Big black cock xxxx full sex stories

Big black cock xxxx full sex stories
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As he walked home he grabbed his shirt and a nice pair of pants. He slipped into his orange polo and tucked his shirt into his pants. Going for his dressed up-style just like she likes.

Put his white Nike hat on and went up stairs. She sat in his sweater and in her tight jeans it was a cool autumn day out but he didn't care. He grabbed her by the arm and took her down to the garage and told her to get into the car. They drove off. She asked…What's the occasion&hellip.He just drove ahead. She looked confused but she didn't need to think about what his hand was doing in her lap as they took the highway. Playing with her inner thigh and messing with her already.

She was hoping to take advantage of him when he got home. She didn't really get that chance. But this feels good she thought. The drive felt like it took forever. Her center wet as ever and just throbbing for him she didn't want dinner. She just wanted him. He leaned over after parking in the lot outside the restaurant and started making out with her.

Softly and gently pressing her lips against his. He pulled back and went around the car and opened her door for her and walked inside her favorite restaurant. He held her hand and they walked inside but he held her close and made her sit with him.

They got their food and she sat right beside him. He put his arm around her petite erika lui and lexington steeles insane pussy fuck kissed her.

As they finished up he drove her to the movie theater. A nice romantic movie was playing there and they took their seats as the opening previews appeared across the screen and they sat there just cuddling the entire time.

Each time the main characters kissed he would lean over and kiss her every time the actors would say, I love you.

he said it to her. Then at the final love scene he leaned over and started kissing her neck. The drive home was short they talked about the movie and she was giggling the entire way. They pulled up to his house and he picked her up and walked her through the door way and down the stairs to the bedroom were he put her down and closed the door behind him. My sweet, sweet Jessica…he said…I cannot look at you and not say I feel something for you, I cannot look at you and say your unattractive your not funny you amazing your sweet kind and all around a fun person to be with.

A perfect date a perfect woman a wonderful woman. I hold you close and I hold you tight jus to make sure you don't leave. I hold tight cause I know that if I ever let you go its done its over.

I close my eyes at times and see only those eyes and your smile. I cant help it I feel the urge its like you're a siren and tonight sweetheart I'm all yours and tonight is all about you…he stared deep into her eyes. In the Darkness of hell her eyes pierced through the night&hellip. They cut like knives and cut through the heart of their victims body to nothing but desire and lust. Scorching the earth with her bodies heat she stands with all her glory in her faded jeans and his sweater.

Her aura surrounds the area. Sending shock waves of lust to her victim. Making him want her. Her voice of a sirens drawing him in. Her looks peer into him and draw him near. He wraps his arms around her body, undoing her pants and sending old woman 65 age ebony women sweater off her.

She stands there in a bra and her undone pants. She leaves not much to imagine with her lingerie bra and her thong is still not visible. He slides his hand down there to feel a silky underwear. With soft skin to match the underwear. Her lips red and soft and light to the touch. She kisses his neck as he pulls her close, she moans out. "Jethro" as he gently grabs her ass and pulls her in to kiss her neck.

He nibbles on the nape of her neck and she leans back and she moans out as his other hand slides her tight jeans down to the ground. He backs her into a corner shoving his hand against her and thrust his palms into her shoulder. Forcing her into submission. His hands expertly guide down one dick can satisfy two hot girls body touching her and sending chills as he slides past her sensitive spots, dropping the rest of her clothing to the ground below.

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His touch sends her body into a passionate frenzy. Sliding up and down her thighs passing her lips and sending out a vibe as his tongue licks her clit and she shudders against her lover, as he does his one job pleasure.

His tongue slides up her body as his hand and tongue reach her breasts grasping them, caressing them both. Her body rages into a sexual frenzy as the hormones with sensations flutter into an adrenaline fused cyclone.

Her body says take him rape him make him want to take you. Her back arches as he nibbles her nipples and caress her breasts. She pulsates into her man, she tries to press against him but her gently pushes her stomach back to the wall. His k-9 teeth dig a soft empty threat of punishment if she doesn't relax. Don't move Jessica he whispers… His mouth nibbles up to her ears. Your mine to night Jessica he whispers. Her animal instincts roar out and her fiery sexual tension surrounds them as she holds back and the room lights a blaze with her eyes as she can't contain her calm.

Her aura erupts into the night. She feels her arm being pulled down hard and fast towards the bed. He stands over her. His arms guide down her silky skin and across her hips and to her thighs and she looks up curious and wanting, Jethro, she begs…please, no more games… she whimpers she cant hold it in much longer. He runs his hands to her inner thigh kissing right behind his hand. He creeps upward right before he reaches her sweet wet center.

He runs along her hips hot spots on her and passes over her lips kissing them ever so lightly. Her animal purrs and rages inside her patiently pacing in her mind. Wanting out wanting to do something other than this teasing. She grabs the sheets as he kisses back. Five kisses towards her lips she wants it, she purrs out moans, just wanting to grab him, four kisses, force him to do it, three kisses, she grips tighter not wanting to let go she's waited for this, one kiss left, she's been teased all day; the rubbing, his touching, his kisses, He is almost there she feels his hot breathe as he reaches down, one last kiss, and he is finally going to eat her out.

She reaches off the sheets he moves against her pushing his woman against the bed and the metal clinking of handcuffs slapped on the steel of the bed frame. She cant move she struggles against the trap. Wriggling to move wanting to be let free she urges and pleads as his lips kiss her wet lips inside her thighs.

She lets out a moan as he finally touches her. The final kiss she couldn't wait for. Her eyes roll back as his tongue glides in deep, tasting her sweet nectar. His tongue horny attractive girlfriend is ready to begin sex around inside her flickering on her lips and tasting everything she has wanted.

Her eyes roll back as moans roll off her tongue and her mans name rolls off her tongue… Jethro oh god you tease…she purrs out… oh my goooooddddd baby…she shifts and jives against his tongue to pulse with the song. He pulls back…don't… she stops and he go's back to work pulsing against her clit with his tongue. The hands search her breast massaging them and caressing them and wanting them and making them want more attention…Jethro baby please baby I want him… she begs and purrs wanting his thickness inside her.

As his tongue handles her clit and pulses with the beat of the music in his head he hears her moans start to increase and pound with each flicker. She begs for sex even though her body rages on and wants the tongue. Her orgasm forming, the moans the back arching her cuffs pulling tight against the bar holding her in place and making her suffer.

He puts a finger deep inside and slowly slides it in and out. The room ignites in a blue flame of fire and heat as her moans reverberate through out the room.

Her moans loud her screams louder. She shudders and trembles as her body raunchy interracial threesome with a slutty blonde shakes as her core tightens against his finger and she purrs as loud as ever as she cums and her juices flow out as he drops to her lips as his finger rubs her clit and his tongue licks up her juices.

She feels a rush of ecstasy and a rush of lust. She pulls one last time and her cuffs cut the pole as she screams out…OH GOD Jethro!!!!!!!! OH FUK!!…&hellip.she shivers as he licks her sensitive clit. She finally comes down as he pulls out and kisses her clit on last time. He grabs the cuffs off her and she attacks. She grabs him and throws the cuff on to his wrists chaining him to the pole. Bending down she begins taking his head and in her mouth twirling around his tip and flickering on the top.

Gently sucking on his thick head and shaft. She kneels and pumps his shaft as she works him head…Oh god Jessica… he moans out. As she continues to suck his hot and hard shaft.

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He lays there in pleasure as the overwhelming sense of it runs through out his body. She knows his spots and exploits them till she feels the want for his juices.

She sucks the tip of his head and starts rubbing his shaft. Playing with the tip and using her tongue to tease him as she begs for his cum… mmm baby… she would start…give me that hot cum&hellip. She begs. His shaft heated up as he whispered out…Jessica, baby here it comes… he said as she licked his tip until she felt it first come out. She pushed her chest into his cock and let all of his load splash all over her beautiful full chest.

She sat up after sucking the rest out and spread her legs over her his cock and settled down on his hard shaft. Grinding against him. Sliding against him as he laid there as she took it how she wanted. She slide against his hard cock against her wet puss teasing him. It was hard enough to un hook himself without slipping into her like she wanted.

He raised his hands out of the loose cuffs. He moved fast laying her on her back and sliding his thick throbbing cock against her sweet pussy lips. Her moans begged and pleaded as she tried grinding into him and taking him deep into her again. He refused, as she begged on…please sexy please shove him in please…she moaned out…mmmm baby please… don't fucking OHHH god yessss… He slipped into her paula masturbate snatch in the bath tube sent his throbbing full thick shaft all into her.

Sending it deep into her pussy. Sending shock waves of pleasure through out her body as he slide deep and hard and slow into her. He held her down forcing lesbo tramp in leather boots gets cunt fisted in bdsm scene cock deep into her. Just like she liked. He kept the deep pulsing rhythm as she arched her back and began to loose control as her animalistic side came out and she pulsed with his body helping thrust deep into her.

She moaned out his name begging for more begging for hard fast and wanting the deep hard thrust. He pulled her back got leverage and started to thrust deep and hard smashing into her pelvic bone and slamming his cock deep into her wanting pussy. She screamed out… oh Jethro OH GOOOODD… she shivered as her pussy tightened around his cock and her orgasm quivered in her core as she began to cum. He slid it deep into as she moaned and continued to orgasm and cum. Her core slowly loosened and slowly he slowed to allow her to relax and to take her nails out of his back, as she had dug them into his back.

He kissed her neck and sucked on her shoulder. She slid out from underneath him and got onto all fours wagging her ass in the air at him. He placed the tip of his cock on her lips and twirled it around on her lips. She just thrust back into his stiff shaft and he forced it deep into her. She moaned out as he rested his hands on her ass her sweet soft perfect ass.

He took her ass and pulled it into him and thrusting deep. Bouncing off her ass and sending a deep thrust to help hit all the right spots. He thrust his pulsing hot cock deeper and deeper into her. Her moans and screams tell him she is begging for something more. She looked back as sexy as ca be and leaned into him as she rolled pulled out and pushed him on to the bed and she sat on top of him.

She started to bounce up and down off of his cock. She slide up and down bouncing off his pelvic bone and she knew how to get him. She began to orgasm with him his body and his rock solid shaft got hotter and got even harder she kept bouncing off of him and he kept moaning as she began to scream out with pleasure and scream out how good it felt she pulsed around him and sat on him as she quivered and she came all over his cock.

She bounced up rubbed her clit as she laid back, her pussy began to let loose juice that flowed onto his cock's tip as she rubbed his steaming hot shaft that sat on top of her lips.

He held back and blew his load all over her pussy lips. She moaned out as he came all over her pussy and she let his cock aim up as he shot the rest of his load all over her body. He looked back down as she kept stroking him. She moaned in pleasure as their eyes connected.

He slid back in side her, and picked her up. He walked to the shower bent down and turned it on. He gently pulled out of her and they stepped into the shower. The warm water cascaded over them as they held onto each.

Him holding her and gently kissing her till the lights faded and the night took over.