Ravishing harlot ride cocks in an orgy

Ravishing harlot ride cocks in an orgy
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Trish gets a job and more!!!

Trish needed more money than she could get from her studs. Usally they had more crystal than money, which was o.k., but she had some bills to pay so she asked her boyfriend Tom if he needed any help. Tom ran a company that refurbished homes for a real estate company. "I guess I could use somebody to help cleaning and picking up trash", Knowing that with Trish around, sex is always the main subject.

"When do I start, lover?" she said. "Start what?", Tom said, "teasing my crew?". "You know I'm no tease, but that will cost you guys more than the standard cleaning fee!", she laughed. "your worth it, you hot cunt", Tom repliedfeeling himself starting to harden at the possibilites. His thoughts started to devise a plan to have a fourway with Trish and the work crew.

But only after I set her up to get fucked by the carpet installers, he laughed to himself. "You start tommorrow then, baby lets go to bed you big titted blonde", imagining the fucking Trish was going to get at work. Trish knew the game, so when she got up and got dressed for her first day she put on a bikini top that looked like it belonged on an eleven year old girl, not on Trish's 40 DD's.

Her fat nipples poked out of the thin material that coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore and blowjob to retain her huge tit flesh.

The top edge of her pink areolas were peeking out of the overmatched bra teasinly, the small top unable to cover all of the sluts DD's. Her shorts were just as outragous, cut-offs that were cut to reveal over half the horny blond's shapely ass cheeks to potential studs with big cocks.

The sides were cut up even higher, exposing her long tan legs up to her waist. The crocth in the front was so short and skimpy, that the red g-string panties covering her hot pussy was the only thing keeping her cunt lips covered. The edge of the sexy panties showing on either side of her fuck hole, tempting all men that looked. Finally she put her long blonde hair in two ponytails, making her look much younger and more fuckable. This should get the boy's attention she said to herself, hot cumshots for a indecent sweetheart smalltits and homemade at what she saw in the mirror.

"Are you ready to go, baby", Tom said as he entered the bathroom that Trish was in. "Wow, you look like your ready alright, but not for work!" Tom grinned as he thought of the adventure he had planned for his hot and horny girlfriend. "you like?" Trish purred as she embraced him, rubbing her big tits into his chest and grabbing his cock through his pants.

"Oh yeah", he said grinding back into her hot body. "I bet the whole crew will like", he said with a mischievious grin. "If you want me to fuck them for you, I will", the hot looking cum slut said matter of factly. "You know me to well", Tom laughed, "I guess I can't trick you anymore".

"Well, I figured you wouldn't let me come on the job site unless you wanted to gang la blue girl episode 3 eng sub me with your friends". Tom gave his whore slut a deep tounge kiss and then took her hand and led her towards the door.

"Let's go to work", he said with a smile. Wait till she get's a real surprise from the carpet crew he thought to himself. He knew the carpet layers well, and had gang fucked a young mexican lolita with them, after walking in on them after hours at a job.

It turned out to be one of the guy's neices, and that he fucked her and shared her all the time. We became good friends and I had told all the guys what a hot slut my old lady was, and how she could take on more than six studs at once, satisfying all of them.

I promised to set it up but hadn't had the oppurtunity since we were never working at sex story love fucking jordi same house at the same time. Now we were, and they were going to get repaid by sampling some of the hottest pussy they ever had from the nastiest slut they would ever fuck, Trish.

Tom knew his horny girlfriend would be well fucked by the studs and she would love thier big thick-veined dicks pumping cum in all her holes. Tom knew the studs were big since he had ganged banged the lolita with them, watching thier cocks fuck the young teen long and hard. The smallest cock was 11 inches and 5 inches around, the biggest was 14 superb delicate japanese siren sucking starved pecker long and at least 6 1/2 inches thick, and they knew how to use them.

They had stamina and a lot of staying power to go with thier perverted pleasures, plus the ability to stay hard after pumping what seemed liked gallons of thick cum in and on a willing and very hot cum slut, totally pleasuring and satisfying the bitches bored out, cum craving holes. Not just her ass hole, pussy and mouth, these studs would cum fuck a horny sluts ears, navel, underarms and even her hair.

They liked to get two guy's fucking her hair, one on each side, they would wrap thier huge cocks with the sexy teen lolita's hair and jack off till they shot a huge load all over the sluts soft and sexy long hair. The carpet crew hadn't arrived yet so Trish got dow on her hands and knees and started to clean the tile floor, and show off her wiggling slut ass totally exposed by her obscenely short cut offs.

Tom was thinking he might have to fuck her by himself if his buddies didn't hurry up and get there. Just as he started to walk towards the blonde slut to rape her pussy, a work truck pulled up and four black men got out and came up to the door and opened it, as they entered thier eyes quickly focused on Tom's cum hungry girlfriend. He knew the guys and had worked with them before, and they knew about Trish because Tom had shown some gang bang pictures of her at the job site and they had seen them, commenting how much they would like to fuck her slut pussy and ass hole.

After seeing that he was Okay with it they started to get a closer look at Trish's sexy display of ass, she greeted the staring studs and flirted with small talk as she smiled and swayed her exposed ass cheeks, teasing her soon to be lovers to full erections, with her unashamed display of her hot ass. The crew leader was a large man everyone called B.C., and was known for his big cock and staying power.

"If the rest of you looks as good as that pretty ass of yours, I know I'd like to see more", the large man said, his dick starting to stiffen. "I'll let you guy's decide for yourself", she smiled as she slowly got up to show of her hot body to the horny studs. Her big nipples poked through her skimpy top and her panties peeked out of her cut-offs as she straightned out her long smooth legs as she leaned backwards against the kitchen counter. The men voiced their approval as Joe, a tall slender man, produce a glass pipe coted with meth and offered it the horny slut, knowing she would fuck harder and longer if she was high.

She smoked most of it herself, but the studs didn't mind, they knew they were going to get what they wanted, a slut fuck toy.

When she was done two of the studs, Greg and Don approached her and started rubbing her tits and taking turns giving her deep tongue kisses. Joe and B.C. spread her legs and removed her cut-offs leaving her in the skimpy g-string. As the wet fuck brother and sister full night fucking as bedroom sat on the counter Joe and B.C.

rubbed her fuck hole and clit through her thin panties while the other two each sucked on tit, the smell of Trish's hot cunt hole filled the air, confirming the sluts need for big cocks. Trish rubbed the bulges in Greg and Dons pants while they sucked her huge swollen nipples, freeing the monsterous cocks and jacking the men off as they moved their dicks closer to the blonde cunts cock sucking mouth.

Meanwhile Joe and B.C. had her panties off and had started fingering her fuck hole in preperation for some big fat cocks. While Joe stuck three fingers up her ass, B.C. sawed three fingers in and out of her bald fuck hole as he licked her erect clit causing the blond whore to moan in appreciation.

Tom walked over and startred rubbing Trishs big titties asking her if she liked his friends big cum filled balls and their horse sized dicks.

The blonde sex toy managed to moan a "yes" as she started to lick and suck Greg and Don's large cum filled balls while the other two men started to fist fuck her cock explicit hand and oral sex hardcore cumshot pussy and ass, both men able to get wrist deep in both the cock loving bitch's holes began a slow fist fucking D.P.

Tom laid a blanket out on the floor and Joe and B.C. eased their fuck buddy down on her back while continuing to fist fuck both her holes, leaving their wrists streaked with Trish's pussy cum. Greg came around and sat on The sluts face facing her feet and started to tit fuck her DD titties while rubbing his ass hole all over her sucking mouth and tongue.

Tom and Don got on each side of the sluts big nippled tits and started rubbing their cocks all over her fat jugs. While Greg tittie fucked the big titted cunt, and she gave him a rim job, Tom and Don jacked off on her fat nipples, and B,C, and Joe gave her a D.P. fist fuck. The bitch was in heat and needed to get fucked by some hard dick, so with one last stab of her tongue up Greg's asshole, she scooted out from underneath Greg and demanded to be fucked.

The men gathered around the horny slut as she laid on her back with her legs spread wide, her big titties pooling on her chest.

"Are you guys gonna' fuck me or look at me?" Trish teased, "I need to get fucked by your big cocks." The men wasted no time giving Trish the hard fucking she was begging for, burying their huge, pumping dicks in all the bitch's holes. B.C. was on his back with Trish pumping up and down on his 14" dick.

He had the biggest cock of all the guys and knew how to use it. Joe was working his 13" cock up Trish's tight asshole, while playing with her perfectly shaped ass cheeks.

The double dicking was getting the nymph off, making her moan with pleasure. Don and Greg stood in front of the slut and slapped her face with their swollen erections, leaving trails of pre cum on her lips, cheeks, nose and long blonde hair. Finally, the studs shoved both of their cocks (neither being smaller than 10") xxx pron punjabi in hidi the horny cunts mouth, stretching her red sucking lips obscenely.

"Thats it, Baby.Fuck those studs big cocks with your mouth!" Tom said, his own dick in need of his girlfriends hot holes for relief. Joe pulled his dick out of Trish's asshole and proceeded to bury the monster next to B.C.'s fucking prick, making the blonde sluts pussy lips stretch to the limit around the two oversized fuckers.

Tom moved beside Don and shoved his prick into Trish's puckered shitter and started fucking the gang banging whore hard. Her ass was loose from Don's big shlong, but the two cocks in her fuck hole made her asshole feel great. Tom could feel the other guys deep in his honey's cunt, their two dicks and his, seperated only by her worn out orfices thin walls. As Trish rode the three rods pumping her pussy and ass, She entertained Don and Greg by letting them fuck her mouth at the same time.

The studs showed no mercy, fucking the sluts mouth hard, like it was a pussy, with both fucking cocks down her throat at the same time. She showed her new lovers her appriciation by sucking and licking their big cum filled balls, while jacking off the studs throbbing fuck sticks. After a nice session of fucking, the men decided it was time to change positions.

Tom told Greg to sit on the couch and let Trish sit her asshole on his cock, with her facing away. Trish did as told and slowly sat down on Greg's dick until it was buried deep in the little hookers asshole, making her her moan sexily. Greg began to slowly fuck Trish's asshole, reaching one hand around her to play with big tits babe ass fucked by black boners fat nipple, the other hand playing with the nympho's erect clit.

Seeing Trish spread wide with a cock up her ass was all Don needed, as he eased between the fuck toy's shapely legs and shoved his fat rod, balls deep in the blondes exposed pink pussy. Greg and Don began fucking in rhythm with each other, making Tom's girl squeal with delight.

Don loved fucking sex loving sluts like Trish, and was determined to make her remember him. He started to really pound the cunts pussy deep, until he could feel the head of his dick at her cervix. Don slowly pushed his big cock head past the cervix and began to give Trish a true, deep fuck, making her scream with joy as pussy cum dripped from her hot hole.

B.C. and Joe meanwhile where rubbing their cocks all over Trish's face and titties, paying special attention to her fat home porn czech next door blonde uma nipples. The men took turns sticking dick in the hotties sweet mouth and rubbing Trish's big nipples with the heads of their cocks, then tittie fucking her DD's. After a long round of hot sex, the guys in Trish's pussy and ass started to groan loudly, a sure sign that they were ready to give the busty nymph a load of hot cum.

Don pulled his throbbing dick out of Trish's cock loving pussy and started to shoot cum all over her cunt, stomach, and tits. Don jacked his rod as cum spurted and flew all over the needy bitch, just as Greg pulled out of her ass and started shooting his load. As Gregs cum mixed with Sex teen cheerleader ends with accidental creampie, Trish reached down and started rubbing the man seed into her skin, saying how good their cum looked and tasted.

Greg shot the last of his jism and shoved his still hard cock back up her ass, making cum ooze out the sluts cock filled ass. B.C., Joe and Tom stood in front of the whore while Greg reamed the cunts asshole, their hard dicks demanding attention. Trish took turns sucking on one cock while jacking off the other two hard dicks, making the men moan with pleasure. The hot cock sucker finally got her rewards when all three came at the same time, covering her face, tits and hair with their cum.

Trish looked at Tom and smiled, "Did I earn my paycheck?" Tom looked at his girlfriend covered in five mens cum and laughed, "I think we have one more job to do, before we call it a day." "I can't wait!" Trish said as she walked to the door to see her lovers out.

As the last guy left, Trish waved at the men who had just used her as a fuck toy, Then before shutting the door she teased, "Please Cum Again!" "I better get myself cleaned up, before I start to clean up," joked Trish. Tom was already busying himself with some recently done repair work his crew had done so Trish went to rinse the cum off her sexy body. Luckily her clothes hadn't got spermed on, her panties on the other hand, were soaked and reeked of horny, pussy musk.

I'll have to remember to bring a change of clothes to work, thought Trish as she threw the panties onto a table. With her makeup reapplied and her hair redone, the hot slut looked ready for action, ready to be used as a fuck toy by big dicked studs. When Tom saw his horny nympho he had to smile, knowing she couldn't help it. She was just a sexy slut that guys wanted to fuck, it's just the way it was, she exuded sex.XXX sex!!!

Tom was thinking of getting some lunch when a van pulled up in front of the house. "It's the carpet layers," Tom said, winking at his horny girlfriend. Trish had just started to mop the floor when the door opened, and in walked Two large Mexican Men and a very attractive young latino girl. "Where's the rest of the guys?" Tom said with dissapointment.

"On another job," one of the men said, while both men eyed Trish up and down. "This is my niece, Tanya. She needed a summer job so.". "By the way, I'm Hector and this is Juan," the man said smiling at the blonde in the revealing clothes. "Hi, I'm Trish. I've heard so much about you!" she laughed, bending over to put the mop down, exposing her pink pussy lips to the staring workers.

Tom's dissappointment was gone as he took in the hot little nympho, Tanya, dressed in a short, short mini and a tight tube top. But what was in that top is what made Tom's cock harden, her Tits were gigantic!

Trish's DD's looked small compared to this sweet young big tittied vixen. "Your staring. Do you want to do more than just look? Do you want to see these big tits lover? Suck on my big nipples and then stick your cock between them and fuck my huge titties." After the initial shock wore off, Tom walked up to the 18 year old and started to kiss Tanya deep while reaching under her skirt and grabbing her hot little ass.

Tom pushed the girls long dark hair away from her face as Tanya shoved her tongue down her new lovers throat. Tom sat down and glanced over at Trish before pulling the young nympho onto his fuck stick. Tom knew Trish would be well taken care of, both men now naked, one on each side of her head, dicks erect.

Tanya was a little slut and knew how to fuck, and was riding Tom's big cock, rocking back and forth, slowly grinding her pussy on his hard dick. While Tanya got off on big cock, Tom explored the slut's huge tits with his hand and tit sucking mouth.

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Even two large hands couldn't hold one of this bitches tits, and the giant nipples barely fit in the sucking studs mouth. Her nipples were at least 2" wide with large pink areolas 6" around, a tit lover's dream come true. Trish mean while, was getting banged in every position possable, by 14" and 12" cocks she had just met 20 minutes ago.

Tanya got on her hands and knees, allowing Tom to get a close up veiw of the lolitas exposed pink pussy and winking asshole. While Hector and Juan screwed Trish in the violent manner she prefers, calling her names while squeezing her tits and spanking her ass.

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Tom licked Tanya's pussy and ass, using his thumb to rub the teens erect clit. As he began to shove his cock in the little girls asshole, he heard one of the men yelp. Trish, giving as well as getting, had bit Hector on the shoulder while he lay underneath her, his long cock shoved up her slut cunt in a vicious DP. Tanya's tits hung to the ground and shook as the horny little slut got fucked in the ass hard. Tom knew he just had to fuck the giant mammaries on this teen cock loving bitch, and knowing the slut knew men wanted to fuck her big titties turned him on more.

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He shoved his hard on between the giant jugs, while both used their hands in an attempt to control Tanya's great big knockers. Tom sawed in and out of the girl's cleavage, Tanya's tongue lashing out at the bulbous dick head every time it neared the cock suckers glossy red lips. Tom looked over to see Hector and Juan jacking off in Trish's slut face, just as they started to shoot cum in the cunts face, mouth, tits and hair.

Tanya's fat jugs were too much for Tom to take, and he started to spurt what seemed like an endless amount of cum on her EEE titties amateur cfnm stripper gets sucked at party sweet little girl face.

After the men had left, Tom and Trish decided it was time to go to lunch, so they locked up the house and headed for their truck. "So did I earn my money today?" Trish teased, putting her arm around her true love. "Just about," Tom laughed, "I think we'll take the rest of the day off. There's some things that need to get done at home," Tom winked. Laughing, they drove home.