Busty milf doggystyled and jizzed on tits tittyfucking and facefucking

Busty milf doggystyled and jizzed on tits tittyfucking and facefucking
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Alexis is a gorgeous beauty, that any guy would love to have. Her hair was a sexy shoulder length dirty blonde and had brown eyes, was about 5'7 and weighed 105lbs.

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She was 18 years old and for her birthday present, she received a trip to Mexico from her parents. She flew into Cancun International airport that afternoon and was so excited to finally be in Mexico all by herself.

She took a taxi to the hotel, and checked in immediately. She changed into her bikini and quickly went down to the beach where she was watched by many men. Her bikini barely covered her nice sized tits and even skimpier covered ass. The wind was blowing slightly, when she felt a shadow over her and she opened her eyes to see who was there. The man introduced himself as Robert and that he was from New York City.

She said "Hi Robert my names Alexis" and he relpied, "woud you like to go out with me tonight?" he asked very nervously. She turned her head to the side and said "sorry i already have plans, but maybe some other time ok." he immediately screamed back at her "am I not good enough for you cause I know you've got no plans going on tonight you're just an bitch.

I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget and then you'll know where your place on this planet is." She was very frightened by him know and after he left she thought nothing about it and just caught 30 more minutes of sun, before going up to her room. She got to her room and showered for a good 30 minutes shaving her legs and her pussy. She then dried herself off and got out of the shower. She put on a sexy mini skirt she just bought in the states, and a gorgeous very revealing top she had bought in the hotel when she was going up to her room.

Her top was low cut and barely covered her erect nipples. She loved the way she looked then did her makeup and put some lipstick on her and she was off to the night clubs. She took a txi to a very nice club that was called Senor Pajaro's and she went to the bar and ordered a drink, then went onto the dance floor, where a couple of men eagerly shoved there way towards Alexis to try and dance with her. She was having a blast teasing all of the men and at around 5:27 A.M.

in the morning she left the club and was walking back to the hotel, when a van zoomed fucking next to sleeping boss cronys daughter getting naughty on grandpas her and stopped rght in front of her.

She was pulled into the truck and it immediately sped off with her in it. Once the truck was moving she couldn't see anything because they had placed a black hood over her head and then they gave her a shot to make her go to sleep. She fell asleep and the van continued onward into the Mexican night in the countryide far away from civilization and the police.

Finally the van stopped adn the door opened and the men carried Alexis out and into a shack that did not look very big on the outside, but on the inside it was huge.

This place had a huge hidden floor below ground. They brought her into their house and carried her underground. Alexis finally awoke to find herself inwhat appeared to her to look like a jail cell and she got up slowly to walk to te door, but was stopped by a chain that was connected to her collar around milf eva notty fucking with teen couple neck.

There was nothing in her cell not even a bed. There was just 1 buckets one with water. Immediately one of the kidnappers walked in and said to her "you can drink from that bucket and piss and shit on the floor".

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She immediately shot back "wait i'm not going to piss and shit on the floor are you crazy and i'm hungry I want food." The kidnapper walked back in piss soaked slut rides group sex and hardcore cell and came infront of her and slapped her face then said "never talk talk back to me or any other man slave you do as you are told forever slave!" She started crying and was in shock. She wanted to go home, but now she was trpped forever it seemed.

She cried herself to sleep and when she woke up she wento over to the bucket and drank some water. She then had to take a piss really bad and shit. She couldn't hold it back anymore so she hiked up her skirt and shitted then she pissed on the floor where she had just slept. All of a sudden a tray was slid under her door that had some remains of meatloaf and vegetables along with some water. She immediately ate it all even though it tasted like crap, she was starving.

After she was done eating she lay in her excrement on the floor and finally the door opened and one of her kidnappers walked in. She asked "where am I? and what are you going to do to me?" The kidnapper did not say anything he just went to unhook her chain and then pull her out of her cell and into the dungeon.

She was shocked at what she saw. There were girls here just like here all over the room