Young sporty russian teen seduced tight pussy by trainer

Young sporty russian teen seduced tight pussy by trainer
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They're in the bottom of a parking garage and she's walking to her piece of shit Benz jet black in color four door with all the accessories added from the $60,000 deal that she paid for.

He licks his lips yearning for her blood and that sweet pussy and keg tapping ass of her's so he unzips his fly letting his dick hang out behind his black leather trenchcoat already rock hard for her he moves in closer licking his lips letting his fangs come out for play to feed as he rapes her senseless. Quicker now he is behind her invisible to her eyesight and as she unlocks the passenger side door Thaxter presses his bod against her's lifting her coat up he whispers in her ear "You scream bitch and I'll kill you" she nods and says nothing as he tears her panties free, yanks her coat off, lifts her skirt up and sees thigh highs and kisses the right side of her neck and she lets out a whimpering moan as he says "God I love Thigh Highs baby" as he rams his cock into her o-ring over and over again spanking her while she cries for him to stop in her mind but dares not to scream for help knowing the consequence of that action.

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He cums thick in her ass and moans saying "Wow! now turn around I wanna pop that cherry good and hard" and she does looking him in the eye with a look of fear and stimulation she leans against the car and says "I kinda like this" touching his dick briefly only to have his cold left hand hold it in place and she is forced to jerk him off but she pulls her hand back and replies "No finish it dumb ass" Thaxter growls and raises a hand but doesn't hit johnny sin cythereas full movies instead he grabs her top with the other and rips it open and moans burying his face in double d tits and rock hard ribbed nipples biting and tugging on them then he sticks his pecker into her virgin pussy hard listening to her cry out he laughs like Joker massaging her breasts and pulls her nipples and he penetrates with no shame over and over again as she wraps her right leg around his left holding him to her he smiles and nibbles on her neck on the left side as she cries out "Fuck me Thaxter Rape me Thaxter" And he does for a good 30 minutes.

After he finishes with her dripping wet pussy he says "Now that my pole's greased you wanna clean it off?" and she replies "Your not gonna kill me?" "No not yet anyway I'll make you into something better" he replies rubbing his saturated cock for her and she watches and licks her lips and says "Cum a little for me big boy and I'll clean your pole" she answers tearing off her top and kuty urat ki saxi mobi before his giant cock at which point he is jerking off and in fact does cum a little and she moans and takes it into her mouth bobbing her head and pumping him up to explode in her mouth.

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Thaxter is watching her and pulls her hair hard and she yelps and slides his cock out of her mouth "Relax babe it makes me hornier for you" he says ramming his cock back down her throat causing her to cough a little and groan and once again she pulls his cock out of his mouth and pumps it between her giant tits moaning "OOoooo Thaxter Jones I want you to fuck me again baby" he moans and responds "I'm gonna jizz on your tits then I wanna jizz in that pretty mouth of yours bitch" so she pumps him and bobs her head over and over until he jizzes on her tits and in her pretty little mouth.

Thaxter holds her head in place tightly as his dick is halfway in her mouth and his right hand is pumping into her mouth until it hurts his cock next he pulls her up and just as he goes to bend her over she stops him "I wanna lick your cum off my tits Thaxter dear" and he watches as she pushes her tits together and licks her sweater puppets moaning and he replies rubbing her twat "You dirty little cunt god you make me so fucking hard!" After jelena jensen eats veronica rodriguez wet pussy he rapes her sweet round ass again pulling her hair tight as he penetrates over and over making her orgasm nonstop and him cum just the same.

Then she pulls him into the car, puts both the seats down, puts the parking brake up and mounts it while Thaxter sits in the backseat stark naked watching her ride the parking brake masturbating for him in the parking garage inside her car he pulls and twists her nipples making her cry out louder and louder begging for more after that was over they went back to his apartment in Hell's Kitchen where he was born and raised.

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As soon as they got to his place they got out and he lead her into the intersection and said "Let's fuck in the street cum burper" and she said "Call me your little cum burpring slut" Thaxter pushed her down onto the wet dirty street and rammed his cock into her pussy and smiled "My little cum burping slut" and she moaned gyrating her hips against his legs wrapped around his waist he raped and fucked her senseless then carried her up to his apartment where they had more sex that included bondage, cutting, and turning the sexy redhead into his vampire bitch.

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