Big dick rams pussy doggy style hardcore and russian

Big dick rams pussy doggy style hardcore and russian
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Summer had become fall and we were back at school, my brother, now 15, our next door neighbor Danny, now 15, and me, Eileen, now 9 after having been used by the boys for sex during the boring days of August. It started when I had seen the boys through the garage window with their pants down jerking each other off and I saw them cum on the garage floor and could see it made them happy.

I liked seeing their dicks out cuz it was exciting. I was always being left behind and I didn't want to be left out. I didn't understand anything about sex at that time but I could tell by the way they snuck around into the garage that what they were doing wasn't something they should be which made me want to be in on it too.

So one day I followed them to the garage door and insisted on going in with them and after initial resistance Danny convinced my brother and I was taken in with them and told that this was a secret game that could get us all in big trouble so no telling. White sewy girl fucked by her bf was also made to promise to do whatever they told me to do. They took me to the back corner of the garage and Danny told me to pull down my shorts and my underpants and show myself to them and that began a sequence of events that escalated from taking my clothes off for them and kissing their dicks to sucking them off all the way to them fucking me on my bed while mom was shopping.

My brother kind of lost interest after awhile but Danny kept at me all summer having me do things for him like sucking him or peeing on the garage floor or in the woods by our house. He also had me do #2 in the woods when I could.

Once he wanted me to shit and I couldn't so he made me squat down and try and even though my asshole puckered nothing came out so he came around behind me and bent down and stuck his moist finger up my ass and finger fucked my ass until some shit finally came out. Then he had me suck his finger clean and then his dick and swallow his cum which was kind of salty sweet and I didn't mind any of it because it was the center of attention. I liked getting the cum in my mouth cuz it always made Danny happy and I liked swallowing it.

Danny also taught me to french kiss, We would start out this way and go on to other things and when we were all done I would have to kiss him on his asshole and stick my tongue in it like a french kiss.

I didn't like that much but I did it just the same cuz he really liked it. Sometimes I think he didn't wipe himself good so I would have to taste his shit. My brother would fuck me at night if my parents went out but not much else, but Danny was at me almost every day to do something, either suck him off or get fucked by him if it could be arranged or whatever.

He was kind of perverted and sometimes he scared me. My brother had gotten a video game for his birthday and he didn't pay much attention to me other than to fuck me when he felt japan xnxx storys sex stories story it oldnanny sexy young girl and skinny old mature have sex with toy no one else was home.

He'd do it quick and kiss me on the forehead and go back to his room. School started and Danny went to a different school than us. My brother played football and wasn't home after school but Danny got home early and whenever the coast was clear he would either take me into his house or into the garage and have me do stuff with him. He had a computer and he showed me stuff on the internet and had me do whatever he showed me when we could.

It wasn't every day but when he could get me alone he'd have me pull off my shorts and top and he'd feel my baby fat breasts that hadn't developed much yet and would french me and have me suck him.

Once he fucked me from behind in the garage standing up. It wasn't easy cuz he was bigger than me, though I wasn't small and we only did that once. Some days my mom wasn't watching TV and was around and we couldn't do anything so I played in my sandbox alone. One Saturday afternoon my parents had to go out to a funeral and left me with my brother in charge. As soon as they left I went outside and no sooner got into the yard and Danny was at the fence.

Hey Eileen, can you come over? I kind of didn't want to so I said I'd have to ask my brother and I went in and he was playing his video game and said yeah whatever but stay in his house and don't go down to the woods.

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So I went back out and said ok and went around the fence into Danny's yard. His mother's car was gone so I knew what he wanted. He took my arm right away and led me quickly into the house. His mother was out but another boy was waiting in the kitchen and he said to the other boy here she is and the other boy said she isn't very old is she? Danny said naw but its better cuz she's safe and she can do it all. Danny said this is my friend, Blake, and he's gonna play our secret game with us.

So I kinda kept my head down and Danny took my arm and led me to his room. He told me to take off my clothes except for my socks and sneakers and show myself to Blake so I took down my shorts and panties in one motion and stepped out of them and then took off my tee shirt year old latina teasing ass and pussy webcam and teen stood there.

Blake said, yeah, she's not too bad, kinda juicy and he had me turn around and he felt my ass. So Danny said watch this and he sat on his bed and pulled me to him between his legs and started kissing me and putting his tongue into my mouth while feeling my pudgy little breasts.

He stopped and said to Blake wanna try and Blake came over and took my arm and felt my breast and then he frenched me and I did it back just like Danny taught me and put my arms up around his neck and all and he seemed to like it. He was cute. Then he pulled away and said I dunno she's real young.

Danny turned me around and said screw you to Blake and sat me on his bed and opened his pants and pulled out his dick and said give us a kiss so I kissed his pee hole and then I started to suck him like we always did. I put my hand on his shaft and put the head of his cock in my mouth like he taught me.

He was standing in front of me and I was on my knees and I looked up at him like he told me. I wasn't sure if he wanted to cum in my mouth or if there would be more then he said ok lay down and he took off his pants and straddled my chest and propped my head up with pillows so he could fuck my mouth. I hadn't gotten that down too good yet but he held my head by my hair and thrust his cock in and out of my mouth and I nearly gagged but I didn't.

Then he turned to Blake and said you want to try and Blake said naw not yet so Danny said screw you and Blake said screw her and Danny said ok and he pulled me down his bed and parted my legs and guided his dick into my pussy. He had taught me to get his dick wet with my mouth cuz I wasn't real moist in my pussy and with my spit on it his cockt went right in me.

It was October and I'd been getting fucked since August so it wasn't a problem and Danny pulled my legs up asian school girl gets a taste of the cock he could get it all in me and he fucked me until he shot his load inside my little pussy.

It didn't do much for me but I liked it when he came inside me cuz I could feel his cock throbbing out his cum and my pussy got warm. When he was done he laid on top of me and rolled to one side. Blake said look, Dukie is watching you and Danny's German sheppard was in the doorway wagging his tail. Blake said maybe Dukie wants some and Danny said want some Dukie? and patted his bed for the dog to jump up which he did.

Dukie started smelling my legs and licking the insides of my sweaty thighs but when he licked my pussy I jumped and pulled my legs up together. Aw, come on Eileen, let Dukie lick you and I said no so Danny pinned my arms down and said to Blake hold her legs open so Dukie can get his. I tried to squirm away but Blake had my legs apart and Danny was laying on top of me holding me still and Dukie began licking away at my pussy eating out Danny's cum.

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I was really embarrassed and started to cry and didn't like it but it did feel kinda good in spite of my being embarrassed to have a dog licking my privates. After awhile Dukie was done and Danny sat me up and had Dukie lick my face.

He said french Dukie Eileen and I shook my head so he pinched my arm reall hard as tears rolled down my cheeks and I opened my mouth and the freaking dog started to lick the inside of my mouth. They were really enjoying this and finally the dog got down so Danny said to Blake what do you want and Blake said after that nothing. And Danny said don't you want her to suck you and Blake said, well, ok, but, yeah, ok.

So he opened his pants and took out his cock and I scruntched to the edge of the bed and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him while rubbing his shaft with my hand and in no time at all he shot his load into my mouth. My face was still wet with tears when he came and I was glad to at least get some cum in my mouth like I liked. Blake's dick was long and thin and he shot a big load that I had to gulp a few times to get it all down.

When he was done Danny said maybe Dukie wants teens drill men butthole with enormous belt dicks and splatter jizz monstercock hardcore lick it out of her mouth now and they laughed but I didn't think it was funny and they made fun of me sulking and crying.

Then Danny said ok Eileen lets show Blake our closing number and he turned around and bent over with his hands on his knees so I could french kiss his asshole. I parted his cheeks and licked the rim of his asshole, then licked his asshole directly, then I started to suck on his asshole probing my tongue into it like he taught me. My face was between his cheeks while I probed his asshole with my tongue and I could taste his shit.

Blake murmured holy shit and when I was done to Danny's satisfaction Danny said want her to do it to you and Blake said not this time, I gotta go home.

And Danny said aw, I was gonna make her shit now but if you gotta go, I'll walk you.

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Next time, Blake said. Ok Eileen, you can get dressed and go home now and I did inching past the damn freaking dog who was panting and trying to press his nose into my pussy while I kept pushing his wet nose out of my crotch.

I went home and my brother was still playing his video game. He said how were things at Danny's. And I shrugged and he said go take a bath before mom and dad get home. And I did. I stayed in the tub for awhile until my brother called me.