Extreme female orgasm xxx babysitters enjoy rockhard cock

Extreme female orgasm xxx babysitters enjoy rockhard cock
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Rose woke up first and realized it hadn't been a dream. Here she was in the bed with the 16 year old babysitter Jenny and her husband. She could hardly believe the things she had forced them to do after noticing their attraction towards one another. She had made the young woman undress before him, kneel before him and give him a blow job. She even later forced her husband Ron to take the girls virginity. But what surprised Rose even more were the other things she had done like spanking both their bottoms with a ping pong paddle, hitting Jenny between her legs with a belt and performing oral sex riley winter is a cute teen with a big ass the girl.

Even more surprising to Rose was how she felt doing all this. At first she was acting out of anger, she found herself wanting to hurt them as much as she could. But somewhere along the way she found herself enjoying this. She liked how it felt to make another person do something. She liked how it felt to punish another person and have them just accept their punishment seemingly giving her the permission to be their punisher and what surprised her most of all was how drawn she felt physically to the young woman.

Rose had to ask herself did she ever think she had ever felt drawn to another woman and she could not think of a time when she felt attracted to anyone.

But there was something about this young woman, her frailty, her femininity, her innocence and mostly her obedience. Rose felt the urge to touch her, hug her, kiss her, hear her, smell her and taste her.

What scared her even more is how aroused she felt while punishing her. She could hardly believe she had taken a ping pong paddle and spanked the girls butt several times.

Then she even took one of Ron's belts and struck the girl between her legs directly on her sex and letting the buckle swing through all the way up onto her butt. How could she enjoy this? Wasn't there a term for this? A word that described the liking of this feeling? Yes. . yes there was such a word, it was called sadism or sadistic.

Was she really sadistic? Rose opened her eyes and looked at the petite woman laying pov fuzzy teen analized pornstars and big dick to her, did she really like to hurt this fragile looking creature as much as she liked touching and feeling and kissing her.

She felt herself shiver. And what about her feelings towards her husband, all those years of marriage and she had seemed to have lost her libido yet yesterday she had been more aroused then she had ever been.

Was she. . God forbid. . a lesbian. Rose took a deep breath in and then out. She was thinking too much. She didn't want to do that anymore. She couldn't do that anymore. She needed to kiss the girl lying next to her.

Rose very carefully move closer to Jenny and moved the hair from her face. It glistened with the look of Ron's dried cum. Very gently she lowered her lips to Jenny's and kissed them softly, licking along them until she felt Jenny begin to wake.

Rose felt her aggression come back and firmly pushed her tongue into Jenny's mouth. Jenny woke feeling something touching her lips. She opened her eyes feeling her eyelashes seem to have to peel away from her skin to open.

There was Rose kissing her pushing her tongue into her mouth. She tried to move her arm to push her away but realized they were still tied behind her. What had she done? She had committed so many sin's of the flesh as her mother called them. She even had sex with.

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. . Ron, yes there he was beside her. She heard him snoring. Was she going to go to hell like her mother told her? The same woman kissing her now had also spanked her butt with a ping pong paddle.

She also hit her hard between her legs with a belt. And Jenny felt like she deserved it. She felt Rose stroke her hair with her hands as she kissed her. Then she felt herself stiffen as she felt her hand go to her breast.

Wow how she made her small chest feel last night. Jenny tried to quit thinking and just tried to let herself relax. This was feeling good and she didn't want to think about going to hell. She just wanted to feel this new feeling she had never known or understood before last night. Rose was struggling worried if this girl thought she drilling pussy and round ass with hardcock some kind of freak.

She had woken her up kissing her and the poor girl woke and tensed up so much. She was about to stop the kiss but wait. . she was relaxing, she was kissing back. Rose felt her heart beat faster she didn't stop, she kissed her more passionately and to her delight the young woman didn't resist at all. She felt her husband there just a few inches away, but he was snoring and she hoped he didn't awaken. She continued to rub Jenny's breast as she seemed to like it.

Then she felt an urge, a need to do something she had never done before and she slowly moved her kiss lower. She kissed Jenny's chin and then at the base of her neck and then down onto her chest. She kissed her way down onto Jenny's right breast. The girl could scream or cry out or say stop now if she wanted to but instead she just breathed heavy.

Rose felt herself trembling slightly as she was so nervous at what she was doing but she couldn't stop she kissed lower and lower onto the small firm perky boob until she found the place she secretly wanted to kiss. . Jenny's nipple. Gently Rose pulled it into her lips sucking it softly. As she did she brought her tongue to it and licked it between her lips. She felt Jenny arch her back and heard her moan. Rose was delighted, Jenny liked this.

Then Rose felt a curiosity and she needed to know so as she sucked and licked the nipple she slid a hand softly down Jenny's body, lower and lower onto her stomach then lower ohhhhh yes she felt the smooth pubic bone that she has shaved last night but her fingers worked lower down till she found Jenny's sex and YESSS it was wet.

She rubbed her finger directly over the clit and felt the girl arch her back more and stiffen. Rose couldn't help herself and she felt her own fingers work around Jenny's flesh until she found her clit. Then she was shocked with her desire she wanted to. . to be. . sadistic and she pinched the clit and twisted it as hard and much as she could. All while sucking and licking the nipple.

Jenny let out a groan and tried to pull her hips back and away. She lifted her legs up but couldn't move Roses hand from her clit. God it hurt soooo deep into her body.

Jenny wanted to ask Rose why she was doing this nasty housewife alex chance take cock in pov naughty america pornstar she already knew the answer, because she was a bad girl, a sinful girl.

She groaned as the pain shot through her body yet she didn't protest or beg her to stop she just accepted Rose's punishment knowing she deserved it and more.

Rose felt a rush of adrenalin through her body. She felt Jenny arch more and jerk and try to snap her legs up to protect herself. Yet she didn't tell her to stop or even say no she just accepted what she was doing.

She wanted to make it hurt more and thought of a way slowly working to turn her fingers where her fingernails could find flesh. She was able to turn her index finger and press it against the base of her clit. She heard Jenny wimper and that made her need to dig her nail in more.

Rose heard Jenny let out a sob and she started to cry. Rose pushed her upper body higher and came back up to Jenny's head she kissed her lips lightly and then whispered in her ear, "It's okay sinner open your legs for me and accept the punishment you know you deserve.

Help me hurt you more Jenny." Rose could hardly believe what she was saying. She remembered alexis texas oils up doggystyle fingering lingerie long hours of listening to Jenny's mother ramble on about her extreme religious beliefs and her daughter.

She actually remembered thinking and feeling sorry for the girl she had yet to meet thinking how difficult it must be to have a mother with such extreme beliefs. Now she found herself taking advantage of that knowledge.

Knowing the things Jenny had been told. To her delight Jenny began to do as she was told and worked to open her legs. "Good girl that's it I'm going to try to hurt you more to give you the punishment you deserve." As Jenny opened her legs it made it easier for Rose to access her clit and she was able to shift her fingers again and push her thumb and middle finger nails also at the base of her wench is fully in love with sex games homemade and hardcore. She felt Jenny begin to tremble.

"That's it baby let me hurt you here in your naughty places. You need me to punish you cause you've been such a naughty dirty bad little girl and I'm going to Jenny, I'm going to punish you for your sins," Rose said as she strained her fingers making them sore as she xxx story girl with black guy urdu free vide to keep digging her nails all around Jenny's clit.

Rose pressed and dug and pinched at poor Jenny's clit a few more seconds then she had to rest as it strained her fingers so much.

She let go but put her hand over Jenny's sex firmly squeezing her loins pushing her hand into Jenny's flesh. "That's a girl, good girl you accepted your punishment bravely. But don't worry I'm going to punish you much more for all your sins Jenny.

You did really well and I'm very proud of you. I'm going to help you Jenny. I'm going to punish you much, much more for all of your sins, for the naughty pleasure you feel. And I'm going to have Ron help punish you too. We're both going to hurt you, to punish you, to relieve you of the deep guilt you feel," Rose said to her softly. When Rose looked up she realized Ron was awake looking at her and listening to this. Ron could not believe what he was hearing.

Was his wife serious? Was she out of her mind? He looked at Jenny's face seeing the tear streaming down her cheeks. What he didn't know is what Rose had done to her as the covers were covering her body and he couldn't see anything below her neck.

Rose now had no doubt she was truly sadistic. She then leaned down and kissed Jenny passionately. When she broke the kiss she then looked at Ron and said, "Good morning Ron. We're going to help Jenny here. We're going to help punish her for her sins. We're going to hurt her body as much as we can to relieve her of her guilt.

And before you worry about this Ron, this is what she wants.

. . No this is what she needs from us. So we are going to be good friends to her Ron to help Jenny, to punish her body as much as we can to help her release her guilt. But I want you BOTH to understand this is going to take a lot of work, a great deal of punishment because of all her impure thoughts and all of her sins. But I promise you Jenny, Ron and I will not let you down.

We are going to work with you as long as it takes to hurt and punish your body for all of your sins. And as you continue to be human and continue to sin more we will be here for you to punish you more even if it means punishing you every day." sex sunny leon story com continued, "Are you ready to embark on your road to salvation Jenny?

Do you submit yourself to me for as long as is necessary? Do you accept without question any punishment I deem necessary? Do you want us to help you?" Jenny looked at Rose stunned hearing all this. She had felt so guilty her whole life so bad so much of a sinner and now Rose was offering to help. Jenny just nodded. But Rose didn't accept that and said, "No you have to answer verbally with Yes Ma'am." Jenny looked at Rose and said it softly, "Yes Ma'am." Rose smiled with this and pulled and kicked the covers down.

She then took gentle hold of one of Jenny's knees and turned the leg opening it wide. She then took hold of the other knee and did the same lining the bottom of Jenny's feet together with her knees both turned out wide. She pushed each knee down till they were almost flat on the bed.

"It's time for a spanking Jenny, are you ready to accept your punishment," Rose asked. "Yes Ma'am," Jenny replied.

"That's a girl Jenny this is going to help you Jenny, its going to help you very much release some of that guilt. I want you to accept it bravely to try not to cry, try not to scream try to be as quiet as possible," Rose said looking her directly in her eyes.

Then without further hesitation she lifted her hand and hit Jenny directly between her legs as hard as she could. Jenny let out a loud groan as she felt the pain of the hit on her loins. Instinctively she snapped her knees together. "No no Jenny keep your legs open for me," Rose said and reached and pulled her knees open again.

"Ron help me, hold her knee down with your leg," She said to him. He hesitated for a moment but then moved his leg over her knee. Rose did the same on her side. Then she lifted her hand up high again and brought her hand down hard again hitting directly on Jenny's sex. Jenny again cried out as it hurt and again her reflex made her try to close her legs but her knees were now pinned and she couldn't and again Rose's hand came down hard on her sex.

Jenny tossed her head back God how this hurt. She just wanted to roll on her side and curl up. Two more times Rose hit Jenny between her legs each time hitting right on her pussy.

She felt it throb through her body. "Ron I need you to help Jenny, if you care about her you will spank her naughty dirty sex very hard," Rose commanded.

Ron hesitated a moment he just was unsure but he had just heard what he heard he looked as his wife and then finally gave in and raised his hand and slapped Jenny directly between her legs. Now what neither of them saw or noticed was as Ron was contemplating if he would do it Rose had taken a hold of the ping pong paddle and when Ron hit Jenny's sex Rose brought the paddle down hard flat on one breast.

Jenny cried out in pain shocked to feel the pain both places. It made it hard to focus on the pain in either one. She was horrified when she heard rose say, "Again." As Ron hit Jenny again on her sex Rose hit the opposite breast spanking it with the paddle. "Again harder," Rose commanded and Ron slapped her pussy again as Rose hit her breast so hard with the paddle.

This continued on until each breast had been hit five times and Ron had hit Jenny's pussy ten times. Poor Jenny was now sobbing hard crying. Rose then bent down and hugged her tightly. She spoke softly in her ear, "Its okay Jenny you did so good. Go ahead and cry out those tears. Its okay Ron and I are going to help you.

We love you and are going to help you release all that pent up guilt. Jenny was surprised to feel this woman holding her, comforting her. Did she really care about her? Was she really going to help her? "Its okay baby I'm really proud of you. You did very good accepting your punishment. We're not going blonde cousins introducing the guy they started having sex with let you down," Rose said again softly while still hugging her close.

Finally Rose sat up releasing her hold on Jenny. She then lifted up to Ron and whispered to him something Jenny couldn't hear. She watched him crawl over her and get between her legs and she was surprised when she felt his cock touch against her very sore pussy and then grunted as he pushed in.

Jenny cried out loud as the cock over 13 inches long and over 2 inches wide forced inside her again. Ron was moving fast and aggressive and pushed over and over forcing his cock to push into her tight sex. Rose started chastising Jenny saying, "That's it Jenny accept my husbands cock inside you. He's going to fuck you as hard as he can punishing you inside for lusting after him." And that's exactly what Ron did thrusting his hips hard more out of lust then his wife's words but he needed to do this, yearned to do this and he fucked Jenny as hard as he could muster.

Ron pushed and pushed inside her over and over until his cock was fully inside her. He thrust as hard as he could. He was surprised when he felt his cock seem to hit something inside her but he just kept thrusting inside her again.

She jerked when the head of his cock slammed hard against her cervix. Ron did not understand what this was as he had not had many sexual partners and never one this young. He had no idea how painful it was for Jenny as he thrust the head of his cock into her cervix over and over again.

It felt to Jenny like someone was punching her inside her stomach and she grunted loud on each stroke. "Harder," Rose coaxed Ron on not realizing why Jenny was reacting like she was horny sweetheart organizes a wild fuck hardcore blowjob just wanting her to experience rough sex.

Ron used more of his weight and strength to thrust harder really drawing a deep groan from Jenny. She tried to move around under him to stop the painful feeling inside. Rose not doing anything else, reached down and pulled up one then the other of Jenny's legs this only allowing Ron to push in even a little further. Ron now felt his cockhead push into Jenny's inner wall and it felt oddly good to him so he just tried harder to make all his strokes fully inside and Jenny felt like someone was hitting her between her legs with a baseball bat.

Fortunately for Jenny he only had six more strokes like this before it excited him too much and he began ebony babe sucks and fucks white cock sew his seed inside the young babysitter. Ron could not remember ever enjoying sex this much and while he felt so guilty for what his wife had had him do, he was enjoying the best sex of his life and not wanting that to end.

Six strokes later her tight pussy had milked out all his cum and he finally stopped thrusting as his cock was going limp. He stayed there only a few more moments before he rolled off of Jenny and onto the bed. He then knew he needed to get up and go to the bathroom. Ron walked into the bathroom not bothering to close the door and both Rose and Jenny heard him relieve his bladder.

As he was finishing Jenny said very softly to Rose, "May I go to the bathroom?" Rose heard this and looked down at the young girl. This was the first time in her life another human being had asked her permission for a necessary bodily function. Rose had to contemplate if she could actually find a way to say no. But she also knew what that meant, it meant she would pee in their bed and Rose was not sure she wanted that. She then decided to try to think of another way to take advantage of that need.

Then she slowly smiled and got up out of bed. She then looked at Jenny and said, "Get up out of bed." Jenny rolled to the edge of the bed and then stood up. Rose continued, "Did I tell you to stand up? Well? I don't think so, now kneel!!!!" Jenny looked at her stunned and really needed to pee. But she didn't know what to do so she slowly went down to her knees. Rose then took Ron's belt from last night and pushed one end through the buckle without fastening it. She then looped it over Jenny's head and lowered it to her neck where she let it pull tight.

"Crawl," she commanded Jenny and jerked the belt forward of Jenny tugging her towards the door to the room. Caught completely off guard the tugging pulled Jenny's upper body forward. She lowered her hands to the floor and began to crawl behind Rose. No sooner then she did and Rose picked up the pace forcing her to crawl as fast as she could.

As Rose reached the back door she felt the belt tighten as Jenny seemed to slow. When she opened the back door Jenny came to a complete stop.

Rose looked back and her and quietly walked back to Jenny and stood right beside her before taking the paddle new sunny leone story xxx her hand and with as much force as possible it went, "Whack" right across poor Jenny's bottom.

WOW Did it hurt.

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Then again Rose walked past Jenny and pulled and hesitantly Rose pulled Jenny out the back door crawling. Rose kept up a harsh pace and walked all the way into the backyard.

Poor Jenny had to follow on hands and knees as she crawled behind Rose. Once she was in the middle of the yard Rose finally stopped.

"Pee," she commanded. Jenny looked at Rose stunned. She certainly did not expect her to pee while on her hands and knees in her back yard completely naked. Then she slowly realized more and more where she was and what she was wearing. How could she be out here like this? Held by a man's belt around her neck, completely naked as she crawled on her hands and knees. Jenny felt very ashamed. She felt the bright summer sun shine on her bare skin. Rose continued, "I thought you needed to pee?

Now pee or we'll go back inside and I wont allow you to. If you pee on my floor I'll beat you till you pass out. So do it. . PEE." Poor Jenny listed to Rose's retort. She really did need to go but how could she kneeling here outside in the yard. Jenny knelt there nervous scared and unsure. "You have 60 seconds young lady if you don't start then we're going back inside," Rose threatened. Jenny knelt there struggling ashamed, and embarrassed.

How, oh how could she do this? Rose then growing more impatient set the belt down on the grass and walked on the porch. She picked up and old broom hung on a nail on the house and walked back over to Jenny. "Whack," the broom handle came down across Jenny's bare butt. "Pee!" Rose yelled. "Whack," the broom handle hit again. Jenny shook not sure what to think or do. Then she even tensed more when she felt the top of the handle push down her butt crack until it touched her sex.

Rose then bent down and picked up the belt and pulled it firm. Then she very firmly pushed the broom handle against Jenny's pussy lips. She moved the handle up and down until the lips began to open for the rounded end of the handle.

Then she pushed harder, and harder until the handle began to force inside Jenny. The poor girl let out a howl of pain. As the dry stiff hard broom handle pushed into her sex. God it hurt!

Very sexy blonde on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg pushed more and more slowly forcing the wooden handle to push deeper into Jenny's sex.

She was pretty sure this much hurt pretty bad but she felt herself oozing wetness in her own panties. Rose took her time and moved the other end of the broom up and down trying to help work the handle in more. "Pee," she commanded angrily, "or I'll push this as far inside you as I can. Jenny started to cry and that made Rose feel very guilty but just as she was about to pull out the handle curvy blonde fucks her pussy and ass noticed an odd spray of wetness splatter out from between Jenny's legs.

The young girl had done as she was told and started to pee. "That's it baby, pee down those pretty legs of yours," Rose coaxed. Rose held very still not wanting Jenny to stop peeing. "That's a good girl, pee in my yard my little pet," Rose said struggling not to giggle at herself for saying that.

Finally Jenny's stream stopped and Rose just watched her for a few more minutes. Then again Rose set the belt down on the grass and walked towards the house leaving Jenny there in the yard on her hands and knees. Rose took hold of the garden hose and pinched off the end and then turned the spicket on and listened to the sound of the water. She slowly let the hose she doesnt miss a drop in her mouth and kept the crimp in it till she got close to Mofos kiera looks so hot from behind again.

Then only a few feet away Rose aimed the hose at Jenny and let the crimp out and whoosh a hard spray of cold water hit Jenny's body. The broom handle still sticking into her sex. Rose was soaking her as she screamed from the cold water and then Rose pulled the broom away. She aimed the water directly as her sex taking advantage to it staying open for just a few moments. And poor Jenny felt the rush of water into and over her sex.

She was shivering and upset as she was hosed off. Rose was laughing having fun. Finally when she felt she had her thoroughly washed off rose tossed the hose to the side and turned the water off. She then walked back over september carrinand her mouthwatering tits Jenny and picked up the belt.

"Good girl," she praised her, "good girl." Then she tugged and Jenny turned around towards Rose and they started back to the house. Jenny felt so relieved as they made it inside. She was so embarrassed and ashamed to have crawled outside naked, to have peed in the back yard and to have had a broom handle shoved up her sex.

With the air conditioning running in the house Jenny shivered as she was still quite wet. She watched Rose sit down on the sofa and she pushed her butt down still on her hands and knees on the floor.

Rose stared at her amazed. She couldn't believe this young girl was doing what she asked. It felt incredibly powerful to have someone do what their told for you. Rose then had to work up her nerves a bit more then she already had.

Was she ready for this? Was this really what she wanted? She tried to hide the fact that her hands were shaking but slowly she pulled Jenny directly in front of her and put one foot on each side of Jenny resting her feet on the edge of the coffee table on either side of Jenny. Then firmly Rose slowly pulled the belt forcing Jenny closer and closer to her own sex. She lifted the hem of her robe up and open exposing her sex to Jenny.

With the young babysitter close enough she was able to put her hands on her head. She then pressed her into her sex. Jenny was so nervous. She had never seen that part of another girl that closeup. She smelled Roses scent and saw that she was very wet. She then felt her own head pulled hard until her mouth was on Roses pussy lips. She knew she'd better do something so she slowly pushed her tongue out.

She tasted a woman for the first time and she tasted very different then Ron. Brazzerspanese mom sons hardcore fucking porn story taste was not as salty and just seemed to have a better taste. But she still could hardly believe what she was doing. "Lick my pussy whore," Rose scolded her, "eat me good." Rose then felt Jenny do as she was told and she licked more and her tongue explored around Rose's sex.

Timidly she continued to work Roses body and slowly she was able to try to not think too much about it. Over and over she licked. Jenny was not very skilled at this since it was her first time but since it was so hot and arousing to Rose it wasn't very long before she reached orgasm. The first orgasm she had had in many years. "That's it baby drink my cum down," Rose coached as Jenny licked and tasted so much of her orgasm.

"That's a good girl," she said again, "good girl." Then Rose finally let go of Jenny's head and even the belt. She lifted one of her legs back with the other taking them out from around Jenny. "Lay down," she commanded and Jenny slowly laid down on the carpet.

"Good girl. . stay," Rose ordered. Soon she was drifting off to sleep. To be continued. .