasn"t the fact that you were moaning your sisters name, but the fact that my small breasts gf enjoyed big cock in her tight asshole became ten times wetter after hearing it and thinking about you and your sister getting in on." she just stood there and looked at me.

I couldn"t figure out if she was for real or not, but all I knew is that there was an extremely sexy women standing naked in front of me. I take a step towards her and put a hand behind her head and pull her into me.

Her tits press against my chest and I look into her eyes. "So what if I wanted to fuck my sister?" I look at her and wait for a response. "Well, I would want to hear all about what you wanted to do, and I would want you to use me like you want to use her." She looks at me flatly, no emotion.

So I push her down to her knees. "Well I would start out with her sucking my cock." Carly immediatly opens her mouth and takes my cock into it. Slowly going over the tip and playing with the head.

She then grabs my ass and pulls, taking my cock all the way into her throat. I can feel it slip past her tonsils and into her throat as she starts to swallow and use her throat muscles to milk me. "Oh god Stephanie, take my cock.

Fuck yea, you are such a little slut." Carly looks up at me with a fire in her eyes. As she slowly takes my cock out of her mouth.

"I love how you call my Stephanie." She rolls her tongue around my cock the charm of luscious virgin vagina hardcore and blowjob. "And she is the one that tought me how to do that." I just about lose it when I hear that. I pull her to her feet. And shove my tongue into her mouth. We make out for a few minutes and she moans as I twist and pinch her nipples.

I turn off the water and pick her up and take her to my room. When we get there I throw her on the bed and get between her legs. I kiss my way up to her face and look into her eyes as I line my cock up with her pussy.

She looks me in the eyes and tells orgy gangland beach blonde interracial group sex "Fuck me.fuck your sisters pussy." With that I push in to the hilt and she throws her head back and digs her nails into my back.

I start to slam into her relentlessly and she is clawing my back and sucking on my neck. God she feels great, I prop myself up with my ands and I watch her tits bounce with each thrust. "You like fucking your sister, don"t you!" "God I love it, she is so hot, I want to fuck you any time and any place I want.Fuck yea.!" She pushes me off of her and then rolls me over and gets on top of me.

She lines her pussy up on top of my cock and then drops herself down on it. She claws at my chest as she starts to moan and thrash her head around. I am starting to get close to coming and I don"t know how much longer I can hold back. "I am going to cameron angel has her asshole drilled hard cumshots and blonde She gets off me and gets on her knees on the floor. I stand up and she starts to suck on my cock and lick it, all while playing with her tits.

"I want you to cum all over my face and tits.come all over your sister." She goes back to sucking as hard as she can and takes it into her throat again. She starts swallowing around my cock and I feel it coming. "Here it comes!" She pulls my cock out of her mouth and jacks it off while the cum starts to spit out of it and all over her face.

After it is all out, she slowly uses her finger to take it and feed it into her mouth as I flop onto the bed. After it is all off, she lays down next to me and presses her tits into me. She leans in and kisses me. "That was really hot." I confess "I honestly have been wanting to fuck you for a while now. But I had no idea that it would be that hot and I never expected you would wanna fuck Stephanie" "To be honest, it wasn"t untill today that the idea had crossed my mind.

The way she looked at my cock really got me hot." "Well, after seeing your little performance this afternoon, I knew I was going to fuck you, there was no way I wasn"t going to." She nuzzled into my shoulder and kissed my cheek. "I have one question for you.what did you mean by Stephanie taught you that?" She looked unsure but then said "Well its a secret but I guess I can tell you now." "I am listening." "Well, not too many people know.

Only one or two, but your sister is bisexual." I was floored. I couldn"t believe it. I don"t know why I assumed anything about her, but I guess I just didn"t assume that she was in any way interested in girls.

"Explain." "Well, I don"t know when she started, but I know that she likes girls too and well she taught me all I know about sucking cock and about sex.

It started when we spent the night together about a year ago. She and I were drinking because we had the house to ourselves and she made a move. We started out by kissing and feeling each others bodies and then moved to oral and then she brought out the strap on. And we just experimented and had fun." I was speachless for a while and then finally realized that we were probably being missed downstairs and there would be plently of questions when we came downstairs.

"We should probably get going downstairs and submit ourselves to the abuse, it will get worse the longer we put it off." "Yea I guess we can get going.but I don"t want to.I wanna another taste of this cock of yours." "You can have all of it you want whenever you want." "But what I really want is to have you and your sister at the same time and I think I know how to make it happen." Let me old man pussy liking seen and fuck if you guys want part 2!