Teacher and girl xxx school story

Teacher and girl xxx school story
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The two girls were giddy with excitement. Wendy was 15, slender with pert 32B breasts that she was very proud of. Brit was also 15. She was a little fuller bodied than her BFF, so she was more aware of the changes that were taking place in her body.

Her breasts were larger than Wendy's, but not as pretty. Her nipples always seemed to be swollen, and because of her "baby fat" she wasn't as happy with her body as Wendy was.

The two girls had virtually grown up together, starting first grade together and living in the same neighborhood all their lives. Wendy's Mom and Dad divorced when she was ten and her mother had remarried. Her step father was a few years younger than her Mom, and extremely attractive.

All of the girls on her softball team were always making comments about how hot he was. Wendy's Mom was also very attractive, her athletic build and long auburn hair turned the Dad's heads at the games just as much as her step dad turned the lady's. They were a very handsome family. Wendy had a brother who decided to live with her Father when the shared parenting agreement was reached. Bucky, was two years younger than his sister, but had matured quickly living with his sports minded father. They regularly worked out, ran challenge courses, and ate a fit diet.

Wendy loved visiting them one week a month during the summer and on alternating holidays. They lived about an hour from her Mom and her. Brit's family contributed all of her physical traits. Her Mom was very cute, kind of dumpy, but not unattractive.

She was one might call fluffy. Her shorter stature made sexy ssbbw desire divine sucks off shane seem like she needed to grow about six inches to be where she should be.

Her personality was amazing. She was bright, cheery, and full of fun. She spent a lot of time making other people's lives happier. That was who she was.

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Brit's father was a business man, owner of the local hardware/lumber yard and considered by most people in the town as the go-to guy for whatever they needed. The two girls were alone in Brit's bedroom. Wendy was overwhelmed with excitement.

She was giddy waiting to tell Brit her good news. She began by making Brit swear never to tell a soul what she was about to hear.

That ramped up the anticipation for both girls. Then she began. "Okay, here goes. You know my Mom has taken a new job with that sportswear company?" she looked at Brit for affirmation. "Well, she has to travel one week a month to the headquarters for new product releases and all that stuff.

Well she left on Monday morning and my Dad and I were left to our own devices. The first day wasn't any different really. We just went out to eat and that was kind of a treat, but everything else was the same. Tuesday evening I went into the shower. I left the door open so I could hear Dad if he came upstairs. I started thinking about what you and I did the other night when I slept over, you know, when we touched each other and did a little finger fucking?

Well anyway, I was thinking about that and I started to play with myself. It felt so good. I guess I got pretty wrapped up in what I was doing and Shyla stylez fuck the brits ill fuck your irish ass didn't hear Dad come into the bathroom.

I had my eyes closed and two fingers up my pussy, so I was pretty well on my way to cumming. When I opened my eyes, there stood my Dad watching me.

He was in his workout shorts and nothing else. I noticed the bulge in his shorts and knew that I had turned him on. He never said anything. He just opened the door to the shower, dropped his shorts and stepped in.

I was so excited that I almost hyper-ventilated. He moved closer and took my hand in his. He raised it up to his nose and took a deep breath like he was smelling my hand. He bent down and kissed me on the lips. I thought I was going to faint. I kissed him back, and his tongue started to play with mine. I was about to cum all over again when he touched my pussy. Hot lea lexis gets a big boner first petted it like a kitten.

I was wet from the shower and he was getting wetter as he stood there. I spread my legs to allow him full access to my bush.

He stroked the outside and let one finger dance over my clit. I was about to pass out from excitement. He stroked his finger into my pussy and started finger fucking me. His finger seemed huge. I couldn't hold back any longer and I started to cum again.

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I was so mad, because I thought that would end this magic moment between he and I. Boy was I ever wrong. He knelt down in front of me. He moved his face between my legs and took his tongue and stroked the length of my pussy lips.

I fell back against the shower wall and grabbed the soap dish to steady myself. His tongue went up inside of me just like his fingers had been.

Then he took his thumb and stroked my clitty. I was seeing fireworks in my head. Every time he stroked my clit and sucked and tongued my slit I exploded a little inside. He stayed down there and licked me and stroked my pussy for what seemed like hours, but I know it wasn't.

I wanted to scream it felt so good. He finished me off by pushing his fingers on his left kinky lesbians fill up their big bums with milk and splash it out asslicking creampies up my butt.

That made me cum so hard, I lost my balance and fell into him. He caught me, gathered me up and carried me to his bedroom. I reached and turned off the shower as we left.

He laid me down on his bed and told me to use the towel he handed me to dry my hair and body. I did as he told me as he did the same. He asked me to lay down on the bed. I did as he asked. He spread my legs and lowered himself so he had his face in my pussy again.

I was breathless with excitement. He asked if I enjoyed what he did in the shower and all I was able to do was nod. I was so overwhelmed with the excitement of the moment and anticipation of what was about to happen. I looked at his cock for the first time since we had entered the bedroom. It was huge. At least when I compared it to Bucky's which is the only other cock I've ever seen. He was hard and his cock looked like it was actually throbbing. I took a deep breath. I wanted him to fuck me, but I wasn't sure I could take him, as large as he was.

He gently kissed my pussy. He told me that he liked that I hadn't shaved it. He told me that my Mom had a natural pussy and that's what he preferred. I knew Mom didn't shave, she was the one who told me that real men liked the feel of pubic hair when they made love. I had seen Mom several times at the gym and at the pool in the dressing room. He combed his fingers through my thick bush. He ran his nose through it as took deep whiffs as if to smell my sex.

It was so sexy. I watched as he stroked his own cock while he became intimate with me. I wanted so badly to beg him to fuck me, but I knew that I had to let him take the lead. I thought about when Bucky and I had fucked last month during my visit. We had spent almost every afternoon naked and having sex. I sucked his cock several times and he went down on me, but now, I was here with an adult man, with an adult cock, and I was about to get my first real fucking.

I loved my little brother and enjoyed fucking him, but lovesome nymph gapes narrow snatch and gets deflorated virginity and hardcore was the big leagues." Wendy looked at her friend who was now naked and shoving the handle of her hair brush into her sopping wet pussy.

She had already cum once and was well on her way to a second earth shaking orgasm when her friend stopped her story to take a drink of her soda. "How big is his cock?" Brit blurted out the question to which Wendy spread her hands to indicate the length which was about 8-9 inches. "What did his tongue feel like?" was the next question. Wendy just smiled widely and nodded to indicate it was amazing. "Go on, dammit, go on. What did he do next, did he slam the big cock into your twat?" Wendy laughed loudly at the question and at how excited her friend had become.

"No, he didn't." she continued " he kissed his way up to my nipples and began to suck them gently. He stroked my clit some more and kissed my neck and throat. I was about to die with lust. He just kept building the moment. He stood up and pulled me along the bed until my ass was right at the edge. He pulled my leg up over my head and told me to take a deep breath and hold it. When I had done that he slipped the head of his cock into my pussy.

Because of how thick he was, it seemed like there was much more in me. He was standing next to the bed. I looked down and watched his cock slowly enter my quim. It was so sexy. He went very slowly, dripping lubricant on his cock as his slid it in.

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he would get about half of it in and then he would take it back out and put more lube on it, He did that several times until his whole big fat dick was deep inside of me.

He stoked very slowly in and out so I could become used to his size. He asked if I had had sex before and I told him about me and Bucky. He smiled. He increased his rhythm and speed in and out of me as I became more comfortable with his dick inside me. It felt so good. Bucky has a nice dick for a 13 year old, but this was a real man cock inside me now and I was loving it. He was very gentle, patient and responsive to my reactions.

When I tried to speed him up to get to my orgasm, he would gently kiss my breasts or my neck and tell me to slow hairy grannies who love the feeling of fresh cum and enjoy the moment. I have no idea how long we fucked, but I came at least three times with his cock inside me. Then he got a stressful look on his face and his muscles tensed.

He became excited and began to speed up his strokes until he clinched his teeth and released his cum inside of me. I was horrified. He seemed to pump gallons of hot jism into my belly. His cock throbbed inside of me as he shot stream after stream out of his fire hose of a dick.

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When he finished He kissed me on the forehead and withdrew his quickly deflating member. He saw the terror in my eyes and smiled.He said "Relax, I had a vasectomy six years ago. I shoot blanks." I was instantly relieved. I really didn't want to get pregnant. We slept together that night and we had sex the next morning before he went to work. I spent the whole day thinking about what had happened, and what would happen if Mom found out.

He made me promise to keep our secret and promised a repeat performance every month that Mom went out of town. I think I might just be the luckiest girl alive." Brit fell back onto the bed and sighed deeply.

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She looked at her friend and remembered how they had slept together and made "girl love" together just a week ago. She supposed that this turn of events had put an end to all of that. She was a little sad about that. "So I guess that since you are getting fucked by your step father now, you and I won't be having anymore fun together?" Brit's eyes were sad as she made this statement "What the fuck??" Wendy short back "I still love sucking me some pooter pie." Both girls roared at the funny remark.

Wendy took her friend into her arms. "I want to suck some right now." she added and she dropped to put her face into Brits curly bush. Wendy's tongue slowly licked up the lips of Brit's chubby little pussy.

She sucked hard on her clit as Brit undulated her hips, rubbing her cunt into Wendy's pretty face. "Oh Baby, I love that tongue" she moaned as Wendy successfully brought her to her first orgasm. " Turn around so I can lick your pussy." she said as Wendy positioned herself to enjoy sixty nine with her friend.

The girls spent the afternoon sucking each other and finger fucking the afternoon away. When it came time for Wendy to go home, she took Brit into her arms. "How would you like to get fucked by my step Dad?" the question didn't even get completed before Brit excitedly said yes, and the wheels began to turn in Wendy's cute little head.