Small girl xx first time

Small girl xx first time
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all the family went to sleep over on night my uncles house for thanks giving(he has a huge house hes a cop) and all the girls slept in one room and all the guys on another.

my uncle is he kind of guy that dosnt like brunette deepthroating and dped in fishnet stockings and gloves sleeping with other ppl other than his wife so he slep in a separet room then it was late at night and i was soo horny at th time but couldnt masture bate cuz lots of pplm were around so i went to the room where my uncle was sleeping and lied next to him giving him my back the he huggd me and got closer (he was still extreme pussy fed up with waiting for a taxi naive youthful tourista liza rowe thinks then i felt his dick rubbing against my hole nd damm that got me even hornier then i felt it gt bigger and bigger and i couldnt resist it any more so i went down the sheets pulled down his boxers and started sucking him he was so huge then after like 10 min.

he woke up cusing the he got my head and made me deep thro him then he puuled me up by the shoulders and and we started kissing then he took of my cloths and he started rubbing his dick close to my hole we were still kissing then he spit on his fingers and slowly fingered my ass the he said r u ready and i stayed quiet still feeling odd then he pushed it in little by little it hburt like a bitch then super good after word it was so huge i felt it hit my belly button he also had a hairy chst so i rubbd my chest to his while he fucked me then he turnd me around ad he rimmd my hole it was the best feeling ever then he started fucking me doggy style then my cuzin walked in i was so scard he was a little older but yeah (16) then he cam in and he joind us and i started sucking his dick it was almost as big as his dads i felt so lucky to have to guys in my first time then his dad fucked him and i watchd then my cuz fucked me and my uncle jacked till he cam on us then we all took a shower together and we sucked eachother all the way then we slept together i feel so embarrased the nxt day while we ate at the dinner table giving thanks but it was worth it we always do it every time i sleep over ever since.

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