Busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave

Busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave
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This story might be a little more confusing it contains two different POV's the female character (written by me) and the male (written by Adam, Edited by me) it's written how he would like it to happen the darker parts are his POV the rest is mine.

This is the second part if you haventaready pleae read the first part before reading this. The cold winds loudly rattle against the windows as the branches from a nearby tree scratch aggressively against it, consistently banging as if to wake me brother and sister xxxcy story my sleep. Slowly I open my eyes and look toward the south facing windowI scowl at the branches that silhouette against my curtains as they seem to decide that now I'm awake they can be quiet and my room fills with beautiful silence.

Stretching I look at the red flashing alarm clock noting the time is only 9:05am. "Ah sod off!" I mumble to myself as I roll over and stuff my head under the cold unused pillow beside me. It only takes seconds before the banging starts up again which causes me to curse loudly and throw my covers off my legs "fine I'm up.

Look are you happy now?" I moan to the window which conveniently as gone quiet again. Stomping to the bathroom I turn the shower on and leave it to run a while as I pop down to the kitchen and put two slices of bread into the toaster.

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The room fills with the sound of Shontelle's voice as I turn on the radio and dance around to her song 'impossible'. As the toaster pops up I sway and slide my feet over to the cupboard to pull down a plate and out it next to the butter and apricot jam, quickly covering both slices I take a bite and head back up to my room. I put the plate on the end of my bed and move to jump in the shower, cleaning myself off quick as my stomach rumbles a warning to feed it. Sitting on the end of the bed my hair wet and dripping down my back, my pornstar emma strips and plays with her hotgvibe curled beneath me I devour the rest of my toast before moving to the vanity mirror to dry my hair.

I lay there as fear grips me for the hundredth time since the first time I woke up in this bed. I need to think of a way to get out of here but my mind just keeps wandering, I can't seem to concentrate on anything for long.

My body aches all over, I think the tablets Debbie gave me last night must be wearing off because I'm starting to feel really tired and my eyes are starting to droop. It's cold and lonely down here and without the chance to sleep all I have done is try to hear anything I can to figure out where I am but I haven't had any luck with not being able to concentrate, now hopefully I will be able to close my eyes and get some much needed rest.

It's clear that I won't be that lucky when I hear the soft padding of footsteps coming down the stairs. I try to look at her but my neck is stiff and it's easier to just look up at the ceiling and count the strange red dots spread over it. Its 10:15 by the time I make my way down to the basement to see three. I find him laying on the bed where I left him last night, his eyes looking up to the ceiling and soft mumbling coming from his mouth; it's not loud enough to hear so intrigued I take a few steps towards him.

Seeing the movement from the corner of his eye he looks towards me; I smile as he looks down at my body slowly taking in my curves which is barely covered with a short white lace dress. The strange thing is although the mumbling has stopped his mouth still moves silently.

He moves his puffy eyes back to the ceiling and the mumbling starts up again. She walks into the room and round to the side of the bed so I can see her, I feel my body start to relax like it's been waiting all night to see her again, my eyes travel slowly down her body noticing the bright white see through lace dress that's clinging to her body like a lover snuggled close to every perfect curve.

I feel my cock twitch at the sight. I need to fight this it's the only thing I can do. So I move my eyes back to the ceiling and start counting the strange marks all over again. "How are you feeling today?" I ask and smile but there is no reply, just more mumbling. "I guess that brings us to rule number three." I continue "When I call or ask you something you answer straight away".

His eyes move to mine, his anger clouding his pale features. "Fuck you" he growls looking away. "Now, now three that is no way to talk to your mistress is it?" I ask climbing amateur lesbian chicks get their pink holes licked and banged the bed and up over his legs, my hands rest just under his armpits knowing this will give him a full view of my boobs.

For a second His eyes reach down to my breasts as he licks his lips and his cock twitching before determination sets in and his eyes move up to mine. Looking me right in the eyes he sneers "You.

Are. Not. My. Mistress." He leans his head up inches from mine, our lips a breath apart. Anyone else and any other situation I would think he was about to kiss me but the anger covering his face makes it clear this his way of daring me to do something. "My name is ADAM not three. And I will talk to you how I damn well please" he growls never taking his eyes from mine I know he means to piss me off and make me give up but he doesn't realise this is the exact reason I love doing this.

This is why I chose him.

If they gave up so easy it wouldn't be fun. He will give in they all do but his determination is what I like most, breaking an Alpha male that is strong emotionally, physically and mentally is what it is really about, what really turns me on. "Are you sure about that?" I say moving down the bed, bending down and taking his semi hard cock in my hand. His eyes keep contact with mine and I see he is bracing himself for pain.

I stroke my hand over his balls as I watch his defences lower and pleasure take over, lowering xxx pron punjabi in hidi head I flick my tongue out and lick my way up his cock, leaving little kisses all over it.

Still looking him in the eyes I ask "Wouldn't it be better to admit the truth?" I take him in my mouth sucking him until he's as hard as he was last night. "Think about it. If you're good to me I will be good to you." Climbing back up his body I sit on his chest, bending over just enough that my lace covered boobs are inches from his mouth which he opens automatically.

His tongue reaching for my nipple which is just out of reach.

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I start rubbing my pussy over his chest and moaning "Don't you think?" I ask again taking my boobs from their confinement and letting them hang, seemingly reaching for his mouth "do you agree" I whisper "Yes" he moans back as I lower myself into his mouth, the heat from his tongue scorches my nipple in the most delightful way, I arch my back as he hungrily tries to suck more into his mouth.

OH god she's so hot, her breasts are perfect. She leans in and I begin to suck, swirling my tongue around her erect nipple. I want her so much. I want to fight but my body wants to give in. If she is the prize it can't be that bad. For a second I consider giving in, just a second after all to have her like this without being restrained would be worth it "See" I whisper "that feels so good doesn't it?" I lower myself so I'm straddling sunny leone and urvosi xnx full sex stories storys waist; my hot now damp pussy rubs against his long, hard cock "admit your mine!" I take my boobs away from his mouth and press them against his cool chest "tell me your name and you can sink this hard cock into me" I kiss him softly on his lips feeling him open them for me as I slip my tongue in and caress his.

Moving myself over his cock I reach back with my hand and pull my lace thong to one side, he gasps as the heat from my uncovered pussy touches him, pushing against my mouth to deepen the kiss he makes a slight growling noise. "Tell me your name" I whisper again as I lift his cock to the opening of my pussy and rub it against the wetness. A sudden change comes over him and he turns his head away from mine NO.

I won't be a number no matter how much I want her. I can't believe I nearly gave in, she isn't just talking about being with her, and she is talking about me giving up my life to belong to her, my wife, my job, family. NO FUCKING WAY "My name is ADAM" he growls the anger coming back in full force Disappointment runs through me, it's not that he's holding out but I have turned myself on and now I'm horny and need to cum. I can't fuck him if he doesn't at least break on one rule "Fine you still won't admit it you won't get off" I growl back thrusting my face into his before sitting up and thrusting his cock deep into my pussy, he throws his head back as he fills me tightly going ball deep inside me, pleasure washes over him, removing all traces of his anger and hatred.

He tries to pull out to thrust back inside me but I don't move, finally he looks at me again. With an evil grin I laugh. "This is for me not you, you won't admit your fate then you don't get pleasure." I laugh again as I bring my knees up in front of me and place my feet under his arms "You will stay buried deep inside me as I make myself cum but there will not be enough movement to bring yourself off." He watches as my hand moves over my stomach and down between my thighs, I pull my thong right over as I spread my lips wide open for him, with his eyes clued to my hand and its movement I throw my head back as my right hand moves in slow circular motions over my clit.

His breathing gets faster and shorter as he tries his hardest to push further into me. "Oh god three," I moan "Oh fuck yes, it feels so good" moving my fingers faster I feel my body start to heat up and my stomach begin to tingle, I move my hand down looking at three as I stroke his cock where he fills my pussy extracting a moan from him.

As I move my hands back to my clit I give it a slight pinch which nearly pushes me over the edge, "Oh three… you fill me perfectly, like god made you just for my pleasure" I moan as I stroke my clit, his eyes following my every stroke lust and hunger covering his beautiful face. I pinch my clit again to bring me over and watch his face as my internal muscles clench him hard as my juices cover his cock.

It's starting to get so painful, my cock is so hard and I need to cum so badly, but she doesn't move her hips and there is no friction. Watching her play and her pussy naughty chick vicky love likes quickie sex inside the vehicle wetter and wetter as she gets closer makes my need to release that much harder perky tits girl anita picked up in the streets and3 Won't succumb I don't belong to her' I think to myself as I hear her breath catch, listen to her say how good it feels and how I fill her perfectly, then I feel her inner muscles clenching my cock hard.

I throw my head back, fuck I want to cum. the feeling of her juices running over me, the warm liquid feels amazing as it runs down my shaft and over my balls. No!! I can't think like that . That's what she wants! Pulling my knees towards his waist I lean forward so I'm on my hands and knees teen festival blowjob and street meat hardcore krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother his stomach and chest with him pinned beneath me and his cock still filling my pussy.

"That was amazing three. Imagine how great it would of been if you had participated, if you gave in, admitted your mine to do as I please" Kissing him softly on the lips I lift my hips and hear his still hard cock slap against his stomach. Lifting to my knees I slide two of my fingers through my pussy before smearing my juices over his lips and pushing them into his mouth. "Well I will be back later" I say not giving him a chance to talk before I leave the room using a little door behind the bed.

As I close the door I hear him shouting but the sound proof door soon cuts him off. Turning around I am confronted with the most amazing view of one hanging from a large wooden X, her hands and feet tightly secured with rope, her mouth is stuffed full with a ball gag too wide for her mouth and a vibrator positioned so it continuously vibrates against her clit.

I'm interrupted by a tall figure standing in the corner. I knew he would be here after all I asked him to be, Ignoring him I walk over to one and lift her head to look into her glazed over vacant eyes, smiling to myself I walk around her examining the ropes that have bound her for the last seven hours. Angry red marks cover her wrists and ankles and I can see her wrists especially have rubbed so much it has caused the skin to break. Reaching up I take her hands and pull them down towards me forcing a scream from her pretty pale mouth "Naughty girls deserve to punished" I say as I pull harder.

The Wet track marks that run down her face towards her chin are smeared with dirt and her body is still tense and convulsing with pleasure from the pink rampant rabbit stuck between her thighs. Moving in front of her I lean forward until our noses tight teen threesome hd dirty deeds with uncle rich you weren't such a useless bitch I wouldn't need to do this!" I hiss my face contorting with anger and my voice becoming darker and menacing "Sor…sorry miss, I'm so sorry.

Please" she mumbles over and over as she tries to move away from me, fear emitting from her skin "Maybe I should tell Matthew and let him come punish you" I threaten; although it might be nice to have him here he always was crazy and bubble butt alaina dawson gets hammered by bestfriend pornstar cumshot good fuck.

Her eyes fill with tears again "please no I'm so sorry I deserve to be punished please punish me." She begs. I walk towards two who stands and bows as I look at him; I put my hand on his chest and kiss him softly on the lips, my right hand moving past him to the little shelf behind him.

Picking up a black handle dagger I pull away from him and smile as I turn back to one. I cut the rope from her wrists and watch her fall hard to the floor; her face smacks off the concrete girls lesbian porn squirting 2019 I bend down to cut the ropes from her feet.

Taking her by the upper arm I drag her up, I notice the blood on her face caused by the fall and stop to look closely, running my finger through the blood and pushing against the broken skin pulling a whimper from her before pulling her out the back door. The ice cold winds wrap around delicious asian wench rides a stiff dong body making me shudder, I look at her naked body glad I'm at least clothed.

We walk over to the middle of the garden and I stand her in front of me, and tell her to stand with her arms out wide and feet spread "You will stay like this until me or two calls you in." I say leaving her and walking to the house. I turn and stand in the door way for a few minutes to watch as she stands there, her eyes lowered to the floor and her body shaking Soon I get bored though and decide to go into the kitchen and make myself a hot chocolate and a sandwich to eat while I sit watching the Jeremy Kyle show and think about three alone in the dark basement and one out in the freezing cold.

After about an hour all of which two has sat by the back door watching one to make sure she doesn't drop her arms I let him call her in and to tell her to go have a hot bath. He helps her inside and guides her to the bathroom they share so he can fill the tub with hot water. I'm bored now so I Decide that three has gone without food or water for long enough, I take a big glass of water with a long pink straw back to the basement with me. Maybe he can entertain me for a bit.

I don't like being bored. "Watch her in the bath; I don't want her touching herself. Once she's done she can have a slice of dry bread then cuff her to her bed comfortably, she can sleep the rest of the day" I say as I pass two on my way down to the basement. The room is cold with the window still open, I find three with his eyes closed but he is still mumbling so I'm sure he hasn't has a chance to sleep.

His eyes look blood shot when he looks towards me and the puffiness around them seems to have got worse though it does nothing to dim his good looks. "I have something you might like" I say holding the glass out towards him. His eyes automatically light up and his dry lips part Careful to keep his eyes diverted he leans his head up and opens his mouth.

Clearly the idea of water is enough to drive rule number one into him at least. As I press the straw to his tongue I hear gulping noises and see the glass empty quickly, its only seconds before he slurps the last bit and leans his head back with a sigh, his eyes closing.

All day I lie awake unable to get that vision out of my head, her fingers caressing her wet pussy and the smell coming from her arousal. It has tormented me the whole time, but now another need has taken over.

My mouth is desperately dry. Luckily I hear her footsteps againI don't understand why but every minute I long for her return, I hate that my body is betraying me but now she brings a drink.

I look at the glass careful not to look at her, I don't care about trying to get free or defying her rules at the moment, I need the drink more. As the straw reaches my mouth I gulp it quick worried she might decide to take it away again to punish me.

As I finish the last bit, my body already starting to feel better I close my eyes and lean my head back. "Now that you have hydrated yourself I need to cum again, and this time you will use your tongue" I hear her say, as she pulls her thongs down over her hips and climbs onto the bed beside me before straddling my face.

I realise I have been waiting for this since this morning, the vision that has haunted me all day is now real and right above my mouth, I run my tongue up her inner thigh catching the droplets of juice running down her spread legs, her hands reach for the bed posts as she bends down and her pussy lips reach my mouth.

I reach up and slide my tongue inside her. She arches her back with pleasure gyrating to guide my tongue to her swollen clit. It smells divine and tastes so good satisfying my craving. My tongue slides around her clit. 'Oh fuck she tastes so good.' I feel her bounce on my face, covering it with her juices. she's close I know it the sound of her breathing coming so quick; I suck her clit into my mouth and tug gently with my teeth as she explodes all over my face.

I gag with the amount of cum she drops down my throat, she cums hard but I keep going I'm desperate for more of her moans as my tongue goes deeper and harder. She begins to moan loud and hard encouraging me to move faster. The taste is so good, sweet and tangy at the same time like strawberries.

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I want it all over me. And the moment arrives, "OH FUCK" she screams loudly as I'm drowned in more of her delicious cum. I slow my licking but lap every bit I can reach trying to get my breathing under control I push my legs down his waist and drop on top of him, I notice his breathing is as quick and short as mine, resting my face in the crease of his neck I caress my hands over his chest and up his neck.

I lift my head and look him in the eyes as I descend my lips on his, licking my tongue over his lips and tasting my juices I suck his bottom lip into my mouth and gently graze it with my teeth.

"Jesus three, that was so good.

Even better than Tw…" I stop realizing I was about to mention another slave when three doesn't even know about them, his closed eyes open slightly as they fill with confusion. I lean back down and press my lips to his before climbing off him "you know three, you clearly love eating my pussy, you love me sucking your cock and we both know you want to fuck me so what do you have to gain from fighting this?

You could have all that whenever I want and you would love every second of it believe me" I say to take his mind from my almost slip up "well anyway that was fun" I say with a wink "I might pop in later with another drink for you before bed" I finish off as I walk away back up the stairs. It's only 5:46pm and I'm still bored, I can't think of what to do.

'God I hate Saturday afternoon' I think to myself as I walk to my room and I start to remove the white lace dress before climbing into the shower.

As the hot water pelts against my skin rinsing away all traces of the sweet smelling bubbles that were covering my smooth naked body just seconds before I lean my hands on the back wall of the shower facing the spraying water and bow my head letting it spray hard against my aching shoulders. Shocked I hear a small cough behind me, I turn to find two young school girl and boy sexy story with his head bowed and a phone in his hand.

Confused I move away from the spraying water and reach for the phone, two would never interrupt me in the shower without a good reason he knows all too well what I would do at such an interruption "Hello?" I say cautiously into the phone "Hey baby, how are you?" I instantly relax and lean my back against the cool shower wall as the comforting voice of Matthew fills my head "Oh Matty, it's so good to hear from you, I was just threatening one with calling you, how have you been?" I laugh "I'm good baby girl, what's she done now?" his voice darkens slightly as I bring up his ex and the fact that she may have done something to piss me off "Oh she tripped and let on to my new slave that we weren't alone.

She has been tied all night and left in the freezing wind and rain for an hour." "A new slave huh? What's this one?" he laughs, he often says that I seem to be getting too into the idea of owning people, that one day I will have my own sex army we both laugh about it but I have to admit the idea does intrigues me.

An army of men and women whose sole purpose and pleasure is to please my every slaying my neighbors slutty milf pussy at home stocking and hardcore need and want without a second thought is a pleasant thought. "A man I found on the roadside, he's very strong minded. So anyway how about you?

What have you been up to?" I ask as I climb out the shower and wrap a large, soft black towel around my body, holding the phone between my shoulder and my ear before making my way to my bed and throwing myself onto it "Well actually… I have a few days leave from work and Rose is taking the kids to Manchester to visit her mum so I was thinking about coming down to see you, if that's ok!" I can hear the smile in his voice, he knows full well that I won't mind and even if I did it wouldn't stop him.

Matthew is the only man I have and will ever let dominate me, I might like hurting people, having slaves and dominating others especially those that are older and stronger than me physically but Matthew is in a league all of his own I'm actually surprised his wife has no idea of his sexual preferences.

"Okay? Are you crazy of course it's ok" I'm now grinning like Wallace from the show Wallace and grommet. Thoughts already are popping into my head of what he will do to me and to one. Though I know I will enjoy both and she won't enjoy either which makes it all the more fun. The last time he came to see me one was covered in bruises and blood, I had a lot of bruises myself and two had a black eye but that was it.

I think I will have to put my foot down this time I don't want him breaking one completely and I want three to just be mine to dominate. "great well I'm just leaving work now so I'm going to pop home and shower and change then I will drive down, I should be there tomorrow morning" he laughs as I hear banging I the background indicating that he has just reached his car I hang the phone up with a silly grin on my face "This should be fun" I think to myself Let me know what you think, should I continue with part 3?